How can i increase a general's loyalty ?

  1. ?? iT keeps going down if i loot

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    gyarreto - 6 years ago

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  1. There are several ways to increase a generals loyalty.

    1. You can adopt him into your family.
    2. You can have him marry your daughter.
    3. If pat of your family You can make him your heir.
    4. You can give him a commission.
    5. Randomly gained traits can increase loyalty.
    6. Random traits of his wife can increase loyalty.
    7. Certain retainers increase loyalty.
    8. Winning glorious victories can increase loyalty.
    9. The skill Honourable which requires a 4 star general will raise loyalty.
    10. Your Daimyo's Honor affects loyalty. (higher honor means more loyal generals)

    That out of the way it is usually better to peacefully occupy than to loot. You may not get as much money up front but your Daimyo's Honor is not lowered (as is the case with looting) and you won't have to deal with as much unhappiness (which can often lead to peasant revolts).

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  1. Analyzing the context of your question, I assume that you have yet to realize that your Daimyo's Honor affects their loyalty, and in turn, your actions will affect your Daimyo's Honor.

    Looting vanquished towns is considered a despicable decision. Looting is only viable if you are desperate for additional funds, but if you are desperate for that, you have already planned badly several turns before.

    Of course, if you keep looting anyway, you will need to offset that by having your Daimyo win great victories (usually by having him win battles between armies of thousands of troops) and mastering arts that increase his honor, or the loyalty of generals.

    There are other methods, as the user before me has already mentioned, but looting after looting stacks more and more dishonor on your daimyo. There is a limit to dishonor penalties from looting, but this is still a nasty, deep limit.

    Really, looting is very bad for the long-term loyalty of your generals. You may want to consider the way you conquer enemies if you are concerned with the loyalty of generals.

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