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    Veteran Guide by BahumautZero

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/09/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ****************************** VERSION INFO ******************************* 
    Version 1.00 - Objective, weapon, level and intelligence information 
    complete. Challenge related level specific achievements also complete. 
    Version 1.01 - Added rest of single player achievements and improved
    guide formatting and spelling as well as other tweaks.
    * Thanks to iTzzBrookzz for pointing out my incorrect naming of the level 
      'Just Russian' - It's actually 'No Russian'
    ****************************** INTRODUCTION *******************************
    This guide is intended for those who are playing through on Veteran after 
    completing the game already. I have listed mission objectives which ARE 
    spoilers so you have been warned. Anyone who has played other games in the 
    series will be in hysterics over the laid back difficulty of Veteran on 
    this one. There is nothing even approaching 'Heart of the Reich or the 
    turret section on the tank at the end of Black Ops so be prepared for a 
    few niggling areas but overall a relatively painless ride. Please email 
    me with any comments or suggestions, alternate strategies or tips. Apart 
    from those little things let's get on with the show.
    *************************** TABLE OF CONTENTS *****************************
    Just use Ctrl + F (the find function) and key in the code for the level to
    skip to the portion of the guide you need.
    ------------------------------- ACT ONE -----------------------------------
    Black Tuesday........................................................(02BT)
    Hunter Killer........................................................(03HK)
    Persona Non Grata...................................................(04PNG)
    Back on the Grid...................................................(06BOTG)
    Mind the Gap: Part 1...............................................(07MTG1)
    Mind the Gap: Part 2...............................................(08MTG2)
    Davis Family Vacation...............................................(09DFV)
    ------------------------------- ACT TWO -----------------------------------
    Return To Sender....................................................(11RTS)
    Bag and Drag........................................................(12BAD)
    Iron Lady............................................................(13IL)
    Eye of the Storm...................................................(14EOTS)
    Blood Brothers.......................................................(15BB)
    ------------------------------ ACT THREE ----------------------------------
    Scorched Earth.......................................................(17SE)
    Down the Rabbit Hole...............................................(18DTRH)
    Dust To Dust........................................................(19DTD)
    ******************************* ACT ONE ***********************************
    Achievement obtainable: 
    Back in the Fight - 5G
    Start the Single Player Campaign in any difficulty
    Self explanatory.
    You have no control over any of this so just sit back and relax
    Intel: 5
    Starting Weapons: M4A1 with Hybrid Sight/ XM25
    * Fight your way to the Stock Exchange
    * Flank the Russians on Wall Street
    * Rally with your squad in the lobby
    * Get to the Stock Exchange roof
    * Climb the ladder to the roof
    * Plant a Thermite charge on the jammer
    * Use the predator to take out the enemy Hind
    * Board the Black Hawk
    Achievements obtainable: 
    Too Big to Fail - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty
    The Big Apple (1/2) - 25G
    Complete this level and the next on Veteran difficulty
    This Is My Boomstick - 20G
    Kill 20 enemies using the XM25 on this level
    You will need to start aiming for this right away, whenever enemies cluster
    together try and get a few kills. You will pass an ammo crate halfway 
    through the level (I point it out) so be sure to stock up again in order to 
    get enough kills. Recommended difficulty is Recruit.
    Jack The Ripper - 20G
    Ok so you don't have to get this here but it will take you literally one
    minute on recruit so why not get it out of the way?
    Fight your way up the street using the pillars on the left and small 
    garages to advance (the quicker you move up the quicker they stop 
    spawning). At the intersection some friendly units appear. CHECKPOINT. 
    Ignore the enemies and hug the right wall until you find a hole in the 
    wall you can enter. Shortly afterwards your squad will join you inside (if 
    you were on the left side when that triggered, good luck!). When your squad 
    bunches up on the door look out as two shot gunners will be waiting in the 
    next room for you. One rushes you as you enter and other is sitting on a 
    raised area to the right. Keep following the squad, when you see the 
    crashed helicopter, look up to kill a spawning enemy who will hit you 
    behind cover otherwise. Multiple enemies will also be shooting up from the 
    ground outside so use the right side of the room [INTELLIGENCE: On the 
    right side on the floor in one of the small rooms to the right] to move up. 
    As you round the corner watch out for a remaining enemy who will happily 
    shoot you in the face if you advance too hastily. 
    Continue down the stairs until you stack up on another door. Throw a nine 
    banger through the door and dispatch both dazed enemies. Up the next set 
    of stairs you will be on a balcony with plenty of enemies to shoot, gun 
    them down (from your higher position they don't pose much threat} NOTE: You 
    can also jump over the stair rail to trigger the next wave as well as get 
    into cover quickly. [INTELLIGENCE: Under this balcony is a piece of intel] 
    When you descend the stairs however the door explodes and enemies rush in. 
    Race back up the stairs to the safety of the balcony (leave the portable 
    meat shields to their fun downstairs) and pick enemies off, a good strategy 
    is to clear the left side and then just shoot the guys who rush in through 
    the hole in the wall and your allies will deal with the right side. Take a 
    breath on the street outside and then walk down the road a little way. 
    Enemies will swarm out of the area opposite the steps and you will be 
    prompted to use your new grenade launcher to "flush em out." Move to the 
    right when you aren't being shot and use the columns at the top of the 
    steps for cover as you gun them down. 
    Keep an eye out for an armoured personnel carrier with a machine gunner 
    spraying your way. Race into the stock exchange, inside will be AMMO CRATES 
    and [INTELLIGENCE: On a table to the side of the room]. Shots will ring 
    over your head as you reach the top of the staircase, seek cover against 
    the right side of the wall ahead, then as you leave the room race to the 
    left side for the best cover. Just keep moving up and using the kiosks for 
    cover and you should be OK. [INTELLIGENCE: The next intel can be found 
    sitting on the far right kiosk]. When you reach the other end of the big 
    room you will have to sprint in bursts to the stairs on the other side, 
    use the cover and rush up the stairs for a CHECKPOINT. Jump the rail and 
    climb up onto the roofing beams to shoot down at the enemies below. Move 
    over to the ladder and climb up it to reach the roof. Immediately move to 
    the right as there is no cover where you emerge and enemies will begin 
    firing instantly. Work your way up higher until you can see the radar 
    jammer. Flank the enemies by moving to the right side and poking your head 
    around cover. They will be too distracted to pay much attention. 
    [INTELLIGENCE: To the right of the jammer is this piece of intelligence]. 
    Plant the charge and blast the jammer to watch it fall. After a short radio 
    conversation, RPGs and enemy bullets begin heading your way from the 
    adjacent building. You will be given control of multiple predator drones so 
    drop them and when the hind appears give it a warm welcome. Your chopper 
    will arrive, press and hold X to jump across to the gunship. You will be 
    given control of the gunners spot and be tasked with taking down a series 
    of three Russian helicopters (along with about 3 guys on a roof if you 
    didn't kill them already). This section is pretty easy, just use RT and 
    don't bother aiming with the LT as the helicopters move too much. After 
    the third heli goes down watch the scene and the level ends.
    Intel: 2
    Starting weapons: MP5 Suppressed R/D Sight/ USP .45
    * Plant a mine on the sub
    * Reach the missile control room
    * Launch the missiles
    * Escape the harbour
    Achievements obtainable:
    Wet Work - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty
    The Big Apple (2/2) - 25G
    Complete this level and the previous one on Veteran difficulty
    The mission starts out underwater; this section is quite easy so just stick 
    with the squad leader (the one with the flashing blue light) and you'll be 
    fine. As the sub passes overhead you will see a glowing cross, this is 
    where you will shortly have to place a mine so get ready for it. Once the 
    sub surfaces pull off your mask and get ready to fight. Slide down the 
    ladder and when that door opens start firing. Two enemies will be directly 
    opposite as well as one to the right. After clearing them out 
    [INTELLIGENCE: Behind the last bunk bed is the intelligence on a shelf] 
    head through the door where the two enemies were. Sandman will take out a 
    Russian here. 
    At the bottom of the steps beware the yellowish windows as enemies will 
    shoot through them. Two more Russians will be in the corridor at the end 
    so throw a flash bang and take them out. Follow Sandman out of the flooded 
    room and up some stairs. He'll say "take point" so chuck in another flash 
    bang and go to work. You'll also see a laser sight line across the catwalk 
    so track down the source and put a bullet in his head. Pretty much all of 
    the enemies in this room have laser sights so it’s pretty simple to find 
    them. Remember to shoot enemies above through the floor of the catwalk over 
    your head. As you enter the next room enemies will rush you so back out and 
    use the space next to the door as cover. Peek around the door and gun them 
    down (don't forget the shot gunner on the catwalk above). 
    [INTELLIGENCE: Before you approach the door move back into the other room 
    on the upper catwalk and on the far right side you will find the 
    intelligence].When you get the prompt breach the door. There will be five 
    enemies though you should have plenty of time to deal with them so this 
    isn't really an issue. Input the code, climb the ladder and make your 
    escape onto the water. Next is a simple chase sequence just make sure to 
    shoot the mines on the back of the ship that rams you and enter the 
    helicopter at the end. 
    Intel: 4
    Starting Weapons: AK-47 R/D Sight/ Desert Eagle
    * Defend Soap
    * Help Soap
    * Follow Captain Price
    * Get to the weapons cache
    * Take control of the UGV
    * Clear out the area around helicopter
    * Get to the helicopter
    Achievements obtainable: 
    Carpe Diem - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty.
    Out of the Frying Pan (1/3) - 25G
    Complete this level and the next two on Veteran difficulty
    What Goes Up... - 20G
    When you gain control of the UGV kill every helicopter (5) with only the 
    This can be a bit tricky if you rush into it. You only get around 25 
    grenades and each helicopter needs two hits to kill it. They also weave 
    from side to side quite often, making them difficult to hit. Although if 
    you deliberately die you should get some of your grenades restored so 
    you can try again without reloading the level. However if you shoot a 
    helicopter with the machine gun and pass a checkpoint you have to do the 
    whole level over again. Do this on recruit and kill all the ground enemies 
    first. Then wait until the helicopter stops (after weaving left or right) 
    and fire off two shots one after another. This will maximize your chances 
    of a kill without having to aim twice. It can be annoying but it isn't 
    really difficult.
    Strike! - 20G
    This one is simple in a very specific spot. After helping soap you exit
    into the corridor. Kill the three guys here and descend the stairs. When
    you reach the door you will need to move quickly/ sprint to the courtyard
    gate opposity. Circle round the right side and halfway there cook a grenade.
    Reach the gate and then stand there until you blow up, most likely taking
    five enemies with you. There are videos around of this method but it is
    quite reliable unlike special ops.
    After the bombastic entrance of the chopper, take the balcony on the right 
    and start laying into the enemy. After the doctor goes down, help out Soap 
    by jamming a hypodermic needle into his chest (ouch!). Three enemies will 
    break in as you enter the hallway, put them down and follow Price down the 
    stairs. Cross the courtyard on the right side, using the allies suppressing 
    fire to make your job easy. [INTELLIGENCE: As you pass along the right side 
    of the courtyard there is a piece of intel in an alcove]. After Price kicks 
    the gate down hold your fire as civilians rush towards you. Wait for the 
    crowd to disperse and then start firing back. When Price tells you to kill 
    the machine gunner flank right into the building and you can pick him off 
    through the doorway. [INTELLIGENCE: In the first room on the right as you 
    enter this building is a piece of intel]. Help your squad mop up and 
    continue round the corner for more spawning Russians. 
    Be careful as you move along (you may want to duck into the house on the 
    left) as the drone will return and blast the length of the street. Round 
    another corner and climb the stairs to the third floor. This gives you an 
    excellent vantage point to attack the clustered soldiers and you can 
    regenerate by going prone safely. When you feel like advancing go back to 
    ground level and take cover behind the car. CHECKPOINT. Smash through the 
    door and exit the house. Follow Price into the next building, in the 
    basement you find the new weapon [INTELLIGENCE: Right next to the weapon 
    crate is some intelligence]. Once you're at the controls use the machine 
    gun to quickly take down the helicopter or it will cause a lot of damage. 
    Use the launcher on grouped ground targets to maximize your efficiency. The 
    section isn’t that hard, just take your time and retreat to safety when 
    enemy waves spawn. After taking out the final enemies and helicopter Soap 
    will be loaded into the chopper and you'll have to leg it to meet them, get 
    your ass moving (there are no enemies) [INTELLIGENCE: Run forward and look 
    to your left, there should be a playground with a slide, the intel is 
    sitting on top of it] and when the ground gives way CHECKPOINT be ready to 
    steer yourself away from the collapsing building. When you hit the water a 
    scene will take over and the level will end.
    Intel: 2
    Starting Weapons: Five Seven
    Mission Objectives:
    ('-' denotes an unavoidable failed mission objective)
    * Escort the president
    * Move to guard position
    - Lead the President to safety
    * Secure the President's daughter
    - Lead the President to the safe room
    * Follow the Commander
    - Secure the President
    Achievements obtainable:
    Frequent Flyer - 10G
    Complete this level on any difficulty
    Out of the Frying Pan (2/3) - 25G
    Complete this level, the one prior and the one after on Veteran difficulty. 
    Flight Attendant (Secret) - 20G
    When the plane stalls, shoot all five floating enemies.
    This will probably take a few tries. After the enemies breach the door in
    front of you, kill them and take their submachine gun. Reload it and your
    pistol and ready the pistol. Step into the next room for a CHECKPOINT. Move 
    ahead and the plane will go into free fall. Shoot the closest two or three
    enemies with the pistol in the first Zero G sequence and then kill the
    remaining two or three with the submachine gun. If you mess up (which is
    likely as they are hard to kill) reload the checkpoint to try again. 
    Playing this level you might get an eerie sense of déjà vu if you played 
    the plane mission on Modern Warfare 1. Also note that since this level 
    takes place on a plane you cannot use grenades. Keep tabs on the president 
    until you reach your "allotted position." Shortly after the discussion 
    begins you will be notified that the plane is being hijacked. Get your 
    pistol ready and aim at the door opposite the one you entered from. The 
    door will be breached (flash bang like effect) and two gunmen will rush the 
    door. Shoot them or let your allies take them out and pick up the 
    submachine gun they drop. Move down the passage and take cover against the 
    seats and the plane will stall. 
    Enemies and allies alike will float (if you've ever played the new 
    Wolfenstien then you know how to aim at them). Pick off the suddenly easy 
    targets as fast as you can. The plane will lurch back into normal flight 
    and you can move again. Head down the staircase [INTELLIGENCE: move 
    straight ahead and look right, it is resting on a bench] and turn around 
    to find two enemies waiting for you. After they are taken care of more guys 
    will spawn in so work with your partner to deal with them. A shot gunner 
    will be waiting at the exit to this room and as you enter the navigation 
    room more enemies will come in through the opposite door. Rejoin the 
    President with his precious daughter and move into the next room. Quickly 
    take cover between the seats on the left and just wait. Don't bother 
    shooting at the enemies as a scene will take over which takes care of them. 
    When you get over that little ordeal, groggily follow the commander out of 
    the wreckage. Work your way up and past the burning wreckage and be careful 
    after you jump a log in your path as an explosion is about to go off. 
    [INTELLIGENCE: After the explosion look on the ground to find this one in 
    plain view].
    A call in will tell you the President is not secure so keep moving forward 
    to find a fire fight in progress (NOTE: You now have grenades back so feel 
    free to use them). CHECKPOINT. There is a large batch of grenades on the 
    ground directly in front of you. Be careful of some of the barrels as it 
    can be hard to distinguish the red colour. The easiest way to move forward 
    in this fight is to shadow the commander and only move up when he does. 
    Try to take out the machine gunners on top of the vehicles if you can. Your 
    main enemy will be the enemies’ grenades so make sure you know if you can 
    retreat to safety. Eventually a CHECKPOINT will go off and you can breathe 
    easily again. Continue following the Commander as he leads you up a 
    forested trail to find the president. When the helicopter arrives open the 
    door up to meet a familiar face. Wait out the scene and the level will end. 
    Intel: 3
    Starting Weapons: AK-47 Suppressed with R/D Sight/ M14 EBR Scoped 
    Mission Objectives:
    * Follow Captain Price
    * Provide overwatch for Price and Soap
    * Regroup with Captain Price
    * Commandeer the technical
    * Follow Captain Price
    * Use the mortar
    * Get to the church
    * Secure the cargo
    Achievements obtainable: 
    Up to No Good - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty
    Out of the Frying Pan (3/3) - 25G
    Complete this level and the two prior on Veteran difficulty.
    For Whom the Shell Tolls - 20G
    When you gain control of the mortar use only four shots to destroy all 
    four targets.
    This one is pretty easy. Do it on Recruit and just wait for the targets to
    stop moving before firing the mortar.
    After you emerge from the water, follow Price and Soap down the muddy path. 
    CHECKPOINT. Crouch down to hide from the vehicles and watch Soap 'take care 
    of business.' Jump up and keep following until another CHECKPOINT arrives. 
    Soap will spot two enemies (NOTE: You have to take both out instead of 
    Price's normal you shoot one I shoot one tactics from earlier games). Head 
    though the house and spot the civilians being led to the firing squad. 
    CHECKPOINT. You will be tasked with killing around five to six enemies in 
    rapid succession (luckily there was a checkpoint there if you screw up). 
    The guy can be rescued if you're quick enough. At the next group of enemies 
    shack up behind Price and wait until he says to move. Follow him and when 
    you are prompted go prone to avoid detection. CHECPOINT. 
    Enter the shack for another CHECKPOINT. Two enemies will be standing on the 
    bridge and you will have to kill them, wait for the car to pass and then 
    shoot one, the other will be taken care of. Yet another hut awaits you 
    along with a CHECKPOINT. Soap will get rid of a passing guard and open 
    another door. CHECKPOINT. Price will ask you to provide overwatch (sniping 
    if you haven’t worked that out already) so climb the ladder and say hello 
    to the enemy lazing in the chair (he probably won't be able to say much 
    back afterwards). Pick up the gun and another CHECKPOINT will show up. Two 
    enemies will walk out slightly left and above Price's position. Another 
    pair will then arrive from the left and then three will spawn at the far 
    end of the road. After finding out the factory is a wild goose chase, you 
    are told that the cargo has been moved to the center of town. CHECKPOINT. 
    Seconds later a mob will rush Price and Soap, pick them off as they run up 
    the road (they spawn nearly under you so you have plenty of time to thin 
    their numbers). As you walk up the road another three will run across the 
    road in front of you, so duck out of sight quickly. [INTELLIGENCE: The 
    house where this group walks past contains some intel] CHECKPOINT. Once 
    you've regrouped, be careful advancing as enemies will shoot through the 
    buildings to hit you (Remind me never to get a house built by these guys). 
    You can flank right up the stairs for a bit more security or try and push 
    down the road. I would recommend the right path as you have less chance of 
    being shot through things. Use the piles of lumber and shacks to make your 
    way forwards. [INTELLIGENCE: On the left side of this area in one of the 
    houses is a piece of intel]. Enemies will spawn behind you if you travel 
    down the road (just shoot them as they spawn if you took the right instead) 
    so keep an eye out. Once price says "Area clear" you're back on the move. 
    CHECKPOINT. Climb the ladder and prepare to pick off any eager enemies 
    (they should approach from the right). 
    If you jump down and lay behind the lumber its basically a death sentence 
    as you will be pinned down behind cover and a machine gunner will roll up 
    on a truck and shoot you if you try anything. Instead use the small hollow 
    between walls behind you as you drop down to pick off the infantry and then 
    the machine gunner. Price will tell you to man the machine gun. DON'T as it 
    is suicide. Instead just hide in cover and let the two immortals clear both 
    machine guns and enemy waves. A mortar will blast the machine gun you were 
    supposed to man anyway. Floor it to keep immediately behind Soap until you 
    fall through a roof. CHECKPOINT. Quickly gun down the machete wielding 
    maniac and take cover to the side of the door. CHECKPOINT. 
    Another enemy will block the path so fill him full of lead. Price and Soap 
    will rejoin you as you move up the path. CHECKPOINT. Push through the 
    remaining three enemies blocking your path to the mortar (two guarding the 
    mortar and another on a nearby roof). Get on the mortar and take out the 
    cars as fast as you can. The first will come from the right, two from the 
    left and then another from the right. You will have to be fast or else you 
    are screwed (you can't exit the mortar to heal). CHECKPOINT. Follow Price 
    and Soap down off the tower and into the drain pipe. As you emerge 
    immediately take cover as an enemy will blast you otherwise. CHECKPOINT. 
    Take out the high up enemies on the right and let Price and Soap mop up the 
    rest. When you move up another batch of enemies will spawn out of the house 
    in front of you. Let your allies take care of them (they will.... very 
    quickly) and enter the shed then exit back out the same way to prevent the 
    new enemies from killing you. 
    CHECKPOINT. Peek around the doorframe to help with the killing and then 
    follow Price and Soap out the door to the right. Same as last time retreat 
    back inside and blast away at the enemies on the walkway. CHECKPOINT. The 
    enemies in the windows will be the main guys to aim for as they are keeping 
    Price and Soap pinned down. Travel up the road to the right making sure to 
    get rid of the two guys on the roof to the right first. Move up and more 
    enemies will spawn out of the huts but will be taken care of fast by Price 
    and Soap. Be warned enemies may still linger and come out of the buildings 
    behind you as you pass. 
    Follow Price and Soap into the burnt out building for a CHECKPOINT. Enemies 
    will swarm out of the woodwork here so make sure to find some good cover. 
    After the first wave a CHECKPOINT will show up, carefully move up the 
    street and the second wave will spawn. Use the buildings on the right as 
    cover and help pick off the enemy combatants. CHECKPOINT. As you approach 
    the front door of the church enemies will burst out so mow them down and 
    seek cover. [INTELLIGENCE: Opposite you when you enter the church is 
    another piece of intel]. CHECKPOINT. Breach the door to be swept up in a 
    scene which ends the level.
    MIND THE GAP: Part 1 (07MTG1)
    Intel: 2
    Starting Weapons: MP5 Holographic/ USP .45 Tactical Suppressed 
    * Stack up at the warehouse
    * Clear the warehouse
    * Assault into the docks
    * Open truck door
    * Chase hostiles
    * Get to the truck
    * Stop the subway train
    Achievements obtainable: 
    One Way Ticket - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty
    Payback (1/3) - 25G
    Complete this level and the two following (mind the gap and return to 
    sender) on Veteran difficulty.
    Turn down the alley and ice the enemy who steps outside for a smoke, two 
    more are inside the building he came from and can be taken out easily. Let 
    your team do the work until your squad cuts open a door. [INTELLIGENCE: 
    Directly behind your squad when they are opening the door is a small 
    building with an intel inside]. Let your allies take care of things until 
    you are told to take point. Around the next corner are two enemies so 
    knife the close one and shoot the other with your pistol (the MP5 is not 
    suppressed). Climb up the stairs to see two enemies shot through the 
    window. CHECKPOINT. 
    When your squad breaks through the glass, slide down the sloped roof and 
    take cover across the road. Move in quickly past the gate and take cover 
    on the left hand side, you can actually climb the ladder here to pick off 
    some enemies and to see where everyone is. It is also a good way to move 
    up and force your allies to make progress. Jump over the crates in front 
    of you and the battle should wrap up shortly. Open the truck doors to find 
    it empty (again...geez) and take cover as more enemies will show up in a 
    few seconds. Head round the corner and use the cover here to keep safe 
    from the advancing forces. If you use the wire gate on the left hand side 
    an enemy will run round the corner and try to gun you down. If you go 
    through the building instead, two enemies will run down the stairs and try 
    to fill you with holes. [INTELLIGENCE: If you go up the stairs between 
    these two entrances you will find a piece of intel]. Either way enemies 
    will blast you through the wire fence to the left so advance carefully. 
    The Vulture will provide air support at this point and kill off a few 
    enemies, keep pushing forward and use the truck trailer for cover. Move up 
    the right side of the area for a CHECKPOINT. Then after the Vulture 
    provides more air support cross to the other side and use the pipe and 
    shipping containers as cover (mainly to protect from grenades). Remember 
    moving up is your main concern not taking out all the enemies yourself. If 
    you take your time here you should get a CHECKPOINT and end up bullet hole 
    free. Keep your squad moving forward until the enemy makes a break for it 
    in a train. Sprint for the truck and get ready for a wild ride.
    The truck will dodge an incoming train and then run alongside the escaping 
    enemy train. You need to kill off the two enemies very quickly here or they 
    will kill you in seconds. CHECKPOINT. After that you should be able to 
    crouch against the right side of the truck behind the corrugated iron and 
    be relatively safe while you take pot-shots at them. CHECKPOINT. The driver 
    of the train will eventually be shot and the train will crash sending 
    carriages flying everywhere. 
    MIND THE GAP: Part 2 (08MTG2)
    Intel: 1
    * Clear Westminster station
    After you wake up follow Wincroft to discover enemies camped out on the 
    platform. CHECKPOINT. Keep tailing the sergeant and have a chuckle at some 
    of the posters on the walls. The enemies here tend to be quite aggressive 
    and will move up to and past your ally so stay on your toes. Take the right 
    side around the staircase and keep shadowing the sergeant. When he rounds 
    the corner a CHECKPOINT will appear. 
    More enemies will be taking cover here so help take them out. Once you 
    reach the escalators take out the enemies at the top and beware the 
    grenades that roll down when you try to climb them (sprint up the left one 
    and take cover at the top). [INTELLIGENCE: On the right at the top of the 
    first set of escalators is a piece of intel behind a counter] As you follow 
    Wincroft up the second set of escalators a pair of enemies will rush past 
    him to try and get to you. Gun them down and use the top of the escalator 
    as cover for the few remaining enemies. Keep going and allies will show up 
    and wrap up the remaining soldiers. CHECKPOINT. A barricade will be erected 
    with panache and the incoming truck will be blasted to a stop. 
    DAVIS FAMILY VACATION - Intermission (09DFV)
    Walk forward until the truck blows up.
    ******************************* ACT TWO ***********************************
    Intel: 3
    Starting Weapons: M4A1 Grenadier with ACOG/ SMAW
    * Clear the way for tanks
    * Regroup
    * Man the mini gun on the tank
    * Locate Goalpost
    * Breach and secure Goalpost
    Achievements obtainable: 
    Welcome to WW3 - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty
    Payback (2/3) - 25G
    Complete this level, the one prior (mind the gap) and the following one 
    (return to sender) on Veteran difficulty.
    Informant - 20G
    If you have been picking up every piece of intel you should get this on
    the final intel of this level.
    Follow your squad to the only cover around as the whole area in a fire 
    zone. Use your map to find the nearest reliable cover (yes it actually 
    comes in handy here!). Keep moving up with your squad and don't worry about 
    killing the enemies, just concentrate on staying alive and in one piece. 
    Once the smoke is popped a CHECKPOINT will activate and Sandman will make a 
    run for some concrete blocks. Follow him and use the blocks to stay alive. 
    The broken plane can be used as a shortcut but it tends to be safer to just 
    stick with the rest of the squad. [INTELLIGENCE: In the tail of the plane 
    is a piece of intel]. Keep moving and following your squad whenever the air 
    is clear of bullets. CHECKPOINT. 
    A helicopter will turn up to blow up a couple of floors in front of you. 
    CHECKPOINT. The tanks will begin to move up now so use them as mobile cover 
    to help you move forward. Work your way up the middle and stay away from 
    the left sides as large groups of enemies spawn out of the archway. 
    CHECKPOINT. Keep an eye open for spawning enemy tanks as they can take you 
    down fast. Shortly afterwards the tanks will move up again and a CHECKPOINT 
    will appear. [INTELLIGENCE: On the right side of the area in a walled off 
    section is a piece of intel]. Keep moving up so the tanks can clear the 
    way. Basically all along this section just let the tanks do all the work. 
    When you finally reach your objective you will be ordered to regroup, once 
    you do Carter will be shot. 
    Take his place on the back of the tank and shoot the ground units that come 
    into view until a hind flies over the building directly in front of you. 
    Down it as quick as you can and duck back into the tank to avoid the blast 
    (automatic). CHECKPOINT. Gun down any enemies that appear ahead and follow 
    the fleeing enemies into the garage. CHECKPOINT. The claustrophobic garage 
    presents a lot of enemies attacking you from multiple angles. There isn't 
    really any method you can employ here except try and prevent your gun 
    overheating and use the parked cars as explosive to clear groups of 
    enemies. Kill the enemy truck and two RPG launchers to the right in the 
    next section and move up the ramp. Shortly afterwards you will fall 
    through three stories of car park and nearly get a car to the face. 
    Back on foot again follow Sandman again to the next corner. Five or six 
    enemies will try to stop your progress but by now they should pose little 
    more than a nuisance (stay behind boxes and shoot the cars to kill them). 
    At the top of the ramp an ally yells out "tank" which should automatically 
    translate into 'take cover or get your ass blown up.' Follow the allied 
    tank down the road moving into the buildings on the right for cover. 
    Remember to check your angles (especially from the street) and you should 
    be able to keep moving without to many problems. I would advise staying 
    inside while you move up as partway through outside is firebombed. 
    Another hallway another group of enemies to kill so help the squad out and 
    pick off a few if you can. CHECKPOINT. You will then have to move back 
    into the street and take the right side for safe cover as Russians will 
    shoot through the gap in the hedge on the left. CHECKPOINT. Stay right as 
    much as you can and you should finally reach the convoy carrying Goalpost 
    (the Vice President). Unfortunately he isn't there but there is a blood 
    trail leading that-a-way so follow it. A few enemies will be up the stair 
    but your squad will handle them. [INTELLIGENCE: Before you breach the door, 
    there is an intel sitting on a desk as you enter this building]. 
    CHECKPOINT. When you breach the door kill the guy on the far left, then 
    the far right (or else the Vice President gets it) and then finish off the 
    middle two. Your exit arrives and the level ends.
    Intel: 3
    Starting Weapons: M41A Grenadier with ACOG/ Desert Eagle
    * Capture and Interrogate Waraabe
    * Move to LZ
    * Head to the secondary LZ
    * Find Nikolai's crashed chopper
    * Rescue Nikolai
    Achievements obtainable: 
    Sandstorm! - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty
    Payback (3/3) - 25G
    Complete this level and the two prior (mind the gap and goalpost) on
    Veteran difficulty.
    Kill Box - 20G
    Kill 20 enemies in a single strafing run when you control the helicopter 
    You have to be extremely fast in locating and killing targets. As soon as
    you activate the turret start firing at enemies and don't stop until you
    are back on the ground (as you may still kill an enemy or two as you fade
    out). When I did it I got the kills required in the first wave of enemies
    so it is possible. Just keep reloading the checkpoint until you have it.
    After you ram the gates take the left side to find a Drugnov sniper rifle 
    (you may want to take this). Go prone up here for safety (from the mortar 
    fire) and you will be given remote control over the chopper turret. Mow 
    down as many enemies as you can. CHECKPOINT. Keep using the chopper turret 
    whenever it becomes available to safely take out the hostiles. Take out the 
    trucks when they arrive with the chopper turret and keep moving forward 
    when you can. You will hit multiple checkpoints along the way and slowly 
    move forward but the pattern is the same so just use the same tactics. 
    However be very careful not to hit any friendly units as this will take you 
    back to your last checkpoint. [INTELLIGENCE: In a double storey building to 
    the left of the compound there is some intel on the top floor].
    Once you reach the main building follow Price inside, there are no enemies 
    on the first floor so proceed to the second. Follow the L shaped hallway 
    onto the balcony and take out any hostiles in your way. Once you reach the 
    breach point you will need to take out five enemies and avoid shooting a 
    desperately weaving Waraabe. [INTELLIGENCE: After the breach it should be 
    inside the room on the left]. After Price has a little chat with Waraabe 
    scoot out the back door and make your way to the LZ. Surprise, surprise the 
    chopper gets fired upon and you have to leg it instead. This is where the 
    Drugnov comes in handy if you picked it up. Snipe the RPG launching soldier 
    but look out for the enemy sniper as he can end you in a single shot. As 
    you move forward a timer will appear and you will be told to head for the 
    secondary LZ. 
    Unfortunately this means you have to advance aggressively only waiting for 
    your squad to reach you before advancing again. It is highly risky but the 
    only way to make it in time. Use the right side to move up on. After the 
    exploding car a checkpoint will go off and hopefully you should have around 
    1:30+ left on the clock. Flank to the left and up the stairs to take out 
    any rooftop attackers slowing your squad down. [INTELLIGENCE: In a building 
    on the right side before the archway us a piece of intel]. As you race 
    through the large archway at the rear of the area the timer will disappear 
    so you can go back to your usual tactics. CHECKPOINT. 
    Clear out the first floor with your squad and as you move up to the second 
    another CHECKPOINT should trigger. After the second floor is clear and you 
    reach the third another CHECKPOINT will occur. When you reach the roof 
    Nikolai will tell you the LZ is too hot. Use the chopper gun to kill off 
    the attacking forces. After failing miserably (I don't know if you can 
    actually win that fight) you must rush over to the rope or eat an exploding 
    helicopter. Tough choice I know. CHECKPOINT. Follow Price through the storm 
    taking out the blinded groups of enemies for CHECKPOINTS. After the third 
    group you will have found the chopper, Pick up Nikolai for a CHECKPOINT and 
    follow the squad towards the convoy. Race for the jeep and you will make 
    your escape to end the level.
    Intel: 4
    Starting Weapons: SCAR-L ACOG Sight/ USP .45
    * Rendezvous with the GIGN squad
    * Use the air support marker to destroy the BTR
    * Follow the GIGN Leader
    * Follow the GIGN Leader through the catacombs
    * Get in the van
    * Capture Volk
    Achievements obtainable: 
    Back Seat Driver - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty
    City of Lights (1/2) - 25G
    Complete this level and the following one on Veteran difficulty.
    Danger Close - 20G
    Take down a helicopter with a smoke grenade (AC-130 signal).
    This is pretty easy as the blasts hit a wide area. Just keep reloading
    the checkpoint until you get it.
    Follow sandman through the quiet city between building filled with deadly 
    green gas. Luckily unlike gas masks in previous iterations of Call of Duty 
    this gas mask seems to be indestructible so feel free to take some hits. As 
    you descend a staircase enemies in an adjacent building will open fire 
    triggering a CHECKPOINT. Make your way to ground level and take cover as 
    you exit the building. Don't use the entrance directly ahead as there is 
    little cover. Instead use the door to the right side of the building as 
    there are two long counters you can use. [INTELLIGENCE: Upstairs on one of 
    the shelves is a piece of enemy intel]. Meet up with the GIGN squad. Behind 
    the leader you can refill your ammo. Head out the door for a CHECKPOINT. 
    Hey look, we're playing follow the leader, literally! Enter the building 
    opposite, pushing the leader along (or you'll be here all day. CHECKPOINT. 
    [INTELLIGENCE: The intel is in the back hall of the building next to this 
    one called Cafe de Paris]. Fight your way through the Cafe and opposite 
    building to make your way up a large set of stairs. Follow Sabre through 
    the burning building and get ready to duck at the end as enemies fire 
    though the windows. Drop down through the floor and run around the corner 
    to avoid their fire, watch out for enemy fire as you round the corner. 
    CHECKPOINT. When the AC-130 calls in you can now use smoke grenades to give 
    enemies a massive headache, just be careful that your own suicidal squad 
    doesn't end up in the line of fire. Start pegging those' nades and watch 
    the fun. 
    If you can destroy the helicopter with the AC-130 you get an achievement. 
    Blast the BTR and mop up the rest of the enemies to clear the area. The 
    AC-130 needs to rearm and refuel (Awwwww) so you'll lose air support. 
    You'll find yourself entering what appears to be the sewers, climb down to 
    fade out. After you reach the bottom you can take off your mask. Follow the 
    leader again as he heads downwards. CHECKPOINT. Just keep following him 
    until you see a CHECKPOINT as well as all the bones. As you move up the 
    corridor an enemy will topple a gate onto Sabre so shoot him for his 
    trouble. As you move up you will be blinded by a flash bang and you will 
    see Volk making a run for it. Unfortunately you can't kill him so shoot the 
    soldiers in your way and use the table they flipped over to stay alive. 
    [INTELLIGENCE: On the left side of this room is a piece of intel]. Try to 
    keep moving as if you take too long, Volk will escape. 
    At the top of the stairs a CHECKPOINT will trigger and you'll still be 
    racing after Volk. [INTELLIGENCE: Shortly after climbing the ladder you 
    should enter a room and it is on a crate in front of you]. Continue onwards 
    and you'll see Volk escaping in a car. Kill off the enemies quickly and 
    jump in the van to continue the pursuit. After you enter start firing at 
    the hostiles in front. The chase section isn't that difficult just make 
    sure you immediately shoot any machine gunners on the trucks that appear. 
    CHECKPOINT. When you ram Volk's car be ready to shoot the soldiers with him 
    and watch as the car careens into a wall. Watch in satisfaction as Volk is 
    captured with extreme prejudice.
    IRON LADY (13IL)
    Intel: 2
    Starting Weapons: M4A1 Grenadier with R/D Sight/ USP .45
    * Get to the Osprey
    * Clear Enemies at the Roundabout
    * Clear Enemies on the Street
    * Destroy the building with RPGs
    * Shoot at the courtyard building enemy forces are in
    * Go upstairs and flank the MG Nest
    * Fight through the courtyard
    * Escort friendlies to the LZ
    * Destroy the tanks on the bridge
    * Take out the enemy tanks with the javelin
    * Push to the landing zone for extraction
    * Defend the LZ until evac arrives
    Achievements obtainable: 
    We'll Always Have Paris - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty.
    City of Lights (2/2) - 25G
    Complete this and the prior level on Veteran difficulty.
    Menage a Trois - 20G
    Destroy three tanks with a single 105mm shot while in the AC-130.
    You have two opportunities to do this. The first time you gain control of
    the AC-130 if you wait a while three tanks will line up and stop next to
    each other (takes about a minute), You have a later opportunity the second
    time you gain control as three tanks will chase the friendly units at one
    point. The earlier chance is better in my opinion though,
    Move forward and then prepare to back up as your transport is removed from 
    active service. When you jump to the AC-130, just blast away swapping 
    weapons as they empty until allied jets clear the roundabout. CHECKPOINT. 
    What follows is a massively one sided fight until enemy missiles drop you 
    out of the AC-130 and back on the ground. You will be tasked with flanking 
    the MG nest which is constantly spraying at your position. Head up the 
    stairs to the left and crouch to the left of the hallway, two enemies will 
    be in the corridor so take them out. In the windowed room there is a MSR 
    sniper rifle sitting on a crate which will help you clear out the enemies. 
    Snipe the gunner and pick off any stragglers as your squad advances. 
    After killing a few drop off the balcony and enter the building to the 
    left, [INTELLIGENCE: At the top of the stairs in this building is the 
    intel]. Head outside the building and begin sniping all the enemy soldiers 
    positioned on the balconies until a tank arrives. The AC-130 will return in 
    the nick of time, letting you lob a smoke at the tank and blowing it up. 
    After that you'll be back in the AC-130, start picking off targets again 
    and avoiding the friendlies. Once again it's an easy section just make 
    sure to swap weapons often (the 25mm works surprisingly well against enemy 
    After gunning down the four choppers, you will again hit the ground. 
    CHECKPOINT. Grab the javelin and stark firing at the tanks, they aren't 
    hard to kill but grabbing the javelin can be pretty dangerous. 
    [INTELLIGENCE: As you move forward you will see a bus on the left side, 
    inside it is a piece of intel]. Use the van to the right as cover to move 
    up your troops. CHECKPOINT. The AC-130 should come back online now and 
    allow you to throw smokes again. Start slinging them and just keep to the 
    right side. After the show stopping demolition, jump on the evac chopper 
    and get the hell out as you end the level. 
    Intel: 2
    Starting Weapons: RSSAS Suppressed with Hybrid Sight/ USP .45 Tactical 
    * Rendezvous with the Resistance
    * Proceed to Rally Point Alpha
    * Fight to the church
    Achievements obtainable:
    Viva la Revolution! - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty.
    The Darkest Hour (1/3) - 25G
    Complete this level plus the two following ones on Veteran difficulty.
    CHECKPOIONT. Move up with Price and Soap using the boats as cover and walk 
    your way under the dock. Get helped up from the water so that Price and 
    Kamarov can have a quick chat. Follow Soap until you exit the sewers. 
    CHECKPOINT. Take out the two snipers on the roof and leave the dog and his 
    mate to Soap. Move up past the dead for a CHECKPOINT. After taking out the 
    next pair of enemies you must duck into the building on the right to avoid 
    a chopper. [INTELLIGENCE: On the bench to the right is some intel]. Crawl 
    past the convoy and leap the fence. If you're finding any of this hard you 
    need to follow Soaps instructions quickly. Hold your fire on the scouts on 
    the roof [INTELLIGENCE: In the left corner of this area is a piece of intel 
    under an umberella] and then follow Soap up the road. 
    Use the right side (like usual) and along the way you'll find a cache of 
    weapons to swap out your pistol for the RPG launcher to use against the 
    tank. Move to the left side (behind the burnt out car) and shoot the tank. 
    Follow Soap left into the building and as you exit the will be a RSSAS 
    sniper to your right to help with taking out the two MG gunners. 
    CHECKPOINT. Head around the corner sticking to cover on the left hand side 
    as you go. Follow Soap through the window and out the back for a 
    CHECKPOINT. After blowing up the first two enemies in the new building, 
    two lots of reinforcements will show up. Waste them or let Soap do it for a 
    CHECKPOINT. Watch the tanks roll past then cross the road. Follow Soap 
    inside and enter the Church. Walk through the crowd to end this short 
    Intel: 1
    Starting Weapons: Specialized Sniper
    * Eliminate threats on the balcony
    * Follow Price
    * Protect Soap
    * Escape
    Achievements obtainable:
    Requiem - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty
    The Darkest Hour (2/3) - 25G
    Complete this level, the prior and the following level on Veteran.
    This is a simple sniper mission (no wind effect either) so just follow 
    Soap's instructions until everything goes pear shaped. Pick up Soap and 
    trail Price across the battlefield, into a building and back out into an 
    alley. After you break inside, you will have to kill about five enemies, 
    concentrate on the ones in front and then turn to the ones on the right. 
    [INTELLIGENCE: On the right side of this room it is on the floor]. Follow 
    Price and Soap out of the store while keeping an eye out for the enemies 
    in the area. 
    This can be a pretty difficult spot so let me walk you through it. As you 
    exit the door there is a square garden to the left. go prone on the far 
    side of it and get ready to fire at the window above Price and Soap 
    (directly ahead when prone) once the guard appears and you kill him, go 
    back around the corner of the garden (away from the enemy direction) and 
    wait a few seconds. Another enemy will appear on the opposite side of 
    Price and Soaps cover (if you were still on the other side he would have 
    shot you). Shoot him in the head and Price should say "we can't stay here" 
    and grab Soap. Move back around the garden to where you went prone and 
    wait for Price to kick down the door and then sprint across to it. 
    This was the safest way I found after quite a few deaths trying to take 
    cover by the door or the other gardens. Follow Price as he cuts through a 
    building and back out into the street and then look left to see advancing 
    hostiles. Shoot as many as you can to keep Price moving until he heads into 
    another building on the left. Grab some cover up the back (away from the 
    windows) and shoot anyone who comes in. CHECKPOINT. As you cross out of the 
    building Price will say "cover our six" but he doesn't really need 
    defending so just keep yourself alive until the Resistance arrives to save 
    the day. After the scene (note what happened with Soap's notebook if you 
    bought the Hardened Edition of MW3). You will be knocked down a flight of 
    stairs and you'll enter a flashback of a different point of view of the 
    events from MW1. During the scene you will crawl away. After the scene ends 
    so will the level. 
    ****************************** ACT THREE *********************************
    Intel: 2
    Starting Weapons: MP5 Suppressed with R/D Sight/ P99 Tactical
    * Take out the guard by the road without being detected
    * Plant C4 under the platform
    * Find a way into the castle
    * Plant C4 on the bridge
    * Time the blast with the sound of thunder
    * Find the comm station
    * Escape the castle
    * Parachute to safety
    Achievements obtainable:
    Storm the Castle - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty.
    The Darkest Hour (3/3) - 25G
    Complete this level and the two prior on Veteran difficulty.
    The start of this mission is basically just another escort, follow 
    instructions and try not to get yourself killed. Once you enter the 
    security office and price kills the lights, have full playing with the 
    blinded guards. Enjoy it until the enemies start popping flares to blind 
    you. Take off your night vision and engage the enemy. I would suggest 
    moving up and lobbing a grenade into the small office or it is gonna be a 
    pain to clear out. When you get told to take point, be wary as an enemy 
    with a human shield will try to gun you down. Don't worry about the shield 
    and just shoot him, it won't end your game like nearly every other time. 
    Continue following Price as he goes up the ladders (CHECKPOINT) and plant 
    some more C4. Wait for Prices say so to blow the wall and climb up the hole 
    behind. Watch the scene and then fall down the pit. Start shooting as soon 
    as you can and take cover to the left. Take out the enemies here and then 
    continue into the next room where more will spawn. Price should be fine to 
    take care of these guys but help out if you like. Head out into the rain 
    and then back inside for another barrage of enemies (around six) but with 
    plenty of cover and Price they shouldn't pose much threat. Move upstairs 
    and take out some fleeing enemies [INTELLIGENCE: Follow this hallway to the 
    end to find the intel] then walk outside. [INTELLIGENCE: On your right is a 
    doorway, follow the walkway all the way round to find some intel]. Rush 
    forward and grab the RPG launcher. 
    Wait for the chopper and then send it into a tailspin. Then grab the sniper 
    rifle, lay into the enemies on the battlements and let Price deal with the 
    enemies on the ground. After the initial wave, move out to meet Price and 
    then run back to the raised platform where the PRG was. More enemies will 
    appear. When Price starts moving again resume the tailgating until you 
    overlook the bridge. Blow it up with the enemies on it and then jump out 
    the window. CHECKPOINT. Advance along the damaged bridge and take cover 
    when bullets start heading your way. The next part is pretty dangerous as 
    you have to run to the jeep with enemies firing from all sides. Sadly this 
    is down to chance so just get as close as you can then sprint for the door. 
    After the ride over the cliff, engage your chute and glide to safety.
    Intel: 5
    Starting Weapons: ACR Hybrid Sight/ M14 EBR Scoped
    * Get to overwatch to provide sniper support
    * Provide sniper cover for granite team
    * Destroy the Russian tanks using the A-10
    * Rappel down the building
    * Get to the bridge
    * Destroy the Russian tank using the RPG
    * Advance with the German tanks
    * Get to the hotel
    * Get to the roof
    Achievements obtainable: 
    Bad First Date - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty.
    This is the End (1/3) - 25G
    Complete this level as well as the two following on Veteran difficulty.
    Nein - 20G
    Kill nine enemies with strafing runs while using the AC-10 marker
    There is a checpoint right before this so just keep tryiong to kill infantry
    while avoiding the tanks until either Granite team dies or you get the
    Enjoy being overrun as its a prelude to things to come. When you gain 
    control in the chopper the mission starts for real. As soon as you touch 
    down enemies will race out of the door opposite so grab some cover to keep 
    safe. Look out for the two gunners on the floor above. Hilariously it is 
    quickest to just bum rush the door ignoring all the spawning enemies and 
    crouching at the top of the stairs or around the corner to await your 
    squad. [INTELLIGENCE: If you move straight ahead after rounding the corner 
    you can find some intel]. Move up the right side (flash bang and grenade 
    the two shot gunners in the room to the right). CHECKPOINT. Ignore 
    Sandman's "Go Go" as you can take your time. Use the double filing 
    cabinets for your initial cover and then move up when you're ready. Once 
    the room is clear a CHECKPOINT will trigger and you'll proceed up the 
    Move round to the left and move forwards to trigger your squad. 
    [INTELLIGENCE: On the right side of this area behind a wire fence is some 
    intel]. After that you can grab the sniper and open up on the roof of the 
    other building. You will then receive control over the Valkyrie jets to 
    make bombing runs to defend the other team. Line them up and have some fun 
    with your new toy. After the gruesome demise of granite team it seems like 
    you get to take their place. [INTELLIGENCE: follow the road down to the 
    first building and inside on the bench is the intel]. Move all the way to 
    the end of the street (no enemies so no worries) and climb the stairs to 
    find another tank. Pick up the RPG on the left (not the glowing one in 
    front) and fire away at the tank. After the tank blows use this excellent 
    position to wipe the influx of enemy units. Pass through the trench and 
    when Sandman says use the tanks for cover, ignore him as that will get you 
    killed. Instead move to the left hand side and use the pillars as cover. 
    [INTELLIGENCE: As you pass on the left hand side there is a building 
    entrance with it inside]. Keep left using the buildings and barricades to 
    stay alive. At the end of the street the tanks will go bye-bye and the 
    earth will move (oh gee isn't this familiar?). Work your way through the 
    destroyed building until you reach a door. CHECKPOINT. You will walk into 
    a major fire fight so grab some cover fast. There is no cover to the right 
    so move around on the left side. CHECKPOINT. Continue into the building 
    and take cover when you reach the stairs. Clear the room and reach the 
    stairs on the other side [INTELLIGENCE: Underneath the stairs is some 
    intel] to make your way to the roof. When you reach the door use your 
    pistol to take out the two remaining enemies and watch the scene as the 
    level ends. 
    Intel: 2
    Starting Weapons: G36C with R/D Sight/ M4A1 with ACOG
    * Find and rescue President Vorshevsky
    * Escape with the President
    Achievements obtainable:
    Diamond in the Rough - 10G
    Complete the level on any difficulty.
    This is the End (2/3) - 25G
    Complete this, the prior level and the following level on Veteran.
    When the elevator hits the ground floor you will pretty much be in a kill 
    box, if the enemies (or allies mess up) get a grenade inside you are 
    screwed. Sadly it is still safer to wait inside until your allies exit the 
    lift as the nearest cover is just too far away. Let the allies clear the 
    room and then follow Price. Up the ramp to the right another fire fight 
    will ensue just head to the left hand side to move up unmolested. You can 
    also fire out of this higher position but enemies can still fire back so 
    do it at your own risk. [INTELLIGENCE: On the left of this room is some 
    intel]. Your main concern should be killing the two soldiers on the floor 
    above. After that the rest can be mopped up by your squad. Be careful when 
    you follow Price again afterwards as a large number of enemies spawn in the 
    next room. 
    Take the right path for an easier time. As you enter the next room be 
    careful of the RPG launcher. Clear the room and let your squad clear the 
    stairs before following them up. When you exit the doors into the snow, 
    jump over the rail and grab some cover. You will then gain control over a 
    predator and its missiles. Use these to clear the field of enemies but keep 
    moving up or they will just respawn. This section is easy but time 
    consuming. Once the UAV goes down some heavy firepower will be rerouted to 
    help you out. Pick off the enemies on the left and right towers and then 
    join Price in the flaming building. 
    Walk through killing off any dazed enemies as you go. Your team will spot 
    the President being taken deeper into the mine, so rappel down after 
    killing off the guard forces. As soon as you hit the ground run to the 
    right as you can be killed on the rope. CHECKPOINT. Move through the room 
    on the left hand side and you should get a CHECKPOINT halfway. Remember you 
    are on the clock otherwise they will get away. After you find the doors 
    barred, drop in on your enemies from above. Kill the two outside enemies, 
    the one holding the President and then the last one. [INTELLIGENCE: Do a 
    180 after dropping through the floor and in a room behind you is some 
    intel]. Exit the room and defend until your ride arrives. You will have to 
    run for it but wait until your squad descends first. After the epic slow 
    motion retreat you will be helped into the chopper and make your departure.
    Intel: 3
    Starting Weapons: PKP PEHENEG with R/D Sight/ M4A1 Grenade with ACOG 
    * Kill Makarov
    Achievements obtainable:
    This is the End (3/3) - 25G
    Complete this and the prior two levels on Veteran difficulty.
    Who Dares Wins - 40G
    Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
    The Best of the Best - 100G
    Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
    Scout Leader - 35G
    Collect all 46 intel items. You should get this on the final intel pickup
    of this level.
    Wow, the juggernaut armour eh? Take it slow and show them why they should 
    fear you. This is like 'No Russian' all over again but against bad guys. 
    Clear the entrance and enter the building. The only real threats are the 
    enemies at the top of the escalators (back up and take them one at a time). 
    [INTELLIGENCE: Go right after climbing the escalator and you will find it 
    sitting on the bar]. After the episode with the lift you will enter the 
    hardest fire fight in the game. Makarov will escape in 3:30 and in that 
    time you have to take down heaps of enemies. Sound like fun? you will need 
    to move left and circle round the outside rooms to stay alive (even then 
    you'll die a lot). [INTELLIGENCE: The first room on the left has intel 
    sitting on the card table]. The easiest way I found was to abuse my 
    grenade launcher to kill off large groups of enemies on the other side. I 
    reached my first checkpoint in about 20 seconds. Move around the outer 
    rooms and force Yuri forwards to reach Makarov in time. [INTELLIGENCE: 
    Before you climb up to the roof you can find the final intel on the bar to 
    the right].The rest is all just simple quick time events so just tap away 
    until you finally kill Makarov. Enjoy his death (finally) and the end 
    credits roll. 
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