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    FAQ/Walkthrough by shadowinverse

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    *********[-Nice and Simple-]*********
    -=[]The Next Big Thing Game Guide[]=-
    *********[-Nice and Simple-]*********
    The 'The Next BIG Thing' walkthrough will guide you through all twists and 
    turns of a plot of this pleasant game. It is divided into six parts, 
    corresponding to game chapters, and many subchapters where you can find 
    hints to specific tasks.
    As default, a mouse cursor takes a shape of an eye on all active objects. 
    To change it into a hand (picking collectibles), speech bubble 
    (conversation) or cog (objects handling), click the RMB. When in the 
    inventory, a cursor takes a shape of hand automatically, but it is worth 
    to change it into an eye and examine objects in close-up. You'll get 
    additional information then and sometimes also new objects.
    All available options appear when you move the cursor to the top of a 
    screen. You'll find there (from the left): help (F1), active points (F3), 
    the inventory (Tab), tasks (F3) and the menu (F4). Starting the game, you 
    create a profile connected with avatar (one of the game characters), a 
    nickname and a password. You also have to choose one of the 3 difficulty 
    levels: easy (help and active points are available), medium (active points 
    are on, menu is off) or hard (help and active points are off).
    In a menu on the right, next to your avatar, there are three indicators. 
    The first two lines illustrate a usage of narrator's hints and disclosure 
    of active points. They are full at the beginning, but they shrink with use 
    of these options. The last line shows completing tasks in the game and it 
    is empty at the beginning. It fills up as the gameplay proceeds. You can 
    also check your stats, as summarized in a rather humorous way.
    A double-click with LMB speeds up passing to locations and characters 
    themselves - they materialize in the indicated spot. A single-click 
    skips dialogs.
    Chapter I
    Two reporters, Liz Allaire and Dan Murray, go to an award ceremony at this 
    year's horror movies festival. But it appears on the spot that Dan doesn't 
    intend to help his colleague with professional duties. Liz goes to a 
    theater alone, and when she returns to a car parked in front of a 
    William A. FitzRandolph's villa, who is film magnate and owner of 
    MKO Studios, our reporters see Big Albert, one of the popular 
    actors-monsters, breaking through the window into the William's office. 
    Liz wants to check this immediately, while her partner Dan doesn't want 
    to move and stays in the car.
    ~Convince Dan to talk to FitzRandolph, part 1~
    As Liz go to the villa (twice to the right). Being inside you'll see that 
    the owner instead of having fun with guests, sits on a couch in a lobby, 
    which means that Liz can’t sneak into his office. Talk to 
    FitzRandolph - Liz finally gets an idea to ask her stubborn colleague for 
    help, and more specifically to divert tycoon's attention from Liz. 
    Unfortunately, Dan still doesn't want to get out of the car.
    ~Convince Edgar, that he can be new Vulcan Flash~
    Return to the villa and take first entrance on the left (behind the stairs). 
    You'll enter the dressing room, where you'll meet Edgar. Talk to him. He 
    thinks that with his appearance he will never play a monster convincingly. 
    After the conversation is over take a look at a paper model of Vulcan Flash 
    (on the right), the main character in acclaimed horror movie. The actor who 
    played this monster is missing. You can notice that Vulcan resembles Edgar. 
    Of course Liz will get a brilliant idea to create a new Vulcan out of Edgar 
    and the image of a monster will appear in your equipment.
    Now you need few gadgets more. To get the first, go to main hall (to the 
    right). You'll see a pumpkin with glasses stuck on the stairs knob. Take 
    the glasses (click RMB on the pumpkin to get a hand icon and the click LMB 
    to collect the glasses). In order to get next item go to the second room on 
    the left (next to the dressing room). This is a library which looks more 
    like untidy room or waiting for a renovation. There is the vest on the left 
    stairs handrail. It is useful so take it. Examine also a bookcase next to 
    the stairs (to the right). You'll find a bottle of blue paint. Combine it 
    with the image of a monster and add the glasses and the vest.
    Return to the dressing room and use the upgraded image of a monster on Edgar. 
    He will transform into a Vulcan after a while and Liz will get his jacket he 
    was wearing earlier. Take a closer look at it in inventory (click RMB on the 
    jacket to get an eye icon and then click LMB to get a close-up). You'll find 
    two tickets for a boxing match.
    ~Convince Dan to talk to FitzRandolph, part 2~
    Leave the dressing room and the hall (a directional cursor at the bottom of 
    the screen) and go back to the car (to the left). Show Dan tickets for the 
    match. It is enough to encourage him to talk to FitzRandolph. When they join 
    the rest of guests, go to the hallway by the stairs on the right. Liz will 
    check last and middle door on the right, leading accordingly to FitzRandolph's 
    and his secretary's offices. Unfortunately, they're closed.
    ~Persuade Jimmy Love to open the office~
    Accost a robot sleeping at the beginning of the hallway. His name is 
    Jimmy Love. Ask him to open the office, pretending to be a secretary of 
    FitzRandolph. A robot will scan Liz and will categorically assert that she's 
    not Beverley Torrance. So you have to use a bit of cunning.
    Leave the hallway (a directional cursor at the bottom of the screen) and the 
    villa. Go to the car again. Take a flask left by Dan on the mask. Open the 
    trunk - you'll find an empty engine oil canister there. Pour the contents of 
    the flasks to the canister.
    Return to the villa and go to the corridor to the right. Treat Jimmy to the 
    canister with alcohol. Then accost him again and ask him to open the second 
    door. This time the identification is positive and after small perturbations 
    with a lock, Liz can come to the secretary's office.
    ~Read a message from Big Albert~
    Big Albert, who fled through the window after seeing Liz, has left a message. 
    She would like to read it but unfortunately a notepad is currently in a dog 
    kennel. You need to get some tidbit to lure Tobby out of his kennel.
    Being in FitzRandolph cabinet, go to the secretary office (an open door on the 
    left). Walk over to her desk and take a pencil from a cup. Exit to the hallway 
    (a directional cursor at the bottom of the screen) and go to the main hall.
    Head to the recess with armchairs where the owner of this villa was sitting. 
    There is a crank arm on an armchair on the right. Take it.
    Go to the FitzRandolph cabinet through the secretary office. Install the crank 
    arm in the phonograph standing there. You'll hear strange noise. Go to the 
    Beverley office - you'll see a big bed instead of a desk there. Go to the 
    bookcase located on the left side of the bed and take a tin of caviar.
    Go outside the villa and use caviar to lure the dog out of his kennel. Liz 
    will automatically take the notepad out of the kennel. Now you need to make 
    an old trick - use a pencil on a seemingly clear sheet, where previous 
    writings are imprinted. Follow the writings and go to the rear of the house 
    where you'll find unconscious Albert.
    Chapter II  
    In next day, Dan who is taking a bath has to listen to a row made on the phone 
    by his boss. The reason is that both reporters are not in the office. You 
    have no choice - you have to go to the FitzRandolph's villa and look into the 
    ~Check what happened to Liz~
    Being in the warehouse, where according to the information from Edgar, Liz was 
    heading to, pick up her belt from the floor. It is located at the wall, left 
    to the stove. Go outside and head left to the villa. Go to the kennel (to the 
    left) and give Tobby Liz's belt to sniff. The "doggy" will lead Dan back to 
    the warehouse and point a grate leading to a basement. After lifting it, man 
    will state that it is too high to jump.
    Leave the warehouse and head left until Dan gets to the car. Take a baseball 
    bat from the right seat. Go back to the front of FitzRandolph's house and 
    take a closer look at small door right to the Tobby's kennel. Dan will notice 
    claws dug into it (and more specifically a guitarist’ red glove with claws). 
    Pull them out from the door using a baseball bat.
    Go to the right, approaching El Chupacabras sleeping in front of the house 
    and head to the pier (to the right prior to the guitarist). You'll see a rope 
    tied to a fence - cut it with the claws. Return to the villa (to the right) 
    and then go to the warehouse (to the right behind the guitarist).
    Attach the rope to a grate in a floor and Dan will move down to the basement 
    and find Liz's voice recorder. Listen to the recording Dan will find out that 
    Big Albert was closed in a sarcophagus. And Edgar will tell him that this 
    sarcophagus was moved to the Temple of Eternal Illusion, which can't be 
    ~Become a guinea-pig for professor Flay~
    Go again to the pier and then go to the boat moored at the shore. Dan will 
    overhear a conversation between professor Flay and Poet, who would like to 
    participate in testing of a teleport, but was refused. Talk to professor 
    this. You'll learn that in order to become his guinea-pig, you have to be a 
    social outcast, close to death in addition. Then you have to pass a special 
    psychological test, which will show a level of moral collapse. So Dan has no 
    choice as meet these three conditions.
    ~Become a social outcast~
    Before you leave the boat, take a camera lying on the floor between a control 
    panel and a second, similar device. Return to the villa and go to Dan's car. 
    Using a baseball bat crash the car completely.
    Use a camera on what was left of the car - robots will take a photo of Dan 
    and his work of destruction. When the photo goes to our hero's boss, Dan will 
    immediately lose a job. This is enough to satisfy the first condition of 
    ~A lifespan as short as possible~
    There is a device in the professor's laboratory, which determines a lifespan 
    (to the right). Step on it (if Dan doesn't want to, call a professor and ask 
    him what kind of device it is) to check how much time is left for Dan on this 
    earthly vale of tears. A device will show 5 years which is definitely too 
    much for professor's requirements. You have to lower it below 1 year, 
    2 months, 9 days and 37 minutes. Leave the boat and go to the warehouse. Just 
    in front of the entrance lies a withered leaf left by Tobby. Take it.
    Return to the boat and click a lifespan indicator with the leaf. Dan will 
    chew it and this time a result will be satisfying - 19 days and 3 hours.
    ~Pass a psychological test~
    To obtain acceptable answers in professor's test, Dan will need a help of 
    Poet, who is sitting at the pier and looking for new types of pain, which 
    inspire him to create further poems. Talk to him and ask for some painfully 
    poetry. A nursery rhyme inspired by a magnifying glass burning someone's 
    hand for example. Remember it.
    To provide him with the next spur, stimulating him to work, use a red glove 
    with claws on billboard nearby. A terrible noise proves to be a sufficient 
    incentive for Poet. Of course, remember the next verse.
    Now you need more items for further inspiration. Go to the villa where 
    El Chupacabras sleeps near the wall. Take a guitar case from him. Open it 
    with a close-up - you'll obtain a saltshaker and a lemon.
    Return to Poet and give him these items. He will apply himself a new kind of 
    pain and produce another batch of poetry. Remember it.
    For a last instrument of torture you have to go to the car. There is a 
    corkscrew in the edge of a lawn (to the right). Pull it out. Go to Poet and 
    give him a corkscrew. You'll hear a fourth rhyme.
    Now you have a set of test answers. Go to the boat and call professor who is 
    upstairs. Ask him about the test. Seeing first blot, quote Poet about sun 
    burning the body (inspired by his play with magnifying glass).
    A second blot is connected with exploding hearing, wounded by thousands of 
    bees (inspired by claws on the billboard). A third blot is connected with an 
    eye devouring the brain like hungry zombies (inspired by the action of salt 
    and lemon).
    And a last, fourth blot is connected with blood stream in a jaw (inspired by 
    what Poet did with a corkscrew). Dan will be now able to test the teleporter.
    ~Send a teleport cabin to the Temple of Eternal Illusion and get there~
    Accost a professor and suggest that it would be good to test teleports when 
    they are placed at a greater distance from each other. Suggest the warehouse 
    in the villa - and one of the devices will be transported there.
    Now you have to make that teleporter is moved even further - to the Temple of 
    Eternal Illusion. It means that you need to change its appearance a little 
    bit. To do so, leave the warehouse and steal set of spray paints, located 
    near Edgar who tries to clean graffiti. Return to the warehouse and repaint 
    the teleporter making a beautiful ... sarcophagus out of it. Go outside and 
    tell Edgar that there is a sarcophagus inside. When he is convinced that you 
    are not lying, he will order to move the sarcophagus to a mysterious temple. 
    And that is it! Of course you can also spoof a priestess by the way.
    Chapter III 
    Dan is in a rather interesting situation - the main temple priestess, 
    Krom-Ha, clearly discovered a liking to him, but our hero's goal is not 
    necessary a love game. He would prefer to escape from the temple taking Big 
    Albert with him. Unfortunately Big Albert is still in a sarcophagus which is 
    guarded by robots controller by decorative collar which Krom-Ha wears around 
    her neck.
    ~Deliver 8 hieroglyphs to the Oracle of Shadow, part 1~
    Leave the bedroom through a door on the left. It is time to look around the 
    temple in search of some way out of this situation. In a great hall head 
    right and go through any of the double doors on the right of the main stairs. 
    You'll get to the Oracle of Shadow hall. Talk to her, or rather with him. You 
    will learn that in order to deal with a priestess you need a Book of Dead. 
    However before Dan will be able use it, he must have a knowledge of Egyptian. 
    Therefore first you have to deliver 8 hieroglyphs to the oracle.
    Return to the bedroom and examine the vase standing next to the priestess. 
    There are coins inside but you can't steal them when she watches you. So ask 
    her about a kiss and during a passionate embrace get coins out of the vase. 
    You'll get a coin with the first hieroglyph.
    Leave the bedroom and talk to a guard standing at the top of a stairs in the 
    hall. Discuss about age of your staffs. After conversation suggest him an 
    exchange - his Egyptian, curved staff for Dan's baseball bat (use it on the 
    guard). This way you'll get a staff with the second hieroglyph.
    ~Find the mummy~
    Then go to the right (to the end) and go through the door between columns on 
    the right. You'll get to a room with sarcophagi and a disappearing mummy. 
    Remember in which sarcophagus mummy was when Dan saw her first and second 
    time. A mummy moves through sarcophagi to the right by certain (random) 
    number (3, 4 or 5). You have to find a sarcophagus where the mummy is hidden 
    by calculating its movement. If for example the mummy first showed up in a 
    third sarcophagus (counting from the left) and then in a sixth sarcophagus, 
    it means that she moves by three sarcophagi - the next one should be ninth. 
    But there are only seven sarcophagi in total, so the correct answer is a 
    second sarcophagus. When you discover a place where the mummy is hiding, you 
    can pick up her dagger with third hieroglyph.
    ~Deliver 8 hieroglyphs to the Oracle of Shadow, part 2~
    Now go to the theater (the upper or lower entrance on the left). There are 
    two robots guarding sarcophagus with Albert inside. After first conversation 
    accost a robot on the right (Pazzo) and talk with him about a second robot 
    (Ducky). Ask him to show you his trick. When Ducky performs a trick with a 
    cylinder, a carrot and a rabbit, go to the red table in front of the stage. 
    Take the magician's tools, i.e. a cylinder and a wand.
    Return to the hall and go to the right (to the end). Now go through the door 
    prior to columns on the right. You'll get to a hall, where a pyramid is 
    levitating. You can't take it but you can do the job with a trick. Cover the 
    pyramid with a cylinder and use a wand on it.
    Take the cylinder - it appears that now a rabbit is levitating in the room, 
    so a pyramid with four hieroglyphs is probably located on a table in the 
    theater. Go there and take it. Now you should have seven hieroglyphs.
    The last one is near by the Oracle of Shadow. Take a closer look at the 
    emergency exit (in front of the oracle). There is a plaque with the last 
    hieroglyph. Use a dagger and take the plaque. Finally give Oracle all 5 
    items with 8 hieroglyphs.
    ~Pass the exam on the Egyptian syntax~
    Now Dan has to pass and exam on the Egyptian syntax. You'll receive 5 
    questions and each time you'll have to indicate the correct answer. A way to 
    find it is as follows (and it doesn't have much in common with questions): 
    you have to choose a word or a phrase, which describes a hieroglyph being on 
    the same place as its description. So, if the third hieroglyph from the left 
    depicts a duck and there is a word "duck" as a third choice from the top in 
    the set of answers, that is a correct answer.
    This puzzle is random, so it is not possible to give one solution. However, 
    following the above explanation, you should easily cope with this task.
    ~Get the decorative collar Krom-Ha~
    Successfully passing the exam in the Oracle of Shadow effects in receiving a 
    key to the chamber where the Book of Dead is stored. The key is the live 
    scarab but the Oracle of Shadow doesn't want to tell you, where the chamber 
    is. Dan has to find it out by himself.
    Leave the Oracle room and being in the hall take a closer look at the 
    fountain without water. You'll notice thousands of beetles there. Put your 
    scarab to the fountain. He'll go to the one of holes on the right and all 
    beetles will follow him. It turns out that there are stairs leading to the 
    chamber with a Book of Dead under beetles.
    Dan will take the Book, but he won't be able to open it. Use a pyramid on it 
    (in the equipment) to open an unusual lock. When you find yourself back in 
    the bedroom, choose any three of the five sets of hieroglyphics, which Dan 
    will describe to the priestess. This way, he will get her decorative collar 
    and free poor Albert.
    Chapter IV 
    ~Cure Adrian of frigophobia~
    After conversation with FitzRandolph, go to the next room (to the left). 
    Talk to a robot named Adrian at the counter on the right. During the 
    conversation he'll tell Liz, that he has frigophobia.
    Get a door on the right and go inside a cooler room. Check supplies in an 
    open fridge. Take a look at boxes with Cuban cancers (on the left at the 
    door). Return to the dining room (in the room with the robot move cursor to 
    the bottom right corner of the screen) and inform FitzRandolph what you want 
    to eat for dinner - choose a set with refrigerator contents.
    ~Render FitzRandolph powerless~
    Take a syringe from a countertop where a robot was doing something 
    previously. Go to the room on the left.
    Look at the dartboard, and then take a box of darts. Examine it with 
    close-up - it appears that they contain a drug with immediate effect. Fill 
    the syringe with narcotic darts containing. Go back to the dining room. 
    Once FitzRandolph put his hand with a pipe on a cart, inject the fluid from 
    a syringe to his pipe. Having FitzRandolph powerless, Liz will get his 
    speech on changes in MKO.
    ~Help the poor, nervous creature~
    Again, go to the room with a large polar bear and darts. Take a look at the 
    chest on the left, no doubt with live content. A pet inside (Malay pheasant) 
    is irritable and restless - kindly Liz decides to calm it down. In order to 
    do so, take a gun from a bookcase on the left to the door.
    Load it with a narcotic dart and shoot a creature to put it to sleep.
    ~Steal a Big Albert's brain~
    A Big Albert's brain is located in a safe in the dining room. Liz, of course, 
    may try to find a correct combination, but this is time consuming job and 
    rather futile. You have to act in a different way.
    Take a cart standing near the FitzRandolph's armchair. Use it on a safe and 
    Liz will take a cart there and put a safe's upper part on a cart.
    Now you have to fasten a safe to a cart somehow. Go to the room with the 
    Malay pheasant sleeping in the chest. Since the creature is harmless, Liz 
    can lower a chest. Tell her to spin a crank at the bottom of mechanism 
    maintaining ropes in tension. Then click on the chest with hand-shaped 
    cursor and Liz will take a belt from it.
    Return to the dining room. Take a parachute hanging near a cooler room on 
    your way. Being in the dining room, attach a safe to a cart with a belt and 
    then attach a parachute to it.
    ~Escape from the zeppelin~
    Now you have to leave the zeppelin somehow. Go to the balcony in the dining 
    room. It would be nice to open the dome. Note that there is a ring at the 
    top but it is too high to each it.
    Go outside the dining room and take the baking pan with the remnants of 
    chocolate from a counter at which a robot worked. It has some kind of hook 
    which will be useful soon. Go to the room with a big polar bear and take a 
    ski pole from the bookcase on the right.
    Return to the balcony. Put a baking pan on a ski pole and use this kit to 
    turn the ring. This will open the balcony dome. Liz will look down and see 
    something that should help her with escape.
    Return to the dining room and change a cursor into a cog then click on a 
    safe attached to a cart. Liz will take it to the balcony and ... hello 
    Chapter V 
    ~Break free before Zelssius returns with a chip~
    When Zelssius goes away, talk to professor Flay who is trapped in a cage 
    hanging over Dan. Talk with him about corrosive properties of his saliva. 
    Ask him to spit on handcuffs blocking Dan. Although because of the distance 
    professor won’t be able to exactly point at Dan's left hand, but he will 
    release his left foot. Use it to activate a nearby lever - you'll lower the 
    cage with Flay.
    Accost professor again. Unfortunately he is no longer angry so he can't spit 
    anymore. You can try to get him angry but with no success. In this situation 
    call Zelssius who is in the backroom (use a speech bubble cursor on a passage 
    below a professor's cage) and tell him about Flay's wicked intentions against 
    him. When Zelssius will spray professor with insecticide, he'll get mad and 
    now spit a correct place. After a while they are both free.
    Professor failed to completely remove the chip from Liz's brain. A broken 
    piece of it is still inside and the girl is in coma. You'll get into a world 
    which is created by Liz's subconscious. Poet gives her two buttons. Her task 
    is to beat shame and fear, which will allow her to find the deepest desire of 
    her heart.
    ~Five scenes for Quennie~
    You're in the elevator. Push the white button next to number 11th. Go to the 
    easel and take a look at the canvas. It perceives an association with Liz's 
    beautiful sister, a painter. It turn out automatically, that you're in a 
    Quennie Parisian flat. You'll learn that she has to paint five more paintings 
    for tomorrow’s exhibition but she lacks inspiration. Liz would help her 
    sister gladly, but she can't recall anything.
    Before you leave the room, take a look at a straw bale hanging on the left 
    side of the bookcase. Dig up a sewing kit from inside. Go to the elevator 
    (inside the bookcase) and push the white button next to number 80th.
    You'll be in a studio, where second Liz is preparing for a recording. Walk 
    to a desk among a stack of boxes and take a notepad from the desk. It will 
    remind you a break-in scene (with Big Albert and FitzRandolph office).
    Take a look at the cactus-shape coat rack (on the left) and click it with 
    hand-shaped cursor - Liz will take an election badge from a jacket hanging 
    there. It will remind her of FitzRandolph's big plans, which she read in 
    his speech.
    Now select the 14th floor. This is child's bathroom in a Liz's family house. 
    From a bizarre coat rack at the door take a motorcycle helmet, which will 
    remind Liz of her spectacular escape from a zeppelin.Return to the elevator 
    and insert one of the buttons you've received from Poet into any of holes 
    in the lift keyboard, let's say - first from the left (you must have a 
    sewing kit taken from Quennie room in order to "sew" the button). This way 
    you'll get to floor 73 (or 5 or 25 - it depends where you've put the 
    button). This is a ballroom in Liz's family house.
    After conversation with a robot named Armand, go to the bar. Pick up a hip 
    flask left on the floor (on the left), which will remind Liz of Dan. 
    Examine also a tray of ice cubes installed on the left side of the bar. 
    You'll see a plush bear inside. Pull it out. It will remind Liz of a polar 
    bear from the zeppelin.
    Now you got 5 memories from Liz's life. Return to her sister (the 11th 
    floor) and give her all items successively: a notepad, a badge, a helmet, a 
    hip flask and a teddy bear. Quennie will paint five paintings on the basis 
    of each scene. At the end it will turn out that she run out of a red paint 
    she uses to sign her paintings.
    ~Do something for Spencer McDundee~
    Take the elevator to the bathroom (14th floor). Examine the safe on the 
    left. Try to open it - Liz doesn't know the combination. A Scot from the 
    image will talk to you - he knows the correct code. Unfortunately, a 
    conversation with him won't bring any results. You have to do something for 
    Return to the ballroom (73rd floor) and take a juicer from the right side of 
    the bar. Being in the elevator, insert the second button you got from Poet 
    into one of two remaining holes in the bottom of keyboard, let's say into the 
    middle one (you must have a sewing kit taken from Quennie room in order to 
    "sew" the button). You'll get to the 5th floor (or 25th or 73th - it depends 
    on where you've put this and previous button). There is a tree on the left 
    with the extinguisher attached to it. Use a juicer on it and you'll get a 
    red paint for Quennie.
    Go to your sister (11th floor) and give her red paint. Quennie will paint a 
    portrait of Scot, who has a head on his place. The grateful man will give Liz 
    a code to the safe. She will find a symbol of courage in a form of a medal 
    ~Overcome the strongest inhibition~
    Being in the ballroom for a first time, during a conversation with Armand, 
    Liz realizes that she is ashamed to dance. She decides to overcome but she 
    needs a carnet in order to dance. Go to the 5th (or 25th or 73th - it depends 
    where you've put buttons) floor and take a closer look at a tree growing in 
    a pot on the left. There are passes of various kinds on it. Unfortunately 
    they are still immature and the tree is almost withered. You have to water 
    it then.
    So move to the bathroom (14th floor), go to the bathtub and remove a shower 
    head. Return to the 5th floor. Install the shower head under the tree. Now 
    return to the bathroom. Go to the bathtub and turn the functional (left) tap. 
    Once you go again to the 5th floor, all passes on the tree are ripe. Take a 
    carnet you need.
    Go to the ballroom and show Armando the carnet. The first dance is tango. 
    Unfortunately, it is not in the orchestra's repertoire. So you have to teach 
    floral orchestra (on the far right) how to play tango. Armando will provide 
    Liz with two important clues: instruments must keep the rhythm and not all 
    should take part in a performance of tango. So go to the orchestra and click 
    it with a cog-shaped cursor.
    A close-up appears where you have to choose instruments that to play tango. 
    What are important are their type, sequence and tempo of marking them. At 
    the beginning, listen to all instruments - these are flowers. Each of them 
    has a centre of different color (green, yellow, red, blue, pink and orange. 
    Once you recognize what kind of instrument it is, click this flower again to 
    stop playing and to check another one. You have to choose 4 flowers out of 6, 
    which sound like drums, violin, piano and bass guitar - exactly in that 
    order. This puzzle is also random and after each failed attempt flowers wilt 
    and with the next check it turns out that there is a different instrument 
    behind different color. Once you're sure that you've chosen flowers 
    correctly, click them at steady tempo, so Armando can recognize that the 
    rhythm is correct. It is described by notes when you play particular 
    instrument. When the note disappears it is a sign that another instrument has 
    to be played. If you successfully complete this task, Liz will start to 
    dance. As a reward she'll receive a half of the third button.
    ~Overcome the greatest fear~
    It is time to overcome fear and from the conversation with Quennie Liz knows 
    that she's most afraid of crocodiles. Besides, her reaction when she saw a 
    crocodile on the 5th floor was more than meaningful. Go there and walk into 
    the crocodile's jaws (use RMB to change cursor for directional one) or click 
    on it with the medal you've found.
    You'll receive a second half of the button which means that another floor in 
    the elevator is accessible (25th or 73th or 5th - it depends where you've put 
    buttons). You'll get there automatically. Talk to Dan-Tarzan. Liz will learn 
    what the deepest desire of her heart is, although it will be hard for her to 
    believe it...
    Chapter VI
    ~Keep FitzRandolph away from the laboratory~
    You received a certain task from Flay, but the most important issue now is 
    to not allow FitzRandolph to get into the laboratory and figure out the 
    situation. So go back to the laboratory (a directional cursor at the bottom 
    of the screen), and then head to the elevator which is in the far right.
    You'll be in a MKO Studios corridor. Go to the left and take the door on the 
    left. You'll get to the room with two actors-monsters: Eva Morte – Scream 
    Queen and Night Master wait for FitzRandolph. Go to the left behind a curtain 
    and notice Liz's purse lying on a round stool. Check its contents. There is a 
    case inside containing a bracelet along with a letter - a gift from Zelssius 
    to Liz and very valuable for Dan - tickets for a boxing match.
    Take a note from a chair nearby. Go to the corridor and open the door 
    opposite. Talk to FitzRandolph and convince him that he should go to the 
    laboratory because Liz and Zelssius need a little privacy. Show him a 
    bracelet and an affectionate message as proof of your words.
    Head to the end of the corridor (to the right). You'll find that the elevator 
    entrance is cleverly hidden behind a wardrobe on wheels. You need a code 
    which is written on a paper which you took from a chair in the room with 
    Scream Queen and Night Master. Use it on the elevator and after a while Dan 
    will be in the lab.
    ~Try to get parts for the chip extractor~
    Go through the metal door on the right. You'll be in a cave next to the lab. 
    Head left, where you can see a robot's head in the rocks. Take it.
    Return to the lab (a directional cursor on the right) and head to the backroom.
    Once you're in a rock corridor, give the robot's head to professor who is 
    upstairs (on the left). Then give him also Liz's bracelet with crystal. This 
    is enough and Flay can finish his device which removes chips from a brain.
    Thanks to a stone received from Dan-Tarzan, Liz-Jane manages to break a glass 
    separating her from other Liz and now she can talk with her version that is 
    under the influence of FitzRandolph. Unfortunately none of the arguments is 
    good enough to convince other Liz. Liz-Jane has to figure out how to reach 
    ~Get help from Anne-Marie~
    Go to the elevator on the right. Get to the floor with a red button. Take a 
    tam-tam standing there. Now move to the 30th floor. You'll find yourself in 
    an Allaire gallery which is managed by Liz's second sister - Anne-Marie. Talk 
    to her about a painting with voodoo theme and what happened in New Orleans. 
    Ask her also if she plays other instrument than a piano. At the end give her 
    tam-tam and ask her to play it. It appears that a score is needed.
    Use the elevator and move to Dan. Talk to him about his shaman friend and the 
    score for the tam-tam. Well ... it is obvious that he won't give it her like 
    that. Move to the 41st floor then, to the studio where you can find Liz. Ask 
    her about make-up girl - Liz will go to check if she is back. The moment when 
    she is gone can be used for checking her purse which is lying on a stool 
    nearby. You'll find a bracelet and tickets for an animal fight.
    Return to Dan-Tarzan and give him the tickets. You'll receive the score for 
    the tam-tam. Move to the 30th floor and give your sister the score. During 
    Anne-Marie plays the tam-tam, jump inside the Quennie's painting (on the 
    left). The voodoo priest is busy with dancing to the beat of the tam-tam 
    music so Liz can steal a doll.
    ~Pass the knife throwing trial~
    Now go to the Dan-Tarzan to the jungle. Talk to him about a large knife. The 
    next scene is like taken from Wilhelm Tell story. You have to throw a knife 
    in an apple on Dan's head but somehow it is not possible. After a failed 
    attempt you will gain an apple.
    Now choose the 41st floor in the elevator and examine the box standing on a 
    floor, to the right from Liz. You'll find a buckle and a magnet.
    Put the magnet inside the apple and return to Dan. Tell him that you want to 
    try throwing the knife again. This time you'll hit the apple with no 
    problems. You'll receive the knife.
    ~Free other Liz from FitzRandolph's yoke~
    Finally go to the 68th floor. You'll see doctor Zelssius conducting two 
    robots. Go to him and using the knife cut a piece of a green gown. Use it on 
    voodoo doll. Use also the bracelet as an eye patch - now it looks much like 
    Zelssius. Then immobilize its hands with a buckle you've found earlier. In 
    this way Liz's alter ego will be free from negative influence of 
    ~Cross a line between a mere mortal and a hero~
    You have to convince Scream Queen and Night Master to help you with 
    unmasking FitzRandolph. You need really good argument. Give one of them 
    tickets for a boxing match.
    ~Prepare to swap films~
    After you go to the corridor, you'll see FitzRandolph going inside his office 
    (double door). Follow him and talk to him on all subjects (also about 
    quitting smoking). Then head to the elevator (to the right). Go down to the 
    lab. Locate a place where Flay is. Take a tea-bag which lies on a table.
    Return to the lab (a cursor at the bottom of the screen), and use the steel 
    door on the right. Go to the cave and using tea bag take some gunpowder from 
    the barrel which stands under rocks on the right. Go again to the lab and 
    head to offices of MKO Studios (take the elevator on the right). Go to the 
    projection room door (on the right) and stick a bag with gunpowder into its 
    hole. Now you have to set fire somehow.
    Go the FitzRandolph's office. Convince him to quit smoking. You'll receive 
    his incandescent pipe. Go out to the corridor and set fire to the gunpowder 
    in the door using the pipe. This way Dan will get a steam gun.
    Take the elevator and go to the lab. Head to the backroom and then go along 
    a rock tunnel to the right. There are three characters stay behind a glass: 
    Big Albert, Poet and Intangible Man. He would be perfect choice for swapping 
    films if he is invisible. Unfortunately he is smeared with paint. Clean him 
    with the steam gun.
    Now, just use the FitzRandolph distraction and artfully prepared plan will be 
    The Next Big Thing
    title: The Next Big Thing | genre: adventure 
    developer: Pendulo Studios | publisher: Focus Home Interactive
    platform: PC | rated: PEGI: Age 12+
    Are you ready for the next BIG thing?
    The Next BIG Thing is Liz Allaire, a dashing, very talented blonde with a 
    great deal of ambition but not much common sense. She may be the most 
    outrageously insane main character in the history of all graphic adventures.
    The Next BIG Thing is Dan Murray, the cheekiest, rudest, most deceptive, 
    cheating and unbearably seductive sports reporter in all of California. A 
    true gem.
    The Next BIG Thing is a story that will force you to use your brain power 
    thanks to hundreds of puzzles. You will be titillated by its movie-like 
    action sequences, and you will go into hysterics during the countless 
    moments of sheer comedy.
    The Next BIG Thing has a 100% Pendulo look, in which painstaking care has 
    been taken with the finest details, in which color is maximized, and 
    characters and background will be seen in Full HD quality for the first time 
    in an adventure. 
    To sum it up: The Next BIG Thing is the next thing by Pendulo Studios.
    (Info about game from official fact sheet)
    Pendulo Studios - Developer Website. http://www.pendulostudios.com/
    Focus Home Interactive - Publisher Website. http://www.focus-home.com/
    The Next Big Thing - Official Website. http://www.thenextbig-game.com/

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