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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.3 7/8/10 
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    Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2010
    For a list of all my various guides, check
    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Video Guide
    003.  Characters
    004.  Walkthrough
    005.  Quick Walkthrough
    006.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the PC/Mac game called Nancy 
    Drew: Trail of the Twister. It's game #22 in the Nancy 
    Drew series!
    If you want to contact me, e-mail me at 
    ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject 
    something like "Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister" (or just 
    leave it blank) so I know it's not spam mail.
    If you'd like to put this guide on your website, you 
    should ask permission first.
    002-Video Guide
    Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
    about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
    see it at...
    Sometimes, it's more helpful to see the puzzles solved 
    than to read about them. Plus, you get to hear the 
    comments I say while playing the game! 
    Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, 
    and been asked to find out the truth behind the 
    mysterious accidents occurring with a tornado-chasing 
    group in Oklahoma.
    Scott Varnell: The leader of the Canute tornado chasers, 
    Scott is generally in a grumpy mood.
    P. G. Krolmeister: The sponsor of the Canute team who 
    hired Nancy to solve the mystery. He's an energetic old 
    Deborah Kircum: Debbie is the person Nancy reports to. 
    Every morning, Debbie has a list of jobs for Nancy to do.
    Chase Referlord: The team's repairman is a local boy who 
    can usually be found working on the car inside the barn.
    Frosty Harlow: Frosty is the team's photographer. He has 
    a reputation for going into dangerous situations on 
    purpose in order to get good shots.
    Pa: The owner of the local store, Pa is a friendly old 
    man who is Nancy's emergency contact. She never contacts 
    him when she's in an emergency, however.
    Brooke Tavanah: The leader of the rival chase team that 
    wants to defeat Scott's team in the competition.
    Frank and Joe Hardy: Nancy's friends and fellow 
    detectives. You can call them in this game.
    The game starts with Nancy taking you to her room. You 
    click on the "How to be a Detective" for a short 
    of the game's control scheme--which is unnecessary if 
    played the other Nancy Drew games and can remember how to 
    You can click on the scrapbook to look at descriptions of 
    other games in the series. You can click on the case file 
    learn about the current case as well. Once you're ready 
    begin, click on the plane ticket inside the case file, 
    then pick 
    either junior or senior detective to start the game!
    Day One
    The game begins with Nancy driving up to the Canute 
    Team's headquarters. They're not here right now, but a 
    tornado is!
    Walk up to the house and go to the door. Nancy has to 
    clear the debris out of the way. At the bottom of the 
    debris is a metallic box which is filled with money! 
    Woah! Seems like someone here is being paid off by 
    anonymous notes! She decides to hang onto the metallic 
    Inside the house, Nancy finds a note from Debbie, telling 
    her to do a few things, such as sort the files in the 
    filing cabinet, take the computer quiz, and visit Ma and 
    Pa's general store. So, let's do all three of those 
    things now!
    The filing cabinet is in the corner of house, in the 
    kitchen area, away from the front door. It's small and 
    black, and you can zoom in on it to see a mini-puzzle. 
    Using all six of the instructions, can you figure out 
    which tabs go on which files?
    The proper order, from left to right, in junior mode is 
    Findings (two triangles)
    Grange Theater (big dot)
    Canute (two lines)
    Degree (three dots)
    Budget (R)
    Animals (S)
    In senior mode, the proper order from left to right is:
    Degree (three dots)
    Canute (two lines)
    Animals (S)
    Budget (R)
    Findings (two triangles)
    Grange Theater (big dot)
    Once that's done, put the folders that are on top of the 
    filing cabinet into their proper files.
    Under the files is a candy bar wrapper, which is 
    unneeded, so throw it away. In the trash, Nancy finds a 
    receipt for three bags of corn, and when she backs away, 
    she finds a mouse. Oh no!
    The tornado quiz is in the basement. Just take the door 
    which is behind the stairs. The laptop with the quiz is 
    on the drying machine, and it doesn't matter what score 
    you get. You can retake the quiz as many times as you 
    want, and if you get a perfect score, you unlock an 
    outtake at the end of the game.
    While Nancy's finishing the quiz, Scott and Debbie come 
    back. Scott is the big boss (even though Nancy is 
    officially going to be reporting to Debbie), so he wants 
    to talk to Nancy.
    Scott is not in the best of moods, and he wants Nancy to 
    make a disaster kit. Nancy will have to get the supplies 
    for the kit from Ma and Pa's, which I guess is okay, 
    because we were going to go there anyway.
    Scott also wants Nancy to figure out where all the town's 
    sirens should go, in case of any tornado problems. The 
    chart is in the next room.
    Go to the main room. Debbie is working in the kitchen, so 
    Nancy should introduce herself. Debbie is in a nicer mood 
    than Scott is, not that that's really hard to do. She 
    agrees that Nancy should do what Scott said, and finish 
    with the chores that she left for Nancy. And once Nancy's 
    done with THAT, she can fix the sprinkler system!
    Wow, that's a lot to do! Let's get started!
    The siren scheme is on the wall in the living room. There 
    are 20 sirens you can put on the board, and 20 pegs you 
    can put them on. So clearly, you need to put a siren on 
    each peg. In Junior Mode, two pegs are already in place.
    Remember, your goal is to make sure every part of the 
    board is covered by a siren. There cannot be any spot 
    inside the red rectangle that is NOT covered by a siren. 
    As you can see, the white sirens are very soft and their 
    sound doesn't carry very far; the purple sirens are much 
    louder and cover a larger area.
    The top row, from left to right, is a blue siren, a green 
    siren, two red sirens in a vertical column, a purple 
    siren, two white sirens in a vertical column, and a blue 
    The bottom row, from left to right, is a blue siren, a 
    red siren, a yellow siren, a blue siren, then two red 
    The middle row, from right to left, is a purple siren, a 
    yellow siren, and the large pink siren.
    In the remaining three spots, you put a green siren on 
    top, with a red and white siren beneath (the red siren is 
    on the left). That should fill the entire board 
    Cool, now go outside. The sprinkler system is near the 
    cornfield. Just pull up the grate there to see it.
    As you probably guessed, the sprinkler system is a 
    puzzle. You need to set off the right number of valves, 
    but no valve can be in the same row, column or diagonal 
    as another valve.
    Junior Mode:
    Senior mode:
    There are multiple solutions to the puzzles, and the two 
    above both work.
    So that's the sprinkler system puzzle. Next, we have to 
    make that disaster kit for Scott and check out the barn. 
    Inside the barn in Chase, the team's mechanic.
    Chase is busy fixing a car right now, and he wants some 
    help. Can you put the numbers one through eight on the 
    board so that no consecutive numbers are touching each 
    other in any direction?
    The trick to the puzzle is picking which numbers go in 
    the center area, and the solution is this:
    Once you've finished with that, you can talk to Chase 
    about a whole bunch of things. It seems that mice chewed 
    through part of the car, which caused it to shut down.
    All righty! We're almost done with things for today! We 
    just have to buy things for the disaster kit, and that's 
    that! Pick a car to drive and use the GPS to figure out 
    how to get from the farmhouse to Ma and Pa's. Pa is 
    watching the shop right now, and he's a friendly fellow.
    There are ten items you have to buy from the store for 
    the disaster kit, all of which were listed in the 
    computer quiz you took earlier. Pa has a number of money-
    saving bargains right now, so make sure to pick the right 
    color items to save money. That is, the Blue Sale is "buy 
    2, get 1 free", so you'll want to buy three blue items to 
    capitalize on that bargain.
    One solution I found is this:
    Granola – Blue
    Salt – No color
    Sugar – Green
    Toothpaste – No Color
    Flashlight – Blue
    Bleach – Green
    Water – Yellow
    Duct tape – Blue
    Can opener – Yellow
    Batteries - Blue
    While you're here in Ma and Pa's, you can check out the 
    museum and play Land Rush for Pa Pennies, and see that 
    the diving rod in one of the displays is missing. How 
    Once you buy all the supplies from Ma and Pa's, you can 
    go back to the farmhouse. Inside the basement, far away 
    from the stairs, is a duffel bag for the disaster kit. 
    Next to the duffel bag is Frosty the photographer, and he 
    will talk to Nancy for a bit.
    And that's everything! Nancy can now go upstairs to sleep 
    and progress to Day #2.
    Day Two
    Debbie fills Nancy in on the jobs for today, which are 
    not too extensive. Nancy just has to fix the sensors in 
    the field, and go picture-taking with Frosty.
    Head out to the corn field. This is a puzzle; you want to 
    make the red beam reach the red sensor, and you want the 
    blue beam reach the blue sensor. The way to make this 
    happen is by playing around with the mirrors. Each mirror 
    can face in two directions. The red beam goes around the 
    top, while the blue beam goes around the bottom. Every 
    mirror gets used once (and three of them get used twice), 
    but the red and blue beams never cross paths.
    Once that's done, Nancy overhears a conversation between 
    Debbie and Frosty and gets a phone call from PG 
    Krolmeister, the person who hired her for this job.
    Your next task is to take pictures with Frosty. Pick the 
    blue car and drive out the windmill like Frosty says. 
    Take a picture, then return to the computer near Frosty 
    in the basement, and upload the photo. That's it! You can 
    take photos of all the different types of clouds if you 
    want, but you don't have to.
    Since your chores are done for the day, go upstairs and 
    get some sleep. Nancy is woken up by the emergency 
    broadcast system that night, due to a tornado sighting in 
    the area. She goes downstairs and has a mysterious 
    encounter with...someone. Who could it be?
    Day Three
    Debbie says that Nancy's jobs for the day are to check in 
    with Scott, then check in with Chase about the prairie 
    dogs. Do both of those things now.
    Scott has a job for Nancy: catching mice with the 
    mousetrap in Ma and Pa's.
    Chase has a job for Nancy: get a bigger vacuum tube from 
    Ma and Pa's.
    It looks like Nancy has to go to Ma and Pa's. But of 
    course, Pa wants you to do puzzles before he'll help you 
    out. To get a bigger tube, you'll have to fix Pa's candy 
    display. See, the candy isn't stacked properly.
    You can click the right-hand mouse button to rotate the 
    pieces of candy.
    Running along the left-hand side, from top to bottom, you 
    have raging infernos, auntie's acorns, moon chunks and 
    koko kringle. Directly right of the koko kringle bar are 
    two cow-o-mel candies.
    The upper/right corner is filled with koko kringle and 
    lickie loo, both turned on their sides. Under them is 
    coffee candy and cudsmackers; in the middle is cowabubble 
    and udder pops.
    That's it for the candy display!
    To get the mousetrap from Pa, you need to fix the fujita 
    display in his museum, using information from the chart 
    on Scott's wall and the computer quiz you took earlier. 
    The proper solution is this:
    40-72   45-78   65-85   tree branches
    73-112  79-117  86-110  roof shingles blown away
    113-157 118-161 111-135 trailer home destroyed
    158-206 162-209 136-165 roof completely blown away
    207-260 210-261 166-200 some foundation standing
    261-318 262-317 201+    no house
    When you solve that puzzle, Brooke Tavanah, the leader of 
    Scott's rival team, comes in and talks to Pa. She seems 
    very interested in what's going on with Scott.
    While you're here, you might as well pick up some cheese 
    to lure the mice into the mousetrap. Then go back to the 
    farm. Put the mousetrap under the desk with the radio on 
    it; there's a spot on the floor near a pile of dried 
    corn. Simply put down the mousetrap, then put in some 
    cheese from Pa's store.
    This is a small puzzle. You want to get a mouse in every 
    room of the mousetrap. You can spin the circular 
    platforms to make the mice go in different directions, 
    and you can make walls appear between the rooms simply by 
    clicking on them. Get a mouse in all of the rooms, and 
    the puzzle is over.
    Scott tells you to drop off the mice at the springhouse, 
    which is then added to Nancy's GPS. So pick a car, run 
    the GPS for directions, then drive to the springhouse. 
    Here, drop off the mice.
    As for the prairie dogs, you get a prairie dog vacuum if 
    you give a new tube to Chase. It's not too difficult to 
    work; all you have to do is click on a prairie dog when 
    it sticks its head out of a hole. Just make sure to use 
    good timing; if you click on a prairie dog as it is 
    retreating into its hole, you will not catch it.
    Once you get all the prairie dogs, take them to their new 
    home, between the barn Chase is in and the cars. Once 
    Nancy drops them off, she sees something shining. Examine 
    it to find that it is a shiny box, just like the one 
    found at the beginning of this game. Yep, it looks like 
    someone here is being paid anonymously, but for what?
    Oh, and sometime this day, you have to talk to Frosty to 
    get Chase's MP3 player. Return it to Chase, and you see a 
    scene where Chase yells at his boots. That was a little 
    Once you've done all of the day's puzzles (catching mice 
    and prairie dogs, and delivering Chase's MP3 player), 
    talk to Debbie. There's a storm a-brewing! Drive with 
    Frosty to the viewing point (which is symbolized by a 
    cloud in the upper/left). When you get there, Frosty's 
    camera breaks, and it's up to Nancy to fix it.
    Solve the puzzle by making a string of numbers from 1 to 
                         15 16
                         17 14
                   11 10 13 18 49 48
             61 62  9 12 51 50 19 47 46 32
             60 59 63  8 52 20  1 45 31 33
          71 70 64 58  7 53 21  2 30 44 35 34
       72 76 69 65 57 54  6  5 22  3 29 43 36 38
    73 75 77 68 81 66 56 55 85  4 23 28 25 42 37 39
    74 78 79 80 67 82 83 84 86 87 88 24 27 26 41 40
    Senior Mode:
                         18 19
                         20 17
                   22 21 16 56 57 54
             24 23 80 15  2  1 55 58 53 51
             25 79 81  3 14 13 12 59 50 52
          70 78 26 82 83  4 61 60 11 35 49 48
       71 77 69 27 85 84 62  5  6 34 10 36 46 47
    72 75 76 68 86 28 65 30 63  7 33  9 45 37 41 39
    74 73 88 87 67 66 29 64 31 32  8 44 43 42 38 40
    Nancy fixes the camera in time, but Frosty accuses her of 
    fixing the camera incorrectly, because he couldn't get 
    any video whatsoever. Perhaps the camera was sabotaged?
    Day Four
    At the start of the day, Debbie tells you to talk to 
    Chase and to fix the antennas.
    To fix the antennas, simply locate it on Nancy's GPS, and 
    put the broken pieces back into place. It's like a jigsaw 
    puzzle, without any outlines. You can rotate the pieces 
    by right-clicking on the mouse, and the pieces fall off 
    if you put them in wrong.
    Once you fix the antenna, a storm appears. You want to 
    drive back to the farm while avoiding the storm. Nancy's 
    GPS starts giving her bad directions right now, so ignore 
    what the GPS says and find a safe pathway back to the 
    When you see Chase, he gives you a transmission puzzle. 
    Put all the wheels back on the transmission in the proper 
    order, and in the proper locations. The three rods need 
    these color wheels, from left to right:
    Yellow blue teal purple red
    Green purple green blue green
    Orange teal gray blue orange
    Once that's done, Chase gives you a letter to give to 
    Scott. When you do this, you hear Frosty scream. Talk to 
    Frosty to learn he's scared of mice. Time to catch mice 
    again. This time, the mousetrap goes under the sink. Lure 
    mice in with cheese, then fill every room in the 
    mousetrap with a mouse.
    Take these mice to the springhouse, then return to the 
    farmhouse. When you talk to Debbie, SHE has mice for you 
    to catch. So put the mousetrap in the corner and catch 
    those mice; then release them in the springhouse. That's 
    all you need to do for Day Four.
    Day Five
    Debbie is a little frantic right now, because there's a 
    big storm coming. Lightning then strikes the house and 
    destroys Scott's phone. Looks like Nancy will have to fix 
    Go to Scott's room and examine the phone jack on the 
    wall. It's on fire, but the fire burns out and leaves 
    behind a puzzle.
    The goal of this puzzle is to make all the possible 
    connections. When you move the red dot to another dot, 
    you see a red line appears. You need to make a red line 
    appear in every blank area, but you can't retrace over 
    any of the lines. Solving this puzzle involves making a 
    lot of square-shaped pathways. You can always press 
    "reset" to start the puzzle in a new area, if you want.
    Once you solve the puzzle, Nancy hears something. Head 
    over to Scott's desk. It seems to be coming from his 
    hands-free phone device. Pick it up to hear that Scott is 
    secretly meeting Brooke, the leader of the rival chase 
    team. That's mysterious!
    Seeing as no one from the chase team is here today, it's 
    a good chance to snoop around and look for clues. You can 
    find some, too! They're all optional except the one near 
    See, now that Chase is gone, you can reach the far side 
    of the barn. Go there to learn that Chase's boots are 
    covered in oil. Aha! Chase...stepped in a puddle of oil? 
    That doesn't seem related to the mystery at all...
    When Nancy leaves the barn, she gets a call from Pa, who 
    wants her to help him right away. Go to Ma and Pa's to 
    learn that he ALSO has a mouse infestation! Go to the 
    museum and catch the mice near the homesteader display 
    (the one in the corner near the entrance; it's the 
    display with the missing divining rod).
    Once you catch the mice, take them to the springhouse. 
    Here, Nancy finds the lost divining rod, and she makes a 
    deduction. Divining rods are used to find oil. There is 
    an oil puddle here at the springhouse, and Chase clearly 
    stepped in a puddle of oil at some point in time. Could 
    it be that Chase stole the divining rod and used it to 
    look for oil?
    Return to the farmhouse and confront Chase. He admits 
    that he stole the divining rod, but when Nancy accuses 
    him of being behind the sabotage, he says he is NOT 
    responsible for that. Either he's lying, or the culprit 
    is someone else.
    When you talk to Debbie now, she thanks Nancy for fixing 
    Scott's phone. She then tells Nancy to fix the TV. So 
    head over to the TV and turn it on. See how there's a 
    red/blue/green pattern and different rows? You can spin 
    the knobs to move each individual row. For example, spin 
    the upper/left knob to move the outermost row.
    There's a red pattern in the upper/left corner. You want 
    to duplicate that pattern on the TV. Spin the knobs so 
    there are red spots in the same locations as the red 
    spots in the upper/left pattern. Once you do this 
    correctly, the red pattern turns off.
    Now, you want to duplicate the green pattern in the 
    lower/left. Once that's done, duplicate the blue pattern 
    in the lower/right, and the puzzle is solved. The TV 
    comes back to life for a brief moment, and what's on the 
    TV? The video footage that Frosty shot. So the camera WAS 
    fixed after all!
    Looks like it's time to confront Frosty for lying about 
    the camera being broken. Note that if you did NOT examine 
    the silver box near the new prairie dog home, you cannot 
    confront Frosty, because Nancy mentions it in her 
    Specifically, Nancy accuses Frosty of selling tornado 
    footage on the sly, using the silver box near the prairie 
    dog home as a drop-off point; that's why he has cuts from 
    roses on his arm. She also accuses him of working with 
    Debbie to get rid of Scott, because Nancy overheard them 
    talking about that in the corn field.
    Frosty explains that he is trying to help one of his 
    friends get a start in the storm photography business, 
    but he denies that he is the saboteur.
    Frosty also mentions that now is a good time to get a 
    cloud picture from the windmill. If you're trying to get 
    all the cloud pictures, do so now. If not, go to sleep 
    because it's the end of day five.
    Day Six
    All right! It's the last day of the game!  It starts off 
    with some storm chasing adventures, too. Nancy and the 
    gang all pile into the car for driving fun.
    After about a minute of dialogue, Scott and Debbie tell 
    Nancy to stop at one of the pullout areas for tracking 
    the storm, which are generally marked by a cloud on your 
    As soon as our heroes stop, though, Scott gives Nancy the 
    job of starting the old doppler machine. There are eleven 
    switches, in two groups of four and one group of three.
    The machine works by threes. Flip three switches, one 
    from each group. Then press the green button. The 
    switches are now flipped!
    Let's say the top row switches are #1-6, and the bottom 
    row is #7-11. One possible solution is 8, 9, 11, then 2, 
    4, 5, then 7, 9, 10, and finally 1, 9, 10.
    The storm equipment messes up, however, so Nancy needs to 
    sort the wires. Just sort the wires in order of top to 
    bottom. The wire that's on the top is #1, and the wire 
    below that is #2, and so on and so forth.
    Junior Mode:
    1. Magenta
    2. Teal
    3. Yellow
    4. Green
    5. Orange
    6. Light blue
    7. Light purple
    8. Pink
    9. Purple
    10. Dark Purple
    Senior Mode:
    1. Magenta
    2. Teal
    3. Yellow
    4. Light Green
    5. Orange
    6. Light blue
    7. Light purple
    8. Pink
    9. Purple
    10. Dark Purple
    11. Blue
    12. Another Purple
    13. Green
    14. Red
    Once you fix the storm equipment, the game cuts to when 
    the crew returns to the farmhouse. Scott isn't here, 
    right now, and Debbie wants you to find him.
    Go to Scott's office. There's a piece of paper in his 
    desk. Open it with the key Nancy found near the antennas 
    to see that Scott is meeting with Brooke. However, he has 
    disguised his meeting spot with a rather complicated 
    The puzzle says to find the dates for "45+ dewpoint and 
    continuous moderate rain", as well as "85 degrees + with 
    either light hail, no thunder or severe thunderstorm with 
    Go down to the basement. Under the sink is a chart with 
    weather conditions on it--for example, continuous 
    moderate rain is symbolized by three dots--and the binder 
    next to Frosty has a list of all the weather for the past 
    few months.
    All the dates which fulfill the weather conditions are 
    March 3, 8, 18, 21, 26, 
    April 3, 6, 10, 23, 29
    May 6, 12,
    Return to Scott's desk area. There's a calendar next to 
    his desk, and it has letters/numbers written for every 
    date. The letters/numbers that correspond with the above 
    list of dates are:
    Type those into your computer, so Nancy writes them on 
    the piece of paper near the calendar. Well, we have the 
    codes Scott kept hidden. Now what?
    Go to the computer near Frosty and browse through the 
    pictures. You'll notice the codes on some of the pictures 
    look familiar. In fact, all three codes from Scott 
    correspond to pictures of the windmill! Scott must be 
    Drive to the windmill to meet Scott. There is a dramatic 
    confrontation, and then a tornado. Nancy gets a phone 
    call from Debbie, asking her to go to the Grange.
    Drive over the Grange (which is now listed in Nancy's 
    GPS). It's in the lower/left. Once there, head to the 
    storm shelter. It's locked, but Nancy has the keys.
    Inside, there's another door which is locked. Woah! Open 
    the key container to the right, and take the correct key. 
    It's the gold-colored key, in the top row.
    Now, go inside the shelter and just wait until the worst 
    of the storm passes. Then go outside. Nancy has to catch 
    the culprit, and after a lengthy conversation with 
    Debbie, the chase begins! All you have to do is follow 
    the culprit for two minutes, at which point the culprit 
    crashes near the springhouse.
    You can, technically, just drive to the springhouse and 
    wait for two minutes, but how boring is that?
    Once the crash occurs, Nancy has to break into the 
    springhouse. Pick up the crowbar near the side of the 
    springhouse (sitting on the rock pathway leading to the 
    house) and use it on the boards covering the door. Then 
    go inside.
    And that's it! Nancy and the culprit wait out the storm, 
    and the ending to the game plays. You get to see what 
    happens to all the various characters, and you can see 
    the different achievements you can unlock, such as "take 
    a picture of all the different cloud formations". 
    Unlocking achievements gets you some bloopers that play 
    automatically after the ending credits.
    005-Quick Walkthrough
    This section of the guide is a quick walkthrough. It's 
    basically just a list of all the puzzles/tasks in the 
    game. So if you're ever stuck and have no idea what to do 
    next, this section will help you out.
    Day One
    Do the filing in the kitchen
    Take the computer quiz in the basement
    Make a disaster kit by buying the right materials from Pa
    Fix the town siren scheme in the living room
    Fix the sprinkler system outside
    See Chase and fix the dashboard in the barn
    Day Two
    Take a picture with Frosty
    Fix the sensors in the corn field
    Day Three
    Talk to Scott and learn that you should get rid of the 
      --Ask Pa about the mousetrap
      --Fix the fujita scale display
      --Get the mousetrap
      --Get some cheese
      --Use mousetrap in Scott's office
    Relocate the prairie dogs
      --Talk to Chase. He needs a bigger pipe.
      --Talk to Pa. He wants you to fix his candy display 
    before he gives you a pipe.
      --Fix the candy display and get the pipe.
      --Give the pipe to Chase.
      --Use the new prairie dog machine to relocate the 
    prairie dogs.
      --Examine the shining box.
    Talk to Frosty and deliver an MP3 player to Chase
    Chase a storm and fix Frosty's camera
    Day Four
    Talk to Chase – transmission puzzle
    See What's Up with The Antenna
    Deliver Chase's Letter to Scott
    Catch mice for Frosty
    Catch mice for Debbie
    Day Five
    Fix Scott's phone
    Hear Scott's phone conversation
    Snoop around Chase's area
    Fix the TV
    Confront Frosty
    Day Six
    Stop at a storm dropout
    Fix the doppler equipment
    Solve Scott's calendar puzzle
    Go to the windmill
    Go to the Grange
    Solve the key puzzles
    Chase the culprit until you reach the springhouse
    Break into the springhouse
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2010.  If you 
    want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
    (instructions under general information).

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