Do weapons do more/less against specific defenses like in ME2?

  1. In the firing range it looks nothing is good against armor. Everything does less damage to armor except in a few cases where it's equal with other defense types. I can't tell with sniper rifles because they kill all the targets in one hit.
    So do the old ME2 rules of weapons vs. defense not apply?

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  1. There are no weapon which specialize against armor in Mass Effect 3.

    Weapons in Mass Effect 3 are all based on five categories.

    Weight: Which you are looking for as low as possible for quick power recharge.
    Capacity: The amount of ammo you can carry.
    Fire Rate: How quickly you can fire your weapon.
    Damage: Which is the deciding factor in how quickly you can tear through armor, barriers, and flesh.
    Accuracy: Chance of hitting your target.

    Now some weapons have special abilies or high enough Damage that they can tear through armor easily, but that is based on Damage alone. You can still use Disruptor ammo or other special ammo to speed up knocking out armor and shields.

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  1. There are no weapons that are good versus specific types. If you need to smash through barriers or armour, then you need to have skills to use for that purpose.

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  2. in the game it says that things like shotguns and sniper rifles are good against armor, and smg's are good against shields...etc.

    now maybe there isn't a strict bonus, however if the way damage functions is such that low damage fast firing weapons are bad against armor, and fast firing low damage weapons are better at shield regen disruption, well. the answer to the OP's question is that yes, different weapons perform differently against armor.

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  3. Typically, if you're have trouble with armor you should get the armor penetration ammo bonus power. Or Warp Ammo, if you're a biotic.

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  4. Note that the Javelin, Widow, and Black Widow appear to have built-in Armor Penetration.

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