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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Multiplayer matches are up to 11 rounds of survival with three other squad mates. During each match you will have to eliminate a wave of enemies on each round with tougher enemies coming on later rounds. During rounds 3, 6, 10, and 11, you will have enemies continuously spawn as you try to accomplish some type of objective.

    For rounds 3, 6, and 10, these objectives are usually of three types and they are all equally likely to appear on one of those waves regardless of what you had on an earlier wave. The first type is a Hold type where a squad member needs to protected while working on some object. The best class for the person working on the object is Infiltrator because they can work on it while cloaked. The second type is an Occupy type where the squad must stay within a certain area to accomplish something. The more people in the area, the faster you finish and with no people, progress stops. The final type is an elimination type where enemies will be marked as high priority and you will need to kill all 4 to finish the round. Round 11 is an extraction mission. You must fight off enemies for 2 minutes and be in a certain area when you run out of time, ending the match. The more people in that area at the end, the better your Extraction Bonus is.

    When you use a class, the entire class is leveled, not just that character. For instance if you play as a Human Soldier and level up, it's actually the Soldier class leveling up, allowing you to swap to play a Krogan Soldier which will be the same level. You level up the powers of your character the same way as in single player except that you have fewer skills and your powers are auto-assigned to hotkeys and can't be changed. When a character reaches level 20, they can be added to the Galaxy at War. This action will reset the entire class to level 1, add 10 levels to your N7 rating (the total number of levels across all classes plus levels gained from this process), and you will gain a new 75 point War Asset in all of your single player campaigns called "N7 Spec Ops". You can do this multiple times.

    You can only bring two weapons (plus a Hydra Missile launcher mapped to the d-pad). Weapons are the same as in single player except that you have to purchase them from the multiplayer shop as part of booster packs. This means that what you get is based on chance though the more expensive packs will have better quality items. You also unlock races and classes (and can gain bonus XP for them), equipment (single use items), and mods the same way.

    When you play a match, if you set the location to Unknown, you'll get a +10% bonus to your XP as well as getting Galactic Readiness in all sectors (you gain more this way than if you increased each sector separately. Setting the enemy to Unknown will give you a +15% XP bonus. Increasing the challenge ranking will also provide you with additional XP. Playing on a given map isn't particularly different from playing on another except that you use different locations to fight. What this means is that there is almost no reason not to set the location to Unknown. Changing the enemy is a little bit different since each enemy has a class that is particularly good against it. It is not necessarily a bad idea to focus on a certain enemy type because it will ensure that you can make it to the end of the mission and do so quickly even if you sacrifice a little bit of XP.

    Firebase Dagger

    Easily the most popular position to hold is the raised structure. It consists of an enclosed round room and hallway with a ramp leading off of the hallway, the side and the back of the round room. If you go out that back door, you'll find an ammo stash which is part of why this room is so useful. When you use this room, it's best to have on person watch each door and one person attack the enemy out the window. You will frequently be flanked from this different doorways but they are easily defendable if you pay attention. Just watch for people who go down into the pit in the middle, particularly under the structure. It's dangerous to go down there and objectives rarely spawn there if ever. During exfiltration, it's important to remember to watch both approaches since one or the other will always be at your back allowing the enemy to close quickly if you're not careful.

    Firebase Ghost

    Most groups set up shop just in front of the drop point. If you go up the ramps to the level where all of the structures are attached, you'll find a good point. Send one person left to post at the nearby door, send another to the far right through the two connected buildings so that they can watch the large open area, one person at the large wooden box that leads down to pit in the middle and one person behind them and a little bit closer to the drop point. This last person has to watch to door just to the right of the person behind the box because that person is likely not going to see enemies approaching from there. During down time, this fourth person should help with the enemies in the pit and then when there's nothing else, sweep through the buildings running along the middle. There's an ammo crate along the railing to the left by the drop point to restock.

    Firebase Giant

    Usually in this scenario, people will take the higher ground at the top of the two long ramps or possibly the control room. When holding the control room, you need to make sure that you watch for enemies from the attached room because they will often spawn or flank from there. There is ammo just off the ledge out the front door of the control room, in the room attached to the control room, near the sheer drop at the bottom of the ramp, and near the infiltration/extraction point.

    Firebase Reactor

    At the start of the match, run down the stairs directly in front of you and you'll come to the normal staging area. Directly to your left in a little niche will be an ammo stash. In front of you will be an enclosed part of the reactor that allows you a shortcut to the other two major areas of the map. People always end up there and rarely venture out until the wave is almost diminished. The three main approaches are through that shortcut, from the stairs you came down and then another set of stairs in between those two points. There is a curved pipe nearby that comes out of the ground and then promptly returns to the ground. If you take cover here and look towards the ammo, frequently you can look back at the start of the round and find yourself set up in good cover for enemies. This map has a very tricky extraction point. There's not really a whole lot of cover and there's a few paths that the enemy can take but thankfully you've got good sightlines. I highly recommend abusing your powers here because you'll be using a lot of ammo anyway.

    Firebase Glacier

    Frequently people will set up with one person watching the drop point, one person by the tiny lab room (where you find the Failed Medi-Gel Experiment), one person by the long stairs leading down to the lowest level and then the last person floats. In between these points is an ammo cache near the windows. This set up will work pretty well and I haven't really had any problems. Even doing certain mission objectives is relatively easy because they tend to be on those curved computers providing ample cover.

    Firebase White

    This map is probably the hardest to lock down. The best spot is up the ramp from the extraction point but still outside (above the ladder). Set up at least one person here and then set one person to watch the extraction point so that nothing spawns there. The other two people can start at that same point and once the wave starts, they should work their way through the building. The extraction is over by the fighter on the landing pad. The cover isn't great but you have a pretty good view of the enemies coming at you. The tough part about this extraction point is that there's no nearby ammo so you'll have to play it smart with your ammo.


    While most enemies in the game operate in a similar fashion, the Reaper soldiers are different. While most enemies will vary in having shields or some abilities, they very consistently carry some sort of ranged weapon and rush at you. Reaper troops are far more varied with fast moving light and heavy enemies as well as heavy and light ranged enemies. Thankfully, their diversity means that it is easier to find and prioritize your enemies. Until you get to Banshees at least...


    Husks are humans that have been altered by the Reapers. They are fast, have vicious melee attacks and come in large groups. If they get too close, watch out for their grapple attack which can deal serious damage and cause you to lose control for a set period of time. They are vulnerable to fire attacks and biotic powers like Pull and Singularity. It is prudent to lay down Singularity at a chokepoint, preventing Husks from getting to you. Watch out for Barrier Engines which will keep biotic abilities from effectively crowd controlling Husks.


    Reapers took Batarians and mutated them into Cannibals. Cannibals aren't particularly different from a normal soldier. They move relatively slowly, shooting at a slower pace than most ranged combatants and throw grenades. The grenades can be dangerous since it can force you out of a position that is easily defendable against both Husks and Cannibals. However, it's usually more prudent to deal with most other enemies first and to clean up the Cannibals last since their grenade range seems to be somewhat limited. Also watch out for feasting Cannibals. They can eat the corpses of Husks and other Cannibals to provide a health boost. Cannibals have similar vulnerabilities as Husks and should be dealt with in a similar fashion (except for the singularity choke point).


    Ravagers are the mutated bodies of Rachni Soldiers. They are similar to vehicles in that they don't have health but armor. When the armor is destroyed, they die. They sport a dangerous rocket attack and can spawn little swarmers. The swarmers deal small amounts of damage over time, preventing your shields from recharging and can even be fatal in large numbers. The rockets on the other hand aren't particularly dangerous on their own since you will see a blue aiming beam before they are fired. They are more dangerous when you are engaged with other enemies. In a normal Reaper encounter, I frequently set my squad up to focus their attacks on Ravagers which will bring them down quickly while I focus my squads powers with my own to keep other enemies, like Husks, away. Warp and (particularly) high caliber weapons work very well on Ravagers.


    Brutes can be quite dangerous because of their high armor rating. When you destroy their armor, they will die and the plates on their body can be shot off so that they take more damage. When they get within a certain range, they will charge you which will frequently remove your shields. If they are close (including, but not limited to, after a charge), they will execute a melee attack that has the ability to kill you in one hit. If you have a lot of room to move around and dodge attacks, they can actually be quite easy. Other enemies can cause problems by limiting the amount of space for you to freely run around. In these cases, you must balance the amount of space you have against the dangers of the other enemies. Like most armored enemies, high caliber weapons, fire, and warp/warp ammo, can do good amounts of damage to them. I highly recommend switching weapons and setting your squad mates to focus on the brute.


    The Banshee is quite a tough enemy. She's got some heavy barrier defenses that you need to strip and then a thick layer of armor underneath. Use Overload and Warp as well as rapid fire weapons to take down the barrier and then unleash Warp and heavy weapons on her until she goes down. She has a rush attack similar to a Vanguard that goes short distances. She has an AoE scream attack that will strip shields and a red projectile attack that does heavy damage and damage over time after it lands. This last attack can be dodged if you're careful. It's usually wise to draw a Banshee away from a crowd (since they travel so fast) and then focus the attention of your entire squad on it.

    [2]The Banshee has a rather vicious instant kill melee attack. It's got a moderate amount of range but where you see it used most is as it rounds a corner. It will take one last leap up to the corner of your cover and then perform this move. While you may be agile enough to escape with ease, make sure to watch for your squad members who also fall victim to this attack frequently.

    It is possible to use a Vanguard rush to avoid the effects of the AoE scream attack but this would put you right up against the Banshee, allowing for her to execute her instant kill melee. It is possible to use your Rush and then immediately roll out of the way avoiding the attack. While this is dangerous and not generally advised, once she executes her scream attack, she will be incapable of jumping any more so causing her to do this can be beneficial.


    The Harvester is a Reaper air creature. It comes with rockets but frequently doesn't attack you unless it lands. Once it lands, it stays completely still except for turning and firing animations. They have no shields and can be taken down fairly quickly when the squad uses the right weapons and focuses on it. Most of the time, if you don't kill one quickly enough, it will simply fly off anyway. Do watch out for Barrier Engines though because they have a significant amount of armor and a Barrier would double that and the barriers would regenerate making them very hard to kill.


    On any mission with a large amount of Cerberus troops, It is highly recommended that you bring two squad members with Overload and a biotic with Singularity and Warp (Basically Liara or yourself if you happen to be a biotic). Try to keep using those abilities as they become available because occasionally Cerberus troops will come in large groups with endless respawns until a certain condition is met (reach a certain point or destroy an Atlas Mech for example).

    Assault Trooper

    Assault Troopers are the basic Cerberus unit. They have no shields but use grenades and guns. They are like a fast, more aggressive version of the Reaper Cannibals. Since most Cerberus units are so similar, the assault trooper tends to take a low priority. It is best to use biotic powers to control groups of them in situations where they are getting too close or when you have no other Cerberus Troops to use biotic abilities on. They are susceptible to pretty much any method of attack but Singularity does a good job of slowing them down and it's not infrequent for them to run through a Singularity field on their own.


    The Centurions are actually rather lackluster. They are essentially the same as Assault Troops except that they have shields. When you have some distance, they should always be prioritized over Assault Troops Since they have shields and shields can recharge, it is important that once you remove their shields you hit them with a biotic ability. Both Singularity and Warp eventually gain damage over time which will prevent shields from recharging, even if you don't have the time to kill them right away.

    Combat Engineers

    Combat Engineers are slightly more fragile than the Centurions but can build and repair automated turrets which don't disappear when the Engineer dies. This can become quite a problem in areas with an infinite respawn because if you don't destroy the turrets but just the Engineers, more engineers will build more turrets until there are three or four of them that are keeping you locked up in a single position. This is why having a biotic with warp is crucial. With one or possibly two Warps, you can destroy a turret and assuming that you have the full power recharge bonus (or are using Liara), this is a matter of just a few seconds. Since you can sustain a Singularity Field and still use Warp, use one Overload on the Engineer, another on the turret and then singularity on the engineer. Then finish the turret and then kill the engineer. Combat Engineers are more dangerous than Centurions and should be prioritized so that you can keep them from building/repairing turrets which essentially adds more permanent enemies to the battlefield.


    If you have a biotic with Pull, particularly the upgraded version that generates two fields at once, Guardians are very easy. Simply use pull on a Guardian to remove their shield and then treat them as any other enemy. Removing a Guardian's shields is generally your highest priority on a large group because your squad mates might focus on them and just keep putting bullets into their shields to no affect. Once you have yanked their shields, they are no longer a priority. When lacking Pull, try to hit them with a curved Singularity so it hits behind them or place one at their feet so that they might walk over it and get pulled back. You can also shoot through the small hole in the shield. Doing this 10 times (any weapon) will get you the mail slot achievement/trophy.

    [1]If you are playing as an Engineer, it is recommended that you set your Combat Drone on a Guardian which will immediately draw their attention, frequently turning their back on you for an easy kill.


    The Nemesis is very fast, has a powerful weapon, can hit you from range and has shields. You will see a red flare from their sniper rifle before you get shot so be quick about ducking. Their Sniper Rifle can strip your shields in one shot and kill you with the next so be careful. Try to strip their shields (hit them with Overload when they pop out to shoot), then use Singularity or Pull on them quickly before they can run away. They are very fast so immobilizing them is a high priority. The Nemesis isn't always a high priority if it isn't focusing on you but once their shields are down and you've immobilized them, they are a quick kill so it might be worth your while to deal with them quickly and not have to worry about that extra dimension.


    The Phantom is a very dangerous enemy. They are every bit as fast as a Nemesis but rather than attacking from far away, they'll rush in and attack you with no warning. This aggressiveness makes them far more dangerous so be careful around them. If you destroy their sword, it makes their melee attacks ineffective but they also have a moderate ranged attack as well. If you start to attack them, they can cloak and run away. Their Biotic barriers protect them from biotic attacks. When you intend to kill a Phantom, make sure that you do so quickly so that they can't cloak and run away. I would generally give these a high priority because they can quickly close the gap and push you out of your cover to be killed be their allies.


    The Atlas Mech is a rather large, powerful machine. It has a homing rocket and chaingun as well as sturdy shields and armor. I would treat these similarly to the Brutes and Ravagers of the Reapers. Set your squad to focus on the Atlas. Make sure you use both Overloads. This will remove a segment of shields and your two allies will keep the shields from regenerating. Once the shields are gone, make sure that your allies change to high caliber weapons to maximize damage. While your allies deal with that, make sure you focus on removing the numerous Cerberus Troops that are sure to attack you. If you get the chance, feel free to contribute but it's more than likely that you'll have your hands full with the minor enemies. Keep in mind, however, that the Atlas can sometimes be the trigger for ending an infinite respawn point so it's a very high priority, even if it can't actually reach you.

    [2]While an Atlas has powerful ranged attacks, it is important to note that it has an Instant Kill melee attack if it gets too close. Make sure you don't hug your cover too closely.

    Geth Trooper

    The Geth Trooper is no different than any of the Cerberus Troopers you've had to fight with except that, perhaps, it's a little bit weaker. They seem to fall even faster than their Cerberus counterparts. Remember that they are susceptible to Overload since they are synthetics.

    Rocket Trooper

    These are an upgrade over the regular Geth Trooper. They have a shield on top of their health and pack rockets instead of the normal assault rifle that the other Geth carry. They're particularly dangerous when mixed in with other Geth because it can be easy to lose track of where they are and get hit by a rocket. These are a great candidate for the Sabotage skill. Since they tend to hang at the back of a group, a single one of these can deal significant damage to the unprotected backs of enemies.

    Geth Hunters

    These are incredibly dangerous and you have to watch very carefully for them. Geth Hunters have a cloak allowing them to turn almost completely invisible. You need to watch for the shimmer of their contours to find them. When you do, hit them with a couple of shots so they become a little clearer and then hit them with an Overload. Once they lose their shields, they shouldn't reactivate their cloak. This is easier said than done, particularly in single player because your allies are complete incapable of seeing them. The advantage you have in single player is that while they are invisible, they still appear on your radar so use this to watch you flanks carefully. If they get up close to you, do everything you can to stun them and get away because they'll be on top of you and be packing a shotgun. If you are an Engineer, a Defense Drone will be able to see them coming and shock them for you.

    Geth Pyro

    Geth Pyros have shields and armor instead of health. When they get up close, they'll unleash their flames and it will be hard to escape in time, especially since it will be difficult to see. Use overload to take down their shields, then use Warp and heavy weapons on their armor. If you are behind them, you can shoot their tanks to conserve ammo but make sure that you don't get caught in the explosion.

    Geth Prime

    The worst of the Geth, the Geth Prime can soak up a lot of damage. When you drain their shields you will still have to go through a thick layer of armor. The concerted effort of an entire squad, however, can drop a Geth Prime in less than about 10 seconds if you really focus. Defeating them takes more of the same tactic as the Geth Pyros except that the Prime is far more tough and damaging. Primes will create both an Auto-Turret and Combat Drone to accompany them at all times. Their weapon is also very powerful and can take you down quickly. When taking on a Prime, take out as many small enemies as you can, then focus your entire squad on the Prime and start backpedaling if it gets to close. And make sure you go for Head Shots on its massive head.


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