Strenght/Stature/Magic stats sudden gain?

  1. I know that there is a list of bugs where you suddenly gain stats in either Strength, Stature, or Magic (or all three) after going online. However, I haven't been online and my character is gaining stats in Strength. It isn't that big a deal, since I'm near the end and all... but I've played the entire thing using only magic.
    I didn't want my female character to be too muscely and I sure as -hell- didn't want her to tower over everyone. I'm not sure what happened, I never used the sword or gun (outside of maybe three flit switches, and those gnomes you have to shoot), and I haven't leveled them up either. But after doing that Mortar Game, I see I've gained some Strength.

    I'm okay with having a black baby, I'm fine with that infamous The Game glitch (i never rely on autosaves), and I'm okay with my relatively uninteresting Bowerstone husband just vanishing for no reason. But magically gaining stats/losing money even though I haven't been online is kind of irksome.

    User Info: nobblerz

    nobblerz - 5 years ago

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