Importing Save files from ME2?

  1. I remembered that to import your save file from ME1 to 2, you just have to go to the mass effect 2 configuration utility and click the save game tab and browse to your save game file and select it. I can't seem to find the same "save game" tab in my ME3 config utility though, how do you guys import your save files?

    User Info: vince5190

    vince5190 - 5 years ago

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  1. The import is done solely in game, when you start a new game.

    There has been an issue with ME3 only trying to import from the default ME2 save location.

    Simply put your ME2 saves in "Documents\Bioware\Mass Effect 2\Save\ whatever character name is

    Should solve any import problems

    User Info: mattbazz

    mattbazz - 5 years ago 3 0


  1. Also please can you tell what benefits we get after importing the ME2 save file in the ME3 ?

    User Info: simonsez99

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  2. What mattbazz said.Just place the ME2 save file into ME2's save directory\your character name.

    If you import you get bonus dialogue,a reputation boost,access to war assets you wouldn't be able to get otherwise,and start at a higher level.

    User Info: theplqa

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  3. The files must be located in the correct place and be in folders that are correctly formatted (that is named properly) or else ME3 will not recognize them. The correct location for ME2 saves should be: C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save

    The sub-folders in the "Save" directory need to be properly named (that is if you simply dowloaded a *.SAV file from the internet and put it in here it will not be recognized until it is put in a directory), however the name does not matter so much as the formatting of the name. Generally the template for the naming of the directory is as follows: "Character Name"_"Character Level"_"Character Class"_"Numerical Value" Here is an example: Damian_22_Vanguard_110211

    It does not matter if the name, level, class, etc. does not actually match the information contained in the save file. Mass Effect 3 simply needs the directory to be properly named in order to recognize it.

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