Certain outcomes can only happen by importing saves?

  1. Can someone please definitively explain to me what outcomes will NOT be available to someone who does not have Mass Effect 1 & 2 games saves to import?

    1) Apparently Ashley can live instead of being shot in the stomach!
    2) Apparently you can save both: Geth and Quarians instead choosing one.

    Am I not able to achieve these outcomes unless I import the saves or is it because of something else? Thanks very much and hope you help me from wasting hours of my life by trying to get an outcome that will never happen.

    User Info: GrotumSachs

    GrotumSachs - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ashley surviving depends on your reputation score. If you have a high enough Reputation and either a high paragon or renegade score you can save her. you can gain a higher reputation by doing the sidequests beforehand.

    If you wish to save the quarians AND the Geth you need at least 5 points towards peace. Tali was Acquitted without giving evidence in 2, and Both Legion and Tali were Loyal at the end of 2 then that's three points. if you destroyed the Heretic Geth then that's 2 more points. If you saved Val'Koris (not the civilians) on Rannoch that's 1 point. and if you entered teh geth consensus, that's one more point for a total of 7 available points.

    Peace is not possible if Legion or Tali are dead.

    User Info: Stratagemini

    Stratagemini - 5 years ago 1 0

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