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"Rift, is it worth it?"

Ok, the first thing I see when I open the Rift Boards is the question "Is it worth it?".
Well, here's a little review on rift just to clarify it better:

To start, Rift costs 50€ or 60€ if you buy the collector's edition, either versions come with 1 free month of gameplay for your enjoying, however the game lacks a free trial like WoW, what makes some people confused about the game. The game also costs 15€/Month or 30€/2 months if you pay with prepaid cards.

Oh well, for the review now:

Gameplay [9/10]:
Rift's game systems are nothing revolutionary, the game runs like a regular oldschool MMO, nothing else to say there. However this game has many features that games like wow lack such as the customizable interface, you can move everything around to your liking, hide and/or change sizes.

While you're walking around leveling, you will notice rifts on your map, these things appear from nowhere and start spawning mobs where they appear, some rifts are minor, and if you are skilled enough you can solo them but there are also major rift that require a party to clear. When you close a rift you get rewards useful at all levels to buy gear or additional abilities so it's good to help closing one =)

Overall, the gameplay is good for MMO veterans and new players alike.

Classes and Factions [10/10]:
Now for the player's choices, when you create a new character on rift, the first thing you see is the faction selection screen, from there you can select Guardians or Defiants, each faction has 3 races you can pick from with very balanced racials in my opinion, nothing lifesaving like a extra critical chance, stun removal etc.

Once you chose your faction and race, you will have an option of 4 callings, each calling has 8 classes (called souls) inside it, that you unlock during the game, what's so good about this is that you can mix your souls together so the possibilities are endless. Want to heal and have a pet? Mix chloromancer with elementalist!

Overall, the classes system is great but some combinations are OP.

Graphics [9/10]:
Rift's graphics are very good considered you play on Ultra, I tried that once and really enjoyed what I say, everything is extremely detailed and well designed, the game even comes with a high resolution setting for those of you with great graphics cards, it's amassing when you turn it on, a bit laggy trough. Even if you play on low resolution, the graphics aren't epic but they are still good.

If you got the 50€ and can afford 15€ every month, yeah buy it, it's a great game and very enjoyable for everyone ages 12 and over =)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/21/11

Game Release: Rift: Planes of Telara (EU, 03/04/11)

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