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"Rift vs WoW"

I have played WoW (World of Warcraft) for about 3 years. The only thing about WoW is that someone is always going to be better then you no matter what. Those people are the ones that have played the game from the beginning the first day it came out. Also with in that it's self there are the people that want the rarest items aka things others can no longer get without have been playing the game from the beginning.

Yes people have there on opinions on this but, I see Rift as a new beginning of an end. WoW was going great or so it seemed the first month cataclysm came out every one was going crazy. Mean while people that I know including myself quit because the game changed so drastically from wrath. Ever thing changed, some things got easier others got harder. I just got tired of people thinking they know what is the best when they have not even been playing there character right.

I myself played a warlock and I loved it. When cataclysm came out I was trying to figure out the best spec like every one else. One day I got it down and went into the first 25 man ICC(ice crown citadel) the hardest raid at the time . I came top in damage and DPS (damage per second) in all fights and other warlocks were telling me how too playing my character. Well now all the forums have there top damage spces out. I tried a few of them thinking it would improve my DPS and damage but it lowered it by a huge amount. Even though the spces had more survivability then my spec but. it's a raid and we had 5 raid healers (a little much) plus I have health stones to keep me up. So after all that I quit because even though I was the best in the raid people still were telling me how to play.

I see Rift as a chance at some thing new that ended long ago in wrath. If it is the same as WoW or not it will still be a chance to start over and get as good as you can so later in the game you can be the best. Plus for people that are in a crazy for rare and valuable items later in the game. I got the collectors edition of Rift so I can get some rare item's but, for right now in the game I'm trying to find out what kind of character I would like to play. Hopefully I can level that character and then start on a new one. So far I like it and as for right now I give it a 8/10 there are a few bugs but, for a first time MMO Rift it's great.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/04/11

Game Release: Rift (US, 03/01/11)

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