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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kerrigor88

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/15/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version 1.0
    I.   Table of Contents
    II.  Intro
    III. Characters and Enemies
         ii. Enemies
    IV.  Wars Gear
         i. Arsenal
         ii. Basic Controls
         iii. Items
         iv. Weapon Enhancements
         v. Locations
    V.   Walkthrough
    VI.  Additional FAQs/Achievements list
    VII. Credits, acknowledgements and Legal bits
    II.  Intro:
    First off I would like to say that this is a great oppertunity for me to
    give back to Gamefaqs for all the info/reviews over the years. This is my
    first FAQ and if all goes well, maybe not the last. This is an excellent
    game, and I hope you find my information useful.
    If you would like me to add anything to the FAQ, specificly item locations,
    please email me at Kerrigor88@hotmail.com and include the topic "Darksiders
    FAQ" so I don't mistake it for spam. I'll ensure credit is given in FAQ.
    This walkthrough will follow my second playthrough on the "Hard" mode, I
    will  attempt to list stratigy that is viable for each opponent as well as
    directions through the environs.
    III. Characters and Enemies:
    i. Characters
    -Old Ones
    War- Titular Horseman of the Apocolypse, you have been sent back to Earth to
    Clear your name and find Who has started the Apocolypse prematurly. 
    Strife- Horseman of the Apocolypse, location unknown.
    Fury- Horsewoman of the Apocolypse, location unknown.
    Death- Horseman of the Apocolypse, location unknown. Code exists to unlock
    his Scythe to replace the regular version you optionally purchase.
    The Charred Council- They are a group of apparently animated statues that
    mediate the war between Heaven and Hell, as well as ensure the Truce between
    The Three Kingdoms is kept. They banish War to Earth after the Endwar starts
    far too soon and destroys the Third Kingdom.
    The Watcher- Wars warden for his time on Earth. Cruel and vicious, he is
    never shy of reminding War who is Master and who is leashed.
    Ulthane- An Old One, he is a master blacksmith. Neither for or against
    Heaven or Hell, but willing to assist War once he can prove himself.
    Tormented Gates- Enslaved by the Destroyer, they are forced to slumber until
    they can be awakened and freed. They guard key points of progress.
    Ruin- Wars mighty steed. A deadly firey horse, Wars strength is magnified
    when astride Ruin. Together a formidible force.
    Abaddon- Archangel of Heaven, leader of the Elite Hellguard and Champion of 
    The White City. Falls to Straga during the Apocolypse, War is blamed for his 
    Uriel- Second in command of the Hellguard, she leads the trapped angels on 
    Earth after Abaddon falls. She patrols the wreckage of the Destroyed City
    and Hunts War ceaslessly, blaming him for her Mentors death.
    Azreal- Archangel of Death, Guardian of the Well of Souls. You must seek him
    out if you wish to be strong enough to defeat the Destroyer.
    Samael- Once thought to be next in line for the rulership of Hell, now a 
    prisoner of the Destroyer. He aids you in your quest, as he refused to 
    acknowledge the Destroyers rule.
    Vulgrim- A skeletal demon, he is the merchant you will trade souls to in 
    exchange for items and powerups.
    Straga- The slayer of Abbadon and the Destroyers prime Chosen. Lead the
    forces of Hell against the Third Kingdom and took residence in the
    Black Throne.
    Tiamat- Massive batlike Demoness. She is the first of the Chosen you
    encounter, She makes her home in the Twilight Cathedrial.
    The Griever- The second Chosen of the Destroyer, the Griever is a massive
    insect like creature. Uthane has sealed her and her brood inside the Hollows
    The Sygyian- The third Chosen, this creature is the King of the Ashworms
    that live among the Ashlands. The lesser demons that have taken residence
    among the ash and sands have captured it, not knowing within its chest beats
    the heart of a Chosen.
    Silitha- This monsterous spider is the fourth Chosen. Her web is within the
    Iron Canopy, dealing in information she has a few choice words for you.
    The Jailor- found in the Twilight Cathedrial, a monsterous creature sewn
    from the rancid corpses of humans and demons alike.
    The Arena Champion- Must be slain before the Sygyian can be found, rides a
    very familiar red horse.
    The Destroyer- Powerful leader of Hells forces and the final boss of the
    ii. Enemies
    (currently I do not know all the names of the beings you fight, and will
    improvise until they become availible)
    Light angels- these are the basic angelic troop of the Hellguard. They are
    armed with a type of halbard that fires damaging blasts of energy. 
    Heavy Gunner Angels- These angels bear the Redemption Cannons, powerful
    concentrated light weapons. Much more deadly and swift then their brethern.
    Champion Angels- Deadly swordsmen, these angels have great speed and a
    deadly blade.
    The Wicked- These risen corpses are among first creatures you will
    encounter. Weak, yet tends to show up in large numbers.
    Minions- These beasts are among the first enemies you will encounter.
    Moving on all fours like animals, these creatures are swift and deadly.
    Trauma- These monsterous Juggernaughts of flesh and rage are larger even
    then War. Their deadly taloned hands can rend flesh and throw cars.
    Gholen- These pitlordesque monsters charge into battle with great ferocity.
    Much more powerful then normal enemies, and will take more effort to bring
    down. They also possess some mastery of the element of fire.
    Big Firey Demon- This large flaming creature tends to follow you around
    closly, its firey chest can erupt in flames and broil an unwary combatant.
    Phantom Guard- The infrantrymen of Hells army. Formidible in groups, but a
    far lesser threat then the Gholen and other larger demons.
    Duskwings- Weak batlike demons that infest Tiamats grounds.
    Undead- Skeletal remains animated to fight you, stronger then Wicked and
    Phantom Guard alike.
    Undead Reform- Massive armored undead with axes of ice, they do a lot of
    damage and need to be delt with quickly. Usually shows up with friends.
    Plague Undead- Large sewn together creature that has a plague aura. If hit
    with the Charged Crossblade it temporarily loses its toxicity.
    The Fallen- Large four legged demons with curling horns and wing remmnants.
    They were once angels and have fully embraced Hells gifts. Deadly.
    Wraith- Spectral creature sporting two long blades. Can be quite painful,
    and is good at dodging. Helps to knock them out of the air and lock them
    down with combos.
    Gunner Demon- Durable demon armed with a Fracture Cannon. You can wield his
    gun after his death.
    Leader Phantom- Elite Phantom guard that is comperiable to the power of
    the Undead Reform. Spinning combos and charges are his favourites.
    Baby Spiders- weak, but quick and travel in groups. Good for health.
    Large Spiders- Slay them to break the seal to Silitha.
    Broodmother- Boss that must die before you will find the Chosen.
    Golem- Large machanical creature that holds the source of the Beams Azrael
    IV. Wars Gear:
    i. Arsenal
    Chaoseater- Wars sword, a deadly blade dispite having lost most of its
    power. This will be your main damage dealer in most cases, with many strong
    combos and the first weapon to be able to generate Chaos for later uses.
    The Scythe/Harvester- This blade is optional, but if unlocked will reap many
    more souls for War then the Chaoseater. Good crowd control moves with fair
    reach. Harvester code allows more souls to be drawn,and scythe becomes free.
    Obtained from Vulgrim.
    The Cross Blade- Your first ranged weapon, this can be thrown to target up
    to five seperate creatures or points. Useful for transfering fire and
    activating special crystals. Obtained from the Twilight Cathedrial.
    Earthcaller- This special horn will allow you to wake the dormant Tormented
    Gates. It also can be used to knock back or stun some enemies. Given to you
    by Vulgrim.
    Mercy- This pistol has unlimited amunition, and can be used atop Ruin.
    Decent damage with upgrade, though still inferior to your conventional arms.
    Found after Grievers demise.
    Tremor gauntlet- This force amplifying gauntlet allows you to pound the
    ground, knocking enemies backwards with great force. Found in the Hollows.
    Abyssal Chain- This device allows you to grapple to set points, or latch
    onto your enemies. Found in the Iron Canopy.
    The Voidwalker- This special gun rips open tears in time and space. It
    allows War to instantly travel between two points. Located in The
    Black Throne.
    The Mask of Shadows- Not so much a weapon, this mask allows War to see
    into the Shadow realm constantly. Given to you by Azrael.
    The Armageddon Blade- The ultimatly powerful weapon.
    ii. Basic Controls
    Square- Chaoseater. Source of the basic combos and main damage dealers.
    Triangle- Secondary weapon. This gives access to combos from the equipped
    X- This will be your jump button, slightly clumsy at times. Be sure to jump
    a bit before a ledge to ensure War doesnt prefer to plummet to his death.
    Circle- This button is used to open doors, and preform finishers on enemies
    and Bosses. Weak enemies can be grabbed for extra health without needing to
    attack them first, also allows War to grab cars/environmental pieces.
    Start- allows access to the weapons/items menu. This is where you may change
    equipment and augmentations.
    Select- this feature allows you to bring up the area map and world map.
    Holding it down will also summon The Watcher.
    L1- This allows access to your item/wrath powers. You may assign wrath
    powers or items to be consumed here.
    L2- This allows you to lock on to enemies. Must be held down.
    R1- This allows you to block when held, counter when pressed just as you are
    about to be struck, or dash if it is held and the control stick pressed in a
    R2- This allows the use of the current gear item equipped. Ie mask/pistol.
    The directional pad may be used to store up to 3 different gear items, using
    left, up and right. Down can change your secondary weapon. Also allows War
    to throw picked up cars and other environmental bits.
    R3- Allows aiming for gear or environmental weapons.
    iii. Items
    There are several items availible, some must be found and others bought.
    Bought from Vulgrim include:
    -Life Essence. restores several bars of Wars health.
    -Greater Life Essence. restores far more of wars health then Life essence.
    -Wrath Shard. One time purchase, can be used to gain another Wrath core.
    -Wrath Core. One time purchase, adds a perminant wrath core to the wrath
    -Rage. Allows you to refil some of your Wrath cores.
    -Greater Rage. Fills many more Wrath cores then rage.
    -Undying. Will resurrect you with full health and wrath if you die with it
    -Possession. Will refil your chaos gage for Chaos Form. Only availible once
    Tiamat is defeated.
    -Empty Vessel. More of these allows you to carry more consumable items.
    It is also possible to find:
    -Wrath Shards. Collecting four gives an additional Wrath Core.
    -Lifestone Shards. Collecting four gives an entire additional life bar.
    iV. Weapon Enhancements (in progress)
    -Bane. Bought for 5000 souls. Generates wrath naturally. Not too useful,
    there is enough combat and chests for this.
    -Weaponmaster. Bought for 1000 souls. Very useful until you find greater
    damage enhancements. Worth buying and can be used to make Chaoseater Or
    Harvester do more.
    -Ravager. You are given it by a Tormented Gate in the Choking Grounds. Only
    appears useful for shadow portal where you Must kill with environmental
    weapons only. Otherwise useless.
    -Combat Lore. Increases the rate of weapon experiance, and gives War a boost
    in defense. Quite useful, especially if you want your weapons to do more
    damage faster.
    -Reaper. Allows you to gain more souls, magnifies scythes soul modifiers
    even higher. Not bad if you are looking to increase currency
    -Carnage. FOund in Dry Road. Allows any weapon to fill Chaos meter, and
    enhances Chaos generated by Chaoseater. Also makes weapon bleed.
    -War's Glory. Chaoseater gains Much more chaos when used. Allows other melee
    weapons to generate chaos, in increased ammounts. Largly increases weapon
    experiance. Finally it Also increases the duration of Chaos Form and the
    damage output of the weapon thats equipped to it. Probally the best
    enhancement. Visual makes the equipped weapon bleed more heavily then
    -Fury's Embrace. Will create Wrath with every weapon strike. Boosts the
    damage of Wrath powers. Reveals entire world map and all items. Finally, it
    also gives additional Wrath on deathblows. Good if your treasure hunting or
    rely heavily on Wrath.
    -Strife's Offering. Strengthens weapon damage while also generating both
    wrath and chaos on deathblows. It will also passivly enhance ranged damage
    and Wars defence Against ranged damage.
    -Death's Blessing. Converts weapon damage to health while heavily increasing
    damage delt and souls aquired. Magnifies the Scythes soul reaping abilities.
    Seems to be quite useful if your farming for souls.
    v. Locations
    In order from the beginning there is:
    Destroyed city- Beginning area, tutorial
    Charred Council- Part of tutorial
    The Crossroads- First Vulgrim location
    The Scalding Gallows- Samaels prison and the nexus of roads to the rest of
    the map.
    The Choking Grounds- Large ruined cemetary, filled with undead.
    The Broken Stair- Ruined highway overpass, path to the First Chosen.
    The Twilight Cathedral- Home to the first Chosen Tiamat.
    The Drowned Pass- This sunken part of the city must be crossed to locate the
    Black Hammer.
    Anvils Forge- This is the resting place and smithy of Ulthane.
    The Hollows- The subterranian lair of the Griever and her "Pet" swarms.
    The Dry Road- This area leads into the ashlands, it is a buffer between the
    desert and the rest of the destroyed city.
    The Ashlands- Desert of sand and human ash, home to the Ashcoil worms and
    gladitorial demons that hunt them.
    Leviathans Drift- The sand canyon where the demons have the Stygian chained.
    Iron Canopy- The web shrouded lair of Silitha and her brood.
    The Black Throne- The Destroyers Tower and seat of power.
    Eden- Home of the Tree of Knowledge, a forgotten and ancient place.
    The Shattered Throne- Place of the Final Battle.
    III. Walkthrough:
    This guide will mostly focus on the navigation of the game, and some
    strategys for taking down the enemies and bosses ingame. I will include
    locations of special items as I find them. Any additional information will
    be appreciated.
    ****Please note this is my second playthrough, and I am wearing the Abyssal
    Armor I assembled from the Normal playthrough. This may easily change the
    experiance you have with Apocolypse mode. Warned ye be.****
    You start off in an area inclosed by rubble, as War climbs out of his
    crater. There you will be attacked by several minions as a Trama looks on.
    After you slice the minions a few times feel free to test out your grab
    button and see some fatalities. The Trauma will join the fight when his
    buddies fall. The game encourages you to switch to Chaos Form at this point,
    and you might as well. This is the only time it will be Unlimited afterall.
    Once your mighty red blade tears apart the Trauma, an explosion will clear
    away the rubble that once blocked your path.
    Heading south into this new area reveals more minions. In chaos form you are
    invincible, so you can kill them at your leisure. The cars and some chunks
    of the broken city can be grabbed. Dont forget to throw a car at any
    helicopters you see to get the achievement!
    Continuing on your path until you reach a 4 way intersection. The way west
    is the only path availible, so go this way. You will see the awake form of a
    tormented gate for the first time, being harassed by demons. At any point
    you can choose to come Out of chaos form and grab a car, as kills don't give
    you souls at this point you only need to bother if you're going for the
    River of Blood achievement. Otherwise its profitless. 
    As you walk west, eventually some red crystals will pop up behind you. The
    Helicopter is here, so switch out of chaos form and lob a car at it. Once
    you have finished and moved on, the tormented gate will be pulled over and
    angels will spawn. kill them all and continue to the west. As you do, a
    cutscene will show War weakening, his HP dropping and chaos form stripped
    away. Great while it lasted..
    Moving on you will see meteors destroy a building and block your path. The
    lil' yellow dot on your map will then move to the left. This is your "guide"
    through the game. Once this happens several minions and angels will spawn.
    I recommend
    targeting angels and holding Square down. This launches War into the air and
    will knock them to the ground with a spinning ground slam.
    Once the angels die, some demonic growth will burst up from the ground and
    slime the side of a building to the north. Kill the new minions and climb
    the growth. Pressing X causes War to climb faster by jumping. Once inside
    this burned building, continue north through the passages. More demonic
    growth will appear. On the roof of the building you run straight ahead to
    the electric wire which is used as a zip line to the next building. Jump to
    it to grab ahold. R1 allows for faster movement while on the wire. Once
    across even more growth will point the way for your travels, while you'll
    hear humans sobbing in the background. Jump to the bottom of the gap between
    the buildings instead of trying to reach the growth. Several minions will
    spawn and jump down, once they are dead go ahead an climb up.
    After reaching the top and entering the apartment, a seal will appear and
    minions will Spawn. I recommend leaving the ones you see with an "O" above
    them alone until you get surrounded. That way you can get away with using a
    fatality instead of taking half the crowd leaping into your backside.
    Once the seal falls, plummet down the elevator shaft and follow the path to
    the next wire Zip line.
    Once back on the streets you will notice a group of angels, as well as a
    glowing red skull on the map. This skull denotes a boss fight, so be
    prepaired! Since the enemies are fighting each Other, I strongly recommend
    chucking a few cars angelward. The minions are much easier to dispatch,
    and with a boss on the way..
    Don't forget you can aim the cars with R3. Once all enemies are dead, follow
    the map to the north. This will lead you to the cutscene of Abaddon.
    Weakened and confused, War now faces Abaddons slayer:
    Ok, this is the tutorial bossfight. A very nice scene too. This fellow is
    quite large and can hit very hard. Your best bet is to lock on with L2 and
    back away. Once you see him dip his hand into the lava, be ready to dodge.
    He will throw some cars at you. Once they are down, pick one up with "O"
    and throw it with R2. This will stun him and allow you to attack his face
    after two direct strikes. Between car strikes his right arm will glow and
    be brough down onto the ground. This will send a wave of fire at you. I find
    dodging works best by running then using R1 to dash away Just as his arm
    begins the downward swing. Once you've gotten to hit his face for the second
    time he will grab the pavement and shake it back and forth. Jump into the
    air after he moves it to both sides to avoid a shockwave he unleashes by
    pushing the pavement Towards you. The third and final time you combo his
    face will give you the "O" finisher.. but alas it was not ment to be..
    After the cutscene is done and you've retrieved Chaoseater, the Council will
    inform you of Vulgrim and send you to Earth. The wrath power Blade geyser is
    given here. (personally the only one I ever used through normal. The rest
    may be useful but I can't say I've bothered with them).
    Once up the growth, its always a good idea to destroy any objects you can.
    The more souls the better right? This is where you find your first "Wicked".
    The weakest enemys in the game, and easily grabbed for extra health with
    "O". The Wicked rise right after you've mastered ledges. Once the firey
    beast manages to kill itself for you, go ahead and climb across the pipe
    (Mark Hamil did a great job with the Watchers voice, but you really get to
    hate the creature).
    Take the growth to the level above you, the bottom of the elevator shaft has
    nothing. In this room will be more Wicked and another large flaming thing.
    Take out the Wicked first, they're squishy and you don't want a fist in the
    back when you tangle with the big guy. Targeting him and dashing seems to be
    the best way to take him down, avoiding attacks, striking, backing off, and
    repeating. Until you get more combos this will be a very viable way to stay
    alive when the bigger foes come in. Of course you can also throw chairs
    at it.
    You can use blade geyser if you wish, but i would suggest saving it for
    Gholens and their friends. The firey thing has several swinging attacks,
    and will also bare his chest to unleash a straight beam of fire. Upon his
    death, he explodes so don't stay close. Once you've slaughtered it, proceed
    to the movable block at the top of the stairs to the north. Push it straight
    across and climb atop to find a pipe to climb. Waste the Wicked and proceed
    up the growth to the next level. Here War will fall through the floor and
    you will find a room full of wicked. After they die your first Gholen
    appears. Treat him the same way you did the flaming demon, with the
    exception to dash Backwards when he puts both fists above his head and
    sideways when he takes seperate swings at you. If you get too far away he
    will send a column of flame at you. After hes dead proceed northwest and go
    through the door. The top of the stairs gives more Wicked and a chest in
    the next room yields health. After your introduction to Vulgrim you now have
    to finish collecting some souls for him. The east and west both have Gholens 
    that will spawn, as well as wicked. These and the chests are the easiest
    ways to not only get the 500 souls but to also get enough for an upgrade.
    The subway on the west side also has a chest in it, there are what appear to
    be spiked tails on the celing that will try to stop you from climbing over
    the growth, but using R1 you can dash by them to claim the souls chest. In
    the water there is a Soldier Artifact, shown in green on the map. grab that
    too and the southern side. More Wicked and a chest in the ditch await you.
    Grab it and head to the East (You should easily have over 500 souls after
    the chest).
    The eastern side will reveal more Wicked and your first look at Hells
    infantry the Phantom Guard. Dice him up and continue to explore, more Guard
    and a Gholen appear around the corner (Gholens seem to have a very open left
    side; your left facing them that is). Continuing behind them yields another
    path, more chests and an underground area. Health and souls are in the
    chests. Once having gotten those, proceed to the broken building that will
    now be on your right. This building has some more Wicked and another soul
    chest. At this point my Chaoseater leveled up. I managed to return to
    Vulgrim with exactly 1000 souls. With the artifact I managed to keep the
    1000 souls to grab the Weaponmaster Augmentation and using the code
    (included in the achievement section at the end) I purchased the Harvester
    for free.
    After the gate moves away you are free to enter where it was guarding.
    Inside move left and up the stairs, grabbing the health if needed. Right is
    a dead end. There will be another flame demon, you now have the chance to
    show off any new weapons or moves you have. If your Chaoseater leveled and
    you bought the Weaponmaster enhancement, he stands no chance at all. The
    artifact up above cannot be reached yet, but there is another Flame Demon
    below in the pit. Slay him, then proceed to the far left of the room and
    dive underwater to find a lifestone shard. Gather 3 more and you will
    recieve another health bar! 
    After that climb up the growth and follow the path to the Scalding Gallow.
    There are minions here, but by now they dont stand a chance. Exploring up
    the stairs to the left nets you a chest of souls. The building to the right
    has a shard of the Abyssal armor, but you cannot destroy the red crystal to
    Get it until after you defeat the First Chosen. Slay the minions and Phantom
    guard,and continue straight ahead to a boss fight.
    General of the Phantom Guard
    Probally more of a mini boss, but he Does have his own lil' buddies to call
    on. The fight is very straightforeward. Lock onto him and combo him until
    you see his axe glow blood red. This is your cue to dash away. Keep watching
    his arm so he can't sneak a swing at you and continue to beat on him. Kill
    any guard he summons, he will do this twice before resuming the fight.
    Continue to strike and evade him until the button prompt appears.
    After he falls one gargoyle begins to spew blood. Move the other two into
    place and watch the cutscene. Leaving and going to the left is our first
    move. Ignore the Flame demon and his friends, and we will then go exploring
    to the now right side that we neglected earlier. More guard and minions will
    appear as you travel along the path. There will be a large red crystal that
    again you cannot destroy, but continuing where you Can go brings you to a
    broken house. There is a Vulgrim location inside, and a growth on the wall.
    Going up nets you a Wrath shard, like the lifestones if you get 4 it
    increases your (Wrath) meter. Now this place is also of note for another
    reason. Now that you have shadowflight you can reach your first Abyssal
    armor piece. If you look to the right of the souls chest you will see a hole
    in the floor. There is a middle spot that hangs slightly farther over the
    lava. If you look across the lava you can see a road ledge. Jump off, wait
    a second, Double jump then shadowglide down to this road. Following it will
    bring you to a cave with the first Abyssal armor piece, or several souls if
    you already have it in a new game. Turn around and take the blue
    shadowflight orb to the top and return to the shadowflight orb that was
    created when you stepped out of Samaels prison (don't forget to grab some
    more upgrades from Vulgrim if you have the cash).
    After taking down the flame demon and the wicked, the shadow orb will take
    you into the open tunnel. There will be more minions here, and more shadow
    orbs ahead. The tunnel is rather linear, go straight until you reach the
    growth. Once here you will need to move close to the "tail" and dash/X jump
    away so it cant knock you off. Follow this by dashing back close and
    slashing it with Chaoseater. This will make it pull in and allow you to
    pass. Once you've gotten to the ledge, deal with the minions. Once they die
    you can continue on, carefully crossing the two shadow orbs and climbing the
    wall. You may now move east into the choking grounds. This cemetary is
    infested with Duskwing bats and the undead. Large skeletons that are closer
    to a phantom guard then the zombies they share traits with. There is a
    Vulgrim location in the centre and a Tormented Gate to the far east. You
    meet your first undead to the left of where you entered, tearing out of the
    soil. Continuing to the left brings more undead and a fire demon. Slay them
    and go inside the walls where they came from to find a small stair going
    down. This contains a chest with more souls. Clean the area out of undead
    and another Fire demon, then come back from the gorge you find yourself at
    and go through a hole in the wall. You will be by more breakable gravestones
    and the river again. You can either methodicly kill everything in the 
    graveyard or proceed directly across to the Gold spot on the map and the
    Tormented Gate. Once you have awoken the Gate, it requests that you break a
    curse on it before it will be able to allow you to pass. It enchants your
    eyes to see into the Shadow realm, thus allowing you to enter the 4 shadow
    portals. There is also a chest on the ledge by the Tormented Gate, on the
    Left when your leaving him. The large hole to the Gates Right however leads
    you ontop of some of the Ruined buildings on that side of the cemetary, and
    will be worth remembering later ingame.
    The four orange portals are tests of skill. They require you to defeat the 
    creatures inside within time limits or under specific conditions. They are
    very clearly marked on the map. The one directly to the right brought me to
    an arena that wanted me to defeat 40 enemies in 3 min. It starts easily 
    enough, but eventually instead of wicked you fight phantom guard and fire 
    Once you prevail, going southeast takes you to the next arena. This one
    required enemies die in midair. The best way to do this is weaken them until
    you see the "O" prompt above their heads and then use the suggested combo to
    slay them midair. As long as they Die in the air it accepts it. This time
    you are given 3 min to slay 5.
    From here going west through the wall and then south will bring you to the
    next arena. This one requests that all of your kills be fatalities. You get
    5 min to fatality 30 of them, and with the majority of the Duskwings you can
    also get the High Flyer achievement here (achievements will be listed after
    the guide). Gholen can and Will spawn after the Undead and Guard have their
    Going straight Northwest nets you the final arena where you need to make 50
    kills while being poisoned. The only clock is the lowering lifemeter.
    Abyssal armor seems to negate the poison effect. You recieve the Block
    Counter passive ability from completing this arena. You may now pass the
    Tormented Gate, and recieve the enhancement Ravanger as a prize.
    At this point follow the trail through the doors until you are dropped
    inside the ruin of a highway tunnel. kill the Duskwings that appear and
    turn to the left to collect a soul chest. Following the road and take the 2
    shadowflight orbs across the gap, the blue ice in the gap cannot be broken
    yet. The path through the next door leads to an area where you get sealed
    in as phantom guard spawn. Their deaths leads you to the Broken Stair area.
    The Broken Stair has some wandering Duskwings in it, and there is a
    shattered part to the wall on your immeadiate right. This hole leads to a
    soldier artifact. Once this is obtained climb out of the hole and back onto
    the Highway. Going to the right is the only option, as you kill Wicked, you
    will notice a stairway going down. This leads to another Vulgrim Location,
    and if you continue to follow the tunnel past him to the right you will find
    a Life shard. Once back outside, turn to the right and enter the broken
    building. Climbing the stairs brings you to some Phantom Guard, and once
    they are slain you are free to grab the soul chest and take the shadowflight
    orbs to the overpass. After you defeat the spawning Duskwings and Wicked,
    turn to the west and grab the chest there for a 3rd life stone. Continue to
    the next shadowflight orbs and you will see a cutscene of a Trauma grabbing
    a car. You must now either dodge cars until the Trauma jumps to you, or jump
    across to meet it. Once you reach it, treat it the same way you treat the
    Gholen. Like other enemies it attacks more with its left hand, so when
    targeting if you dash to Your left it seems to have a better probability of
    missing. Though the Trauma tends to strike 2-3 times and with his reach you
    might want to put more then your usual distance between him and you. Once he
    falls the correct way foreward is revealed and you may then cross to the
    next building. There are a few Wicked there, and once they meet the end of
    your blade you can proceed to the right and down two sets of stairs. Once
    the phantom guard here perish you may take their Beholder's Key and go back
    upstairs to pop the eye of the thing blocking the door.
    Ascending the stairs here treats you to a cutscene with Uriel, and gets you
    a tempory mount. There is an achievement for killing 160 enemies in this
    Once you emerge from your romp through the tunnels you land outside the
    Twilight Cathedral with a bunch of Duskwings. The right side of the
    Cathedral door has a Vulgrim locations, the left a chest of health. Once
    inside the door the Watcher calls your attention to a statue with a sword
    on it. These will be important to you through this dungeon. Taking the sword
    will make its image replace Chaoseaters, but your damage will not change or
    deminish. Placing the Sword in the statue farther along the hall will return
    Chaoseaters image and release the seal on the door. After watching the Ortho
    fight Tiamat you are free to cross the lava. After the scene and you've
    slain the Duskwings, proceed to the right and open the door. This will spawn
    some undead for you to fight, during this my Chaoseater leveled again.
    Once all the undead are destroyed,a second wave spawns with Duskwing backup.
    After they all perish, follow the path south into a room with your first
    bomb growths. After shattering the red crystal, climb the protruding ledges
    to reach the top. The chest you can glide to gives you another lifestone
    shard. One more and we get another life meter!
    The door leads to a series of ledges above the courtyard. A map can be found
    in a chest to the right and a statue can be pushed off the ledge to the
    left. This causes a hole to open below, and after taking the remaining door
    on the ledge and collecting a soul chest, follow the statues path into the
    After crossing the lava, you will find two undead to slay and another ledge
    you can grab. Crossing the lava you can also climb the growth and jump off
    to get a soldier artifact for Vulgrim (knocking enemies into lava instantly
    kills them).
    As you progress along the passage you will find more undead and the room at
    the end will house the beholders key. Taking this and backtracking Out of
    the hole will now allow you to enter the gate that was blocked.
    Crossing the lava pits will bring you face to face with a new enemy: the
    Undead Reform. These are larger and tougher, similar to the Gholen and
    Trauma. Unlike most other enemies you are best served dodging to your right,
    but as this enemy swings a second time after delaying do not dash in Too
    fast or you will be struck by the backswing.
    Once this creature falls you can get another blue sword to take back to the 
    room before the courtyard (the Watcher prodds you into the right way).
    Taking the Ornate Sword you now must place it in the statue Directly across
    from the door you just vacated. This will get you another clip of your poor
    Ordo being maimed by the Batqueen. Ignore your first instinct and Do NOT go
    towards the blue sword. Looking up you will see it is a trap. Instead use
    the bomb growth to hurt the creature, Then grab the sword. This will trigger
    a fight with more Undead and another Undead Reform. Once they perish, if you
    stand beside the bomb growth and look south you will see the upper tips of a
    red crystal. Lob a bomb towards it and you can retrieve a 4th Lifestone
    shard, and new health meter! Take the sword and mount it in the statue in
    the far west of the room.
    The door to the right of the statue opens and you can use the shadowflight
    orb to gain entrance to the upper ledge of this room (cannot glide across
    lava!) Once there if you turn and look you can then use the orb to grab a
    Champion Artifact before going through the new door.
    Once through the new door, there are ledged to the direct right. Use these
    to cross to the next area. This platform will allow you to push a block down
    to the area below, follow the block and push it to your right. This will
    allow you to be able to reach the upper portion of the room previously
    blocked to you. Once up ignore the door to your immeadiate left and turn to
    the door on the right. This brings you to the opposite side of the ledge
    where the creature is hanging onto a large block (cutscene showed it
    earlier). After terminating the single undead, throw a bomb at the creature
    causing it to drop the block it has ahold of. This shatters the floor. After
    the cutscene throw another bomb to stun the beast, then drop into the hole.
    Follow the path down past the group of undead to a room thats lit up and
    circular. Breaking the chained 3 faced statue will cause you to obtain the
    Cross Blade.
    Kill the spawning Flaming Duskwings with your new ranged toy, and then the
    undead that spawn. A larger Plague Undead will then introduce itself.
    Hitting it with a charged Cross Blade shot will stun it slightly and remove
    its venom long enough to melee it. Try not to hit it up close if its plague
    aura is up or it will damage you over time. The creature did half a
    healthbar in damage to me dispite my abyssal armor in hard mode. Its not a
    light opponent, and when it dies it explodes into a poison cloud. Hopefully
    having either saved the health chest or having plenty of health, continue
    through the now unbarred door by striking the large blue crystal above it
    with your new toy. In the new room there are several Flaming Duskwings
    present, after their demise looking closly at the statue shows a bomb
    sitting in the crystal. Hitting the visible one with the crossblade, and
    then climbing the ledge to the left to reveal another crystal growth and
    bomb, you can then trigger the switch infront of the statue. A crystal will
    be revealed, and you can then strike it as well. This allows passage past
    the beholder blocked door to another room with obvious bombs. Shatter them
    and cross the lava and view the imbuing tutorial. Once the next growth is
    gone cross the lava and climb the ledge. This brings you to the right side
    of the room and gives you access to one of the final puzzles in the dungeon.
    There are 3 statues missing 3 swords. Each of the rooms off of this chamber
    guard a sword that must be retrieved for the main platform.
    Going in a clockwise manner, run over to the left of the room from where you
    entered. This new room is filled with lava and seems to have some inert
    bombs as well as cogs and gears. Before the switch to the right can turn,
    you must first remove the crystal growth. Turning to the left there is a
    ledge you can grab ahold of which takes you around the corner to a demonic
    growth you can drop to. This will take you across to the left of the room,
    and in inert bomb growth. Grabbing a bomb, you can hop across the gears
    until your beside the crystal growth. Throwing the bomb on the crystal,
    there is a torch to its left. Using the imbuing properties of the
    crossblade, target both and blow it up. Reclimbing to the top the same way
    you got down allows you to turn the control switch for the gears. Taking the
    rotating platform back to the inert bomb you can now see another red crystal
    behind it. Using the inert bombs as dominos you can make a trail of them to
    the lit bomb, and then strike the lit bomb to setoff a chain reaction. The
    switch here raises one of the two necessary platforms from the lava. After
    killing the Duskwings that spawn, take an inert bomb across the platform to
    the opposite side. There you can plant the bomb and use the torch to light
    it. Once you have tripped this switch you can take the moving platform to
    the lava covered door. Targeting and hitting both switches at once will
    grant access to the first of the three swords.
    Now returning to the main chamber of the statues, place the sword in the
    closest slot. Turn and take the shadowflight orb to the next door, and you
    will find an availible line to slide down, after destroying the growths with
    the crossblade. Turning the switch raises the pillars from the lava, and
    allows you to cross to the left. Striking the crystal there will raise the
    platforms again making yours the highest. Crossing to the exact opposite
    side of the room finds Another crystal now within your reach. This one
    causes the platform behind you to rise, so jump to it quickly. The final
    crystal is reachable now. It raises a lit bomb growth from the lava, which
    you can use on the two crystal growths. Once this is done you can glide to
    the new hole in the northern corner and climb the protruding ledges. This
    allows you to get behind the closed door and reach the second sword. Turning
    and striking the two statues allows you to exit from where you came. Use the
    switch to re-lower the platforms, and the first crystal to raise them
    slightly again. Now you can reach the hole to the east where the Other red
    crystal was. This gets you a chest of souls and a hidden switch that raises
    the platforms enough to leave the room. Shadowglide back across the room and
    place the sword into the nearest statue. Now you can turn east to the final
    series of chambers. Once inside you are attacked by undead, and retrieve a
    Beholders key. A chest to the right contains a wrath shard as well. The key
    must be taken to the left, through the original door you entered. Dropping
    down to the left and climbing the stairs will bring you back to the beholder
    door. Once inside, slay the duskwings First then cross to the pillar on your
    right. Hitting the switch will raise one of the pillars from the lava, and
    then you must turn and go to the door behind you. This will take you to a
    circular room and a boss fight.
    Boss: The Jailer
    This boss is quite straightforeward. He moves slowly towards you while
    summoning friends of his to attack you. IF you do fight the undead. leaving
    one intact will stop him from calling more. To defeat this boss, target the
    pustules on his shoulder with the crossblade and strike them all at once.
    Then while he is stunned, you can get close to him and combo him. As soon as
    he starts to get up you Must get as far from him as possible, as he starts
    to go berzerk. After 3-4 rounds of this he will stand with a "O" prompt.
    After the Jailer perishes you then take the elevator he was guarding down to
    the bottom floor. Here you are treated to the red crystal again, and once
    it's smashed undead and a Plague undead pour through the hole. The
    crossblade taking away his plague easily makes this fight less stressful.
    Once they are no more, you can cross into their room to loot their soul
    chest. Continuing to the left of the chest and crossing the lava, eventually
    brings you to a switch that removes the lava from the middle path. Light the
    unlit torches with the cross blade and using the flame and an inert bomb
    remove the red crystal.
    The switch raises the second platform, and allows you to cross the lava in
    the room before you fought the Jailer. The way back will spawn another
    Plague undead and more of his friends, as well the elevator spawns undead.
    Turn the switch and cross the lava, using the crossblade to trigger the
    crystals. This next room is abit harder then the stuff you've seen so far.
    It houses a Undead Reform, and his friends, as well it will spawn additional
    creatures for you to deal with. A second wave sees a Plague Undead and
    friends to tag along. If you can, save the health chest for After taking the
    sword. This is because after you take the sword TWO Undead Reforms will
    spawn. They can Seriously put the hurt on you if your aren't careful. Blade
    geyser can be useful here if they're together. I would also suggest that
    plague would be effective or immolate, if you bought them. Otherwise simply
    pick one and go to town. Once they both fall, you can backtrack to the room
    with the 3 statues.
    This room is now complete, it rises to the surface and unseals the door to
    Tiamat. Before you go Up there, if you climb the block we pushed against the
    wall earlier, with the crossblade you can Now stun the creature hanging from
    the door and pass through. This gets you your Second Abyssal armor piece!
    Returning to the statues, you can now pass through the sealed door. Climbing
    the spiral stairs brings you face to face with the Ruler of this
    land: Tiamat.
    Boss: Tiamat
    As with most of the bosses in Darksiders, Tiamat is vicious. Knowing is only
    half the battle (go joes!). She will move around the arena breathing
    fireballs at you as she goes. When she stops, grab an inert bomb and stick
    it to her. Once this is done, the crossblade can grab fire at any time and
    blow the bomb. Be Patient! She Will hurl fire at you a few times, Then stop.
    When she stops stick her. Wait again, and when she stops light her up like
    the fourth of july. Once this has been done she will fall to the ground, and
    you can get some combos in on her body. She will then take to the air and
    repeat her firebreathing act, occasionally raking the roof with her claws.
    The Second time you fell her, she will do a slam into the ground upon
    recovery, and will begin to walk along the roof with you. At this point
    going for her sides is the best bet, and enough damage will knock her prone
    for additional hits. She will still breath her fire, and will continue to
    pound the ground. Jumping is the best way to dodge her shockwave. She will
    occasionally charge at you, pressing the "O" prompt will make War shove her
    across the arena. She can slash with her arms and her tail as well when you
    get in close. Keep slashing till she falls.
    Once you've slain the Queen Bat, you recieve her heart and the message to
    return to Samael. You also get a full lifebar added. The blue portal brings
    you to the front of the Cathedrial. After learning about Serpent holes,
    speak to Vulgrim and take the one back to his location in the
    Scalding Gallow.
    Upon your return, you will immeadiatly be brought to Samael. After the
    scene, you will now have the Chaos Form ability! Use this to "Hulk Out" on
    your enemies and make Bosses lives all the shorter. Go back from Samaels
    prison towards the way you came in. You will see where you had entered the
    Gallow the first time, there is a Pillar there with a red crystal And built
    in bomb. Strike it with your crossblade and climb the remains to get your
    3rd piece of the abyssal armor. 
    After claiming the 3rd shard, go back towards Vulgrim until you find the
    tunnel with a red crystal at the end, also with a built in bomb. There is a
    torch to the left of it that can be targeted to light the bomb and blast the
    Once you have done so, you are now on your way towards the Griever. In the
    tunnels you will be sealed in a room with a Flame Demon, except this one is
    blue and more powerful. Slaying it and the new stronger Phantom Guard will
    let you pass. Through the door is a giant inert fan. Climbing towards the
    middle and then jumping across to the left will bring you up a hallway to
    some more blue guard and a switch. This one will cause the rusted fan to
    move again, allowing you to reach the other side.
    Crossing the fan blades brings you to another hallway with more phantom
    guard. Defeating them causes a large Blue fire demon to spawn. Waste him
    and continue onwards. You will now enter the lush Drowned Pass.
    After finding more guard and another Blue Buddy, you can continue along the
    path (dont jump off the cliff!) until you come to a fork. This leads to the
    Vulgrim location for the area. There will be more guards spawning the
    length of the path as you continue your journey. At the end of the path you
    will find the final Tormented gate. Wake him up and get his blessing, there
    are Four more shadow arenas to conquer.
    Taking the path back whence you came will bring you to the closest of the
    shadow portals. You can then jump down into the rock and climb through the
    passage to greet the first portal.
    This portal requires that you kill 5 creatures in 5 min, Only with counters.
    This works best by weakening them first, then when the "O" appears to allow
    them to attack you, so you may destroy them.
    The next portal is reached by leaving the cave and heading right, to the
    sunken house. Climbing the stairs reveals the portal. This one requires you
    to use Chaos Form to slay 30 enemies within 5 min. The two Trauma that spawn
    eventually Can cause some difficulty until CF recharges. 
    The next portal is reached by jumping off the house and swimming north.
    There is a slight uphill spot under the water that comes out directly beside
    the portal. In this mission you must protect 6 "allied" undead from being
    killed, though only 1 is needed alive. They must live for 5 full min. It IS
    possible to have all 6 survive, especially if you Save CF for the Gholen
    that spawns, and focus more on knocking the guard around instead of personal
    The final portal can be reached by following the path along the right side
    of the map. Go underwater at the correct spot and you will find a submerged
    culvert that leads to the final portal. This portal is the only one I truly
    found vexing on my first playthrough. It requires you to kill 15 enemies in
    4 min, And you must kill them with cars. This time I found it far less
    troublesome, the easiest way is to first hurt them and finish them with the
    cars, and then start grabbing cars and throwing them once the
    duskwings arrive.
    Now that all the portals are gone you can return to the Gate and free it.
    As soon as you lose the "shadowsight" if you return to the last portal area
    you will find a chest with an abyssal armor piece! If that wasn't good
    enough, the Gate itself will Give you a piece! At this point you should have
    5 shards.
    The Gates passage will lead you to a spillway, you have to dive in and swim
    to the left, killing any eels you see. Upon emerging you will see a demonic
    growth that you can climb, After clearing it of bombs. From there crossing
    the water with the rope finds you to the right of another Vulgrim location.
    After speaking with him, straight across from his lair is your
    path foreward.
    Going through the passage will bring you to Ulthane, in anvils forge.
    After the cutscene he becomes violent, and none of your attacks will cause
    him harm. You need to turn on Chaos Form to hurt him. After the cutscene you
    will be attacked by Angels.
    There is a counter at the top of the screen, and you will get an achievement
    by killing more angels at the end of this scenario then Ulthane.
    After a few kills, Ulthane will open the doors and wait for you to follow.
    More angels will attack and the idea is to slay them all until Ulthane
    Breaks the large chunks of ice along the path. After the next ambush Ulthane
    will have a "O" prompt over him, which will allow him to throw you into the
    building across from the broken overpass he is on. There is a health chest
    if you need it, and several angels spawn. Once they are dead, the hole you
    can drop into has yet another health chest (very useful for this stretch!)
    and a bomb growth. Throw it across and it will destroy the suspended stone,
    allowing Ulthane to use it as a bridge. Fight more spawning angels until an
    angel with a Redemption Cannon breaks the wall. This cannon can be used to
    shoot down the angels faster then you can catch and melee them. It can be
    picked up, and dropped by, "O" the controls are displayed once you grab it.
    It has unlimited ammo, but restricts movements.
    After all the angels are defeated, before you cross to Ulthane there is a
    demonic growth to the left. Climb it and there is another that takes you to
    the right. This leads to another Wrath shard. Once obtained you can cross to
    where Ulthane waits for you. He will break more ice giving you a health
    chest, and once the hill is climbed he will declare the winner of the
    killfest. I won 44 to his 36. The redemption lets you steal his kills if you
    want. He gave me the enhancement Combat Lore for winning, I am unsure if you
    get it if you lose.
    Once through the final door, Uriel appears and challenges you.
    Boss: Uriel
    This fight is complicated by the need to knock Uriel out of the air. She
    glows blue before unleashing her stronger attacks, including floating up
    into the air and slamming the ground. Her blade will also flash gold before
    she is going to do a stronger combo attack. The foreward dashing attack,
    reminicient of Stinger from Devil May Cry, is very useful to get close to
    her if you needed to dash away. She tends to be stunned after her ground
    slam attack, and is vulnerable. Otherwise the Demons Edge manuver (spinning
    in mid air) is a great way to knock her out of the combo she is trying to
    start and break her poise. Once she is defeated there will be a cutscene and
    Ulthane will let you into the Grievers lair, stating he sealed the door
    because her "pets" were getting into his yard.
    You follow the tunnel until you reach a hole. Dropping down will bring you
    to a more wet area, but its still linear. You will eventually be back in
    human made subway tunnels, the whole area called The Hollows.
    After ascending the stairs and following the tunnels you will go through a
    door and the area name will come onscreen. This area is the subway station,
    and it has a glowing blue Redemption Cannon on the floor in the clearing. As
    you step into the room, your quarry dropps in from above!
    Boss: Griever
    The Griever drops in on you, and stands in the middle of the room. Quickly
    grab the Redemption cannon with "O" and begin to fire at her. She will
    respond by blasting you with a very large beam of concentrated heat. This
    beam will move rapidly around the room, and turn off when you inflict enough
    damage to make her stagger. After this happens for the third time, she will
    climb the face of the clock and tear it down making her exit.
    Ok, so not a True boss fight.. but we still get a taste of our enemy. Behind
    the broken clock lies a chest with souls. Claim this and take the door on
    the far right of the room. This leads to a health chest and some demonic
    growth over a chasm. In the following room, some of Grievers Swarm will make
    their appearance. They are locust like insects mutated by the apocolypse.
    Jump down to the middle platform with the inert bomb, and kill the Swarm.
    Once this is done, you must throw a bomb at the red crystal growth. Once
    this is done, jump in the water. You will find the same electric eels here,
    I suggest wasting them so you don't need to listen to their creepy breathing
    anymore.. Once that is done diving underwater and swimming to the north will
    allow you to surface near a demonic growth. This can be climbed, and you
    will find a switch at the top. From here you can use the open flame to
    ignite the Other sparking hose to its left. Once this is done kill the
    Swarm to your right and drop back into the water, to the area with the bomb.
    Using the flame you just lit, set fire to the Third tube by the Red crystal.
    Once this is done, climb back up to the switch and go to the right to find a
    wire you can cross. At this platform there will be a wire you slide across
    to, where you can finally blow the bomb.
    The cutscene will introduce a new version of the Minion, a more murloc-esque
    creature. Here there will be a large hole with some water in it, and a chest
    that you cannot yet reach. If you drop into the hole, watching for the eels,
    you can find a soldier artifact at the bottom. The southern side of the pit
    contains ledges you can climb to get out. Now that your back on the path,
    you will see that the door in front of you is sealed by blue ice, and the
    right path is the only availible one. This pipe room will be our place of
    challenge vs the new aquatic Minions. Once they are dead and you can proceed
    you will find another room that seals you with them. Eventually a Gholen
    will Spawn. This room also contains an Abyssal Armor fragment, if you
    examine the holes the monsters broke out of.
    Once you have claimed your 5th piece, continue to the end of the room. This
    leads to a underwater tunnel, there are eels in it, that you can follow
    quite easily. Once through to the other side you will find a beholder gate
    as well as another area to dive. This will branch off so you can either
    dive deeper, or continue along the current path. Dive deeper, as the path
    is blocked by a strong current. Once you have gone deeper you will find you
    can either head to the right or continue straight. Going to the right will
    earn you another enhancement: Reaper. Continuing along straight will allow
    you to turn the current off. The room you find will have a switch, a soul
    chest and a 4th wrath core shard. You should now have at Least 3 wrath
    Return to the higher area and continue along, this time the current is gone.
    There will be a chest that contains the beholders key, now backtracking out
    of this water will allow you to open the beholder gate. Once inside you
    will see it is arena shaped. The Tremor Gauntlet is in the centre, in
    another 3 faced statue. After getting this the arena will fill with minions,
    guard and you will be introduced to: The Fallen. Once you've emptied the
    arena a second wave will appear along with a new Fallen.
    Once they are all dead, you will find that the Tremor Gauntlet is capable of
    shattering the blue ice that you've seen so far. There is a large piece of
    it in the room, and the other door is blocked by a beholders gate. Shatter
    the ice and proceed through the beholders gate now that you've gotten the
    key. This path will bring you immeadiatly to another ice block, and once
    past that another submerged tunnel. Taking this route will allow you to
    surface in a large room with raisable platforms. Going to the far left will
    bring you to a staircase. At the end of the small path there will be a
    movable chunk of metal. This will need to be pushed onto all of the
    platforms so you may proceed. In order: push the block to the lowest
    platform and raise it. Align the block with the hole in the rails facing the
    next platform. You can now punch the block as the popup showed, and the
    large metal piece will be thrown to the middle platform. Align it with the
    hole Here, trip the switch to raise the platform. Then jump across to the
    final platform and flip Its switch to lower it. Now punching the block will
    properly send it to the final platform, which you can then raise back up.
    Once the block is over, push it against the left wall and it will provide
    you a leg up to the above area of the room. Shattering the ice there will
    bring you to a small hallway with Swarm flying around. Dispatch them and
    continue to travel through the hall. You will find more Swarm and a rope
    that will bring you to even more Swarm. This is the roof of the room you
    found the Gauntlet in. Once across you enter another tunnel, that the
    Griever is above. She will attempt to crush you with masonry, and as you
    proceed you will need to be wary she doesnt drop the roof on Wars skull.
    After Griever finishes taunting you, you will find that breaking the ice
    here brings you back to the room that has the chest you couldnt quite reach.
    Shattering the ice in the drain will remove the water from the flooded room
    that you entered at the first, with the flaming pipes. The chest is now
    easily reachable, and is shown to be a map.
    Moving through the pipe where the ice was, you will see a tram car and
    another frozen spot. This frozen spot is key, because there is no more water
    for you to use to reach the demonic growth, you need to work the tram and
    old train to climb them. Running across the room to the southern stairs will
    bring you to a switch. This will move the platform the tram is on to the
    other side. There will be a train on the Southern end, so push the tram to
    the north, and pull the train foreward until the lights stay green. Reclimb
    the stairs and flip the switch again. This will bring the train to the other
    side. A punch to the train will put in beside the demonic growth to the
    north. Climb the train and the growth here, at the top there will be another
    piece of blue ice. Breaking it will bring you back to the area you were in
    when you first chose to come this way from the Griever fight.
    You must go straight ahead, and cross the growth to the other side. The
    passage brings you back to the room you fought Griever in and a Wraith will
    spawn. I find knocking her down with harpoon to be best. Once this creature
    is no more, several waves of phantom guard and a single wraith will spawn.
    Once they are taken care of, enter the door to the left of the broken clock.
    The top of the stairs has a soul chest, and a door. Through the door there
    is another soul chest and a shard of blue ice to be broken. Through this
    small passage is another water filled area. There are two blocks that have
    crystals placed on them. Swim to the farthest block and strike the crystal.
    It will rise into the air, with War on it if your quick. When it reaches
    its full height you can double jump and shadowglide across to the next door.
    Once here, you will see a burning cable and two other cables. Set them
    aflame with the crossblade and turn to the two train wrecks. You can get
    through them by the one on the right, and behind them is a lifestone shard.
    Going back through towards the Now left of the room shows a large tunnel.
    This passage brings you to a few enemies, a beholders gate, and a inert bomb
    growth. Slay your foes and bring the bomb back for the red crystal, igniting
    it with the now lit cables.
    The next series of rooms is all about earning the beholders key. Through the
    door you will find a "bridge" across a gap and some Swarm. Slay them and
    proceed onwards. There is a health And soul chest in this room, and you will
    see the chest with the Key across a sundered bridge at the end of the hall.
    Drop into the water and follow the passage underwater to the north. This
    room will have a shadowglide orb that you can climb the pipes to reach.
    The switch you find will not work, there are blue ice and red crystals both
    keeping the gears stuck. There are also Swarm in the room. Climb the
    platform to the left and shatter the ice with the gauntlet. From there
    proceed to the far middle area where there is more ice and an inert bomb.
    Grab the chest and deal with the Swarm that spawn. You need to use a series
    of bombs as dominos, starting by placing a bomb over the top of the blue ice
    so you can reach it with the crossblade (when standing on the protruding
    area). Once you have a suitible trail you can use the torch to transfer fire
    to the closest bomb and move back to the room entrance. From here you can
    climb the ledges and jump to the blue ice, crushing it will cause the gears
    to move and the giant rock to fall and break the floor, allowing you to
    drop down and get the beholders key. Take this back through to the beholders
    gate in the tunnel.
    Killing the Swarms and opening the gate brings you to a cutscene with
    Griever. To avoid being maimed, you must take the train to your left and
    shove it down the line to bear the brunt of her wrath. Once this is done
    you may pass safely.
    The next room will show two Fallen drop in from above, and they will be
    joined by some undead and minions after you've bet on them abit. As I slew
    the final undead, my Chaoseater leveled once more. The northern passage
    leads to a hordeseeker and a chest of souls (be sure to look UP first..).
    Continuing to the West will bring you to a room with a Wraith and some
    guard. Once you've thrashed them you will see that they were guarding a
    health chest and switch. The northern part of the room will bring you to the
    now open underwater gate.
    Once you've gone through the watery passage and continued on, you will find
    a large open area with Swarm on the far side. This is one of the last rooms
    of this dungeon. Jump down into the water and run to the far end of the room
    to find a pipe blocked by ice. Liberate the water, and with the depth raised
    you can now hug the right wall and go into the next cave. Surfacing shows
    you two ladders you can climb, the one to the right having a hole in the
    wall. After climbing through, jump across to the protruding ledges and climb
    up to reach the next ice block. Before you destroy it, glide to the right
    and claim the chest there for a wrath shard. Go back and break the ice,
    the water level will rise again. Going back to the far end will allow you
    to climb out of the water and jump to a protruding ledge and tunnel beyond.
    This leads to a running stream which deposits you infront of some blue ice
    and a tram. You will want to destroy the blue ice ASAP and then move
    foreward into the room. A cutscene takes place and The Griever makes her
    big entrance.
    Boss: The Griever
    This boss is fairly straightforeward, first things first you need to break
    the ice. When she heats it up and it turns red, you can't shatter it. So,
    you need to break what you can and then run out of shelter long enough for
    it to cool down. Once this happens and you have no more ice in your way,
    its time to lay down the Pain. Run back to the tram and push it towards
    Griever. This will also block her heat ray. Once you're close, Punch it into
    her. Watch out as she will send the tram Back at you. Once you do this once,
    she will shake the room and drop rocks on you. Keep moving and avoid them.
    Afterwards she will revert to her heat ray. Once this happens, throw the
    tram at her again, and it will stun her. Take this oppertunity to expose her
    weak point by shattering the crystal with your gauntlet. She will strike
    back quickly so be prepaired. After this she will call her Swarm to attack
    you. It is possible to inturrupt her rock breaking tantrum by hitting her
    with the tram again. Once shes down, I used Chaos Form and two combos to the
    weak part had her dead at my feet.
    After the cutscene, take the blue portal and you will be reunited with
    Ulthane. After a brief chat he gives you your pistol Mercy. Once you're
    through in Anvils Ford, cross back through the pipe you came through to get
    here the first time. Go straight through to Vulgrim and take the Serpent
    Hole back to the Scalding Gallow (I also recommend the pistol upgrade from
    Vulgrim. It will be useful later). This time you must walk back to Samael.
    Your new mission is to hunt down and slay the Ashcoil King Stygian. If you
    return to where you had found Vulgrim and continue past him, you will find
    a blue crystal you can shatter. This is your path to the Ashlands.
    Following the path brings you to another pipe system, some wicked and a
    chest of souls awaits. Some Duskwings will appear as well, once you reach
    the larger cavern. Shatter the blue crystal and you will see your first
    chronosphere. Activate it, then the switch, and run towards the closed door.
    Once through the gate, dispatch a Fire demon and open the chest he was
    guarding. Climbing the stairs beside it will bring you to another chest and
    some wicked. The southwest wall has some protruding ledges you can grab,
    and using them jump into the upper pipe. Be sure to look behind you in the
    pipe, so not to miss the soldier artifact. The pipe leads you to the next
    area, the Dry Road.
    As you continue along the Dry Road you will find that you come across some
    now Blue Duskwings and wicked. Once you defeat them, farther along the road
    you will see some bluefire angels spawn and attack you. Once they perish,
    you can go straight to the gorge and find a Vulgrim location across the
    canyon. Once back across, to the right there is a soul chest, and on the
    ledge above it another Soldier artifact. There is also a lifestone shard
    on the higher ledge behind the artifact.
    Once you're through with the chests, turn to what is now right. This large
    tunnel will have some wicked and duskwings in it. When you near the end,
    a Fallen will burst through the wall. Once through the hole the Fallen left,
    you can see a creature on the celing holding a block. The block has edges
    you can grab, so once you shoot the creature grab ahold and it will hoist
    you into the air. The left side ledge contains the Carnage enhancement,
    which allows any weapon to generate Chaos for the Chaos Form. It also allows
    the Chaoseater to generate Chaos faster and turned the equipped blade
    Going across the right side will land you by some bombs. Blow up the red
    crystal blocking your path and move forewards. Jump across to the protruding
    ledges and into the large pipe. This brings you to a room with 3 hanging
    creatures. Target all three with the crossblade, farthest one first, then
    as Soon as you throw it jump onto the wire. Use R1 to move fast across
    before they recover. Once you reach the left end of the wire you are on
    some demonic growth. follow this along the wall to the right until you can
    drop into a large pipe. This will take you back outside, and onto some
    broken concrete. There will be a Vulgrim location on the left as you climb
    out, moving past will show you the Ashlands.
    The ashcoil in the sand will eat you if you attempt to cross, so you must
    wait until it is farther away and target the blue floating stone. This holds
    a chronosphere and your crossblade will activate it. Run quickly across
    the sand to the stone path. You will come to a ledge you must jump towards,
    once you climb the ledge you will see a chest of souls and the path will
    continue around behind it. Once the fallen angels are defeated, follow
    the path. You will come to a large pit that you can drop down. Kill the
    blue Swarm, they have electrical capabilities.
    Once you are out of the small cave, you will be shown a tower to your right.
    The chronosphere is blocked in there, so we must free it to pass. Turning to
    the right you will see a wooden path up the tower. Follow this until you
    come to a gap in the wall. The left side inside the gap has demonic growth
    for you to climb across with. Once across, flip the switch and lower the
    Chronosphere. With this done follow the path back down the tower.
    Once the ashcoil is far enough away, hit the chronosphere with the
    crossblade and run across to the next stone path. You will encounter a
    group of stronger phantom guard, and as you go along an ashcoil will break
    a chunk out of the path. Jump across the new gap and continue along the
    path. You will see a cutscene where the guard cross towards you from a
    tower in the sands. Once they are defeated, jump across and climb the tower.
    Once to the tower, turn right and climb up the growth on the outside. This
    will allow you to reach the top and flip the switch to lower the
    chronosphere. Once lowered you can use it to climb the inside of the tower,
    though you need to time yourself right so you do not get knocked down by the
    spinning blades. R1 helps to move faster while climbing. Once across the
    inside of the tower you will see a balcony that you can jump across to reach
    another growth. Once on top you will be able to cross the bridge to the
    right and kill some more guard. This tower you will be on you will ignore
    for now. Instead follow the path to the right and you will see a
    shadowflight orb that will allow you to glide to the next tower. Follow the
    path along the outside of the tower and you will be able to climb more
    growth. Once at the top you will be surrounded by demons and sealed in.
    Once you have slain them all, Do Not pull the switch. Instead use the
    chronosphere and grab a bomb. Quickly run to the inside off the edge and
    blow up the red crystal. Once this is done, climb back up and pull the
    switch, now use the chronosphere on the inner tower to climb the growth and
    cross to the upper right like before. On the outside of the tower there is
    more growth, this will bring you to the upper platform. If you follow the
    platform around you will see a chest with a greater life essence. Once you
    have this continue south across the catwalk to another tower. Once you kill
    the guard, the switch will lower the chronosphere so you can get inside the
    inner workings of this tower. You can easily jump off the catwalk and glide
    to the inside from your vantage point. Once inside the tower, the sphere is
    to the right. Hit it with the crossblade and climb on up. It will be farther
    over then usual, but once you get to the platform and climb the outside of
    this tower you find the last switch. Hit the switch and the drill retracts.
    Once you have climbed down the tower and jumped into the hole the drill left
    behind if you dive to the bottom of the water you land in, there is a
    soldier artifact. After collecting this swim east on the surface to get out
    of the water and continue on. This room is Filled with the hungry celing
    hanging monsters (if you come back here after the 4th chosen is dead you can
    pick up a special legendary enhancement at the inaccessable back of the
    room). Go and break the ice to your left, revealing a block. Grab it and
    feed it to the grabber on the ledge with you. The block can be grabbed as
    it lifts it, allowing you to glide to the Other chunk of ice to your now
    left. This will reveal a chronosphere. Once struck you can run past the
    two grapple creatures that guard the southeastern cave. Run inside and hit
    the chronosphere there, grabbing a bomb on your way out. Looking up you will
    have seen the red crystal on the celing. Blow it up with the bomb and it
    provides you the way out, was well as releasing some fallen angels.
    Once you have delt with the angels, you are free to use the broken rock as
    a stepping stone. The next tunnel leads you to a body of water, swimming
    along the surface will lead you to some more growth. Once outside again you
    can grab a soul chest on the wooden platform you're on, and then proceeding
    to the northwest you can continue your journey. Here a creature Like the
    phantom general we fought appears, and calles several of his underlings to
    attack you. After you fight a wave, the next one also spawns two wraiths.
    Once the second wave falls, he joins the battle himself with his buddies.
    He and those like him fight Similar to the way Undead Reforms do, and he
    Also brought two More wraiths with him.. fun.
    Once your enemies lie dead, continue onwards up the ramp they came down on.
    This series of tunnels is very direct, and leads to catwalks outside as well
    as through the caves. Several guard will spawn along the way until you reach
    an area where the wall caves in behind you. Some blue Swarm will appear, but you
    seem to be oddly alone in the tunnels.. you see why when you reach the end.
    There is an ashcoil captured and roaming the sand floor of the next room.
    The only way to cross is to move to each of the platforms one at a time, and
    to wait Each Time for the Ashcoil to be as Far from you as possible before
    trying to run. The sand bogs War down considerably, and anyother way will
    have the Ashcoil chowing down on you.
    Once you make it past the Worm, you find a soul chest inside the door.
    Following the tunnel leads to a room where you will be sealed in with
    several stronger versions of the Phantom Guard. After the guard fall,
    another Leader appears with a gun-totin' heavy set demon. You might want to
    take this creature out first, because its gun uses explosive rounds. The
    gun can be used afterwards like the angels Redemption cannon, but it can
    only fire 5 rounds before it needs to reload. Its useful to pick off the
    Other gun demons that come, but its not Vital. You can run to the north to
    refresh your wrath and health, before continuing along the road to the east
    (gun is called Fracture Cannon). The catwalk you will be running along will
    spawn a Lot of phantom guard, as well the occasional leader and gunner
    appear to harass you. You can use the cannon to mince them all, or your own
    After you go through this gauntlet, you find yourself at the crossing area
    for a gorge. This place is a bloodbath, many many guard spawn here to take
    War done én massé. If you feel like it, any demons knocked Into the gorge
    will die instantly.. but it doesn't help your weapons level up. After you
    kill a few waves, a guard will lower the bridge. While he struggles with the
    complexity of a simple rotation lock, gunners will spawn and potshot you.
    Deffinatly grab one of the Frag guns and respond in kind. It takes about
    10 shots to kill them, but the gun isnt too slow. Once the bridge is down
    fight another few waves then begin your ascent. Demons will spawn where you
    Were as well as infront of you, you'll have to fight your way up this ramp.
    At the top there is a broken bridge, but you can jump across. War will
    automaticly move to the proper area.
    Now you've found the Arena Proper of this mad gladiatorial wasteland. The
    demons will release an Abyssal Rider to kill you. The horse can kick with
    its hind legs and charge you as well. Mercy is a good tool here, and use
    your melee attacks when you get the chance. After the rider recieves enough
    damage he will call some guard from the walls to aid him.
    After the rider and his friends perish, the gates will open in the floor and
    Two abyssal riders and guard will enter the arena. Much easier this time,
    they will fall quickly.. Then the demons decide to play hardball and release
    TWO Trauma into the arena with more guard. The good news is the Trauma hate
    the guard as much as they hate you. Once they fall, the Champion arrives.
    Boss: Demonic Arena Champion
    This fight is fairly advanced, and gives a reward for completion so I would
    consider him a boss. The Champion attacks you on horseback first.
    When this horse kicks back, there is a large Fireball that comes out of the
    ground in an area around it. As well the Champion will drop balls of
    blue/black flames as he circles you, and will get the horse to charge you.
    Once you've hurt him enough you get a "O" prompt to pull him off the horse.
    The second phase of this fight is on more even ground. He will send out
    crawling blasts of fire that Slightly home in on you. As well he will do
    two slash combos, a jumping downward spinning slash similar to Wars and
    he also will dash. Dashing to Your right and harpooning him seems to be
    an effective tactic.
    Once this creature dies, the horse will begin to ram into you. A scene will
    play, and Now Horseman and Horse are Reunited!
    Several Guard jump or are thrown down to the arena to battle you, but with
    Ruin they will fall before you like grain before the scythe. Mow them down
    mercylessly until the gate opens and you may leave (Ruin will do a similar
    stomp as during the battle if you hold Triangle while he is still).
    Follow the tunnel, killing as you ride. This will lead you to the Ashcoil
    you had previously snuck past. Though this Feels like a boss I will not
    list it as such. Its more like Practice for the Stygian. 
    Basicly you run around the area, luring the Worm to break the platforms so
    they don't hinder you. Targeting its head with mercy, shoot at it while
    keeping ahead of it. Continue to do this until you recieve a "O" prompt,
    then while on Ruin you can finish the job.
    Once the worm is dead, continue to follow the northwestern tunnel. Ruin will
    not be able to stay with you, and many more phantom guard will spawn. To
    make it more of a party, a Leader, a Gunner and a Trauma will spawn as well.
    The Trauma and Gunner will spawn several times, as well as a tide of guard.
    Once you pass these foes, there is a body of water for you to navigate. In
    the second section (you swim around fallen rocks) there is a soldier
    artifact on the bottom.
    Out of the water, follow the tunnel ahead through some more crowds of guard.
    There is a Vulgrim location to the right as you near the tunnel mouth. There
    is a large crowd of guard surrounding your quarry, and you must cut them
    down. Summon Ruin and start killing as many as you can. Once you slay enough
    the Stygian will break his chains.
    Boss: Stygian
    This boss has two phases, but is quite similar to the normal Ashcoil you
    fought earlier. He will follow you around, and when his head comes above
    ground, ride close and hit the metal plate with your sword. Continue to do
    this until it breaks off.
    At this point he will initiate his secondary phase. He will call several
    ashcoils in, and you must target and shoot them with mercy until they all
    die. Once this occurs the Stygian will return. He will attempt to burrow
    under Ruin so he can knock you off, after he tries this a few times he will
    revert to exposing his head and trying to run you down. Keep a hail of
    bullets comming from mercy, and in no time he will start showing the "O"
    Once you've ripped out the Stygians heart, go back through the door you came
    in from and speak to Vulgrim. Take the Serpent Hole back to the Scalding
    Gallow and give the heart to Samael. Once you emerge, call Ruin and ride
    him through the Gallow. Fallen, Phantom Leaders and Phantom Guard will all
    attempt to stop you from reaching Samael.
    Once you have finished talking with Samael, return to Vulgrim. Using the
    Serpent Holes return to the Ashlands Vulgrim Location. Once there go into
    the desert and onto the stone path. You will notice that the ashcoils are
    no longer in the sands. Continue along the stone path until you reach the
    broken spot. Jump across, and follow the path into the hole. When you
    emerge you will be again at the point where you activated the first towers
    chronosphere. With no ashcoil, simply cross the sand and continue along the
    stone path. This time when you pass the section the ashcoil destroyed
    before, continue to follow the stone path. You will come to a Previously
    dead end and a cutscene will play. Summon Ruin and cross the Soul Bridge.
    Once across you simply have to follow the path set before you. Once you have
    traveled far enough you will see a cliff ahead. A cutscene will play and
    War will be set upon by giant spiders. After the cutscene you will be
    prompted with "O". Following this direction will allow you to burst free,
    you are now in The Iron Canopy.
    Turn to the left immeadiatly, this small pathway will lead you to a soul
    chest. The northeast of the room will have a narrow bridge you can cross.
    Once across, there is a door to the left shrouded in spiderwebs. You will
    see a spider the same size as War, but at this time are unable to engage it.
    Go ahead and shatter the ice to the left, and pull the block out as far as
    it will go. Once this is done you  can climb on top. There will be a
    chronosphere in the far left side of the room, strike it with the crossblade
    and run across the line before the spider can react. You will be able to
    jump down into a hole, and from there travel south up a ramp. This will
    bring you to a Very thin web bridge that will shatter after you cross.
    The other side will have some fallen angels, as well there may be some baby
    spiders. Once you have taken care of them all, there will be another web
    shrouded door to the left. Mercy will be able to lock on to multiple groups
    of baby spiders in this room, and a single shot will lure them to you. When
    they are taken care of, glide east to the blue crystal and shatter it. The
    switch raises the chronosphere so you may cross the loose hanging beam above
    you without Wars weight shifting it overly. Turn to the south and climb to
    the top of the room. Note that you can also use the chronosphere and beam to
    reach a map chest between the first one and the beholders key at the top
    Once you have the key, leave the room and return to where the bridge fell.
    To the left you will see a growth area that you can climb on. This brings
    you directly to a beholders gate. Once inside, grab the block and push it
    foreward until the celing creature grabs it. Then slaughter all the spiders
    you can reach, and after they perish head to the southeast corner.
    Once you found the hole in the web, turn around and cause the celing
    creature to drop the block. This will cause the spider to be knocked to the
    floor. You have a few seconds to jump into the hole, grab the protruding
    ledge, and climb across it to the point where you can jump across to another
    protruding ledge and finally to a platform in the western edge of the map.
    This will lead you through several sets of small stairs, until you find
    yourself sealed in with a new version of undead: green fire undead. Once
    you have them defeated, climb the broken stairs. From there you can glide
    across to grab a Soldier artifact, once you have this you may proceed
    through the webbed over door. This room contains a large ammount of baby
    spiders. Once you have them all out of the way go and jump in the hole in
    the floor. Push the block onto the platform, and climbing back to the
    entrance you will find a switch to raise the platform.
    Once the platform is raised you must move the block to the centre of the gap
    and punch it across. Push the block onto the broken platform and climb the
    growth on the wall to the left. At the top a switch will raise the platform
    and you can use the bomb to destroy the red crystal.
    Heading through this door you will be sealed in a room, green fire undead
    and an undead reform await. After two waves of undead a Gholen will drop
    from the celing. Once the monstrosity falls, take the door to the east.
    This room will have a large ammount of baby spiders, perfect to restore some
    health. Once you've had your fill of spider stomping the eastern end of the
    room is your next step. Through here you will find a sealed door, this will
    take you to the boss later on. For now turn west and jump down so you can
    cross another spindly web and wood bridge.
    Now that your path backwards is taken from you, you will see a beholders
    gate directly through the door. Seeing as we do not have a key, we will have
    to take the right hand path. This will cause War to fall through the floor
    and be set upon by baby spiders. Once you've delt with the lil' nusances you
    can continue on down the stairs to your next item.
    Here there will be another 3 faced statue, this one containing the Abyssal
    Chain. It will allow you to grapple the glowing orange and blue points you
    May have seen and wondered about so far.
    Now that you have the Chain, you can go about killing the Larger Spiders.
    Infact one will drop down immeadiatly to visit. Lock on to it and rip its
    carapace off with the chain, and begin to combo it. If it Does manage to
    strike you it will do so several times in a fairly vicious combo.
    As you by now will have noticed, there are 4 giant spiders and 4 seals on
    the door. We will now have to backtrack through the Iron Canopy to reach the
    remaining 3 spiders, the one near the first being the last to die.
    For now follow the cutscene and climb back up using the blue marker and the
    demonic growth. Once you are back from where you had fallen, climb the
    growth in the eastern part of the room. Crossing into this area will net you
    a chronosphere, which you need to activate to pass the two celing creatures
    in the main room. Before you activate it, looking up will reveal a red
    marker. Chain to this and jump into the open hole to grab the 7th piece of
    Abyssal Armor.
    Now that you have that armor fragment, jump back down and hit the
    chronosphere with the cross blade. Targed the blue marker with the Chain and
    swing back across, as Soon as you swing and jump press R2 again and the
    Chain will catch onto the Second marker and allow you to swing behind the
    two celing creatures. This will get you the beholders key.
    Glide out after striking the celing creatures again and use the key on the
    door. This brings you back to the room with the Large seal, and you are now
    able to cross the red markers with the Chain.
    Once across, take the door you used to enter this room and you will find
    that you are in another room that the map shows with a large spider marking.
    This is because another giant spider calls this room home.
    Once this one dies, continue on to the west. This will eventually bring you
    back to the room with the bomb you raised. Take the elevator down and deal
    with the mob of spider babies that come after you. Once this is done, head
    through the door. More babies will come at you, once they are dead take the
    path to the left and enter the hole in the wall.
    Follow the path and you will come to the area where the giant spider was
    walking along the celing. Once you jump down you can pull him off the
    celing, though there will be green fire undead spawning to give him a hand.
    Once this one falls, you can find the way out to the north. There will be a
    opening along the right side of the passage that has some protruding ledges
    you can scale. Once you reach the top take the webbed door to get back to
    the first room of the dungeon.
    Now that you're back, don't neglect the three chests in the southwest of the
    room for some wrath, health and souls. Once this has been replenished, move
    back across and head towards the final giant spider.
    After you cross the bridge and enter the door you can use the Chain to knock
    the spider from its perch. It will burst through the floor, and you can jump
    down after it. I would recommend being a Bit more cautious dispite the
    health chest. Once it dies, you will notice the seal on the bosses path is
    Not quite gone. Refresh your heath and proceed westward.
    As soon as you enter the room the large crystal growth will stand up.
    Boss: Broodmother
    This Gargantuan spider will start the show by consuming one of the wrapped
    bodies lying on the floor infront of her. Circle around her until she starts
    to Inhale. As SOON as she does, Look upwards with the Chain and pull another
    cocoon off the celing and Throw it into her mouth. She will be distracted by
    the juicy morsel and you can run around to her back.
    Once you reach her back, you can crack the ice using the Tremor gauntlet and
    reveal her weak spot. She will Not be pleased, and will jump several times
    into the air. This and any other Smaller jumping movements she makes will
    cause injury to War unless he is in the air before she lands.
    Once she has finished jumping around, she will slice the air with her
    mandibles twice and charge at you. Avoid her until she starts to inhale
    again. Continue to repeat the pattern of avoiding, inhaling, and attacking
    until she falls and the Final seal on the bosses door shatters.
    After the Broodmother is no more, follow the Watchers prompt to the next
    room. Gliding across the gap will show a Serpentine creature spawn and
    float through the pipe. Follow its example and it will respawn in the next
    room. Kill it and several waves of green fire undead will spawn, followed
    by Two Fallen.
    The seal will break and the next room will have a very large gap. There will
    be a combination of several grapple markers and shadowflight orbs. You must
    use them in conjunction to get across. Before you attempt to cross, jump
    into the shadowflight orb and Turn back towards the ground. On a ledge
    above you that you couldn't see is a chest. Inside is a Legendary
    enhancement called "War's Glory", it will be Very useful for the bossfight.
    Go ahead now and cross the chasm. In order: shadowflight, grapple, grapple,
    shadowflight, grapple, grapple, grapple and finally jump and glide across
    to the demonic growth. This path will lead you back to the room where you
    used the last beholders key. Two undead reforms will spawn, though with
    your new enhancement they will fall easily. Some fallen angels and baby
    spiders will join the fray, and when they fall a Gholen will spawn with
    even More fallen angels.
    Once eveyone has been delt with, take the door to the south, and use the
    red grapple markers to cross the gap. Now the large door will be unsealed
    and you are that much closer to the 4th chosen.
    Inside you will come to a chasm. Grapple to the growth on the left wall,
    and climb across it until you reach an arch on the celing. Drop with "O"
    and Immeadiatly press R2 to grapple to the blue marker. Swing to the next
    blue marker and from there climb the growth on the wall.
    The Watcher will guide you down towards Silithas Lair. Open the door and
    proceed to the Forth Chosen.
    Boss: Silitha
    This boss can do a large amount of damage quite quickly. To start she will
    simply wait for you to get close to her. The best way to reach her now, and
    later, is to Aim the Chain manually with R3 and grapple onto her. This will
    allow you to strike at her.
    Once she has been injured she will begin to teleport around the room. When
    she appears over you she will hover there briefly. As soon as she does that
    dash away to the side to avoid her. Keep dodging until she teleports back to
    the side of the room, and run towards her until the Manually aimed Chain can
    lock on and pull you over.
    After a few combos she will kick it up a notch and start teleporting to the
    walls, and also teleport to the middle of the room to melee you. She will
    always return to her spot by the wall, patience will see you injured a Lot
    less. Once you've done enough damage to her, she will scream that you will
    Never "take her heart" and climb to the celing. When she does this she will
    release several glowing orbs around her in a circle.
    Pick an orb, get close to it and aim Manually at it with the Chain. As it
    decends it will become a grapple marker. If you wait too long it will fall
    and explode with the rest. Once you've grappled to it you will Immeadiatly
    be able to grapple to Silitha and deal the finishing blow.
    At this point you have collected all four hearts of the chosen. There will
    be a glowing elevator stone that once struck in the crystal by the Cross
    blade will allow you to grapple up to Either revisit any part of the
    dungeon Or to access a middle floor between where you fought the boss and
    where you landed after. This contains a chest of souls.
    Once you leave through the final webbed door, you will be able to grapple
    across two blue markers. This is where War was nabbed in the cutscene.
    Summon Ruin and head back across the Soul Bridge.
    Now, to get the next Abyssal armor piece you will need to cross a section
    of the ashlands. Follow the stone path until you reach the area that was
    broken by an ashcoil. When you reach this area, turn Northeast and go
    directly to the nearest wall. Follow it along to the north until the cliff
    narrows. Move in close to the wall and there will be a shadowflight orb.
    Take the orb onto the top of the cliff. Follow the path on the cliff south
    and you will see two red grapple markers above you. Use them to cross the
    gap. Once across you will be close to one of the drilling towers. You will
    see another red grapple marker on the top of the tower. Get close to the
    edge and grapple across. There will be a chest on the top platform here, it
    will contain the 8th piece of the Abyssal armor.
    Jump off the top of the platform as far South as you can, and you will land
    very close to the entrance of the Ashlands. Ride Ruin to the entrance and
    take the Serpent Hole with Vulgrim back to the Scalding Gallow.
    Take the final heart to Samael, slaying anything that spawns in your path.
    After the cutscene take the path the Red Serpent Hole lays out. It empties
    out at the Black Throne.
    This is the Destroyers Vaunted Spire, the Black Throne.
    Go straight across the room and open the door. The next room will have a
    sun emblem switch on the floor. This will make a crumbling walkway appear.
    Quickly cross and enter the next door.
    After speaking to Azraeal, turn to the right and go through the door. Hit
    the first crystal switch with the cross blade and enter the right hand door
    that opened. This will allow you to strike a crystal on the Next wall,
    raising the door. Going back through the First door you opened, strike the
    first crystal again. The middle path will now open. Walk through to the far
    side and cross the blue marker to the right. Striking the crystal here will
    allow you to climb the stairs to the left. Once you can climb the stairs,
    the left side will have a ledge you can reach in order to strike the crystal
    that is on the Now right side. doing so will open a door. Follow the path
    around on top of the platforms and you will see another open door at the end
    that you can enter.
    This will allow you to strike a crystal on the now bottom right to lower
    open the final door.
    Once the way has been opened, go back to the top of the stairs. You are now
    able to enter the passage above them and the door farther in. A powered up
    version of the Wraith will appear, corner it with combos and it will die.
    Once the seal falls approach the switches. Pull the right switch, hit the
    crystal, pull the left switch, then finally pull the right switch again.
    Grapple markers will now appear for you to swing across. Enter the door and
    move forward. Once you jump down to the centre, some powered up Red fallen
    angels will spawn. Once they fall, some powered up minions will appear
    supporting a brawny orange Fallen. Their deaths will prompt the appearance
    of another upgraded wraith and more red fallen angels.
    With the last enemy defeated, jump in the pit to claim your prize.
    You now have the Voidwalker gun. Proceed to the east end of the room.
    You will see a portal spot close enough for you to enter, and to the right
    there will be one above the area you cannot reach.
    Once you've laid down the portals and jumped through, you will be on a path
    that goes behind where you've already seen. continuing along you will find
    a portal pad on the wall and on the floor. Make sure the portal you place
    on the floor is Charged. Enter the wall portal.
    After claiming the soul chest turn around and glide across to the next
    ledge. Once there place a charged portal on the spot on the wall, moving
    over the sun switch. At the end of the hall place a portal on the spot and
    return to trip the switch. Once you do run back to the wall portal and watch
    to see the top of the area. You will see a red crystal which you can Quickly
    break with the bomb. Quicky jump through and climb the ledge.
    At the end switch to mercy and harass the Duskwings until they either die or
    come in melee range. Turn to the left and you will see a portal pad at the
    high left. If you back up you can hit it with the Voidwalker, making sure it
    is a charged shot. After doing so, return to the shaft you came from and
    make another portal down below. This will place you at a higher point in the
    crumbling bridge room. Another switch will allow you to cross to a chest,
    and recieve the Fury's Embrace Legendary Enhancement.
    From here press the switch again and when you are in the middle of the
    bridge you can glide to the south and continue up the tower. Two
    shadowflight orbs will allow you to reach the top of this area, and the door
    will shut behind you.
    Using a charged portal on the floor and a normal one on the gate, you can
    jump to the top of the room and the last room of the tower. A mechanical
    golem will be guarding the Beam that Azreal needs to be free. Enter the
    room and it will come to life.
    Miniboss: Golem
    This creature can dish out a lot of damage if your not careful. To be able
    to damage its Body, first you need to get to its Head to stun it. Using the
    portal pads on the walls, place two portals and lure it close. When it gets
    near enough, let it attempt to strike you. It will get its flail stuck in
    the ground and you can enter the portals and glide ontop of its head.
    Pressing "O" will allow War to drive Chaoseater into the top of its head,
    and allow you to combo it. Once this is done you can attack its midsection.
    After you attack it, Back Away! It will spin its flail wildly in an attempt
    to strike you. Once you have managed to get on top of its head 3 times, the
    final combo will get you another "O" prompt to destroy it.
    Now that its taken care of, you will see an energy beam comming from the
    statue the Golem was guarding. The beam will shine on a portal pad. Place
    a portal on the pad and drop into the hole. Placing another portal on the
    gate will open the way forward.
    Using L2 cancel the portal you Just created. Walk through the passage opened
    by the beam and you will come to another pad and mirror. Making a portal
    here will activate the elevator. Hit the switch and at the bottom place a
    portal on the pad the beam is striking.
    After you have done so, jump down and turn to the right. To the right of the
    portal the beam is striking is Another portal. Placing one here will let the
    beam continue to the next area.
    Cancel the first portal, and made another portal on the opposite side of the
    room. This will allow you to go through and glide across to the exit.
    Once you leave you will be sealed in, and two wraiths will spawn. Once they
    meet their end, a Fallen and fallen angels spawn bringing an Additional
    The seal will break and you can place a portal on the pad the beam is
    striking. Chain grapple across the gap and place the next portal on the pad
    which should now be behind you.
    In this room, you need to go back along the tops of the pillars and hit the
    crystal you struck Originally to open the gate. After the pillars lower,
    go back to the stairs and walk down them. You will see two portal pads, and
    the blue grapple point will be above you. Set up both portals and cross the
    gap, using the cross blade to strike the crystal when you have landed.
    This will cause the two portals to send the beam onwards.
    Swing back across the grapple point and exit the door to the right of the
    beam. Moving to the left will allow you to reach a crystal that will open
    the way ahead and allow the beam to pass. Finally go through the passage
    and strike the last crystal on the left. This will free the beam.
    Once you get close to Azreal he will give open the way foreward by causing
    some pilliars to sink out of the way, and allow celing pieces to lower.
    The northern end of the room will have two portal pads, one low and the
    other on a ledge. Use them to get to the top. Once there you will see
    another pad to the left on the floor. Use a charged portal here and jump
    through the other. From here you can jump onto the moving platforms. Once
    you have climbed as high as you can you will see a red crystal. The
    northeast area of the room has a lower ledge with a bomb. Use this to
    shatter the crystal.
    Breaking the crystal reveals a portal pad, placing a Charged portal here
    will allow you to gain access to the Third tower. For now, go ahead and
    climb to the top of the spinning structures. You will see a door on the
    eastern side of the room, it is the entrance to the Second tower.
    Going through the door will bring you to a room that has a switch in the
    middle. This switch will cause the elevator to rise and guard to spawn.
    Once you have reached the top and defeated them all you will be able to
    The next room contains several duskwings as well as a bottomless chasm.
    The crumbling floor will allow you to cross, but indirectly. Kill as many
    Duskwings with Mercy as you can, then take the crumbling walkway to the
    first pillar. From there kill the remaining duskwings. There will be a
    portal pad on the middle pillar as well as above the door where you are
    going. Place a portal in each spot and then follow the crumbling path when
    it returns. This will bring you to the portal, and jumping through brings
    you to the opposite side of the room.
    If you look to the upper right side of the room you will see another portal
    pad, if you make a portal there and the one you came out of you can jump
    through for a wrath shard. The switch lowers the gate and you can reapply
    the two portals to get back to the correct side.
    Open the door and you will find a open area Similar to the first towers. The
    main difference being there is a moving pillar in the way instead of grapple
    markers. There is a portal pad on the pillar and one on the wall to the
    right of the door. Place one on each. When you look through the portal on
    the wall you will see Another portal come into view. Fire a charged portal
    Through the portal your looking from and it will make a portal on the
    secondary pillar. When it faces the other side, simply jump through.
    Once through to the other side you will be attacked by a leader demon and
    some guard. After they fall, more guard and a wraith will spawn followed by
    another Leader Demon.
    Once they have perished you may proceed to the next room. This room will
    have a circular floor that is sunken in. As soon as you go down to it you
    will be sealed in and enemies will spawn. Several minions and a wave of
    guard spawn, as well as a wraith. The floor will begin to crumble during the
    fight and you Can choose to knock the enemy into the pit for an instant
    The floor will continue to erode after you kill the enemies, and 3 scales
    will come from the celing with blocks. The object is to get the blocks into
    the scales using the Voidwalker, so you can climb them. Create a portal in
    the top of the lowest scale and the wall. Push a block inside the portal and
    it will drop into the scale.
    Repeat this process with the Highest scale as well. Now, close all portals
    that are open and place one on the floor of the lowest scale. Climb on top
    of the lowest scale and place the second portal on the roof of the medium
    scale. This will lower the medium scale as well.
    Now that the medium scale is lowered, Remove all portals. Jump down to the
    inner section of the lowest scale and make a portal on the celing. From
    there jump to the medium scale middle, then to the small scale roof. Then
    move yourself into position to jump across to the higest scales roof, you
    should be able to Just grab ahold. Before you go, make a portal on its floor
    then jump to grab the celing. Now that you can hoist yourself to the top, it
    will allow you to jump across to the higher chamber when it stops.
    Use the beholders key and continue on. You will be able to use a
    shadowflight orb to reach the next level, and breaking the ice will get you
    a hordeseeker.
    You will see a shadowflight orb and two portal pads. The one on the floor
    needs to be a charged portal, that way you can jump into the one above the
    shadowflight orb and be launched up higher.
    Grab the soul chest and turn around. Jumping across the gap will bring you
    to a elevator. This will bring you to the next Golem Boss. Step foreward
    to wake him up.
    Miniboss: Golem
    This miniboss fights identically to the original, the difference being the
    placement of the portal pads. You need to lure him to hiting them with his
    flail before you can use them as well. Repeat what you did with the first
    Golem and you will have him destroyed.
    Once this creature falls and the beam appears you will need to place a
    portal on the pad the beam shines on and take the elevator down. This will
    bring you to another pad and some mirrors. The pad will let the beam shine
    onto the mirrors but you need to go down the hall and target all 3 crystals
    with the cross blade to get the remaining mirrors into position. Once this
    is done you can take the elevator down.
    Back in the scales room you can drop to the bottom floor, as you will be
    able to still shoot the pad the beam is shining on from there. You need to
    adjust the medium and highest scales. Place a portal on the highest scales
    celing and the medium scales floor. Moving to the western side of the room
    will give you a glimpse of the pad the beam is hitting. Place a portal there
    and on the eastern most portal will complete the circuit. Go back through
    the door.
    This time, place a portal on the right side wall and one on the pillar. Then
    when you place the portal Through the portal to the second pillar, instead
    of jumping through replace the portal on the first pillar. This allows the
    beam to shine through.
    Once the beam goes on its way, you can cross back to the other side using
    the portals. Close the one on the pillar close to you and place one to the
    now left side of the room. Then you can jump through.
    Mirrors will rise in the room with the crumbling walkway as well as grapple
    points. You can set up a portal on the wall behind you, and after crossing
    the grapple points, also on the far end of the room. You now need to use the
    crumbling path to reach the western pillar. From here if you stand on the
    southeastern tip you can target the two end crystals. Throw the cross blade
    and once it returns move and strike the remaining crystal. This combined
    with the portal you opened will move the beam along.
    Cancel the portal to the north by the door you came through, and place it on
    the middle pillar. When the crumbling path comes back between it and you
    jump across and enter the portal, this will place you on the correct side.
    Walk across the hall to the elevator and flip the switch. This will bring
    you back to Azrael. You will see a portal pad on the top block, place a
    portal there and on the bottom inside block as well. 
    Now there is only one. Go to the new portals Azrael revealed in the southern
    alcove. There is one on the floor and one on the right wall. Using a charged
    portal on the floor, you can launch yourself to the next level. This place
    also has a portal on the wall and floor. Launching yourself up Again to the
    next level will leave you buy a doorway at the end of the hall.
    This door leads to a room similar to the ones outside the towers. There
    will be a portal pad to the left, and the moving pillars will each have a
    portal pad. Place a portal on the wall, and one on the moving pillar. Watch
    through the wall portal, and fire a charged portal onto the second pillars
    pad when you see it. Then you can cross between them.
    You are released onto an area with a large decending spiral staircase.
    Following it to the bottom shows a large red crystal in the centre and a
    portal pad to the right of a doorway. Place a portal on the pad and also
    place on on the moving block that hovers in the distance (charged portal).
    Wait until it is facing opposite you and jump through the portal. This will
    bring you to a room with a bomb in the middle pillar.
    Create a portal on the left side of the room here and on the hovering stone.
    When the stone faces to the right you will see red crystal. Position
    yourself between the bomb and the portal, and grab it with the Chain when
    you see the portal about to turn to the right, and throw it through to
    break the crystal. The next time the portal moves to the right, jump
    through. Here will be the 9th Abyssal Armor piece.
    You can cancel the portal on the moving stone and place one above you to
    return to the correct side. Now that you've gotten the armor piece, what
    you need to do is get back to the Original side you came from. Place a
    portal on the pad and one on the moving block. When you jump through back
    to the end with the bomb, Cancel the portal on the stone and place one on
    the pad to the left. Now you can grab a bomb with the Chain and throw it
    through to break the crystal. Jump through the portal and climb the spiral
    stairs to the top. At the top jump on one of the square parts and you can
    place a charged portal atop the new pillar.
    Going back to the bottom and jumping through will launch you into the air
    and directly to the beholders key. This will allow you to enter the final
    Go back to the room with Azrael and climb as high as you can on the rotating
    blocks, using the portal pads that were Just opened.
    Once at the top, enter the beholders gate and trigger the elevator. This
    will cause several powered up undead to spawn. Once they perish, green
    fire undead will spawn in several waves with more "normal" undead. My
    Chaoseater reached its max level in this battle.
    Once you defeat all of the enemies a stairway down to a switch will appear.
    Throwing it will bring you to a room that looks like an arena. When you
    cross the bridge green fire undead and two plague undead will spawn, and an
    Undead reform will be next.
    Once this new Reform dies, you will be able to cross the room. The door to
    the west leads to the outside of the tower. Similar to the other outside
    areas here, you will need to place a portal to the right and place a portal
    on the moving pillar. Once this is done, shoot a charged portal Through the
    portal on the wall. Now when the second pillar moves around, this one will
    require you grab the bomb from the wall to the upper left and throw it
    through to destroy a red crystal. Then you will be able to pass.
    Once you are through the area will seal and an Undead Reform will spawn with
    a Plague Undead. Once these two die, another Undead Reform will spawn with
    some regular undead as backup. After these fall your final opponents will be
    Two more undead Reforms.
    Once the enemies have fallen, enter the door. Go to the western portion of
    the room, ignoring the switch for now. You will see an empty pit with a
    switch on the other side and a portal pad to the left. Place a portal here
    and continue clockwise until you reach a pool of water and another pad.
    Placing the second portal here and hitting the crystal switch will allow
    you to access the switch that you could not reach.
    Return to the entrance of the room and press the switch, turning the middle
    pillar. This will expose a portal pad to the western end of the room. Place
    a charged portal here and using one of the other pads, jump through. It will
    sling you into an otherwise inaccessable elevator room.
    Once you have activated the elevator you will be brought to the final Golem
    Miniboss: Golem
    This fight is identical to the prior two, with the exception that the portal
    pads being in 2 groups of three, lining the walls. Using the same tactics of
    dodging its flail and the portals, take this machine down.
    Once the Golem is no more, we will now take Azael his final beam. Back with
    the elevator place a portal on the pad the beam is on, and another to its
    lower right to open the door. From here cancel the portal on the lower right
    and continue into the newly opened area. There will be another portal pad
    you can make use of, activating the new elevator.
    Once the elevator is active, throw the switch. At the bottom several mirrors
    will appear. Only one is out of place, strike it with the cross blade and
    you will be able to proceed.
    Back in the outside area with the two pillars, get close to the edge and
    place a portal on the second pillar when it turns to you. Place another
    portal on the wall to the right, and watch for the third pillars portal pad
    to become visable. Once you see the pad fire a charged portal through,
    close the wall portal and reopen a portal on the second pillar to allow the
    beam its passage. Removing the second pillars portal and replacing it on the
    wall will allow you to jump through to the other side.
    Once you have gotten through the door, you will be back in the circular room
    with the crumbling walkways. A new section will drop from the celing. The
    beam can be given passage by: placing two portals on this pillar of floating
    rock, on its nort and east faces. Afterwards turn to the west of the room
    and enter a new compartment with a chronosphere. Strike the chronosphere
    from a distance and run back towards the floating stone. Strike the crystal
    on its southern face, and run to the exit to the north. With time still slow
    strike both crystals at once. The door will open just long enough for the
    beam to pass.
    Also in this room there is a shadowflight orb to the south, which helps you
    reach a southern ledge. This ledge has a health chest to the right and two
    portal pads to the left. Place a charged portal on the floor and a portal
    on the wall. This catapults you to the top of the room, where to the left
    there is a soul chest. This allows you to see there is a third portal pad on
    the top of the floating stone. Place a charged portal there and jump down.
    There is a portal pad you can use beside the chronosphere, and once you go
    through you will be launched into a Champion Artifact.
    Hit the crystals and exit the door. Taking the elevator down will bring you
    back to the spinning blocks and Azrael. Place a portal on the highest block
    that is spinning around and jump down to the bottom. Place another portal on
    the inside of the lowest block and Azrael will be freed.
    pillar and open another on the second moving pillar.
    Azrael reveals to you that there is a spiral staircase in the floor of the
    tower. Climb down to find a health chest, and a final elevator. The door at
    the bottom leads you to another crumbling walkway, and once across you will
    note two portal pads on the floor. Steping forewards brings you into contact
    with the Final Chosen: Straga.
    Boss: Straga
    Finally, after we have come all this way we have found the demon that killed
    War and started his entire crusade. Straga comes armed with a fairly hefty
    club this time, and War is all out of cars..
    You will notice a portal pad on Stragas club, place a portal there and on
    the floor whenever his movements allow it. He will then raise his club to
    smash you, when he does this jump into the portal you've made. You are
    dropped onto an area around the back of his skull, and it has a similar
    weak point to the Golems you've delt with. Plunge Chaoseater into the glowy
    hole and watch him squeal. Now that you've stunned him, slash his face.
    Once you have done some damage, Straga will pull back and summon some green
    fire Undead. Place a portal on each of the two pads because though Straga
    is willing to let his buddies attack you, he is more then happy to take a
    horizontal swing that you cannot dodge otherwise.
    Straga will pound the celing twice before slamming the club into the ground
    and then sweeping it across the area. During the duration of his friends
    stay he will also attempt to punch you, which the portals are also
    conveniantly placed to dodge. The second time Straga calls his friends, he
    summons fallen angels instead of undead. Once you've dilivered your third
    combo the final Chosen will fall.
    Now that you have slain Straga and take your revenge, Azrael will transport
    you to a new area: Eden.
    Once you have control of yourself again, move to the north and Azrael will
    give you the Mask of Shadows. Once you activate it with R2, you will be
    thrust into battle.
    Miniboss: Dark War
    This is a manifestation of Wars repeat encounters with the denizens of the
    Darkness. He will dodge, block and even combo like you. Dark War will even
    go so far as to use Blade Geyser against you. 
    After you've delt enough damage to him, he will become Chaos Form Dark War.
    The only way to defeat this creature is to emulate him and turn to your
    Once Dark War lies in ruins before you, activate the mask and cross the now
    visable bridge. Before you follow the stairs north to the tree, head east
    as far as you can. There will be a dry area on the opposite end of the
    waterfall, and here you will find a soul chest. Now if you move close to the
    first waterfall on your Now left from the chest, you will find there is a
    small tunnel behind it. This tunnel houses the Tenth, and Final, Abyssal
    armor piece. Wear it well.
    Returning to the bridge, follow the stairs to the north. Looking up will
    reveal the full glory of the Tree. After the cutscene, return to Azrael.
    Take the path that Azrael opened for you and you will emerge in the
    Ashlands. Before you will be a bridge the mask will allow you to see, and
    beyond that 1/7 of the Armageddon Blade.
    You will find yourself in Leviathan's Drift, where the Stygian meet his end.
    Ride Ruin across the sands to the Vulgrim location, and take his Serpent
    Hole to the Ashlands.
    Once you have reached the Ashlands mount Ruin and ride to the left, keeping
    to the wall of rock. You will quickly come to a set of block shaped ledges
    with protruding areas for you to climb. Once at the top turn left again
    and you will find yourself below the red crystal. The Mask will reveal that
    there is a cluster of inert bombs growing on the wall infront of you. Using
    the Chain, grab one and throw it on the crystal, and using the cross blade
    and torch to the left, blow it up. Climbing back up will bring you to a
    gap. Using the Mask again reveals a red Chain marker. Crossing the gap, and
    climbing the ledge to the left will reveal the 2/7 Blade Piece.
    As an optional piece while you're in the Ashlands, heading north will bring
    you to the stone path you used to get to the Iron Canopy. If you ride north
    Through the gap the Ashcoil left you can ride directly to the opposite end
    of the water drilling platform you emerged from to reach the Arena.
    If you do go this way, jump down into the hole, and swim to the other side.
    The door you reach will bring you to the room with the large ammount of
    celing creatures. Run past them all to the left of the room, and climb the
    ledge there. You will recieve a Lifestone shard, and you will see another
    farther ledge with a Fallen on it. Above will be a blue grapple point.
    Swing across and kill the Fallen and his Minion friends. Another set of
    Minions and a Fallen will spawn, and once they fall you are free to grab
    the Third Legendary enhancement: Strife's Offering.
    From here, climb the ledge in the celing creatures room, swim to the other
    side and climb out of the hole. Ride Ruin south through the Ashcoils hole
    in the path and continue towards the entrance of the Ashlands and the
    Vulgrim location. From here use the Serpent Holes to reach the Dry Road.
    Once in the Dry Road cross to the main area from the Vulgrim location. Your
    map will show that the Shard you seek is to the left. As you attempt to
    reach it, you will see a cutscene.
    Miniboss: Uriel
    Well, if you thought Uriel would have her hands too full to pester you now
    you thought wrong. She seems to be upping the ante with this assault, still
    attempting to avenge Abaddon.
    She will attack you with standard slashes and combos. Occasionally she will
    glow blue and make an exceptionally strong slice. She will also glow blue
    and fly into the air for a shockwave attack, as well as glowing blue and
    sending bolts of blue to appear around the battlefield where she strikes
    with swords. She will move increasingly swiftly, and can do some very
    supprisingly severe damage. Keep dodging her attacks and dash away when
    you see her glow, although by holding Square and comboing her it IS possible
    to distrupt some of her attacks.
    Once she has been defeated, grab the 4th Blade shard and return to Vulgrim.
    From here take the Serpent Holes to the Choking Grounds.
    Once you reach the graveyard, head towards the far east. This will bring
    you to where the Tormented Gate was. There will be a large hole on the
    lower northern side of the area. Enter this and follow the tunnel. You will
    find some green fire Undead in an open area. Once they are dead, take the
    shadowflight orb to the next level. Here will be a wrath shard in a chest,
    it should unlock another Wrath bar on the meter. You will see some growth
    with a crystal on it, targed the torch to its left and blow it up using the
    bomb imbedded in it. The next level will have some more Undead, and if you
    shatter the ice, a 4th Lifestone Shard. At this point you should have 8
    health bars, and if you bought the Wrath shard and Wrath core both from
    Vulgrim, 5 Wrath cores as well. Climbing the ramp will lead you to a lit
    room. If you look above the western wall you will be able to grapple to some
    demonic growth above the lit up area. From here you will fight an Undead
    Reform, and once he perishes the Mask will reveal an orange shadowflight orb
    that will take you to the final level of this broken home. The top level
    will grant you the 4th Armageddon Blade shard.
    Once you have retrieved the shard, make haste towards Vulgrim in the centre.
    Take the Serpent Hole to The Broken Stair.
    Once out of Vulgrims lair, held right up and out of the tunnel. Turn west
    and to inside, heading up the stairs. Jump out to the Shadowflight orb, and
    begin to cross the Overpass. You will be attacked by angels, it is up to you
    if you wish to fight them or ignore them. Once you've crossed the gaps you
    will be in a ruined building. Head west up the stairs to the roof, and put
    on the Mask. Here is the 5th piece of the Sword. Head back across the
    shattered overpass, and to Vulgrim.
    Take the next Serpent Hole to The Crossroads. Its been a long time since we
    first were here harvesting souls..
    Anyway, head to the southwest and put on your Mask. This reveals a orange
    shadowflight orb. Take the orb to get on top of the building and make sure
    your Chain is equipped. There will be a small gap and another orange
    shadowflight orb. Taking this across to the small ledge across to the east
    will need you to switch the Mask to the Chain, as you will need to grapple
    a point that is only visible in the Shadows. If you are quick you will
    land on the small area and can then use the Shadowflight orb there to move
    south to a higher ledge. Turn to the east and claim your prize.
    Now that there is only one more shard left, return to Vulgrim. Before we
    move to the Drowned Pass, we can go to the Scalding Gallow to grab the Final
    Legendary enhancement. Once you emerge in the Scalding Gallow, turn to the
    right and go through the red tunnel. Continue east, through the next tunnel
    and into the pipes. Keep going until you reach the area with the First
    chronosphere and the gate you needed to pass. Kill the Fallen and Guard here
    so they do not interefere. Once this is done, place a portal on the pad by
    the chronosphere. Use the sphere, hit the switch and enter the gate. Once
    this is done, turn around and you will see that the gate has a pad on it.
    Place a Charged portal here. Hit the switch and return to the chronosphere
    room. Hit the switch there and watch the portal. When you see a chest, jump
    through Quickly. This will get you the final Legendary Enhancement: Deaths
    From here return to the Vulgrim location in Scalding Gallows and take the
    Serpent Hole to the Drowned Pass. Heading west from Vulgrim with your mask
    on will show you a blue marker. Grapple to it and you will find another
    Lifestone Shard. From here glide across to the opening in the closest ruined
    house. Go through to the other side and go south to reach the second house.
    Here you can find stairs leading upwards and at the top you will find a red
    grapple marker. It is Only visable with the Mask of Shadows on. After you
    reach the top, walk across the ledge to reach the 7th and Final Armageddon
    Blade shard. From here swim southwest to the exit. This brings you back to
    where the Tormented Gate was. Following the pipe and the underwater pass
    brings you to the gorge and wire you crossed to reach Ulthane before. 
    Enter Anvils Forge and head north to Ulthanes door. Once inside you will see
    a cutscene of The Black Hammer reforging the Ultimate Blade. Once you have
    it, take the Vulgrim location just outside of Anvils Forge to the Leviathans
    Drift. Once you go here and return to Azrael it will be endgame. Any other
    explorings or achievements Must be done before you meet Azrael.
    Once you are in Leviathans Drift, head north to the end of Leviathan's Drift
    and activate the Mask. Use the shadowflight orb and speak with Azrael to be
    transported to where the Destroyer is attacking the Hellguard in The
    Shattered Throne.
    After the cutscene is over, the Destroyer will offer War a choice: To serve
    in Heaven, or Rule in Hell. War "Chooses what once, a Coward did not" and
    the Destroyer attacks.
    Final Boss: The Destroyer
    This is the final boss, the big cheese of the Underworld and the Ultimate
    reason War has had to come so far. This fight will take place in two
    different forms.
    Destroyer form 1: He will run around the arena and you must mount Ruin. The
    Destroyer will attempt to move close and pounce upon you and run away. Once
    you've mounted Ruin you will be able to charge directly at him as he runs
    at you. This Jousting sort of behavior can be ended by a single blow from
    the Armageddon Blade. The Destroyer will keel over and you can dismount Ruin
    to combo him. After you've done this twice the Destroyer will take to the
    air and attempt to dive upon you. When he does this, you must dodge out of
    the way on Ruin. Once his attack has missed, he will revert to Jousting
    you. Though it Is possible to ride with Ruin and immeadiatly knock him over
    to combo him. With hard mode it took me About 6 rounds of doing this.
    After you have done this enough, when he turns to charge you there will be a
    prompt for you to press "O". This will lead to another cutscene where you
    will need to press Square to stab him. Once this is done he crashes into the
    ground and reverts to a humanoid form.
    Destroyer form 2: He will move close to you and begin to combo. His sword
    has a fair length so it can be difficult to avoid at times. He will also
    jump into the air and land heavily for a shockwave, and at times block your
    attacks. After you have struck him enough, he will enguage War in a parrying
    session. They will lock blades and prompt you to press Square repeatidly.
    This causes War to strike him heavily across the chest.
    Once you have gotten to this point in the fight, The Destroyer will teleport
    in the air to above the arena. He will levitate 3 large blocks of rubble
    and one by one hurl them at you. Waiting until he throws them and dashing
    seems to do the trick quite well. From here he will begin doing charge
    attacks, followed by an imeadiate jump into the air and sword slam.
    After the Second parrying session the Destroyer will begin to teleport
    around the arena in an attempt to catch you offguard with a charge attack.
    Keep targeting him and you should be able to dash to the side when he
    finally does attack.
    Once you have managed to parry his attack the Third and Final time, the
    endgame cutscene will play.
    I hope this guide was useful to you, and that you enjoyed it as much as I
    VI. Additional FAQ/Achievement list
    How do you unlock the Harvester?
    -In the options section, select Enter code. Type in "The Hollow Lord",
    note that the code IS case sensitive.
    ii. Achievements
    Aerial Predator (Bronze) Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast 
    An Old Friend (Bronze) Collect Mercy 
    Ashes to Ashes (Silver) Defeat the Stygian 
    Balance Restored (Gold) Defeat the game on NORMAL 
    Battle Hardened (Silver) Max out all weapons & unlock all combat moves 
    BFA (Platinum) Unlocked EVERYTHING 
    Chasm Jumper (Bronze) Collect the Shadowflight Ability 
    Dark Rider (Bronze) Ride for 100 miles 
    Death Dealer (Bronze) Meet Vulgrum 
    Devastator (Bronze) Kill 10 enemies with one blade geyser wrath attack 
    Don’t Make Me Angry (Bronze) Collect the Chaos Form Ability 
    Elemental Thief (Bronze) Collect the Crossblade 
    Full Power (Silver) Collect the maximum amount of lifestones 
    High Flier (Bronze) Kill 5 duskwings without touching the ground 
    Horseman (Bronze) Kill 150 Demons from horseback 
    Improvised Kills (Bronze) Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment 
    Into The Void (Bronze) Collect Voidwalker 
    Legendary Form (Silver) Collect the Abyssum Armor Set 
    Like A Bat Outta Hell (Silver) Defeat Tiamat 
    One Mean Mother (Silver) Defeat Silitha 
    One Tough Cookie (Bronze) Meet Ulthane 
    Open Air Parking (Bronze) Taking out a helicopter with a car, during the
    Payback’s A B**** (Silver) Defeat Straga 
    Prison Break (Bronze) Free Samael from his prison 
    Reach Out & Touch Somebody (Bronze) Collect the Abyssal Chain 
    Reaper (Bronze) Collect the Scythe 
    Reunited (Bronze) Obtain Ruin 
    River of Blood (Bronze) Shed 3000 gallons of demon blood 
    Rocked Your Face Off (Silver) Defeat the Griever 
    Sight Beyond Sight (Bronze) Collect the Mask of Shadows 
    Slayer (Bronze) Kill 666 Demons 
    The Final Challenger (Silver) Defeat the Destroyer 
    The True Horseman (Gold) Defeat the game on APOCALYPTIC 
    Time Lapse (Bronze) Collect the Chronomancer Ability 
    To Move A Mountain (Bronze) Collect the Earthcaller 
    Treasure Hunter (Silver) Search 150 chests 
    Tremor Bringer (Bronze) Collect the Tremor Gauntlet 
    Ultimate Blade (Silver) Forge the Armageddon Blade 
    Who’s Counting? (Bronze) Defeating more Angels than Ulthane 
    World Raider (Silver) Collect all 27 Artifacts 
    Wrath Machine (Bronze) Collect all the Wrath Powers 
    Wrath of War (Silver) Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores 
    You Call That Easy (Gold) Complete the game on EASY 
    (contributed by Mookiethebold)
    VII. Credits, acknowledgements and Legal bits
    I would like to thank Virgil Games for making such a fun game to play
    through, and Gamefaqs.com for allowing me to share my enthusiasm.
    The majority of the names I use for the enemies ingame were found in the 
    Darksiders Graphic Novel that came with my pre-order.
    I would also like to mention XCVii007r1 Youtube video clip of the
    Abyssal Armor locations. Very useful if a text explanation doesn't cut it
    for you. (Gamer tag:Vii 007)
    I would also thank Mookiethebold who permitted the posting of his list of
    Version History:
    -Jan 14th (early morning) uploaded walkthrough from beginning to the Hollows
    included enemies, items and characters encountered.(V 0.1)
    -Jan 15th (also early morning) updated walkthrough from The Hollows to the
    entrance of the Iron Canopy. Enemies/characters/items updated as
    encountered. Fixed spacing issue. (V 0.6)
    -Morning of January 17th Updated walkthrough from The Iron Canopy to The
    Shattered Throne. All enemies and items found listed. Achievements added.
    Harvester code added. Updated websites allowes to post this
    walkthrough and credits. (V. 1.0)
    Contact info: If you want to send me information that I have missed,
    strategys that I did not think of, or anything else Darksiders related you
    can email me at Kerrigor88@hotmail.com. Please include the topic of
    "Darksiders Walkthrough" and while I will accept criticism, please dont
    bash or flame. This IS my first walkthrough/FAQ afterall ^^
    Legal Matters: This document is Copyright ©2010 (January 14th-__)
    Ben Morrisey (Kerrigor88). It my not be reproduced under any circumstance,
    unless for unaltered private use. It may only be used on Gamefaqs.com
    without my express permission, and written approval. Alteration or use on
    additional sites without my permission would be violating this copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    My permission to post my guide is given to:
    Thanks for reading!

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