Why doesn't ME3 have config like ME2?

  1. So many people have been plagued by the the fact that ME3 doesn't seem to be able to find save files outside of the default directory Well, my issue is that I moved my documents to a different folder as my 32 gb C drive couldn't handle everything that was going to it. I currently have 1.5 gb of free space meaning I can't just move the whole bioware family back onto C, and I've tried doing a dummy drive where I create an entire string of folders and just copy.paste the save files to c:/my documents/bioware/mass effect 2/save/. Well, ME3 is too smart for this, and doesn't detect anything.

    So is there any possible way, without wiping a hard drive and installing windows on a larger hard drive, then reinstalling ME1 and ME2 and replaying through them so they're on a large hard drive that I can import my characters?

    User Info: kemos1492

    kemos1492 - 4 years ago


  1. You can move your personal directories in Windows...
    I got my whole documents, music, video etc. on my datadrive (D:\)

    Right Click -> Properties -> Location -> Change Path, move files to new location yes.

    User Info: Amokhunter

    Amokhunter - 2 years ago 0 0

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