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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Reokun

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/13/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Platform(s): XBox 360, PS3
    Developed By: Vigil Games
    Published By: THQ
    Released: January 2010
    Author: Reokun
    Version: 0.1
    Contact Information: [Unavailable]
    My e-mail and other contact info will be available here upon completion of the 
    main guide. I'd rather write down as much as I can before I start taking 
    questions from the public so I have a constant reference. I'm forgetful without 
    This guide is created for non-profit. You may download, use, and link to this 
    guide as you see fit as long as it's for personal use. As it stands, I wish 
    only to publish this guide to GameFAQs. If you spot this guide elsewhere, alert 
    \/ TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                         /\
    I. Version History
    II. Walkthrough
    III. Frequently Asked Questions
    IV. Upcoming Guide Features
    V. About the Author
    \/ VERSION HISTORY                                                           /\
    0.1 - 2010 JAN 13 - Initial guide begun. Walkthrough completed up to TIAMAT.
    \/ WALKTHROUGH                                                               /\
    New enemies!
    Grunt: These fellows are no real threat individually, but can get especially 
    annoying in groups. Characterized by their stubby hind legs and massive arms, 
    they crawl toward you psychotically, surprisingly quickly, and do a small 
    amount of damage. Make short work of them simply by attacking blindly. Just be 
    sure to watch your back, as they rarely come in short number.
    Angel: The most basic form of heavenly foes, clad in bright and shiny armor 
    with blue wings, have a couple of annoying quirks. First, they fly almost 
    constantly, meaning you should bring the fight to them. Secondly, they have a 
    projectile attack which they are more than happy to fire off if you get too far 
    away from them. Keep your back clear and your front on the group. Use jumping 
    attacks, and make use of Finishers, as they're fairly quick.
    The opening is a simple, interactive tutorial of sorts. Just mash the quick 
    attack button until all are dead. You can use the grab button to do a finisher 
    on the enemies, making for some lovely gore. Afterwards, you'll face the big 
    bad punk that's been sitting on top of the overturned bus. Unleash Chaos Form 
    and go to town; he won't put up much of a fight. Head past the newly created 
    opening and continue around the corner.
    Take care of the armored angels that come down, then chase after the behemoth 
    that is lurching away from you. If you're enjoying your immense power, you're 
    going to be disappointed: Like every Metroid game ever, you now find yourself 
    sapped quite a bit very suddenly. Chaos Form has been ripped from you, and your 
    health bar has taken a noticeable shrink. If you'd been playing around with the 
    controls a lot, you'll notice many of your other abilities are also absent.
    The area behind you will suddenly close off, and now you have to take out a few 
    more grunts. The angels that descend shortly after will be a bit annoying, and 
    should probably be taken while in mid-air. They're more of a threat this time 
    now that you're without all your abilities, and can easily take off a full bar 
    of health if you're not careful. Once they're taken care of, remove a few more 
    grunts and head for the Demonic Growth on the side of the building. Time to 
    Once you reach the top, you'll find another growth. Climb it, and find a 
    shielded enemy up ahead. Don't worry, though, he's taken care of by a demon in 
    short order. Climb the wires near where the angel was taken away and make your 
    way across. More growth to climb; watch out for the grunts that are moving in 
    on your position. Once at the top, take care of any remaining grunts you might 
    not have killed on the wall, then head toward the building with the massive 
    gaping hole in it. Funny how all the tables and chairs are perfectly upright 
    despite a destroyed wall right nearby... Don't worry, that won't last for long. 
    Defeat the new wave of grunts and head into the newly accessible elevator 
    Head through the destroyed hallways until you reach another cable to jump on. 
    You'll slide down it onto a girder which will instantly collapse. When you see 
    the angels, start grabbing and tossing cars at the Angels. Aiming's pretty 
    easy, so you're likely to get the hang of it quickly. Simply follow the 
    tutorial pop-ups and take out as many as you can before they get close. Once 
    they approach, whip out your sword and get a bit more personable. After they're 
    all taken out, move on and watch yourself an onslaught.
    Not too bad for an opening level so far, right?
    Gigantic Skull Demon
    This guy looks ticked. Going up against him one-on-one will give you a good 
    reason to die, so let's take an easier route, shall we? Avoid the debris he 
    throws at you, then pick up a car and give it a good toss at him. Watch out, 
    though, as he'll occasionally bring his hands down and roar, which will destroy 
    anything you're currently holding in your hand, so be quick! Whenever you see 
    his fist glow and rear back, he's going to unleash a magma-filled shockwave in 
    your direction. Simply dash to one side once you see his hand start coming 
    After a couple of vehicles to the head, the demon's going to take an 
    understandable breather. Unfortunately for him, this is the perfect opportunity 
    to come up on his head and start hacking away like an epileptic. You won't get 
    too many strikes, so make them count. After that, he'll roar and slam his fists 
    down in a tantrum [which will do a spot of damage if you don't jump just before 
    his fists hit dirt], then try to lift up the street. Yes, lift up the entire 
    street. Be mindful of his roars, and don't get too up close yet, because he can 
    still hurt you. Once he lets out a big growl, try to dash in for a few attacks, 
    then get away before he can pull anything else off.
    Once you've attacked his head a few times, you'll get a Grab prompt. Take it, 
    and watch the aftermath.
    Charred Council
    After a few cutscenes and some serious exposition [along with a taste of Mark 
    Hammil as the Joke-- er, Watcher], head to the right and grab the Chaoseater 
    sword. You'll earn your first new Wrath ability, Blade Geyser, as well as get a 
    tutorial on mapping abilities and how to activate them in battle. Head to the 
    left and you'll find War's glaive absorbing a wealth of souls. Watch a new 
    cutscene, and you'll be transported elsewhere.
    Seraphim Hotel
    ::Objective - Find the demon Vulgrim.::
    New Enemies!
    Zombie: Individually, these guys are an absolute joke. They're fairly slow, and 
    they don't have much range. However, like any good zombie movie, their strength 
    lies in numbers. Since their forces are emboldened by a never-ending supply of 
    dead people, they typically crop up in the dozens at any given time. Blade 
    Geyser works well if you start feeling claustrophobic against these jerks.
    Fat Fire Zombie: They seem intimidating, but with a bit of care, these guys 
    aren't much to worry about. Your general tactic is to attack a few times, then 
    get away. He has a few attacks, which include a fireblast, a one-two swipe, and 
    others, but they're all avoided the same way. When they rear back and start 
    roaring into the air, dash as far away as you can, as he will explode, doing a 
    fair amount of damage on you.
    Flaming Fists Beast: This guy's a bit of a tougher breed. His attacks are 
    somewhat quick, and require a fair amount of dashing and dodging. Keep locked 
    on him, and watch him carefully; if he brings his fists up, dash backwards. If 
    he brings his fists to the side, dash sideways. Knowing that, keep slashing at 
    him til he prepares an attack, then take the appropriate action. 
    Take a look around; there's a growth on a wall not far from your starting 
    position. Scale the wall, then run up the ramp, doublejumping over the gap. 
    Grab the ledge above the next gap, then jump over to the next ledge. Watch the 
    cutscene, and prepare for another fight. A good-sized group of zombies. I guess 
    this is the welcoming committee.
    Once they're wiped out, continue on and maneuver across the ceiling pipe. 
    You'll have a smaller group of zombies this time, easy pickin's. Open the 
    jammed door, then, after watching an elevator plummet, jump with reckless 
    abandon onto the growth along the walls. There's nothing below you, so simply 
    climb straight up and make your way to the next floor.
    Up ahead is a swarth of Zombies and a Fat Fire Beast. Focus your attention on 
    the Fire Beast, as he's the one who will really give you trouble. The Zombies 
    will simply jump into your attacks, so no need to worry about them much until 
    the Beast is taken care of. When you're done with all that, you should be able 
    to see a green chest opposite where you entered; it's a health chest. Consume 
    it if you need it, then head up the short flight of stairs to find a draggable 
    box. There's no confusion about where it needs to go; it can only travel on the 
    gray part of the floor, boxed in by the red tile, so simply push it along the 
    short path to a low wall. Jump on the box, climb up, then traverse the ceiling 
    pipe. You'll have to take care of a few more Zombies, as well as clear a small 
    gap, but nothing tough. Head down the path.
    Climb up the growth to the next floor, then continue on. The floor will give 
    way, then give you a bunch of new Zombies to fight. After a dozen or so, a 
    Flaming Fists Beast will arrive. He can knock a surprising amount of damage off 
    you; luckily, the game reminds you of the abilities you have mapped on your 
    controller, so use your healing item if you need it and hadn't used it earlier.
    A seal will open, and the camera will point you where you need to go. Head into 
    the only open door on the right and continue on. Your path behind you will be 
    blocked. Head up the stairwell, fight a couple of Zombies, and spot the health 
    chest. Continue on to the next area.
    The Crossroads
    ::Objective - Collect 500 souls for the demon, Vulgrim.::
    New Enemies!
    Growth Hanger: These guys like to appear on the ceilings of growth areas. They 
    pop out fairly suddenly, and can knock you right off the ceiling, down to the 
    ground. You can attack them, but it may be less annoying simply to bypass them 
    by using the dash button. They're easy enough to spot in advance; they're ugly 
    little lumps that stick out like a sore, infected thumb.
    Pickaxe Beast: They're big, they're blue, and they're pissed. They're also 
    fairly easy. As long as you wail on them and don't let up, you'll find 
    everything to be pretty simple.
    This is a fairly unique objective. Your task is to gather up a set amount of 
    souls for a soul-hungry demon in order to get a little information. Rather than 
    go through a linear area, you're given a decently large map to travel, filled 
    with Zombies, Flaming Fists Beasts, and --. Check out your map, and you'll find 
    a number of chest icons with little question marks on them. Let's discover what 
    these are, why-not. Refer to the map menu for precise directions.
    I will first start by saying: Destroy every fire hydrant you come across. This 
    sounds silly, I know, but do it anyway. You'll see why.
    In the NorthWest, there's a health chest at a dead end. You'll see some 
    icy-looking crystals off to the side; we can't deal with that for now. There's 
    a subway on the way to the health chest. Head down, fight off a swarth of 
    Zombies, then jump into the water. Guess what? War can swim!
    If you'll notice, there's a green icon on your minimap. Descend into the water 
    and grab it; it's the ARTIFACT: SOLDIER. Head back to where you jumped in, then 
    climb up the growth you see on the wall nearby. It extends onto the ceiling. 
    Watch out for the Growth Hangers on your way across. See the blue chest? Drop 
    down and open it for a good hundred or so blue souls. Head all the way back to 
    the street.
    Move South and into a ditch with another blue chest. Grab the souls, then march 
    your way NorthEast for a climbable wall. Once up, continue along under a 
    question marked chest which can't be seen yet until you spot a Pickaxe Beast. 
    Destroy that one, then continue on to destroy a whole group of them. Watch out 
    for the Flaming Fists Beast that pops up afterwards. Hop in the ditch and find 
    a green chest.
    Climbing out of the pit, head North along the alleyway. Fight a Pickaxe and 
    some Zombies, check out the green chest, then head downstairs. There's a blue 
    chest deep in there.
    Note: You probably have enough souls by now, if you hadn't gotten it sooner. 
    You can elect to head to Vulgrim, or continue soul-searching. I'd strongly 
    recommend taking the opportunity, as you can level up Chaoseater at least once 
    in this area. Plus, the extra currency isn't too bad to have on hand.
    Head out of the downstairs area and follow the building to the West of you, 
    walking around toward the South until you find some broken windows, just before 
    you head into the street. Head into the building, find some Zombies in the 
    back, and grab another blue chest.
    Now, time for that one chest we evidently passed up. Have you destroyed all the 
    fire hydrants like I asked? If so, the last one you destroy will reveal the 
    chest underneath the last question-marked icon. Go ahead and grab it. You 
    should have a little more than a thousand blue souls on you now. You're 
    welcome. And don't ask me what the developers have against fire hydrants. They 
    just do.
    Head back to Vulgrim after all that. Objective complete!
    ::Objective - Find the demon Samael.::
    Once you get your new objective, you'll nab yourself the Earthcaller. Follow 
    the tutorial and equip it; it's a handy knock-back maneuver which should be 
    good in a scrape.
    Before moving on, go back and talk to Vulgrim. You'll hand over the Artifact 
    you grabbed earlier. Trade him the Artifact for a good amount of souls. You can 
    buy new abilities, weapons, and bonuses from him, as well as items. A Scythe is 
    currently available. Personally, I started out with a few techniques: Harpoon 
    Tackle [Lv1] and Meteor Strike. This gives War a good way of getting in close 
    to enemies with a powerful startup attack, as well as a bit more prowess in the 
    air by adding the ability to mid-air dash. However, it's all up to you. Once 
    you're done, exit the menu. Use the Earthcaller at the "gate" marked on the 
    minimap by a yellow icon, and a familiar beast will awaken.
    Open the door and head inside. To your left, there's a health chest. The right 
    stairwell is blocked off, so head to the left. Enter into the large room and 
    watch out for Fat Fire Zombies. Jump into the water to the left of where you 
    landed in the ditch and dive through the tunnel til you reach a platform with a 
    green chest containing a Life Piece, one of four. Head back, climb the 
    growth-ridden wall on the far end of the ditch, then head into a hallway which 
    contains a green chest. Move along to the door at the end of the hallway, open 
    it, and move inside. Head to the right and open another door.
    Scalding Gallow
    Once outside, stop at the cars and pick one up. Go into aiming mode and find a 
    red object near a pillar just a touch to your right while facing North. Your 
    reticle will turn red. Throw the car, and watch it explode! You've opened up a 
    path. However, you should instead head to the left towards a set of stairs, 
    cross the gap, and nab the blue chest. Jump down, destroy the Grunts, and head 
    up the pillar-bridge you made with your fantastic car-lobbing abilities. Up 
    ahead is a chest containing an Abyssal Armor Piece, the first of ten. Head down 
    and move on.
    You'll see a grunt or two, and a Pickaxe Demon. Destroy them, then head 
    straight toward the pacing beast. Boss battle time!
    Phantom General
    This guy really doesn't give you much chance to attack at first. He'll defend a 
    few of your attacks, and try to swipe at you every other time. You really only 
    have time to slash at him twice before you need to move away.
    He'll summon up some Pickaxe demons soon; take care of them first. He may 
    summon again, meaning you should take out the next wave. Once that's dealt 
    with, start assaulting him, dodging between each attack. He'll start charging 
    every so often, but he can occasionally be interrupted by a combo. However, 
    don't be overzealous; the attack that follows his charge will hurt pretty bad 
    if you let it hit you. Just be mindful of his attacks, be liberal with dodging, 
    and hit the grab prompt as soon as it pops up.
    ::Objective - Find Tiamat and take her heart.::
    Grab the gargoyle that the Watcher directs you towards and push it closer to 
    the center of the area you're in. On the opposite side is another gargoyle; 
    move it closer to the center like before. You'll meet a new fellow, Samael, who 
    will give you a new quest and a new passive ability, Shadowflight. These allow 
    you to hover and access paths you can't reach by jumping alone.
    Head back to where the path branches, and though the game tells you to go 
    towards the current, but we're going to go on that other path first. It doesn't 
    lead anywhere important, but it DOES have a Vulgrim marker. Head down the path 
    and into the building, nabbing the blue chest. Talk to Vulgrim if you want.
    There's an Abyssal Armor Piece in this area, but it's a little tricky to get. 
    Follow the edge of the street from Vulgrim's shop and look down. If you spot a 
    current way down near the lava, you're in the right spot. Look across and spot 
    a walkable pathway at the bottom. That's our target. First, move to the side of 
    the current, rather than being right over it. Trust me on this one. JUMP [don't 
    just fall off] over the edge toward the pathway and let yourself drop for about 
    a second. Hold the jump button a second time to hover, and move forward onto 
    the pathway. The left side of the pathway is easier to hover to, as there's no 
    jutting wall keeping you away from it, so veer towards that. Move to the end of 
    the path to open the chest and grab your next Abyssal Armor Piece, then hover 
    over to the current and move back up.
    Hop the current, take out the Fat Fire Zombie, hop another current, then head 
    into the tunnel. Follow it along, killing a few grunts, then look to your 
    right. You should spot a blue chest before jumping on the current at the end of 
    the path. Jump down, grab the chest, move back on the path, then take the 
    current that pushes you upward and over.
    Note: You'll notice a chest off to one side, beyond a lava pit. It's 
    unreachable at the moment, but we'll deal with it later.
    Grab the growth along the East wall and climb your way up. Destroy the Growth 
    Hanger and move to the next area. Leap the gap by hovering, move to the end of 
    the path, and find some new currents. Hover over them, move down the path, 
    climb up, and walk into the next area...
    The Choking Grounds
    New Enemies!
    Zombie Knight: These are a tougher breed of your regular Zombie, with a giant 
    blade and upper body decked in armor. They mainly use just two attacks: A quick 
    swipe, very short range, and a spinning slice, which is predicated by a 
    growling pause. Once you see him take a stance, get back, as it does more 
    damage than you should allow. Two quick attack combos will put this guy six 
    feet under... er. Again.
    Vampire Bats: Surprisingly enough, these aren't nearly as annoying as bats in 
    other games. They stand relatively still at first, allowing you to jump up and 
    press the action button near them, finishing them off in a single blow. Their 
    only real attack is a slow diving move, which can easily be avoided. Fun tip: 
    If there are multiple Vampire Bats in the area, jump and do a finisher on one, 
    then see if you can launch yourself over to the other Vampire Bat without 
    touching the ground, pulling off another finisher before landing. There's no 
    purpose to this other than a stylish way to kill off a group of fairly easy 
    You start out in a great wide expanse. We're going to navigate as much of the 
    map as we can before we head on to Tiamat, so put on your hiking boots.
    Start out by moving forward, towards what looks like a gazebo, which is the 
    giant circle on the map. A Vulgrim marker is there. Once it's on your map, 
    peruse the shop if you'd like, then start making your way South, hugging the 
    Western wall. The Zombie Knight will be introduced to you, and you'll fight 
    only one starting out. A few more will pop up afterwards, so be ready. Careful 
    of the Fat Fire Zombie to the South; he'll get friendly real quick if you get 
    even the slightest bit close.
    Once the area is cleared, head South to the dead end path preceded by stairs. 
    There's a blue chest there. That's it for the South area, so either head back 
    up towards the cemetary area and start on the next paragraph or start moving 
    East, clearing out any enemies that cross your path for some extra souls. 
    You'll find another Fat Fire Zombie; make it redead, but beware the Zombie 
    Knights that get near. There's no items or chests around here, so circle back 
    to the cemetary.
    Move up along the East side of the cemetary, clearing out enemies if you want, 
    and move  to the Northern section of the map. At the North wall of the 
    cemetary, you can walk past a collapsed section to find a green chest along the 
    West chasm. Grab it if you need it, of course. Watch out for the Fat Fire 
    Zombie, however.
    Head toward the East near the obvious entrance to the next area, and jump along 
    the wall to your right, South of the entrance. There's a blue chest at the end 
    of the path. Then, head due North towards an opening on the other side of the 
    street. Jump down and head down the path into a large room with several Zombie 
    Knights and Zombies, an easy fight. Look along the North wall for a blue chest, 
    then hover over the shadow current in the South to access the second floor. A 
    Fat Fire Zombie will appear. Take him out and open the chest that's behind him. 
    You'll attain a Wrath Shard, one of four pieces that, when combined, will 
    increase your Wrath gauge. You'll notice a growth along the wall, with a large 
    pink thing above it. There's nothing you can do about it for now, so head out 
    and toward the entrance at the East of the main area, walking right on through.
    Sound the Earthcaller at the gate, then watch the cutscene. You're given a new 
    task, to hunt down the Shadow Lurkers and kill them. You can't continue without 
    doing this, but they're all in the area anyway. The markers on your map are 
    actually portals which will lead you to a combat arena. Each consecutive arena 
    has its own objectives, and you'll earn souls for any bonus time you have left 
    over. Once you complete the objective, destroy the gate which appears, open any 
    chests nearby, then head into the blue portal back to the streets. It doesn't 
    matter which portal you select first, the order of objectives will be the same.
    First Portal: Defeat 40 Zombies in 3 minutes.
    - This one's easy. Just spam quick attacks until everything is dead. Use Blade 
    Geyser in the middle of a crowd to speed things up a bit. Eventually, Pickaxe 
    Zombies and a Fat Fire Zombie will appear. Just tackle them the same way you 
    would anything else, and don't worry about the time. I wouldn't bother with 
    finishers, since you can speed things up by attacking multiple enemies at once.
    Second Portal: Defeat 5 enemies with aerial combos in 3 minutes.
    - Another easy one. You'll be facing Pickaxe Zombies in here. Soften them up 
    with the first three hits of your basic quick attack combo, then hold the quick 
    attack button to launch them in the air. Follow them up and do a full aerial 
    combo; this will kill any single Pickaxe Zombie with minimal effort. Note that 
    the enemy doesn't have to be the one in the air, only you, though it's a lot 
    easier if the enemy is airborne as well. You can finish this one in less than a 
    minute, if you're good.
    Third Portal: Kill 50 enemies before War's health is depleted.
    - This one's a bit different, as there's no time limit. It's replaced with a 
    health limit, and the bonus is adjusted to fit how much health you have at the 
    end of the match. A poisonous gass will fill the area, and War's health will 
    gradually run out as you fight a wealth of enemies. The depletion is rather 
    slow, but the enemies are constant. You'll fight Zombies, Grunts, Pickaxe 
    Zombies, and a Flaming Fists Beast before all is said and done. Focus your 
    attention on the Zombies starting out, as they're easy kills. If you find your 
    health low, there are green chests in the area, as well as yellow chests. Make 
    use of them. Save one green chest for last, when you've only got one or two 
    more enemies to kill, to get the full bonus.
    Fourth Portal: Kill 30 enemies using War's insant kill attacks in 5 minutes.
    - Here's the tricky one. The only way to win is to use finishers on your 
    enemies. You'll start out with Vampire Bats, which are incredibly easy to 
    finish off. Any time you see these guys, go right for them to rack up a quick 
    kill. You'll then fight Zombie Knights, then Pickaxe Zombies. Again, nothing 
    you haven't dealt with before. The grab for the finisher has a fairly wide 
    range, so even if you're in the middle of a combo a few steps away, you can 
    probably pull one off anyway. Handy feature. Near the end, Flaming Fists Beasts 
    will start popping up; kill one if you want, but focus your attention on the 
    others. The Beasts take too long to kill. They're dangerous, but you'll 
    survive. Besides, you have a health chest waiting for you at the end anyway.
    After all four portals are destroyed, you'll attain Block Counter. Stop by 
    Vulgrim if you wish, then continue to the entrance to the next area. Use the 
    Earthcaller once more. The gate has now been dispersed, and you earn the 
    Ravager enhancement.
    The next map is pretty simply laid out. Head on through, opening the door which 
    had the misfortune of getting in your way, and continue til you find a room 
    with a few Vampire Bats. There's a blue chest to the left of where you enter. 
    You can knock out the Vampire Bats by lobbing cars at them. I'd strongly 
    recommend it, simply because it's really freakin' funny and excessive. There's 
    a ditch ahead, with a familiar icy gate which you can't pass. Hover over the 
    currents and onto the next section.
    In a new area, you'll be locked in with a small group of Pickaxe Zombies. Kill 
    them off, then head to the opened area. Open the door, go right, and enter...
    The Broken Stair
    New Enemies!
    Bone Claw Demon: This is the first normal enemy in the game you should be 
    concerned about. He is every bit as dangerous as he looks, characterized by 
    gigantic bone claws on his hands and two large boney spikes on his back. His 
    swipes have great range, meaning dodging backwards isn't going to work. If his 
    fists move back and up, that means he's going to step in for a swipe or two. 
    You should be able to jump or dodge to the side of these if your timing's on, 
    but it's fairly tricky to avoid. If his fist goes low and back, he's going to 
    uppercut, then swipe down. Don't jump! However, you should be able to dodge 
    backwards from this one. Just make sure to dodge the follow-up. He also has a 
    lunge attack which covers a great distance, but is easily avoided. He'll 
    occasionally roar at you, which is your chance to strike. Play it safe, and 
    just keep pegging him until that action button appears over his head.
    Once you enter, move to the right [South on your map] into a descending area. 
    At the end is an ARTIFACT: SOLDIER. Snag it, then head back up. Before heading 
    toward the building, move to the stairwell that has the familiar Vulgrim symbol 
    hanging above it; it's to the right of the entrance, and hard to miss.
    You'll enter an underground area. A blue chest is dead ahead when the path 
    forks, you can't miss it. The Southern path will take you underwater and lead 
    you to a chest with a new Life Shard. The Northern path will finally lead you 
    to Vulgrim.
    Head back up after taking care of business down below and enter the building. 
    Take the stairs up and clear out the enemies. Before moving through the giant 
    hole in the wall, locate a blue chest nearby. Then, hover over the currents to 
    your next destination. You'll land on a piece of broken highway. Before 
    continuing on, head West for a chest containing a Lifestone Shard. A handful of 
    Vampire Bats will come after you; take them out.
    Jump your way across the broken highway, hovering along until you come across 
    the Bone Claw Demon. He's pretty far away, but don't worry, he'll bring the 
    fight to you. He'll also throw a few cars at your tiny head while he does it, 
    too. Prepare yourself; this is one of the tougher fights so far.
    After taking care of him, move on to the next section. Don't miss the blue 
    chest to your right after the first jump! Hover into the building. You can't do 
    anything about the blue gate yet, so move to your right and head down the 
    stairs. On the floor you arrive at, locate a blue chest. It's easy to find. The 
    next floor down, take care of the enemies and find a chest in the NorthWest 
    section of that floor. Open it for the Beholder's Key. Head back to the top 
    floor and open the gate. Head on up. Can you guess what time it is? If you 
    guessed "badass cutscene time," you'd be right.
    For a bit of a diversion, you're now riding atop a griffon [gryphon? 
    gryfphonne?], and the aiming reticle is up. If you've ever played Panzer 
    Dragoon in your life, you'll feel right at home with this. Well, maybe not. The 
    controls are actually pretty awkward. If you've inverted your Y axis like I 
    did, I'd flip it back to normal temporarily. The left stick controls your beast 
    on the screen, and the right stick controls your reticle. It takes some getting 
    used to.
    You'll start out in the city; angels and demons are everywhere, so try to use 
    your homing shot whenever you can. Your first troublesome enemies are the 
    shielded angels; they're hard to kill, and will unleash three balls of energy 
    at you. Either avoid them or knock them out with your regular shot/homing shot, 
    then focus your attention on them. After enough of these, you'll enter an 
    underground cavern; avoid the lava streams and the spikes which come from under 
    you. You'll know to avoid them when you start getting near the lavapool below. 
    A gigantic demon will arrive not too long after; his only attack is a red beam 
    which he fires once every few seconds, fairly avoidable. After several more 
    swarms, you'll exit the area and eventually come across a cutscene.
    Twilight Cathedral
    New Enemies!
    Behemoth Zombie Knight: These guys differ from the regular Zombie Knights by 
    being about twice as tall and far more imposing. His attacks consist of a 
    one-two swipe which has him stepping forward, which can be easily dodged in any 
    direction, just about. He also has a hammering move which creates a load of ice 
    shards in his general vicinity; he rears his weapon back as a tell, giving you 
    ample time to get away. He's not very difficult; now that you have a counter 
    move, simply counter both swipes in his one-two attack, then assault him. Far 
    easier than he looks, but be careful all the same. He's faster than he looks, 
    Fire Bats: Still not as annoying as bats in other games. These guys like to 
    stay still and shoot fireballs at your head; just launch a charged Crossblade 
    or two at them, and they're dead.
    Poison Sac Zombie: You could also call these guys "Gassy Quasimodos." There are 
    large humps on their backs, and they leave behind a putrid green trail. These 
    guys are very easy, if you know what you're doing. Attacking them while they're 
    surrounded by that noxious green gas will poison you. Instead, charge your 
    Crossblade and launch it at him. It will diffuse the gas and allow you to get 
    in close. Beat on him, dodging or countering any of the slow swipes he might 
    throw your way. After a finisher, they'll spew gas everywhere and explode 
    several seconds afterward. Get away from them once you've pulled off the 
    finisher and you should be golden.
    Your gryefph'onnhe is lost to you. However, you're a good deal closer to 
    Tiamat, so let's soldier forth.
    To the South, there's a small platform revealed as a darkened piece on the 
    bottom edge of the map. Drop down there to get a blue chest. The entrance to 
    the cathedral, marked in green, is your next target, but check the areas to the 
    North and South. South leads to a new Vulgrim marker, while North leads to a 
    green chest and another icy entrance. There's nothing else we can do here yet, 
    so head into the cathedral.
    You're greeted with a long, decrepit hallway filled with lovely decorations. 
    Keep going until the Watcher departs your person and points out a new object. 
    It's a new sword! Grab it, and War will equip it. Sort of. You'll be able to 
    wield it like Chaoseater, but its purpose isn't to add to your arsenal. 
    Instead, head further along the path and press the action button near the 
    statue which doesn't have a sword. It will unlock the door. Pity, as I rather 
    liked the blue on the blade. Open the door.
    You'll see a battle between your old griffon buddy and a big demon when you 
    enter the next room. However, you don't get to interfere yet. Head forward as 
    the fight disappears. Hop over the lava river via the single platform, and 
    notice the nearly indescribable purple thing ahead of you [purple is a 
    descriptor, right? I guess it IS technically describable], and it's carrying 
    something in its mouth. We'll deal with that in a bit. Vampire Bats will start 
    popping up; take care of them the same way you always do. There's not much else 
    to do in this area, so open the door to the South.
    Fight time! Zombie Knights will start off the fray, followed by a wave of 
    Vampire Bats and more Zombie Knights. You'll notice a new blue gate, and only 
    one other entrance you can access at the moment. Take that entrance in the 
    Time to learn about bombs! Legend of Zelda, anyone? Unlike the bounce-happy 
    bombs of Nintendo's flagship franchise, these things stick like C4. Lob a bomb 
    onto the big pink thing [look familiar? we saw it before at the Choking 
    Grounds]. There's a green chest nearby, so go ahead and snag it. Move into the 
    next room, climb up and land on the platform. Look to your left for a chest; it 
    contains a Life Essence. Go through the door to find yourself above where you 
    fought the Zombie Knights only moments ago.
    There's a chest to the right in this area, which contains a map. Now you can 
    see all the areas you haven't visited yet! Feeling antsy? Before we move too 
    far, take a look at that statue. Now, push it over. That's right, property 
    destruction for the win! Before we continue on, head North and through the 
    door. You'll be on the second level of the central cathedral. Don't drop down 
    yet; follow the path to a blue chest. Once you've got that, head back out the 
    door we entered from.
    Drop down into the newly created hole. Time for a little classic dungeon 
    crawling. Hop over the lava, take out the Zombie Knights, climb along the wall 
    ahead over to the new area. You should spot a new Artifact from where you are. 
    Keep hopping along the wall til you land on the growth, then jump off the top 
    of the growth area after moving as far left as you can. You should snag 
    ARTIFACT: SOLDIER on your way down.
    Take out a few more Zombie Knights, then hover over the large lava gap. Carry 
    on until you find a gate in your way; just press the action button to raise it 
    up, then take on a few Zombie Knights. Open the chest that is no longer 
    protected by those Knights and you'll get a Beholder's Key. Now you get the 
    pleasure of heading all the way back to where you dropped into the lower area. 
    That's right. Backtracking time.
    We've got the Beholder's Key now, and there's no reason we shouldn't go ahead 
    and unlock that blue gate that's been laughing at us when our back is turned. 
    Open it, and head on. At the end of a path filled with a couple of gaps, you'll 
    face a Behemoth Zombie Knight. Take out the trash.
    Open up the two chests, a blue and green one, then grab the blue sword at the 
    end of the path. Head on back to where you were and move into the central area 
    of the cathedral once more. Remember earlier in this place when we used a sword 
    to unlock a door? Do the same thing here on the North side. Watcher will keep 
    you pointed in the right direction. Head through the newly unlocked door.
    Another fight between your griffon pal and the big flapping demon! You are 
    still unable to intervene. Head further in. See the blue sword to the East? 
    Yeah, don't get it. The describable purple thing we saw in the central 
    cathedral? There's another one here, although its mouth is empty. Get in close, 
    and it won't be anymore. Just mash the action button if you get curious and are 
    snatched into its maw to escape.
    No doors will be immediately accessible yet, but we CAN grab that blue sword 
    here and now. See the bomb nearby? Lob it at the describable purple thing. It 
    will get good and exploded, allowing you to grab the blue sword. However, like 
    many things in life, it's rarely that easy, as a wave of Zombie Knights, both 
    regular and Behemoth varieties, will be summoned to feebly attempt to kill you. 
    If you've gotten this far, they'll fail miserably. Once they're taken care of, 
    head NorthWest to the open-handed statue to deposit your newfound sword. Don't 
    go through the unlocked door yet, however; we're going to do one more thing.
    If you got curious in this area, chances are, you saw the giant pink thing 
    that's susceptible to bombs. Now's the time to take care of it. Throw a bomb at 
    it [you can lob it from where you are by aiming, rather than attempting to run 
    all the way up to it], then open the chest that is revealed afterwards for a 
    Lifestone Shard.
    With that taken care of, open the Northern door and continue on. You'll see a 
    shadow current to your left; take it up, and float North, away from the door, 
    to grab an ARTIFACT: CHAMPION. Now, take the current back up and enter the 
    second level door. I know the stuff across the lava gap is tempting, but 
    there's very little we can do about that until later.
    In the new area, climb along the wall to the right and head along the creviced 
    path til you reach the other side. Head around to the block, push it over the 
    edge, then jump down. Now, push the block in the only direction it will go, 
    East. You can now access the other part of the upper level. To your left 
    [North], there's a door! But... You can't get it, due to another purple thing. 
    Even if you bomb the thing from below, you won't be able to get up to the door 
    quickly enough before it moves back into position to snatch you up. Instead, 
    take the other door into the central cathedral. Take care of the Zombie Knight 
    that gets in your way, then grab a nearby bomb and lob it at the purple thing. 
    It will drop what it's carrying, which will shatter the floor and give you a 
    new underground area to explore. Drop in.
    You'll descend into an area that squarely spirals around [it makes sense, trust 
    me] to a large chamber. You'll have to fight a few Zombie Knights on the way. 
    There's a green chest off to one side, and a big thing chained down in the 
    center. Like any good samaritan, something being chained down obviously means 
    it's time to beat it up. So, go do so.
    Unlike most games, beating up the chained down thing does NOT unleash a swarm 
    of enemies. Instead, you gain the new weapon, Crossblade, a large, four-point 
    shuriken. It's a little odd to use, so get some warm-up while you can. In fact, 
    here comes some enemies! ... Okay, so I lied. Beating up the chained down thing 
    DOES unleash a swarm of enemies. But you have a new weapon! It's pretty damn 
    weak, but it's great for some of those pesky aerial enemies and extending 
    juggles. You'll encounter a Poison Sac Zombie around this point. Make use of 
    that Crossblade!
    Once you're done, you'll see a blue symbol on the wall, signified by a 
    cutscene. The Watcher is also more than willing to point it out for you if you 
    want him to. Simply throw the Crossblade at it, and you'll unlock the way out.
    After opening the door, you'll find a few Fire Bats. Take them out, then look 
    around. There's a crank up ahead which you can interact with, but it currently 
    won't do anything of worth, simply budging a statue in the lava ineffectively. 
    However, we CAN do something about it. See the bomb and the pink crystals on 
    it? Crossblade the bomb. Now, head South to the rise and jump it. There's a 
    Beholder's Gate to the side, which we can't deal with yet. Look to the back of 
    the statue and Crossblade another bomb. Now, go back to the crank and hit it 
    again. Crossblade the blue symbol which appears on the statue, and go through 
    the door to the SouthWest that just opened, past the Beholder's Gate.
    Man, we're really getting some use out of this weapon, aren't we? The Zelda 
    parallels are becoming far more evident. Up ahead are two more bombs. Target 
    both and Crossblade them to drop a platform down below. Next up is a cluster of 
    bombs, but Crossblading them doesn't seem to have an effect. However, if we 
    target the torch that's on the nearby wall first, THEN target the bombs, the 
    fire will travel with the Crossblade and ignite everything, creating another 
    platform for you. So, do that. Hop up the edge which is now accessible, then 
    enter the nearby doorway.
    Another large chamber! Go either left or right to get around the central 
    platform. There's a green chest on the far end of the chamber. Now, utilize the 
    shadow current to make your way across to the Northern door. Crossblade the 
    bombs you see on the crate that's hanging from the cable, and once the debris 
    is cleared, jump on the cable to slide down. Turn around to turn the crank 
    you've landed next to, then take out the Fire Bats.
    This next section involves hopping platforms to get close enough to more blue 
    symbols to Crossblade. It should be fairly easy to figure out. Just take care 
    with your jumps, and whenever any Fire Bats appear, destroy them as quickly as 
    you can with a charged Crossblade toss. There are three blue symbols in total, 
    one on the East side of the South wall, another on the West side of the same 
    wall, then another in the middle of the West wall. Once you're done with that, 
    a central platform will finally rise, revealing... More bombs! Lob them at the 
    two pink crystal walls. Head for the East room which has opened up first. Be 
    sure to hit the first blue symbol you came across to raise a platform to access 
    the room. Inside is a blue chest and a blue symbol. Swipe the blue symbol to 
    raise ALL the platforms in the area, which will make travel through here far 
    easier. Now, head into the NorthWest passage via the platforms.
    Once inside, grab onto the cable that's hanging from the ceiling and maneuver 
    across. Drop down at the end and grab the blue sword. Then, turn around and 
    target both blue symbols across the lava pit. Crossblading both of them in one 
    go will raise a platform and open the door.
    You don't have to worry about lowering the platforms; the pillar ahead of you 
    has an edge you can climb up. Make your way along the pillars back to the 
    chamber South of you. Once inside, go to the central platform and deposit the 
    sword you got into the hands of one of the statues. Now, go toward the Western 
    door and climb your way up. Head on in to find a perilous bridge in the middle 
    of a large chamber. Pay attention to the cutscene that follows; needless to 
    say, it's important.
    First, take note of the statue to your right. You can interact with it. It 
    normally moves a gear platform that's down above the lava, but thanks to a pink 
    crystal, you can't do anything with it yet. Head toward the center of the 
    bridge and leap to the North, towards an ARTIFACT: SOLDIER, and where that 
    stuck gear I talked about is.
    Hop down to the platforms below and work your way around the Southern rise. 
    You'll find an "inert" bomb, which will not blow up in your hands. Nifty, huh? 
    Throw it at the pink crystal on the gear, then get in closer to Crossblade both 
    the torch next to the crystal and the inert bomb, in that order, to blow it up. 
    Head back up to where you got the inert bomb and grab onto the ledge that's 
    available. Make your way back up the wall following the path onto a growth, 
    back to where the statue that moved that gear was. Activate the gear again, 
    this time with sexy results. Hop onto the bridge and watch as it now rotates. 
    Get on the Southern walkway as the bridge turns to find yourself near an inert 
    bomb spawner on the ground, an ignited bomb spawner on the wall, and a pink 
    crystal. Before we take care of the crystal nearby, first lob an inert bomb 
    across the room to a faraway crystal which we could not reach before. This will 
    save us a little time.
    Now, we're left with a small puzzle. We have no torch nearby, and we need to 
    blow up the crystal near the ignited bomb spawn on the wall. Take a look at 
    this for a moment and see what you come up with.
    If you give up, here's a hint: Chain reaction.
    Did you get it? You throw a series of inert bombs chaining from the ignited 
    bomb spawn to the pink crystal. Crossblade the ignited bomb and watch as the 
    pink crystal is shattered into oblivion! Head down the newly opened path and 
    turn the crank. Head back toward the bridge, take out the new Fire Bats, then 
    jump on the bridge. Make the wait as it slowly turns around. That inert bomb we 
    threw earlier? Time to make use of it. Get on the Northern platform and torch 
    the inert bomb, then head on in. Turn the crank at the end of the passage. It 
    should be fairly obvious what you have to do now.
    Head back to the bridge, taking care of a Fire Bat along the way, and get on 
    the Western platform between where the two blue symbols are. Crossblade them 
    both at the same time, and a new passageway will open up. Open the two blue 
    chests inside, then grab the blue sword. [Man, there's a lot of blue things.] 
    Make your way back to the chamber with the open-handed statues; the bridge has 
    stopped moving, meaning easy access for you.
    Deposit another sword into another statue, and head towards the newly unlocked 
    door. You'll spot a few chests, ripe for the picking! Get near one, however, 
    and they'll disappear into the ground. Fight time. Nothing more than a small 
    number of Zombie Knights. Once they're gone, the chests return. The yellow 
    chest contains another Wrath Shard. The chest near the angel statue contains 
    the long-awaited Beholder's Key.
    The Key in hand, head back to the previous room, then head South. Make your way 
    to the Beholder's Gate and crack it open. Inside, you'll find several Fire 
    Bats. Take them out. To your right is a graspable ledge. Follow it around and 
    land on a walkway. There's a statue to your right; crank it to find that it 
    raises a platform not too far from you. However, you can't reach it yet. Head 
    into the door at the end of the walkway to find...
    The Jailer
    Damn, he's ugly! This guy starts off by unleashing a small squad of Zombie 
    Knights for you to take care of. Don't concern yourself too heavily with them. 
    Focus on targeting the yellow pus balls on The Jailer's gigantic growth. Once 
    you've swallowed back the bit of vomit that just came up your throat after that 
    brief description, hit those targets and zoom in once The Jailer crouches down 
    in pain. Attack the little squealing dude that is hanging from The Jailer's 
    growth a few times. Afterwards, The Jailer will reel back, the pus balls 
    growing red, and he'll go berserker on you. Get away from him as quickly as 
    possible and let him throw the tantrum. Repeat this process until he has a 
    tantrum that seems irregularly short. This is your cue to dash in and finish 
    him off. Definitely one of the easier bosses. If you need the help, there's a 
    green chest in the area.
    Once Tall, Dark, and Ugly is beaten, head to the newly opened door and turn the 
    crank. You'll descend slowly down into a new area. You'll see a pink crystal, 
    an inert bomb spawn, and a torch. You know what to do. This time, though, a few 
    Zombie Knights and a Poison Sac Zombie will come charging out. Take care of 
    Notice past the lava pit that there is a pink crystal not too far away. Throw 
    an inert bomb at it. While you're at it, light some of the torches near you, as 
    they seem to have gone out. This will help you in a few moments.
    Head down the newly opened hallway and open the blue chest you see. Cross the 
    gap that's nearby, then turn around. If you lit the torches that you're capable 
    of reaching, then you should be able to light the remaining torches AND the 
    inert bomb, thus destroying the crystal. Go, you!
    Continue down the path until you find a crank. Use it, then jump on the 
    platform. If you'll notice you could have just as easily lit a few torches and 
    walked down the platform making the whole thing just a touch easier, but we're 
    opting for the more creative route. Head inside the new room and turn the crank 
    you see. A statue will raise up on the floor above you. Head back, taking out a 
    new wave of enemies, and see if there are any torches you've missed. If you've 
    already snagged them, you'll notice a chest right near the exit of the area! 
    Go through the passageway and ride the platform back up... And take care of the 
    monsters that pop up afterward. Get through the chamber where you fought The 
    Jailer, then interact with the new statue and watch a new pillar rise. Now you 
    can make your way across to a new pathway!
    Knock out the two blue symbols with your Crossblade and enter the doorway that 
    is revealed. You'll face off against a Behemoth and regular Zombie Knights. 
    This will then be followed by a Poison Sac Zombie and a few more Zombie 
    Knights. Open the chests and grab the sword, then fight two MORE Behemoth 
    Zombie Knights. The platform you're standing on will rise, allowing easy access 
    to the door. The Southern passageway near here is actually a shortcut back to 
    the central cathedral; in fact, if you remember, we were here a while ago! Head 
    back the way you came, ignoring the Southern passage, back to where you raised 
    the pillars shortly. Make your way BACK to the chamber with the three statues 
    that we'd been working on a while ago to deposit the third and final sword. 
    Upon receipt of the sword, the platform you're on will raise skyward.
    Remember this area? There's a door we couldn't access before. However, now 
    we're more than capable. That Crossblade stuns the purple things! Head up to 
    the second level, ignoring the newly opened door for now, and dice the purple 
    thing up a bit. Head inside and walk along the platform to find a chest 
    containing an ABYSSAL ARMOR PIECE. Then, drop down to the level below to find a 
    blue chest and a WRATH CORE.
    While we're at it, let's take care of a couple of things we missed. Head 
    through the central cathedral to the South, then to the courtyard South of 
    that. Make your way up to where you dropped the first statue, then notice the 
    pink crystal. Crossblade the ignited bomb, hover over the gap, and make your 
    way around to the chest revealing a HOARDSEEKER. This will reveal all the 
    chests on the map! If you've been following this guide closely, you should have 
    absolutely NO chests left to collect, meaning you're free to go tackle the boss 
    of the area.
    Go back to the courtyard North of the central cathedral area, and head through 
    the new door, the only door we haven't opened yet. It will close behind you. 
    Yeah, this just got real. Head up the long, spiral staircase and follow the 
    path to a large, expansive area. Say hello to your next boss:
    The first thing you're probably thinking is, "How the hell am I supposed to 
    fight that fugly thing?!" Well, take a quick look at your arena. We've got 
    inert bombs, torches, and a fugly thing to attach lit bombs to. The question 
    is, how do you put it all together?
    The best time to pull this off is when Tiamat is lowering down just outside the 
    arena. She'll either dive at you, which you should dash to the side to avoid, 
    or launch a few fireballs at you; when she's fireballing, avoid them while 
    grabbing an inert bomb and lob it onto her. You can hold down the targeting 
    button rather than manually aiming, so keep that in mind. A torch will likely 
    be nearby, so switch to manual aim, target both the torch and the bomb on 
    Tiamat in that order, and launch. Be mindful of those fireballs! They don't do 
    an incredible amount of damage, but enough of those will leave you crippled. 
    Once bombed, Tiamat will fall to the ground. Unleash whatever combo you can, 
    but back off once she gets back up on her feet, otherwise you'll take another 
    hit as she takes to the sky once more.
    Now comes the hard part. After a few bombs, she'll stick to the ground for 
    battle. She has a few key attacks: A short series of fireballs, which can be 
    dodged by dashing to the side, a charging swipe, which is avoided in much the 
    same way, a jumping slam, which you should keep far away from as soon as she 
    takes to the air, and a tackle which will lock you into a button-mashing fest. 
    If you see the camera angle take a dramatic turn and the action button icon 
    comes up above your head, mash away on it, or you'll take a buttload of damage.
    This is the time where you have to hack away at her any chance you get; she's 
    big, but she's got a lot of space under her. Make use of this, as it will allow 
    you to avoid a good number of her moves, save for her jumping slam. After a 
    while, she'll collapse, allowing for a more focused assault. Like before, 
    though, get away after she gets back on her feet to avoid damage. Stay 
    cautious, and you'll be able to put her out of her misery once and for all.
    You'll gain a LIFESTONE, and a blue portal will open up. Step in, and you'll be 
    taken out of the Cathedral. Vulgrim will appear, giving you the opportunity to 
    utilize Serpent Holes, networking passages that allow you quick transfer 
    between Vulgrim markers. Use Vulgrim's shop for whatever, then take a Serpent 
    Hole back to the Scalding Gallow, which is the Vulgrim Marker to the left of 
    the yellow marker on the world map when you open up the Serpent Hole menu.
    Scalding Gallow
    Once you arrive, you'll autimatically trigger a cutscene with Samael. You're 
    given a new objective. Do you trust this guy yet? Because he's really not 
    making it easy. It doesn't help that he's basically the Devil. You'll gain back 
    the epic CHAOS FORM, which should be a huge help, as limited the amount of time 
    that you can use it as it is.
    ::Objective - Find Ulthame.::
    \/ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                /\
    A: Darksiders is the first game to be developed by Vigil Games. The visual 
    design and much of the 2D artwork is done by Joe Madureira, also known as Joe 
    Mad. He is also the Creative Director.
    A: Joe Mad is an accomplished comic artist most known for his unfinished series 
    BATTLE CHASERS, but also for his work on UNCANNY X-MEN and THE ULTIMATES 3. He 
    was involved early in the development of the PC game DUNGEON RUNNERS, for which 
    he provided much of the original concept work.
    A: The short answer is, yes. The developer cites the Legend of Zelda series as 
    a major influence, which certainly shows in the gameplay. Much like Zelda, 
    you're given weapon-themed dungeons, maps and "compasses" [refered to as 
    HOARDSEEKERS in this game], and so forth. Playing the game, the inspiration is 
    heavily obvious.
    However, to allay fears that this is just a Zelda clone, it takes inspiration 
    from a wealth of other games as well. The combat system is more akin to a 
    slower-paced Devil May Cry, with various weapons which you can upgrade with new 
    techniques and abilities, as well as enhancements and powers. The game's visual 
    and storytelling style is also very different, showcasing a gritty yet animated 
    look characteristic of Joe Mad's own drawing style for which he's become known. 
    It's one of the few games on the market which takes a gameplay style and makes 
    something new of it and becoming something unique in itself.
    A: I'm a little biased, as I am currently writing the guide for the game, but 
    I'd say it's a definite buy, as long as you know what you're in for. The story 
    is fairly solid and entertaining, with some great voice work and cutscenes. If 
    you don't mind the mixture of Devil May Cry combat with Legend of Zelda 
    adventuring, then that should be right up your alley, too. It's a decently long 
    game with plenty to collect, meaning it will take a while before you can strive 
    for that elusive 100%. I'd say buy if any of that interests you, but be sure to 
    read several reviews before making a decision in buying ANY title.
    A: The two versions are mostly identical. The 360 version contains some screen 
    tearing which can be jarring, and the PS3 version reportedly contains slightly 
    muddier textures and more aliasing [pixelation/jagged edges]. However, much of 
    the complaints toward the graphical quality of either version are largely 
    comparative. It really comes down to the controller preference for this title.
    \/ UPCOMING GUIDE FEATURES                                                   /\
    While still heavily a work in progress, I hope to add a full checklist for all 
    items and chests for each area, a comprehensive enemy/boss strategy guide, and 
    a miniature checklist for items/chests at the beginning of each area. The 
    walkthrough will also go through a revision, with references leading to each 
    and every section of the game from the table of contents for easy perusal. 
    Other smaller sections, such as controls, move lists, and so forth will be 
    added later.
    \/ ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                                          /\
    My name is Zachary Turnipseed. Yes, that is my real name. Yes, it sounds 
    exactly the way it's spelled. I live in Texas, and am 23 years old. I'm a 
    college student studying Arts and Technology, and am heading toward a career in 
    pre-visual design and narrative design for interactive media [i.e., video 
    games] and animation. I'm a game collector at heart, with a stash going beyond 
    five hundred titles for over 15 consoles and handhelds [and I play nearly all 
    my consoles fairly regularly]. Needless to say, I have a passion for gaming.
    Darksiders is the first full walkthrough I have tasked myself in writing. It is 
    an effort on my own part to be more involved in each game I play, striving for 
    100% and learning the strategies and mechanics of the game to a more intimate 
    I do not plan in advance which games I write guides for, but I do favor games 
    which don't get a lot of attention, as they are often the games which most need 
    assistance, thanks to a small fanbase and dwindling support beyond release.
    to CJayC, for keeping GameFAQs alive, and maintaining the spirit of free 
    information and assistance for nearly every game in existence.
    to Vigil Games, for their hard work in creating a great title.
    to THQ, for publishing it. 
    to the GameFAQs community, as these are the guys I'm writing this guide for.
    to my girlfriend for being as passionate about gaming and animation as I am, 
    and continuing to support me in my crazy schemes.
    This guide is copyright 2010 Zachary Turnipseed.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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