Why is everyone so unwilling to trade?

  1. I've played a couple games now and found that generally speaking other clans are simply unwilling to make trade agreements. Weather or not I have goods they don't doesn't even seem to be a factor. Often times throwing in a few thousand gold won't even do it. What am I missing here?

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    Lotalicos - 6 years ago
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    Answering my own question here, at least in part. I was playing as factions that were rather isolated and tended to require sea routes to do trading. It seems to me now that factions you can trade with via land are far more likely to cooperate. Weather you want to empower your direct neighbors is another matter but if your desperate for trade it'll make things easier.

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    Lotalicos - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Besides playing the diplomatic relations game, I think more importantly if there exists *trade imbalance* (you have a lot more goods to offer than them) then the computer would want gold payment before they engage in such a trade deficit.

    For me this often comes in the form of monopolizing the sea trade routes in West Japan. An easy fix/exploit is to move your trade ships off the resources, make the trade agreement, move the ships back -- and PROFIT! :-D This has won me harder games *as long as I made sure to play nice with the naval powers in the region*.

    Enjoy! :-)

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Other Answers

  1. It's probably that they are unfriendly with you diplomatically. Maybe if you make your diplomatic relations better, they will agree to trade.

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  2. Playing on hard I've generally found it a bit of a crapshoot. You land neighbours are often willing to trade, but that provides funding for your direct rivals... Clans further away, who need to give up a harbor trade slot to trade with you seem to be very reluctant to do so.

    I've tended to use vassals as trade partners...

    Another thing to check is you honor, low honor makes it much more difficult to seal diplomatic deals, that might be the thing that is tipping it from Moderate to Low.

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  3. Like the 2 before me already said, it depends on honour and relationship. There are many ways to improve your status, however, it can be hard and there are many ways to do it. Giving other clans money and then returning to them later to trade may be wise. Also, in multiple campaigns, Im trying to start with atleast 1 good ally, that has some power in the region. I do not see them as rivals, as when I increase my army, they will be still good allies and after some time they will approve to be my vassal. In case you didnt know, when a country becomes a vassal, military production will be lowered. This way, when they want to revolt or when the relations are getting cold, you can always invade them. And because youre their protector, they have nothing to defend themselfs and will be easily crushed. When doing it right, the local populace will like you as they were strong allies of you.

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  4. Also, you want to check the bottom of the diplo screen where it shows the various resource icons. There are arrows showing what you're importing and what you're exporting. And you generally need to be able to meet some need. A good way to do this is to control the trade sports to the south and west of Japan (as viewed in real life, or left and top if viewed in the game by default). These get you resources that you can typically float to other clans and get you trade revenue right out of the gate.

    Hope this helps.

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  5. -you're getting stronger of it.
    -Sometimes, they don't produce enough goods to make very much money.

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  6. If you're militarily and economically strong, clans are less likely to trade with you. Try trading with any clan within the first five turns of the game, it's almost a 100% guarantee they'll agree unless you're unfriendly etc. Once you're powerful (this could mean even "Moderate"), you have to sweeten the deal by offering payments or military access (for clans that border you).

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