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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sokkus

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    Why hello there! Welcome to my guide to Vigil Games and THQ's latest title and love letter to the Legend of Zelda series – Darksiders: Wrath of War. Darksiders takes many of its cues from the fan favourite Zelda series (and throws a healthy dose of God of War into the mix as well) but puts some new and interesting spins on the formulae of both series' to create something unique and entertaining.

    This guide will provide you with a walkthrough from beginning to end helping with strategies to get you through all the tricky puzzles, take down the assortment of nasty bosses, help you get to the locations of all the good stuff and collect as many of the games collectibles as possible along the way.

    If you see any errors, have a question, a tip or an alternate strategy for a section of the guide please head to the contact section and flick me an email to let me know!

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    Gameplay Basics


    Melee Combat

    Melee attacks are where War will be dealing the most damage and subsequently players will be focusing more on melee than any other form of combat. War starts out with the large (and sexy looking) Chaoseater Sword but he'll gradually acquire new weapons and melee abilities as you progress through the game. These include:

    • Sword – War's blade attacks are mapped to the X/Square button. They are your primary melee attacks and can be used to melee at ground level as well as launching and performing aerial combo attacks.
    • Scythe – The Scythe can be purchased from Vulgrim. Its attacks are mapped to the Y/Triangle button. The scythe is a secondary melee attack source and is a little faster, but has a wider attack range (good for groups of enemies) and deals less damage than the sword. It can be used to melee at ground level as well as launching and performing aerial combo attacks.
    • Gauntlet – As with the Scythe, the gauntlet attacks are mapped to the Y/Triangle button. The Gauntlet is unlocked about 1/4 of the way through the game and can be used to melee pummel enemies, destroy blue crystals in the environment and do an area of effect stun attack when the button is held and released.

    It should be noted that players can only equip one secondary weapon (Gauntlet/Scythe) at a time. The equipped weapons can be changed in the inventory menu.

    Ranged Combat

    There are numerous ranged attacks in Darksiders and these can be used in a number of ways.

    • Earthcaller – The Earthcaller is acquired early on in the game and it can be mapped to a button of choice from the menu. Using this will create a cone of sound in front of War that will temporarily stun any enemies that it touches.
    • Cross-blade – The Cross-blade is acquired in the Twilight Cathedral near the start of the game. It acts as a boomerang and will return to War following the throw. Players can aim the cross-blade and lock on multiple targets at once. It is also possible in some locations to lock on to flame vents and then an enemy to set said enemy on fire.
    • Mercy – Mercy is War's pistol. It is mapped to the RT/R1 buttons. It can be fired by pressing the button, or can shoot in a rapid fire capacity if the button is held down. This is used primarily for ranged attacking but does not do a great deal of damage – it is good for juggling or weaker flying enemies.
    • Abyssal Chain – The Abyssal Chain is acquired in the Iron Canopy during the latter half of the game and in addition to being used as a grappling hook to traverse grapple points, can be used in combat as well. The Abyssal Chain can be used to remove the armour of certain enemies and can also pull weaker enemies to War.

    Chaos Form

    Chaos form is an immensely powerful ability. War has a Chaos meter beneath his health bar and it will gradually fill up as you kill enemies and perform combination attacks. When the meter is fully charged, players can transform into a giant demon with swords. Chaos Form increases damage significantly, but as a trade-off it reduces War's manoeuvrability somewhat.


    Once you have dealt enough damage to an enemy, a button prompt will appear above their heads. Hitting the button signified when in close proximity will trigger a stylish execution attack that will kill the enemy during a canned animation. Some of the weaker enemies in the game such as Zombies or Duskwings are susceptible to a finisher at any time (without the prompt appearing) – just hit the finisher button in close proximity to activate it. Usefully, during these finisher animations War is invincible, so if you are low on health it is possible to exploit a finisher to avoid taking damage.

    Environmental Attacks

    In addition to the standard arsenal of weapons that war has at his disposal, he can also utilise objects in the environment as weapons. These include using lamp posts as melee weapons and cars, tables and a range of other items as projectiles to hurl at bad guys. It should be noted that these objects will not re-spawn once they have been destroyed.

    Avoiding Attacks

    War has several ways in which he can avoid incoming enemy attacks or to limit or mitigate damage taken. Each of these techniques has its own benefits and drawbacks and experimenting with each in different situations will help figure out the right tactic for your gameplay style.

    The abilities include:

    • Blocking – by blocking War can pretty much nullify the majority of standard melee attacks coming his way. This is not quite as effective when attempting to block poison, fire or magical damage.
    • Countering – War receives the ability to counter near the start of the game. By timing your press of the block button to immediately before an enemy attack, War can counter with a melees wing that will also stun the recipient temporarily. This will leave them open for an additional follow up attack. Note that countering will only work against melee attacks.
    • Dashing – War has the ability to do a quick dash to cover a short distance extremely quickly. This is incredibly useful for dodging incoming, unblockable enemy attacks or during boss fights where blocking is not always an option.

    Wrath Abilities

    War also has some nasty area of effect attacks that can cause significant damage to all the enemies in the immediate area. These consume segments of War's Wrath Bar which is located below the health bar in the top left of the screen.

    With the exception of Blade Geyser which is granted to players at the start of the game, the additional Wrath Abilities can be purchased from Vulgrim. All abilities can be upgraded up to three times to increase their effectiveness.

    These Wrath Abilities include:

    • Blade Geyser – War hits the ground causing a number of blades to emerge from the ground in a circular shape radiating out from War at the centre. Each activation of this power will consume one segment of the Wrath bar. As you level up the ability, additional blades will emerge from the ground, slightly increasing the area of effect and upping the damage caused. At the highest level, the Blade Geyser attack will trigger twice.
    • Stoneskin – When activated Stoneskin will encase War in stone. This sightly increases weapon damage whilst also drastically improving his defence against incoming attacks. Once activated, the ability will slowly drain War's Wrath Bar and remain active until deactivated or Wrath is completely depleted. As the ability is levelled up, it will further increase War's defence and attack power.
    • Immolation - When activated Immolation will cause War to be surrounded by a mystical fire. This greatly increases damage that he can do whilst also having the useful side-effect of setting enemies who attack or get too close to War on fire, causing damage over time. Once activated, the ability will slowly drain War's Wrath Bar and remain active until deactivated or Wrath is completely depleted. As the ability is levelled up, it will further increase War's attack power and the distance at which enemies catch alight.
    • Affliction – Affliction summons a pair of snake-like dragons to attack your enemies. This is by far the most damaging of the four Wrath Abilities and the additional damage output can really stack up. Once activated, the ability will slowly drain War's Wrath Bar and remain active until deactivated or Wrath is completely depleted. As the ability is levelled up, the damage caused by the dragons will scale up as well.

    Upgrading War

    Weapons and XP

    Killing enemies with each of War's main equipped weapons – Sword, Scythe and Gauntlet will earn the weapon used XP points. The current weapon level can be viewed on the inventory screen with the small bar next to the weapon indicating XP earned. This bar will slowly fill up as you kill enemies with the weapon in question.


    Enhancements are handy little trinkets you can find lying across the game world. There are 12 of these bad boys and each has their own unique bonuses. Once acquired, you can assign one enhancement to each weapon you own, allowing you a total of three enhancements at any one time. There are 8 standard enhancements and a further 4 legendary enhancements named after the Darksiders' version of the four horseman - Death. Fury, Strife and War.

    The walkthrough below will help you acquire each and every one. For additional information about effects and specific locations, you can check out the Enhancement locations section below the main walkthrough.

    Life Stones

    Life Stones are essentially health bars for War. Below the main health bar, you will see green symbols. Each of these represents a Life Stone. You will be rewarded with a full Life Stones for defeating each of the five major bosses. Additional Life Stones have been broken into shards and scattered in chests throughout the world map. Four of these shards will yield an additional Life Stone. There are 16 shards in total, which when collected, will give War nine more health bars. When maxed out War has a total of 10 Life Stones (or 10 health bars).

    Wrath Cores

    Acquiring a wrath core enables War to increase wrath meter. Similarly to the Life Stones above, each Wrath Core has been broken into four pieces and you will find these strewn across the world map. Collecting four Wrath Shards will create a Wrath Core, which will increase the amount of wrath War can accumulate by a single bar. There are three complete wrath cores to be found, along with 20 wrath shards. Collecting all of these will net War the maximum of 10 Wrath Bars.


    Similar to every Legend of Zelda game (and many other action RPGs) ever created Darksiders has an open world that contains numerous upgrades to be found and collectibles hidden throughout. Additionally, many of these items can only be found once you reach a certain point in the story or have acquired a specific piece of equipment. As such, you should always keep your eye open for inaccessible areas and objects of interest that may be of use later on and Vulgrim Locations which will make traversing the world easier.

    Vulgrim Locations

    Vulgrim is a useful chap. Not only does he set up shop in just about every major location in the game, but he also provides a number of services to help you out. These include:

    • Shop – Here you can purchase new combat abilities for War, Enhancements for War's weapons, Wrath Abilities and upgrades. You can also trade in the Artefacts that you find throughout the world for Blue Souls.
    • Serpent Holes – Vulgrim Locations also act as a fast travel system. Vulgrim has access to Serpent Holes which allow you to quickly travel to various locations around the game world.

    Items of Interest

    There are several types of interactive objects in the environment that require certain abilities and pieces of equipment to utilise. This means plenty of exploration and backtracking! These points of interest include:

    • Shadowflight Geysers – Shadowflight Geysers appear as small blue, flaming orbs. Jumping on these whilst gliding will give War additional air and flight time so that he can cover much further gaps. These are usable once you have spoken to Samael for the first time.
    • Red Crystals – There are plenty of red crystals scattered around the game world. These can be destroyed using bomb plants.
    • Blue Crystals – You'll be seeing blue crystals blocking tunnels, caves and doorways in quite a few locations. Once you have obtained the Tremor Gauntlet you will be able to destroy these to reveal the areas behind them.
    • Crystal Switches – These appear as long, narrow white crystals. Activating these with a sword or Cross-blade will activate the associated object (doors, floating platforms etc).
    • Grapple Points – These appear as floating orbs. Once you have acquired the Abyssal Chain, War is then able to grapple to these. Orange grapple points allow War to attach and hang from them, whilst blue grapple points allow War to swing from them.
    • Portal Pads – You'll most likely see a few of these before you even know what they are used for. They appear as orange, circular panels on walls. Once you have picked up the Voidwalker (the Darksiders Portal gun), you can place portals on these to get to hard to reach places.
    • Phased Objects – At several points in the game you'll no doubt find what look to be chests or other objects that appear as invisible with black outlines. Once you have acquired the Mask of Shadows, put it on to see and interact with them.



    When you have control of War, follow the various tutorial aspects and kill the Minions, more will appear and once the lot have been dealt with the big guy with the scythe like arms will jump down to attack you, he'll try to hit you with a couple of attacks, but everything he does is pretty easily avoided by using the boost button when you see an attack starting. When he has taken sufficient damage and is close to death use the action button to finish him off.

    As you do, a fireball will fly in out of nowhere and destroy the bus blocking the street in front of you, so cruise through the newly opened pathway and at the intersection turn right. Move along the street here and towards the chained stone giant (a gatekeeper). As you approach, a short scene will play and the road behind you will be blocked.

    Note: Quickly grab a car nearby and look up and towards the Gatekeeper (the giant monster), you will see a helicopter coming your way. Nail this with the car for a quick achievement/trophy ‘Open Air Parking'.

    The giant ahead will fall, blocking the road in front of you and as it does a group of four Angels will swoop in to attack you, these guys can fly and will charge at you with their swords or shoot you whilst hovering. They can be annoying but are fairly easy once you have jumped, hit them with some aerial attacks and knocked them to the ground. When they are dead, the gatekeeper will rise and continue plodding down the street. Follow after him until you see a scene showing a building coming down.

    Following this scene move War forwards into the middle of the intersection here. Fighting will break out between a group of angels and a few minions. Kill them all and another scene will play showing a climbable surface, which you will get very familiar with named demonic growth. Kill the two enemies that climb down the wall, and then scale it and enter the room above, climb the next wall and at the top you will see an Angel get taken by a fallen demon.

    Continue forward and look for a power line. Use this to shimmy across to the next building. Climb the next demonic growth that appears.

    At the top of the wall, enter the building and you will see some Minions enter the room via an elevator shaft which will then become sealed. It should be noted that you'll see seals often in this game, and when you do the only way to open them is to defeat all the enemies within the room.

    In addition to the original three Minions another 8-9 will also spawn and will need to be taken out of the picture before the seal dissipates. When the seal vanishes, jump down the elevator shaft and continue to follow the passage around and slide down the rope when required.

    When you land on the street, turn left and you will see more Minions and Angels engaged in conflict. Cruise on in and purge the area of both sides before continuing down the street to the right. After a short scene you will enter a boss battle.

    Boss: Straga

    Straga is a giant, stationary golem and as such doesn't move much during the fight. In fact, he'll stay at the far end of the platform and let his arms and face do the talking! His attacks include:



    Tossing Cars

    Straga will reach into the lava pit around him and pull out a handful of cars and throw them at War. This can easily be dodged with a dash.

    Fire Wave

    After taking a bit of damage he will slam his hand down on the ground, sending a wave of flame hurtling towards War. Simply side step these attacks when they comes your way to avoid it.

    Grab and Roar

    After taking a good deal of damage, Straga will grab both sides of the road and pick it up, he will lean back and roar at you to do some serious damage if you are standing still at the time. To avoid this move, when you see his mouth opening, you should perform a double jump.

    Combat Strategy:

    Straga is very easily defeated and you really do not have to do a whole lot to take him out. After avoiding his car tossing attack, a car will always be left sitting in the middle of the area. You need to pick this up and pitch it at Straga's face. This will stun him and bring his face down to your level where you can get up close and personal and throw a few sword combos at it.

    Repeat this strategy whilst taking your time to avoid the rest of Straga's attacks. When he has received enough punishment, use the action button when indicated to end the fight.

    Watch the scene to finish the introduction.

    Back to Earth

    Charred Council

    When we regain control of War once again, you will be located at the HQ of the Charred Council. Follow their instructions and cruise up the stairs nearby and pick up the sword. Next, run over to the blue soul funnel for a bit of information on the souls in the game. Watch the quick scene that follows and you will be sent back to Earth in search of the demon Vulgrim.

    Seraphim Hotel

    After War lands, climb the nearby demonic growth and follow the ramp upwards. When prompted to do so, double jump across the gap in the road. At the top of the ramp, jump up and grab the scalable ledge and use them to jump across the next gap to the right.

    Drop down and fight your way through the Zombies (note they are very weak and can be killed by a finisher any time). When they are all dead continue until you see a scene with a fire golem blowing up the walkway ahead. When you reach the newly formed gap, jump up and grab the pipe to climb across to the other side. Open the door at the end.

    Use the demon growth inside the elevator to ascend to the level above then jump out into a large room populated by a new enemy – a Fire Golem and a large contingent of Zombies. The Fire Golems are fairly easy to kill, they have a charge attack which the use to rush at you, a small explosive attack if you stay close for too long and a slow shambling melee attack – these can all be avoided easily with the dash button! When Fire Golems are close to death they will self-destruct, so get as far away from them as you can before it happens.

    When the room is clear of life, check out the Green Soul Chest across from the exit to regenerate any lost health. Head over to the stairs on the far side of the room and kill the Zombies here before dragging the large block over to the northern corner. Jump on the block and then up to the ledge above.

    Use the pipe here to traverse the gap and land on the platform on the other side of the room. Fight off the Zombies along the balcony here and move through the door at the end. Climb up to the next floor. Enter the room here and the ground will collapse beneath you.

    Continue forward into the large room in front. You will see the door at the back of the room become sealed before being attacked by a swarm of Zombies. Once you have killed enough of these a new enemy will appear – a Blue Dragon.

    These guys have flaming hands and are a little on the portly side, but can do significant damage to you if you let them. Whilst fighting these guys you should watch out for a slow but damaging two hit melee combo, a ground slam which sends out a fire shock wave and a ranged attack that sends a bolt of fire across the floor at you. Fortunately these are quite obviously telegraphed and can be easily avoided by dashing at the right time. Attack him whilst staying out of his attacks and when he falters, use the action button to finish him off.

    After clearing the room of baddies, exit the room through the now seal-free door and into the hallway to the right. Head up the stairs and when you reach the top you can open the Green Soul Chest if you need some health before moving to the edge to watch a scene.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Death Dealer'.

    After meeting with Vulgrim, you will now be tasked with procuring 500 Blue Souls for him. You should have about 250 already from the enemies you killed in coming to this point, so let's collect the rest.

    Over the cliff, just south of Vulgrim's position is a blue soul chest, drop down to grab this and climb back up to the street again. Follow the street up to the northwest side of the map to find a Blue Dragon. Kill him and grab the Green Soul Chest here if you need it.

    Note the blue crystals here (we need another piece of equipment to get through here later, so remember the location). Look for the subway nearby. Inside use the demon growth to cross the pool of water and pick up the Blue Soul Chest on the other side. Jump into the water and swim around to the right of the area to find an Artefact: Soldier (these artefacts can be traded to Vulgrim for souls).

    Return to the street, cruise round the other side of Vulgrim's location and enter the building to the east of the main structure through the hole in the wall. At the back of the room is another damaged wall and inside is another Blue Soul Chest. You should now have enough souls to give to Vulgrim, and subsequently some Demon Soldiers will appear in the street outside.

    The Demon Soldiers are a step up from the Zombies. They are equipped with a large sword and can perform numerous melee attacks which can deal a decent amount of damage and are able to block your attacks. One-on-one you can pretty much keep them locked into a combo and will be able to kill them without seeing an attack. They usually attack in groups, so be sure to keep an eye on all of them when fighting.

    Kill him then continue to the left. You will run into another three Demon Soldiers and a Blue Dragon. Kill them all and drop down the cliff at the end of the street for a Blue Soul Chest. Climb back up and head down the side street to the right of the last building we entered.

    Follow this to the end to find a set of stairs. Behind these is a Green Soul Chest and if you head down the stairs you'll find a Blue Soul Chest inside.

    Before returning to Vulgrim, you should also search for and destroy the five fire hydrants in the area. Doing so will spawn an additional Blue Soul Chest.

    When you are done exploring and plundering the immediate area, return to Vulgrim. He will give you an item - the Earthcaller (a magical horn that lets you talk to gate keepers) and tell you where you need to go next.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement/trophy ‘To Move A Mountain'.

    Samael's Prison

    The Crossroads

    Head up the stairs behind Vulgrim's location and use the Earthcaller on the large rock gate here. After a quick scene, the Gatekeeper will leave the area granting you access to the building behind.

    Once inside, head up the stairs to the left and drop down at the end. Kill the Fire Golem and the Zombies here. Pick up the Blue Soul Chest nearby. Jump down to the area below and eliminate the Zombies here. Find the pool of water to the left and dive underwater. Follow the tunnel to the end to find a chest with a Life Stone Shard in it (Like a piece of Heart for you Zelda fans, we need four of these to gain an additional health bar). Return to the main area.

    Climb the demon growth on the far side of the area from where you entered, and walk through the open doorway here. Open up the Green Soul Chest if required and continue to follow the hallway until you exit into Scalding Gallow.

    Scalding Gallow

    Move forward and when you reach the ruins in front of you, climb the stairs to the left and jump across the gap for a Blue Soul Chest. Drop back down. Look up to the right to spot a red growth on a pillar here. You can pick up a car and throw it at the growth to detonate it. Climb the pillar here to find a chest containing the first piece of the Abyssal Armour Set [1/10].

    Continue up the ramp to the north to reach Samael's Prison and a boss fight.

    Boss: Phantom General

    This guy will move around the arena and attack you with several different moves:



    Forward Slash

    He will make a big arcing swing with is weapon in the direction he is facing. War can avoid this by dashing to the side.

    Ground Slam

    The boss will jump and perform an overhead smash with is weapon, dodge this by dashing in the opposite direction.


    After taking a bit of damage, the General will spin around in circles and move towards your general direction. He is invincible whilst using this attack so keep distance between War and the boss or you will cop a good deal of damage.


    The General will summon a group of Demonic Soldiers.

    Combat Strategy:

    The Phantom General acts just like one of the smaller demon soldiers, just with a bigger weapon, more armour and a larger repertoire of attacks. Use hit and run tactics, dash in and attack him a few times then dash away when you see the General start an attack.

    It is possible to knock the boss down with a Blade Geyser attack or stun him with a blow from the Earthcaller horn, both of which will leave him open for a couple of free attacks.

    After taking a bit of damage he will stand back and summon six smaller demon soldiers. Defeat these and the general will resume attacking you again. This time in addition to the overhead and forward slashes, he will use his whirlwind attack. To defeat him, simply dodge all his attacks and slice him up when the opportunity arises.

    Once he has taken sufficient damage, you will be able to perform the finishing move on him to end the fight.

    When the Phantom general is dead, look to the left and right of the area to find a pair of gargoyle statues. The one at the far end is spewing blood, these two are not. Head over to each of them and grab and pull them towards the centre of the area to activate them, this will unlock the prison.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Prison Break'.

    A quick story scene ensues. During the scene you will receive the Shadowflight power and will find out what we need to do next.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Chasm Jumper'.

    To the Twilight Cathedral

    Scalding Gallow

    From Samael's prison, head back down the ramp at the bottom you will be introduced to the Shadowflight geysers via a quick scene. These things will help to propel you upward and onward for longer periods of time. Ignore the area you were just shown for the time being and follow the street here to the right and around the corner.

    Continue to the north until you find a small building on the right hand side of the road. Enter to find a Vulgrim Location. Open the Blue Soul Chest here and climb the demonic growth nearby for a chest containing a Wrath Shard (like the life stone shards, you will need to find 4 of these to create a new wrath bar).

    Drop back down to the ground floor and to the right of the Blue Soul Chest you will find a section of the wall is missing. Straight ahead is Samael's Prison and if you look down into the pit below you can make out a small, hidden pathway running below it. Use your newly acquired Shadowflight ability to glide down here.

    Follow the trail to the end to find another piece of the Abyssal Armour Set [2/10]. Find the Shadowflight geyser nearby to return to the road.

    At the bottom of the ramp to Samael's prison head left across the gap and kill the Fire Golem and Zombies here. Again float across the next gap and into the crystal-littered tunnel. Enter the door on the left at the far end.

    Cruise down the ramp and before using the Shadowflight geyser, look in the lava to the right for a Blue Soul Chest. Collect it and then return and fly up to the next area. Use the demon growth to traverse the pit. Drop down to the other platform and float across the gap.

    Use the Shadowflight geysers to cross the next lava pit, then use the handholds to climb the wall at the end of the next passage. Exit the area into the Choking Grounds.

    The Choking Grounds

    From the tunnel exit head straight forward to the small building in front to activate another Vulgrim Location. Look for a small set of stairs leading down just to the north Vulgrim and head inside to find Artefact: Soldier.

    To the south of the Vulgrim Location, you will also find three large tombs. You can pull the central tomb back towards the Vulgrim Location to reveal a hidden staircase. Inside you'll find a few baddies to fight and an Artefact: Soldier. Out the gate by the three large tombs, you can also find a small set of stairs leading down to a Blue Soul Chest.

    It should also be noted that if you destroy all the gravestones in the fenced area around Vulgrim it will spawn a chest on the small raised area on the very left of the map containing a Life Stone Shard.

    Make your way to the very north western section of the map to find a Gatekeeper. Enter the door just to the left of his location to find some Zombies and Skeletal warriors guarding a Blue Soul Chest. Use the Shadowflight Geyser in here to reach a higher level. Kill the Fire Golem and the Zombies here before looting the chest for a Wrath Shard. Note the red crystals (we'll be back for these later) and return back to the street.

    Move up to the Gatekeeper and use the Earthcaller nearby to initiate a quick chat. He'll send you into the shadow realm. In the shadow realm you are able to see things that would otherwise be invisible. In this case, these are limited to pads that can be seen from a distance as pillars of orange light reaching into the sky.

    There are four of these and each one contains a shadow arena challenge. When you reach each one, step on the platform and hit the action button to be teleported inside. You will need to complete the challenge specified as you enter within the timeframe. Once the challenge has been completed, you will be able to destroy the demonic seal to unlock the exit. Upon exiting, each of the arenas has both a Green Soul Chest and Yellow Soul Chest to replenish your lost health/wrath.

    Shadow Challenge Arena 1

    Challenge: Defeat 5 enemies using aerial combos.

    Strategy: If you go straight for the launch and melee approach you may take 2 to 3 launches to kill these enemies. Instead, you should hack at the enemies on the ground a few times before holding in the melee button to launch them into the air and perform an aerial combo on them to finish them off.

    Shadow Challenge Arena 2

    Challenge: Kill 50 enemies before your health is depleted.

    Strategy: This challenge sees the arena fill with a poisonous green gas which will slowly reduce War's health. The thing to remember here is to continue to fight as per usual, do not stress about the depleting health bar as there are several green chests around the room you can use to replenish your health supply.

    You will be attacked by a large swarm of Zombies, which will eventually make way for a few Minions, a group or two of Demonic Soldiers and eventually a Blue Dragon. Simply kill them all as they arrive and you should be able to knock this one over with plenty of time to spare.

    Shadow Challenge Arena 3

    Challenge: Kill 30 enemies using instant kill attacks within the time limit

    Strategy: You need to use the action button to kill the enemies in the area, kills gained through standard attacks will not count towards your tally. You will face off against Duskwings, Demonic Soldiers and even a Blue Dragon or two.

    Note: This is a great location to earn the achievement/trophy ‘High Flier'. At the start, the first 6-7 enemies will be Duskwings, so kill one with the action button then double jump in the direction of the next and repeat until you have killed 5 Duskwings without touching the ground.

    Shadow Challenge Arena 4

    Challenge: Defeat 40 enemies

    Strategy: Simple, just kill 40 enemies to complete the challenge, during said fight you will encounter Demonic Soldiers, Zombies and Fire Golems. There is no real strategy here, rather you should just do your best to kill everything as fast as possible.

    For completing the four challenges you will earn the reward: Block Counter (a passive ability that lets war counter enemy attacks if timed correctly). Return to the Gatekeeper and use the Earthcaller to wake him up. He will let you through and give you a new Enhancement – Ravager (more damage from environmental attacks).

    Enter the now unblocked tunnel and mosey on through the door on the right.

    Follow the passageway around, vaulting up to the next level when required and at the end of the path drop down into the highway tunnel below. Turn left and grab the Blue Soul Chest. Here you can use the cars in the vicinity to take out the sleeping Duskwings on the ceiling and walls. Use the shadow geysers to cross the gap and enter the door on the right.

    As you walk into this room, the doors will be sealed, so you will need to eliminate all the enemies before progressing further. Once you are free to do so, exit into the Broken Stair.

    The Broken Stair

    Exit the tunnel and head through the hole in the wall near the top of the ramp on the right and follow the passage to the end to find an Artefact: Soldier. Return and climb to the top of the ramp. Kill the enemies and then head across the makeshift bridge to the right.

    Cruise straight on down the small set of stairs in front of you and look around this area for a new Vulgrim Location, a Blue Soul Chest and a pool of water with an underwater tunnel leading to a chest containing a Life Stone Shard. Return outside.

    Enter the large building on the south western side of the area. Ascend the steps to the second floor and kill the Demonic Soldiers and Minions. Look to the right of the hole in the wall to find a Blue Soul Chest.

    Jump through the hole in the wall and use the nearby Shadowflight geysers to reach the remnants of a raised highway. Make your way to the top of the hill here and defend yourself against a group of Duskwings and a few zombies. Face the opposite direction from where we need to go to spot a chest containing a Life Stone Shard.

    Turn around and make your way across the various segments of highway until you see a short scene. A big demon with scythe like arms is going to join you shortly and as he moves to your location he will throw a few cars your way that you will need to dodge. When he arrives, get ready for a fight!

    The Scythe Demons perform a single and two part melee attack and a small overhead smash. The Scythe-like arms give this enemy a slightly wider area of effect to its attacks than any enemy we've fought thus far and if they connect, they can deal significant amounts of damage. As with all enemies these attacks can be avoided with a little timing and a finger on the dash button.

    When the Scythe Demon is dead, a Shadowflight geyser will re-appear to the left, so hop and glide across to the rooftop and then into the building opposite. Here you will encounter your first locked blue door. We need to find a key!

    Head down the stairs nearby and out on the balcony to find a Blue Soul Chest, continue down the second set of stairs. Kill all the Demonic Soldiers at the bottom and then open the chest they were guarding to find the Beholder's Key. Return to the blue barrier and use the action button to open the door. Head up the stairs to watch a scene.

    Note: This is Important! Save your game here, this section of the game contains the missable achievement/trophy ‘Aerial Predator'. In order to unlock this you must kill 160 enemies whilst riding the Angelic Beast in the next section and you are quite unlikely to be able to do it first try.

    This next section sees War riding a hijacked Angelic Beast through swarms of angels, demons and just about everything else. There is no real strategy here, just use the right trigger to shoot and the left trigger to lock on, you are able to manoeuvre the beast slightly to avoid incoming attacks, but it is still on a set course so you will have to go where it wants.

    From around the mid-way point to the end of the flight, you'll see large swarms of smaller enemies, do your best to lock on and shoot as many of these as possible to boost your score.

    Unfortunately, there is no counter to tell you how many enemies you have actually killed and you will not receive the achievement/trophy until you land at the end of the section. After a quick scene you will find yourself at the Twilight Cathedral.

    Note: if you reach the end of the section and have not unlocked the achievement/trophy ‘Aerial Predator' once War is back on foot, simply re-load your save and try again! You can continue to do this until you unlock it.

    The Twilight Cathedral

    Twilight Cathedral

    Head to the right of the main door to activate a new Vulgrim Location. Buy anything you need from Vulgrim and then enter the main building.

    Make your way down the hallway until you reach the statue in the middle of the room, turn right and pick up the Crystal Sword from the statue. Place the sword in the hands of the statue to the right of the door at the end of the hallway. Enter the room and jump across the lava to the other side. Kill the Duskwings and then head through the door on the right.

    When you enter this room, the doors will be sealed. Kill the group of Skeletal Warriors and once they are all gone, eliminate a second group of Skeletal Warriors with Duskwings as backup (keep in mind that killing the Duskwings will net you some health if you are in a tight spot). Once everything has ceased to breath, note the locked blue door and then proceed into the door on the south side of the room.

    Here you will be introduced to the bomb plants, which are incredibly useful at destroying those red crystals you have been seeing all over the place. Pick up the Green Soul Chest in the corner if you need it, and then use the bomb growth nearby to blow up the red crystals.

    Go through the hole in the wall, over the gap and use the handholds to climb to the top of the room. Jump across to the ledge on the left to grab a Blue Soul Chest and then jump back to the main platform and through the door.

    You will exit onto the balcony above the previous area. Look for the statue in front of you and check out the alcove directly behind it for a chest with the Dungeon Map in it. Now grab the statue and push it off the ledge into the courtyard below. This will create a hole in the ground.

    Keep moving along the balcony and check out the door on the right side to find a Blue Soul Chest within. Return to the courtyard and drop down into the new hole in the ground.

    Jump across the gap here and use the hand holds to make your way over to the other side of the gap, as you are moving along look out for the glowing green artefact in front of you. Jump onto the demon growth and climb to the very top of it, from here jump backwards and glide to grab the Artefact: Soldier.

    Dispatch the enemies here before gliding across the next gap, following the passage to the end and opening the door. Inside you will see a chest containing the Beholder's key. Kill its defenders and then backtrack all the way to the courtyard to unlock the door.

    Upon entering, cross the platforms and enter the big circular room. Here we will encounter our first Iron Giant. These guys have a heavy set of armour, so it takes a long time to kill them and have nasty axes that can do a double forward slash and a devastating overhead swing. Fortunately, the enemies are quite slow and you'll be able to identify when an attack is coming giving you a chance to doge out of the way. In general you want to use hit and run tactics by dashing away from their attacks and keep wailing on them until their armour falls away. Once naked, a few more hits will let you finish them off with an action button finisher.

    Once you have killed the Iron Giant, grab the Crystal Sword at the other end of the room and the Green Soul Chest and Blue Soul Chest nearby. Return to the main building and place the sword in the statue next to the door opposite.

    In this second courtyard, look to the right to see another Crystal Sword, above it is a demonic plant which will grab and eat anything that stands in the green slime beneath it. At the far end of the room is a bomb plant. Grab a bomb and hurl it at the plant to stun it and allow temporary access to the sword. When the plant is subdued, grab the Crystal Sword.

    Upon grabbing the sword, an Iron Giant and several Skeletal Warriors will arrive to crash your party. Dispatch them and then place the Crystal Sword on the statue to the left of the other door in the courtyard.

    Before heading through this portal though, turn around 180 degrees to see a window, through this you should be able to see a red crystal. Pick up the bomb growth and lob it through the window to hit the crystal here. This will reveal a chest containing a Life Stone Shard. Pick it up and head through the newly opened door.

    Inside, look up to see an Artefact: Champion and use the Shadowflight geyser to reach it. Once collected, use the geyser to access the platform here and exit onto the balcony. Use the handholds on the right wall here to make your way to the balcony on the opposite side of the area.

    Push the block here down into the courtyard below and then follow it down, grab it and push it as far to the east as it will go. Use it to jump up to the ledge above. Enter the door on your right. Make your way to the end and use the bomb on the plant holding the stone block. The block will fall to the floor and the impact will cause a large hole to appear. You know the drill! Go and drop down to the new area.

    Follow the tunnel down, taking out the Demonic Soldier ambush along the way. Jump down into the large open area here. Open the demon chest (looks like a floating statue with three heads) by smashing it with your sword. This is located on the right side of the area. Inside you will find a new weapon - the Cross-blade.

    After obtaining it, use the cross-blade to lock on and kill the four Duskwings that fly in from the lava. Then fend off some Demonic Soldiers who will spawn behind you.

    When these guys are all dead and gone, a quick scene will show introducing a Poison Demon. These guys are nasty, they can poison you with projectile vomit or if they make melee contact with you at any point. Note, if the glowing green cloud is emanating from them, if you touch them they WILL poison you. To attack them safely, you need to stun them with the charged up cross-blade and then attack with your other weapons whilst the green cloud is absent.

    Once you have killed the Poison Demon, a blue crystal will be revealed above the nearby door. Hit this with your cross-blade to unlock the door.

    In the next room you will find a switch directly in front of you and a statue in the lava behind it with red crystals on it. Use your cross-blade to target the bomb plant on the crystal here to blow it up. Climb the ledge to the left and use the windows to hit the bomb on the red crystal at the back of the statue.

    Return and activate the switch. Hit the crystal that appears to open a gate. Vault up the left side again, passed the blue locked door and through the now open gate. Hit the two bombs on the pillar in front of you with the cross-blade to knock it down and create a platform.

    Jump aboard and you will see another pillar ahead, the bombs on this one however are inert and will not blow up unless you hit them with fire. Look to your right to see a flaming torch, use the cross-blade to target the torch and then target one of the bombs to turn this pillar into a second platform. Follow the ledge around and enter the door to the left.

    This room requires three swords as indicated by the three empty handed statues in the centre. Luckily there are also three doors. Let's handle the door on the left first. A quick scene as you enter shows you that you need to get behind that waterfall of molten rock at the far end of the bridge in front of you.

    There is a switch just to your left, but we cannot use it just yet. Move to the circular platform in the centre of the bridge to the left you will see an inert bomb growth and to the right you will see a red crystal. Jump down to the left to grab a bomb and use the cogs sitting above the lava to carry the bomb across to the other side of the room. Stick the crystal and use the nearby torch to light the bomb using the cross-blade.

    Once the crystal is destroyed, jump across to the cogs leading to it and double jump up to the ledge behind to pick up an Artefact: Soldier.

    Return to the inert bomb platform and use the handholds on the left and the demon growth they lead into to climb back to the entrance. Hit the switch and the bridge will start to rotate. Jump on and ride it around to the southern ledge.

    Inside the small tunnel behind the platform, you will see an active bomb and a red crystal just out of reach. Use the inert bombs here to make a chain between the active bomb and the red crystal. Then hit the active bomb with the cross-blade to set off the path of destruction. Behind the crystal you will find another switch, activate this.

    Grab another inert bomb growth and jump back on the bridge and ride it to the opposite side of the room. Use the torch nearby to light the bomb and blow up the red crystal. Head inside the passage that opens and interact with yet another switch.

    With the two switches activated a pair of blue crystals will have appeared, flanking the platform before the lava waterfall. Ride the bridge over to this platform and use your cross-blade to activate both crystals. The lava waterfall will now stop, allowing you to walk through.

    Pick up the Crystal Sword inside and loot the other two Blue Soul Chests here before returning to the previous room and giving one of the statues the sword.

    Let's head for the north room next. To reach this, from the statues use the Shadowflight geyser to cross the lava pool and land on the platform above. Enter the door.

    As you enter, you'll see two blocks with bombs on them hanging from a rope leading down. Hit those with the cross-blade and then slide down the rope to the bottom. Activate the switch here. Jump across to the platform that appears in front of you, then to the left and all the way to the furthest platform. Hit the crystal in front of you, and then glide across to the new platform on the west side of the room.

    Cross-blade the crystal nearby and quickly jump to the next platform to the north as it rises. Hit the blue crystal here to make a bomb plant appear in the centre of the area. Jump across to it and use it to destroy the two red crystals. Return to the western platforms and double jump up into the new hole in the wall.

    Use the handholds in the room here to climb up and jump across to the rope. Shimmy above the door and drop down into the next area to find the second Crystal Sword. Turn around and hit the two blue crystals in the lava with your Cross-blade to exit back to the previous area.

    Smack the switch here and head to the far eastern platform to hit the blue crystal. This time, glide to the platform in the centre with the bomb and then to the raised platform to the left of the switch. Enter the alcove here that was until recently blocked by a red crystal. Open the Blue Soul Chest here and then hit the crystal to create a staircase out of the pit.

    Climb all the way back up to the top using the rock columns and head back to the previous room. Give a second statue a Crystal Sword and head on through the door that unlocks.

    As you enter, the door will lock and you will see the treasure chest in front of you disappear. A group of Demonic Soldiers will spawn. Kill them all and the door will unlock and the treasure chest will reappear. Open it for a Beholder's Key. Look behind a pillar on the side of the room for a chest containing a Wrath Shard.

    Exit to the previous area with the statues and climb back into the room precluding this one. Make your way around to the locked door and use the key.

    Once inside kill the Duskwings and jump to the handhold on the pillar to the right, work your way around this and jump to the next pillar and then wall beyond. Drop down and open the door at the end of the hallway here. In the next room, move War forward until you see a quick scene introducing a boss fight.