What changes in the story depending on your choice of Combat Losses?

  1. When you create a new character for Mass Effect 3, during the creation of your psychological profile, you are asked about your character's Combat Losses.

    I already know that choosing Ashley means she's the one who is assumed to have died back in ME1. Similar for the Kaidan option. And I also know that if you pick "Numerous", one of the above will be picked (the one with the same gender as your character).

    I also know that some ME2 characters, like Jack, will always be assumed as dead, regardless of what you choose.

    My question is, who SPECIFICALLY is assumed to be dead IF (and only if) you pick the "Numerous" option?

    I've searched high and low and apparently no FAQ or Guide has this answer, and multiple forums only have suppositions (which are useless). The game has been out for several months now, so it's unusual to see something like this without a proper, conclusive, answer yet.

    Any help from people who actually know the answer is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  1. From what I can tell, picking "Numerous" actually doesn't kill any additional people. The game gives you the choice of picking Kaidan or Ashley. If you pick "Numerous," then the game defaults to killing the one that's the opposite gender of your Shepard. So the only reason to pick "Numerous" is if you can't decide. I think they should have just put something else there instead of the word "Numerous" in order to prevent confusion.

    Just for the record, the following people are automatically considered dead if you start a new ME3 game without importing a previous save:

    - Jack
    - Thane
    - Wrex
    - Samara (not listed on the memorial wall)
    - All the ME2 Normandy crew except Dr. Chakwas
    - The original Council
    - Various notable NPCs (Rachni Queen, Shiala, Kirrahe, etc)
    - Various sidequest NPCs I won't list

    Other decisions are also made for you, such as Maelon's cure being destroyed, several characters (like Zaeed & Kasumi) never having been recruited, Tali being exiled, the Collector Base being destroyed, etc etc. Overall, it's a terrible idea to create a fresh ME3 character.

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