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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The0nekassyni

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/12/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Title: Dungeon Siege 3 FAQ/Walkthrough (PC version) by Andrew Her
    Date: 06/25/2011
    Version: 1.0
    Current Status: In Progress for completion
    Contact: the0nekassyni@hotmail.com
    -Initial release (took a while to release cause it's my first FAQ
    and using tab delayed the release).
    -Fixed FAQ formatting
    -Expanded on each Menu option
    -Expanded Abilities/Proficiencies/Talents
    Personal Comments
    -This should answer most of your questions regarding gameplay and mechanics
    and allow you to, hopefully, comfortably play the game using the keyboard
    and mouse. Updates to FAQ forthcoming still.
    -Almost done with game mechanics and gameplay. Walkthrough for each character
     will begin once this portion is completed.
    -Completed most updates on 07/02/2011 but did not have time to release until
     today. More formatting changes to come as the Abilites/Proficiency/Talent
     section looks too messy for my taste.
    Table of Contents
    NOTE: You can jump to a specific section anytime using the search indexes
          [01], [02], [03], etc.
    [01] Characters
    A. Lucas Montbarron (Warrior)
    B. Anjali (Warrior/Elemental)
    C. Reinhart Manx (Magic)
    D. Katarina (Gunslinger)
    [02] Difficulty
    A. Casual
    B. Normal
    C. Hardcore
    [03] Controls
    [04] Game Screen Objects
    [05] Player Menu (in-progress)
         [5a] Equip
         [5b] Quest
         [5c] Abilities
           [5c-1] Proficiencies
           [5c-2] Talents
         [5d] Items
         [5e] Lore
         [5f] Deeds
         [5f] Party Select
    [06] Player Stats Descriptions
    [07] Abilities/Proficiencies/Talents
    	 [07a] Lucas Montbarron
    	 [07b] Anjali
    	 [07c] Reinhart
    	 [07d] Katarina
    [xx] Tips
    [xx] Possible Bugs in Game
    [01] Characters
    Lucas Montbarron (Warrior)
       Lucas Montbarron is the son of the former Grand Master of the Legion. He
       is the last of a anoble and respected line. Raised in a series of 
       safehouses by families loyal to his father's memory, Lucas will not rest 
       until the Legion is rebuilt, and his family's honor is restored.
       Lucas is a skilled swordsman, and a master of two combat stances. He can
       fight sword and shield, which allows him to attack quickly, deal heavy
       damage, and interrupt and stun single targets. When outnumbered, he wields
       a massive two-handd sword. While slower, to swing and less practical for 
       one-on-one combat, he can use it to strike multiple foes and knock them
       back, making it an ideal weapon for crowd control.
       1st Stance - Close combat with 2-hand sword; AOE attacks
       2nd Stance - sword and shield for short/long range attacks
    Anjali (Warrior/Elemental)
       Anjali is an archon - a legend, come to life. In the old stories, archons
       were spirits of fire, who served the long-lost creator gods. But Anjali
       was raised by friends of the Legion, and she does not know how she came to
       this world, or what happened to the others of her kind.
       Anjali can shift freely between her human form and an incarnation of 
       elemental fire. In human form, she fights with a spear or a spear,
       allowing her to fend off multiple attackers while leaping in and out of 
       the fray. In her fiery incarnation, she can hurl bolts of flame at ranged
       targets, flood areas with heat and fire, or inflict searing wounds that 
       injure her foes over time.
       1st Stance - Close combat with spear weapon
       2nd Stance - Elemental (fire) form
    Reinhart Manx (Magic)
       Reinhart Manx is descended from a long line of Legion mages. he has spent
       most of his life at the Collegium, in the city of Stonebridge, immersed in
       the study and practice of magic. Reinhart is known for his onconventional
       thinking and innovative magical techniques.
       A scholar of arcane magic, Reinhart warps the forces of creation and
       destruction to his will. His Entropic magic can blast a wide area with
       life-extinguishing force, though it leaves him open to attack. It is
       perfect for destroying crowds of enemies, as long as he keeps them at a
       distance. His Dynamic magic is channeled through an arcane gauntlet and
       capacitor. It creates deadly currents of energy with a mere motion of his
       hand, allowing Reinhart to quickly incapacitate a single target at close
       1st Stance - Close combat stance
       2nd Stance - Long range AOE combat stance
    Katarina (Gunslinger)
       Katarina is the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarrown - the former
       Grand Master of the Legion - and a Lescanzi witch. her mother's people
       are nomands and wanderers, distrusted by many people in Ehb... but they
       are skilled in 	both warfare and magic, and Katarina has been trained in
       their ways.
       Katarina takes a thoroughly practical approach to conflict resolution:
       stay out of sword's reach, and settle your problems with firearms. With
       her rifle in hand, she can fell distant foes, and even the most resilient
       enemy can be brought down by her ensorcelled bullets and debilitating
       curses. When forced into close combat, Katarina uses sorcery and a pair
       of short-range side arms to repel attackers.
       1st Stance - Rifle; short/long range attack; high damage per attack
       2nd Stance - Dual guns; short range attack; lower damage, quicker attacks
    [02] Difficulty
       Casual Difficulty is intended for players who are new to Dungeon
       Siege III, or other Action RPGs - or those who just want to experience
       the story without too much fear of dying.
       Normal Difficulty is intended for players who are at least somewhat
       familiar with action games or RGs and want to the game to be
       challenging - but not brutal.
       Hardcore Difficulty is intended for skilled gamers who want a
       challenging game that pulls no punches. Warning: not recommended for
       the faint of heart, or those prone to throwing controllers.
    [03] Controls
    Right Mouse Button
       Hold down button to move your character freely around map. You can
       avoid using the W and S keys for movement but will still rely on the
       A and D keys to pan the camera around.
    Left Mouse Button
       Pressing the left mouse button initiates your attacks. Continue
       pressing to go through different attack animations. Note, however,
       you cannot move while attacking.
       You can attack while holding down the right mouse button as attacking
       takes precendence. Be careful as this can move you to where the cursor
       is if your left mouse click in-betweens are long.
    Scroll Wheel
       Move up and down to switch camera views. There are only two available.
    ASDW keys
       W and S moves the character forward and backwards
       A and D pans the camera around
       NOTE: Using the four combination allows you to move about freely
             around the map. However, this is NOT recommended and is a
             horrible implementation and should be avoided at all cost,
             especially on Normal and Hardcore difficulty settings. Using
             the right mouse button with the A and D (left/right) camera
             control is the optimal choice.
    C key
       Pressing the C key brings up the Player Menu where you have access to
       other sub-menu options. Pressing the ESC key takes you back to the
       previous screen.
       Pressing the C key again exits the Player Menu screen completely.
    F key
       Pressing the F key brings up the Equipment screen. This allows you to
       equip and compare your items on hand.
       Pressing the F key again exits the Equipment screen completely.
       NOTE: Although the Equipment screen is the same when under the C and
             F key, you MUST use the same the same key to exit the screen
             completely. Entering with F you cannot exit with C and vice
             versa. The use of ESC will work however but can be tedious if
             you are viewing sub-menu's. This applies to all other shortcut
             menu keys aside from the C key (X, B, F, etc.)
    X key
       Pressing the X key brings up your Quest menu. From here you can view
       all quests that you have encountered, completed and active. You also
       have the option to track a specific quest and show closed/open
       Tracking a quests provides an indicator on the map of where you
       should be heading to. Pressing the R key on the game map (outside
       of the menu's) will enable the Quest Guide (yellow dots from your
       character to your destination) for your current quest.
    R key
       Pressing the R key on the game map (outside of the menu's) will
       enable the Quest Guide (yellow dots from your character to your
       destination) for your current quest.
    E key
       The E key is your interaction key. Pressing the E key at the right
       location allows you to,
       -interact with NPCs
       -pick up loot
       -interact with environments
       -interact with chests type objects (chests, weapon racks, etc.)
    Q key
       Pressing the Q key switches you between your two stances. You can
       switch at any time in/out of combat.
       NOTE: Changing stance will provide you with different skills.
    B key
       Pressing the B key brings up your Abilities screen. Pressing the
       "Next" button will take you to the "Proficiencies" screen. Pressing
       the "Next" button will take you to the "Talents" screen. Press the
       "Previous" button to go back to the previous screen.
       Pressing the B key or the ESC key exits you out of the screen.
    Space Bar
       Pressing the Space Bar allows you to do several things,
       -Holding the space bar will allow you to block incoming attacks.
        This drains your focus bar.
       -While blocking, the 3 skills above your character protrait
    3. While blocking, each character can perfrom a move, for each
       stance, with the right mouse button.
       a. Lucas Montbarron
          1st stance: rolls on the ground a short distance (Dodge)
          2nd stance: rolls on the ground a short distance (Dodge)
       b. Anjali
          1st stance: rolls on the ground a short distance (Dodge)
          2nd stance: teleports a short distance to cursor location
       c. Reinhart Manx
          1st stance: teleports a short distance to cursor location
          2nd stance: teleports a short distance to cursor location
    	d. Katarina
          1st stance: rolls on the ground a short distance (Dodge)
          2nd stance: rolls on the ground a short distance (Dodge)
    ALT key
       Holding the Alt key allows you to move the camera freely with your
       mouse. This elimates the need to use the ASDE keys if you so choose.
       It is not recommended as using the mouse to pan the camera around
       while using the buttons to navigate simultaneously can produce a
       headache :)
    Left-Shift key (L-Shift)
       Holding the L-Shift key allows you to use empowered abilities.
    Tab key
       Pressing the Tab key toggles your minimap to off/zoom1/zoom2
    1,2,3 keys
       These are the 3 Abilities assigned above your character protract.
       They can be activated as long as your have Focus. If you've mastered
       the Ability, you can hold the L-Shift key while pressing the
       corresponding skill to activate the empowered version of the skill.
    4,5,6 keys
       These are your defensive keys. 4 is assigned to your healing ability
       (first Ability the game has you to choose from). 5 and 6 will
       activate your other defensive abilities. These are display when
       you are in blocking stance (Space bar held) but can be triggered
       during the 1st/2nd stance.
       Defensive Abilities consumes 1 whole Power Orb.
    [04] Game Screen Objects
    A. Character portrait
    B. 3 Ability skills above the portrait (depending on stance)
    C. HP bar (Green)
    D. Focus bar (Blue)
    E. Minimap (Toggle with Tab)
    F. Power Orbs (purple)
    *Your 3 Ability skills will change depending on your 1st/2nd stance and
     when you are in defensive stance. Defensive Abilites can be use in
     1st/2nd stance even though they are not displayed.
    *Focus is gain through attacking enemies. Depending on the weapon, you
     will gain a certain amount of Focus back. Can also be gain through
     Abilities, Talents specifications (taking damage for example).
    *Power Orbs can be recharge to full in 5 increments. The following are
     ways to recharge the Orb,
    1. Taking damage. The more damage you take the more you recharge.
    2. Using Offensive Ability. Typically gives 3/5 back (such as using
    3. Dealing Critical hits recharges 1/5 of the Orb.
    [05] Player Menu
    The Player Menu is outlined as follows.
                               Player Menu
          |Equip        |                  |                  |
          |             | Player Portrait  |      Stats       |
          |Quests       |                  |                  |
          |             |                  |                  |
          |Abilities    |                  |                  |
          |             |                  |                  |
          |Items        |======================================
          |             |                  |                  |
          |Lore         | 2nd Player/NPC   |      Stats       |
          |             |     Portrait     |                  |
          |Deeds        |                  |                  |
          |             | INFLUENCE BAR    |                  |
          |Party Select |                  |                  |
            *Gold Amount*
              --------------     ---------------    -------
             | Toggle Stats |   | Toggle Stance |  | Close |
              --------------     ---------------    -------
    -Equip          Displays equipment screen
    -Quests         Displays quests (completed/active)
    -Abilities      Displays Abilities screen
    -Items          Displays items currently on hand and not equipped. Items
                    can be transmuted for gold (not recommended unless out of
    -Lore           Passages found throughout your journey
    -Deeds          List of Deeds and achievements completed along with its
    -Party Select   Allows the option of selecting NPC helper on your journey
    *Stats (1st page)
    Weapon                                    Level XX
    Hit Points      xx/xx               Attack DPS      xx
    XP              xx/xx               Ability DPS     xx
    Stamina         xx                  Crit %          xx.xx
    Attack          xx                  Doom            xx
    Will            xx                  Armor           xx
    Agility         xx                  Block           xx
    *Stats (2nd page)
    Weapon                                    Level XX
    Fire            xx                  Weakening       xx
    Ice             xx                  Withering       xx
    Lightning       xx                  Retribution     xx
    Poison          xx                  Vampire         xx
    Bloodletting    xx                  Momentum        xx
    Stagger         xx                  Warding         xx
    NOTE: NPC 2nd player has an Influence bar which increases depending on your
          actions and choices in the game. For example, selecting "true good"
          answers while having Lucas as the NPC will increase his influence more.
          The amount of influence provides a level of trust and a stat bonus to
          your character. You can view the level of trust and bonus in the Deeds
    Hit Points          displays current over max HP
    XP                  displays current over next level-up XP goal
    Stamina             displays current value (1pt = 10HP)
    Attack              displays current value
    Will                displays current value
    Agility             displays current value
    Attack DPS          displays current value
    Ability DP          displays current value
    Crit %              displays current percentage value
    Doom                displays current value
    Armor               displays current value
    Block               displays current value
    Fire                displays current value
    Ice                 displays current value
    Lightning           displays current value
    Poison              displays current value
    Bloodletting        displays current value
    Stagger             displays current value
    Weakening           displays current value
    Withering           displays current value
    Retribution         displays current value
    Vampire             displays current value
    Momentum            displays current value
    Warding             displays current value
    [5a] Equip
    Note: Can be entered either from the Player Menu screen or F key
    *Equipment Screen
    | ----------  Char. Name  |*Equipment Slots*
    |Char. Pic |  Char. Level | #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7  #8  #9
    | ----------
    | Stance |    Hit Points: xxxx   Armor: xx   Attack DPS: xx   Abiliy DPS: xx
          ---------              ----------       -----------------------
         | Equipped |           | Selected |     | *Equipment Slot Item* |
          ---------              ----------       -----------------------
     -----------------       -----------------     -----------------
    | Equipment Name  |     | Equipment Name  |   | Equipment Item  |
    | Equipment Stats |     | Equipment Stats |   |      List       |
    |      xx         | +/- |                 |   |                 |
    |      xx         | +/- |                 |   |                 |
    |      xx         | +/- |                 |   |                 |
    |      xx         | +/- |                 |   |                 |
    |      xx         | +/- |                 |   |                 |
    |      xx         | +/- |                 |   |                 |
     -----------------       -----------------     -----------------
             *Left Moust Button*    *Enter key*       *Esc key*
    *End Equipment Screen
    *Equipment slots by Character
    Lucas Montbarron (Warrior)
       #1    Greatsword (2-handed sword)
       #2    Pauldrons
       #3    Vambraces
       #4    Cuirass
       #5    Greaves
       #6    Ring
       #7    Amulet
       #8    Longsword (1-handed sword)
       #9    Shield
    Anjali (Warrior/Elemental)
       #1    spear
       #2    Helmet
       #3    Bracer
       #4    Breastplate
       #5    Boots
       #6    Ring
       #7    Amulet
       #8    Fire Yantra
       #9    Radiant Yantra
    Reinhart Manx (Magic)
       #1    Orb
       #2    Headband
       #3    Vest
       #4    Pants
       #5    Shoes
       #6    Ring
       #7    Amulet
       #8    Guantlet
       #9    Belt
    Katarina (Gunslinger)
       #1    Rifle
       #2    Clasp
       #3    Gloves
       #4    Corset
       #5    Leggings
       #6    Ring
       #7    Amulet
       #8    Shotgun
       #9    Pistol
    *Equipping Items
    1. Select the Equipment Slot
    2. On the Equipment Item List select the item for comparison
    3. The Equipped and Selected window are compared with the +/- attributes
       shown between them. A gain in stat is shown in GREEN while a decrease
       in stat is shown in RED
    4. Depending on the equipment stats your Hit Points, Armor, Attack DPS, and
       Ability DPS will change accordingly.
       NOTE: The +/- stats are only between the two equipments and NOT from 
             the total value of the stat
    5. Use the Left Mouse Button to equip the item. Equipped items have a helmet
       icon in the upper right corner of the Equipment Item List.
    6. Use the Enter key to switch between your character and NPC
    7. Use the ESC key to exit the screen
    [5b] Quest
    *Main quests are listed on the left hand side of the screen
    *Selecting a Main quest will display the info on the right window of the 
    *Scroll down the information screen to view quest objectives as well as the
     chain of quests involved, the completed chain quest(s), and the current 
     quest you are on. Completed chain quests are marked with a GREEN checkmark.
     Current quest is on the bottom of the list, marked with a YELLOW circle.
    *Main quests will have its frame highlighted in a gold pattern background and
     will remain a plain background if still incomplete.
    NOTE: Sides quests are offered from NPCs around the world. These are, for the
          most part, not easily given to the player. Backtrack to villages and any
          other NPC locations to make sure you can get a quest. Quest NPCs will
          have a marker on them. Only one side quest can be taken at any time.
    [5c] Abilities
    *You have access to 3 Abilities depending on your level. The first level is
     Recruit, the second is Legionnaire and the third is Master.
    *For each level you have access to one Ability for each stance (1st, 2nd and
     Defensive). Each Ability has a numeric number beside its icon 
     (1, 2, Defensive) which is almost useless as they do not really correspond to
     the Icon display in the game. This is because the game switches the 2-handed
     and dual-wield stances and I rather much prefer to refer to them in this
     fashion to make things easier to understand.
    *You can switch between your character and the NPC to select Abilities
              *Recruit*             ||                                           |
    Ability1   Ability2   Defensive || Ability Icon   Ability Name               |
                                    ||                Ability Available/Purchased|
            *Legionnaire*           || Mastery Bar                               |
    Ability1   Ability2   Defensive ||-------------------------------------------
                                    || Corresponding Stance                      |
              *Master*              ||                                           |
    Ability1   Ability2   Defensive || Ability Description (Normal)              |
                                    ||                                           |
                                    || Ability Description (Empowered)           |
                                    ||                                           |
                                    ||                                           |
             *Previous*     *Character/NPC screen*     *Close*    *Next*
    NOTE: The Mastery Bar increases with each use of the corresponding skill
    [5c-1] Proficiencies
    *List of Abilities*    || *Proficiency Tree*                |
                           ||                                   |
           xx              ||     Proficiency Name              |
           xx              || Proficiency Bar (5 Blocks)        |
           xx              || ----------------------------------|
           xx              ||   1st Proficiency Name (Brown box)|
           xx              ||                                   |
           xx              ||Proficiency Description            |
           xx              ||-----------------------------------|
           xx              ||   2nd Proficiency Name (Blue box) |
           xx              ||Proficiency Description            |
                           ||                                   |
     *Previous*     *Character/NPC screen*     *Close*    *Next*
    *Each Ability has two Proficiecy you can choose to upgrade from
    *Each Ability can only be upgraded 5 times. This is indicated by the
     Proficiency Bar. Each block of the Profiency Bar is filled with the color of
     Brown (from the 1st Proficiency) or Blue (from the 2nd Proficiency).
    [5c-2] Talents
    *Each Talent can be upgraded 5 times
    *The Talent screen has all 10 Talents arranged in a rectangle form. Starting
     from the upper left Talent the screen is as follows,
    #1       #2       #3      #4      |
             Talent Name 
    #5   Talent Description   #6      |
    #7       #8       #9      #10     |
    *Previous*     *Character/NPC screen*     *Close*    *Next*
    NOTE: Refer to section [07] Abilities/Proficiencies/Talents for more details
          regarding each characters specific skills
    [5d] Items
    *The Items screen displays all your current un-equipped items and total gold
    *Use the mouse to hover over each item to highlight it for display
    *Highlighting each item will display the +/- stats for the proper character,
     whether this character is available or not, and the amount of gold you will
     receive when the item is transmuted. This information is on the right screen
     under the character portrait.
    *You have the option to Transmute each item in return for a very small amount
     of gold. Use the Left Mouse Button to transmute.
    NOTE: missing info for the number that keeps count of your items. Removing 1
          item increases it by 1. 
    [5e] Lore
    *Lore are collections of passages that you have found throughout your journey.
     To have a Lore listed you must have examined it (E key)
    *Lores are listed on the left side of the screen with its corresponding story
     on the left side
    [5f] Deeds
    *Deeds are basically achievements you have completed or earned
    *Each Deed awards you with a permanent stat bonus
    *Current list of Deeds completed
    1. Fulltime Hero        completed 10 side quests; +2 Stamina
    2. Lorekeeper           compiled 30 entries in Ehb Lore; +3 Will
    3. Savior of Ehb        completed 20 side quests; +3 Stamina
    4. Celestial Ally       earned the trust of Anjali; +2 Attack
    5. Montbarron Ally      earned the trust of Lucas; +2 Stamina
    6. Solver of Ciphers    discovered password to sealed door in Gunderic Manor;
                            +2 Agility
    7. Lescanzi Ally        ceded control of Gunderic Manor to Leona; +3 Will
    8. Gracious in Victory  spared Rajani; +2 Will
    [5f] Party Select
    *Allows you to select which NPC to be your companion
    *All NPC characters will be at the same level as your character.
    *You can switch to a specific NPC to select and assign points to their skills
    [06] Player Stats Descriptions
    Hit Points          Amount of health you have
    XP                  Your experience point value
    Stamina             Determines the health of your character (1pt = 10HP)
    Attack              Value from equipments and skills. The higher the value the
                        higher your Attack DPS
    Will                Value from equipments and skills. The higher the value the
                        higher your Ability DPS
    Agility             Value from equipments and skills. The higher the value the
                        higher your Crit % and accuracy
    Attack DPS          Modified from your Attack value
    Ability DPS         Modified from your Will value. Offensive Abilities stack
                        with Attack DPS
    Crit %              Modified from your Agility value
    Doom                Grants additional damage on critical hits you deal on
    Armor               Absorbs a percentage of the enemy's attack damage
    Block               Block enemy attacks. HP lost is taken from Focus after the
                        value is taken into consideration
                        (Focus = HP = (Dmg - Block value)
    NOTE: Each stat below maintains the same chance to trigger as well as its
          duration effect. The value increases the effect done(damage, drain
          life, attack down, etc.)
    Fire                Chance to burn enemy with moderate damage over 6 seconds
    Ice                 Chance to freeze enemy with moderate damage over 2 seconds
    Lightning           Chance to electrocute enemy with moderate damage over 2
    Poison              Chance to poison enemey with heavy damage over 9 seconds
    Bloodletting        High chance to bleed enemy with moderate damage over 6
    Stagger             Chance to stun enemies you attack
    Weakening           Chance to trigger moderate DoT on enemy you strike. Each
                        subsequent strike reduces the amount of damage by the
    Withering           Chance to trigger moderate DoT on enemy you strike. Each
                        subsequent strike increases the DoT damage over 9 seconds
    Retribution         Chance to deal damage on enemies that attack you. Can
                        trigger	during blocking
    Vampire             Chance to drain life from enemey
    Momentum            Grants Focus when attacking enemies
    Warding             Chance to stun enemies that attack you. Can trigger during
    [07] Abilities/Proficiencies/Talents
    NOTE: Upon leveling up you will be given points to distribute to your
          Proficiencies and Talents. Depending on your level, some Abilities
          and Talents will be locked.
       Each character has 9 Abilities in which they will eventually be able
       to unlock, usually 6 Offensive and 3 defensive. Each Ability can be
       mastered by continual us of the Ability. The Mastery meter is below
       the Ability portrait on the right.
       Abilites require the use of Focus to activate. You can gain Focus
       either by actively hitting enemies or by collecting Focus orbs can
       drop from chests or a kill.
       When an Ability is mastered you can use the Empowered version by
       holding the L-Shift key.
       Each Ability has 2 proficiency category that you can choose to assign
       points to. However, you can only assign 5 points for each Proficiency
       allowing you to mix and match between the two choices. Typically one
       upgrade is offensive while the other is defensive.
       Each character has 10 Telents and each Talent can be upgraded 5 times.
       These Talents are passive and are enable once selected.
    [07a] Lucas Montbarron
    Abilities (Recruit)
    ---Shield Pummel (2nd stance)
          One-handed Stance
             Lucas bashes the enemy with his shield, dealing 20% of normal damage
             stunning his opponent for 3 seconds.
             When empowered, Shield Pummel affects all enemies in an arc in front
             of Lucas
          Brutal Pummel
              Shield Pummel does and additional 20% damage per rank in Brutal 
          Impetuous Slam
              Shield Pummel gains a 20% chance, per rank in Impetuous Slam, to 
              knock down opponents.
    ---Blade Dash (1st stance)
          Two-handed Stance
             Lucas dashes forward in the blink of an eye, slashing through any
             enemies in his path
             An empowered Blade Dash causes Lucas to repeatedly dash from one enemy
             to the next until he runs out of Power or enemies (Power orbs
             Blade Dash deals an additional 20% damage, per rank in Hemorrhage, to
             bleeding targets.
          Lightning Precision
             Lucas learns to instantly target vital areas, gaining 10% chance to
             critically hit with Blade Dash per rank in Lightning Precision.
    ---Graceful Repose (Defensive stance)
             Lucas enters a state of repose, regenerating 50% of his health over
             the next 30 seconds.
             The benefits of Graceful Repose are applied to the entire party when
             the ability is empowered.
          Live by the Sword
             While under the effects of Graceful Repose, Lucas gains 5% life steal
             per rank in Live by the Sword.
          Combat Rage
             Disruption of Lucas's Graceful Repose enrages him, granting 5% more
             Power from damage taken per rank in Combat Rage.
    Abilities (Legionnaire)
    ---Heroic Charge (2nd Stance)
          One-handed Stance
             Lucas charges into battle, delivering a powerful strike.
             An empowered Heroic Charge knocks down Lucas's target and inflicts
             significantly more damage.
          Willful Charge
             Lucas gains an additional 20% bonus Ability DPS per rank when using
             Heroic Charge. Executioner's Charge - Heroic Charge automatically
             critically hits any target with less than 10% health. This percentage
             inreases by 10% per rank.
    ---Wind Shear (1st Stance)
          Two-handed Stance
             Lucas slashes through the air, creating a vortex that cuts through
             enemies in his path. After hitting 8 enemies, the shear dissipates.
             When empowered, every enemy struck by Lucas's Wind Shear blast is
             knocked down.
          Wounding Gale
             Wind Shear gains a 20% chance, per rank in Wounding Gale, to apply
             the Bleeding status effect to opponents.
          Slowing Shear
             Creatures affected by Wind Shear are slowed by 10% per rank in
             Slowing Shear.
    ---Shield Wall (Defensive Stance)
             Lucas shrugs off blows by force of will, increasing Armor by 20% for
             30 seconds.
             Shield Wall's benefits are extended to the entire party when
          Deflecting Shield
             While under the effects of Shield Wall, Lucas's Block Value goes up
             20% per rank in Deflecting Shield.
          Reflexive Defense
             While under the effects of Shield Wall, Lucas refelcts 10% per rank
             of melee damage inflicted upon him back to his attacker.
    Abilities (Master)
    ---Vanguard's Strike (2nd Stance)
          One-handed Stance
             Lucas leaps into the air and dives down, delivering a punishing
             When empowered, Vangaurd Strike knocks down Lucas's target, as well
             as any nearby enemies.
          Vanguard's Gale
             Vanguard's Strike pushes nearby enemies 1 meter and slows them by 10%
             for 5 seconds. Each rank adds 1 meter pushback and +10% slow.
          Valorous Renewal
             When Lucas defeats an enemy with Vanguard's Strike, he regains 5 
             Focus per rank in Valorous Renewal.
    ---Earthrending Strike (1st Stance)
          Two-handed Stance
             Lucas slams his sword into the ground, causing an eruption of energy
             from the earth, damaging all enemies in a cone in front of him.
             An empowered Earthrending Strike extends in a full circle around
             Lucas and knocks down all affected enemies.
             Enemies affected by Earthrending Strike have a 20% chance to be
             knocked down per rank in Tremor.
             Each rank of Magnitude extends the range of Earthrending Strike by
             2 meters.
    ---Unbridled Wrath (Defensive Stance)
             Lucas taps into his inner wrath, regenerating Focus for the next 30
             The entire party benefits from Unbridled Wrath when the ability is
           Unstoppable Wrath
             While under the effects of Unbridled Wrath, Lucas has a 20% chance to
             ignore interruption from enemy attacks per rank in Unstoppable Wrath.
           Endless Wrath
             While under the effects of Unbridled Wrath, Lucas's Focus Regeneration
             is increased by an additional 10% per rank in Endless Wrath.
       Devastating Criticals
          Critical Hits deal an additional 10% bonus damage per rank.
       Force of Will
          Lucas gains 10% of his Will as Attack DPS. Each rank grants an
          additional 10%
       Victory Rush
          When Lucas defeats an opponent, there is a 4% chance, per rank in 
          Victory Rush, that he will regain 10% of his health.
       Wrathful Might
          Lucas receives a 4% bonus to Attack per rank of Wrathful Might.
       Focused Rage
          Lucas gains a 5% chance, per rank in Focused Rage, to generate Focus when
          damaged by enemies.
       Focused Strikes
          Lucas gains a 4% chance, per rank in Focused Strikes, to generate
          additional Focus when attacking enemies.
       Death Defying
          Lucas gains a 7% chance, per rank in Death Defying, to shrug off attacks
          when he is under 25% health. Shrugged off attacks deal no damage.
       Cull the Weak
          Lucas gains an additional 2% chance per rank to critically hit enemies
          with less than one third of their health remaining.
       Trade Master
          Lucas is able to sell items for 4% more coins per rank in Trade Master.
          Whenever Lucas is healed, the amount of healing is increased by 4% per
          rank in Rejuvenation.
    [07b] Anjali
    Abilities (Recruit)
    ---Spinning Kick
           Human Form (1st stance)
    	      Anjali leaps forward with a twirling kick, damaging all enemies in
              front of her.
              When empowered, Spinning Kick knocks down all enemies struck by
              Anjali's leaping attack.
           Crushing Impact
              Anjali's Spinning Kick gains a 10% chance per rank to stun enemies
              for 2 seconds
           Fire Dance
              Spinning Kick has a 20% chance per rank to inflict a Burning damage
              over time effect on enemies.
    ---Aura of Immolation
           Fire Form (2nd stance)
              Anjali projects a circle of heat that burns an area for 9 seconds.
              Enemies caught in the area take damage over time.
              An empowered Aura of Immolation burns with greater intensity. Enemies
              have a chance of being stunned every second they spend trappedd in
           Fiery Presence
              Each rank of Fiery Presence increases the Aura's damage per second
              by 10%.
              Anjali and any companions in the area of Aura of Immolation are
              slowly healed up to 2% of their total Hit Points per rank.
    ---Inner Warth
           Defensive (Defensive stance)
              Anjali enters a state of inner spiritual warmth, regenerating 50% of
              her health over the next 30 seconds.
              The benefits of Inner Warmth are shared with the party when ability
              is empowered.
           Searing Warmth
              Anjali's Inner Warmth grants her a 10% chance, per rank in Searing
              Warmth, to deal damage to enemies when she is attacked in melee.
           Rejuvenating Spark
              When Anjali uses Inner Warmth, she immediately regains 2% of her
              health per rank in Rejuvenating Spark.
    Abilities (Legionnaire)
    ---Hurl Spear
           Human Form (1st stance)
              Anjali hurls her spear through the air, damaging all targets in a
              straight line in front of her.
              Anjali's empowered Hurl Spear attack inflicts higher damage and will
              bounce from target to target.
           Blinding Strike
              Enemies hit by Anjali's Hurl Spear attack have a 5 chance, per rank,
              to suffer a 3 second stun.
           Incendiary Javelin
              Anjali's Hurl Spear ability has a 20% chance, per rank, in Incendiary
              Javelin, to set her opponents ablze.
    ---Summmon Jackal
           Fire Form (2nd stance)
              Anjali summons a Fire Jackal to attack and harass her foes.
              The empowered version of Summon Jackal will detonate Anjali's
              summoned pet in a deadly conflagration.
           Tireless Companion
              Each rank provides an additional 10% bones to the Hit Points of
              summoned Fire Jackals.
           Canine Conflagration
              Attacks from summoned Fire Jackals have a 10% chance, per rank, of
              inflicting a Burning damage over time effect.
           Defensive (Defensive stance)
              Anjali sets her weapon ablaze, increasing her damage by adding 50% of
              her Will to her Attack DPS.
              When empowered, Ignite sets the weapons of all party members ablaze.
           Everlasting Flame
              When struck by Anjali's weaons while Ignite is in effect, creatures
              have a 20% chance, per rank in Everlasting Flame, to be set afire.
           Radiating Warmth
              When Anjali damages enemies with her weapon when it is ignited, she
              has a 5% chance per rank in Radiating Warmth to regain health.
    Abilities (Master)
    ---Fall From the Heavens
           Human Form (1st stance)
              Anjali leaps into the air and crashes down at the targeted location,
              dealing heavy damage to any affected enemies.
              When empowered, Anjali's Fall From the Heavens creates a searing
              radius of damage over time at the location where she lands.
           Thunderous Descent
              Anjali has a 10% chance, per rank in Thunderous Descent, to knock
              down enemies affected by Fall From the Heavens for 4 seconds.
           Heaven's Fury
              Fall From the Heavens inflicts an additional 10% damage per rank.
    ---Pillar of Fire
           Fire Form (2nd stance)
              Anjali summons a massive pillar of fire at the targeted location.
              When empowered, Pillar of Fire conjures a wall of flame wider and
              more destructive than the column of fire normally summoned.
           Staggering Heat
              Pillar of Fire slows Enemies by 15% per rank.
           Relentless Inferno
              Each rank increases Pillar of Fire's damage by 10%.
    ---Volatile Barrier
           Defensive (Defensive stance)
              Anjali is encased in a volatile magical barrier, lasting up to 30
              seconds. If it absorbs 25% of her health, it will explode, causing
              When empowered, each member of the party is shielded by a Volatile
           Shroud of Radiance
              Volatile Barrier can absorb 10% more damge per rank before
           Fiery Backlash
              The explosion from Volatile Barrier's collapse inflicts an additional
              20% damage per rank.
       Radiant Will
          Anjali receives a 5% bonus to Will per rank in Radiant Will.
       Grace of Flame
          5% of Anjali's Agility is also applied to Block Value per rank of Grace
       Spiritual Devastation
          Anjali's critical hits have a 4% chance to sun enemies per rank in
          Spiritual Devastation.
       Phoenix's Warmth
          Anjali has a 10% chance, per rank in Phoenix's Warmth, to regenerate life
          when she takes damage.
          Each time Anjali is hit, there is a 3% chance per rank that her attacker
          will suffer a burning damage over time effect.  
          Anjali's Critical Hits grants her additional Focus. The amount of Focus
          gained is increased with each rank of Militancy.
       Defender's Advantage
          When Anjali blocks an attack, she has a chance to gain Defender's
          Advantage, granting her bonus damage for 10 seconds.
          Anjali's critical hits have a chance to spawn an Area of Effect attack
          that knocks down her opponents.
       Fury of Fire
          Anjali enters a combat fury after defeating opponents, that increases
          damage dealth for 10 seconds. Each rank increases damage dealt.
          Whenever Anjali is healed, she heals an additional 4$ per rank in
    [07c] Reinhart
    Abilities (Recruit)
    ---Lightning Strike
          Dynamic (1st stance)
             Launches a deadly lightning bolt against a single foe.
             An empowered Lightning Strike launches a slow moving ball of lightning
             that injures everything along its path.
             Each time Reinhart casts Lightning Strike, he causes a shockwave that
             stuns nearby enemies for .4 seconds per rank.
          Power Surge
             Lightning Strike gains a 10% chance per rank to bounce to an
             additional target.
    ---Clockwork Trap
          Entropy (2nd stance)
             Summons a trap at Reinhart's feet. Any enemy crossing it will detonate
             the trap, unleashing a deadly blast.
             Casting an empowered Clockwork Trap detonates all existing Clockwork
             Traps with greater force and radius than usual.
          Temporal Distortion
             Enemies hit by the Clockwork trap suffer a 12% per rank slowing effect
             for 2 seconds per rank.
          Force Magnification
             Clockwork Traps cause 10% more damge per rank.
    ---Circle of Healing
          Defensive (Defensive stance)
             Reinhart enacts a healing spell that heals 50% of his health over the
             course of 30 seconds.
             Circle of Healing benefits the entire party when empowered.
          Vector Dampening
             While Circle of Healing is active, Reinhart takes 5% per rank less
          Aggressive Defense
             While Circle of Healing is in effect, enemies suffer a slight over
             time effect as long as they remian near Reinhart.
    Abilities (Legionnaire)
    ---Mirror Leap
          Dynamic (1st stance)
             Teleports Reinhart to a chosen location and leaves behind a decoy
             image of Reinhart.
             The duplicate summoned by empowered Mirror Leap lures all enemies,
             forcing them to attack it, even if Reinhart is closer.
          Temporal Wake
             Each time Reinhart uses Mirror Leap, he stuns enemies near his point
             of departure for 1 to 3 seconds.
          Damaging Illusion
             Reinhart's mirror decoy reflects 10% of the damage he sustains back
             at the attacker. This damage reflection increases by 2% per rank.
    ---Geometry of Annihilation
          Entropy (2nd stance)
             Conjures a circle of energy centered at a chosen location. Enemies are
             gradually injured as long as they remian in the circle.
             Empowered Geometry of Annihilation causes increased damage over time
             and stuns any enemies in its area of effect when first summoned.
          Enduring Negation
             Geometry of Annihilation remains in effect for 2 additional seconds
             per rank.
          Temporal Inversion
             Enemies hit by Geometry of Annihilation are slowed by 5% per rank and
             allies in the circle gain 5% per rank Agility bonus.
    ---Barrier Field
          Defensive (Defensive stance)
             Summons a powerful barrier around Reinhart that absorbs up to 33% of
             Reinhart's maximum Hit Points.
             When empowered, the entire party is protected by a Barrier Field.
          Equal and Opposite Reaction
             While Barrier Field is active, 10% of incoming melee damage is
             reflected back at enemies per rank.
          Angle of Incidence
             Barrier Field has a 10% chance per rank to reflect projectiles that
    Abilities (Master)
          Dynamic (1st stance)
             Reinhart unleashes a continuous torrent of energy on an enemy target
             for as long as the attack is held or until he runs out of Focus.
             Empowered Electrocute delivers a stunning current of electricity on a
             single target until the ability is halted or Reinhart is out of Power.
          Arc Mage
             Reinhart's Electrocute ability causes additional splash damage to
             enemies near chosen target.
             Electrocute causes 5% more damage per rank.
    ---Creative Destruction
          Entropy (2nd stance)
             Fires a conical blast for as long as the attack is held, or until
             Reinhart runs out of Focus. Allies hit by the blast receive minor
             Empowered Creative Destruction causes increased damage and stuns all
             targets caught in the blast.
          Siphon Life
             reinhart recovers Hit Points equal to 3% per rank of the damage he
             inflicts with Creative Destruction.
          Entropy's Shackles
             Enemies struck by Creative Destruction take 5% per rank more damage
             from subsequent attacks.
    ---Perpetual Momentum
          Defensive (Defensive stance)
             For 30 seconds, Reinhart slowly recovers Focus and is immune to
             stunning and slowing effects.
             Empowered Perpetual Momentum extends its benefits to the entire party.
          Heightened Concentration
             Reinhart's Focus regeneration is increased by 12% per rank while
             Perpetual Momentum is active.
          Mind over Mortality
             While Perpetual Momentum is active, any healing Reinhart receives is
             increased by 5% per rank.
          Reinhart's Will is increased by 4% per rank.
       Dynamic Mastery
          Enemies hit by Lightning Strike, Mirror Leap, or Electrocute suffer
          Charged status, taing 3% additional damage per rank.
       Entropic Mastery
          Foes hit by Clockwork Trap, Geometry of Annihilation, or Creative
          Destruction suffer Drained status, losing 3% attack power per rank.
          The amount of money acquired from piles of coins that Reinhart picks up
          is increased by 20% per rank.
       Ruin and Restoration
          Drained enemies, per rank, have a 2% chance per second to lose some Hit
          Points that are transferred to Reinhart in the form of healing.
       Quick Thinking
          Reinhart's Agility contributes to his Ability DPS by 10% per rank.
       Shock and Awe
          Reinhart's Charged status effect has a 2% chance per rank to also inflict
          a short stun.
       Adept Spell Casting
          The Focus cost of all Reinhart's abilities are reduced by 4% per rank.
       Timely Escape
          Each time Reinhart dodges, he inflicts a modest slowing effect on enemies
          close to where he started his dodge.
       Eureka Moment
          Each time Reinhart inflicts a Critical Hit he recovers 2% per rank of his
          total Power.
    [07d] Katarina
    Abilities (Recruit)
    ---Heartseeking Shot (1st Stance)
             Fires a powerful rifle shot that inflicts heavy damage and is more
             likely to score a Critical Hit. Targets that survive are knocked down.
             When empowered, Heartseeking Shot fires a spread of deadly projectiles
             instead of one single shot.
          Rapid Fire
             If an enemy is killed by Heartseeking Shot, Katarina recovers 6 Focus
             per rank of Rapid Fire.
          Magic Bullet
             Heartseeking Shot have a 5% chance per rank of Magic Bullet to
             ricochet into additional targets.
    ---Caress of Suffering (2nd Stance)
             Katarina places a painful curse on a target, stunning her victim and
             inflicting lingering injury for 13 seconds.
             Empowered Caress of Suffering inflicts more damage and bounces from
             enemy to enemy, cursing multiple targets.
             Katarina recovers Hit Points and Focus each time she kills an enemy
             cursed by Caress of Suffering.
             Caress of Suffering reduces an affected enemy's armor and attack
    ---Charm of Eternal Life (Defensive Stance)
             Katarina invokes an ancient healing ritual that slowly regenerates 50%
             of her health over 30 seconds.
             Charm of Eternal Life benefits every member of the party when
          Soul Thief
             Charm of Eternal Life grants Katarina additional healing when she
             wounds enemies.
          Zone of Sanctity
             While Charm of Eternal Life is active, Katarina's Armor is increased
             by 15% per rank.
    Abilities (Legionnaire)
    ---Chosen Prey (1st Stance)
             Curses an enemy to suffer more Critical Hits for 13 seconds. If a
             cursed enemy dies, a spiritual blast will injure nearby enemies.
             Empowered Chosen Prey curses Katarina's intended target, as well as
             all nearby enemies.
          Creeping Dread
             Victims affected by Chosen Prey suffer reduced speed and attack power.
          Life Thief
             Katarina recovers Hit Points and Focus each time an enemy dies under
             the effects of Chosen Prey.
    ---Warding Ritual (2nd Stance)
             Katarina calls forth a surge of energy that knocks all nearby
             When empowered, Warding Ritual causes all affected enemies to remain
             rooted in place for a short period of time.
          Painful Rebuke
             Painful Rebuke upgrades Warding Ritual to cause damage to nearby foes,
             in addition to its normal effects.
          Chilling Gale
             Enemies hit by Warding Ritual are slowed by 12% per rank for 13
    ---Call of the Hunt (Defensive Stance)
             Call of the Hunt blesses Katarina with stronger attacks for 
             30 seconds.
             When empowered, the entire party benefits from Call of the Hunt.
          Perfect Shot
             Increases Katarina's Agility while Call of the Hunt is active.
          Crow's Feast
             Katarina heals a small amount of Hit Points when she causes damage
             during Call of the Hunt.
    Abilities (Master)
    ---Flintlock Fury (1st Stance)
             Katarina fires a continuous hail of bullets as long as the attacks is
             held or until she runs out of Focus.
             When empowered, Katarina's Flintlock Fury causes additional damage
             until the attack is stopped or Katarina runs out of Power.
         Suppressive Fire
             Increases the knockback of Flintlock Fury and slows enemies caught by
             the shots.
             Increases the damage of Flintlock Fury attacks.
    ---Black Hound Familiar (2nd Stance)
             Katarina summons a ghostly hound to fight by her side.
             Empowered Black Hound Familiar causes Katarina's hound to emit a
             terrifying howl, reducing the attack and defense of nearby foes.
         Woman's Best Friend
             Increases the attack power and Hit Points of the Black Hound.
         Shadow Link
             Damage inflicted by the Black Hound heals a small amount of Katarina's
             Hit Points.
    ---Thorned Rose (Defensive Stance)
             For 30 seconds, each time Katarina is wounded she has a 33% chance to
             inflict injury back at her attacker.
             All party members gain the benefit of Thorned Rose when empowered.
         Aspect of Thorns
             Increases the amount of damage reflected by Thorned Rose.
         Entangling Wrath
             Enemies injured by Thorned Rose suffer slowed movements.
       Steady Aim
          Katarina's total Agility score is increased by 4% per rank
          Katarina's Rifle shots gain a 4% chance per rank of ricocheting to a
          second target.
       Call Your Shots
          Each time Katarina kills a target cursed by Caress of Suffering of Chosen
          Prey she recovers 2 points of Focus per rank.
       Rites of Restoration
          Every time Katarina receives any healing, the amount of health recovered
          is increased by 4% per rank.
       Surprise Attack
          Katarina inflicts damage on any enemy caught in the path of her dodge.
       Critical Precision
          Katarina's Critical Hits inflict 4% more damage per rank of Critical
       Thril of the Hunt
          Katarina regains 5% per rank of her Power each time she inflicts a
          Critical Hit.
       Spiritual Backlash
          Each time Katarina is hit, there is a 4% per rank chance her assailant
          will be pushed away from her.
       Swift Defense
          Katarina's Block is increased by 10% per rank of her Agility.
       First Strike
          Katarina gains a 3% per rank bonus chance to score a Critical Hit on 
          an uninjured target.
    [xx] Tips
    NOTE: Most of these tips are really only possible because of very poor game
          design in my opinion.
    1. Save/Reload at save locations to gain XP/loot. Be careful not to do
       this at an unsafe save location unless you intend to :)
    2. Try not to put yourself in a spot where you can be knocked back and get
       stuck. Avoid corners, edge or U-turn shape roads, between objects like
    3. Switch to Stagger and Knockback on fights with limited running room.
    4. Use Vampire stat on NPC and allow hate control before attacking. Very
       useful for Lucas as you can stack plenty on him.
    5. You can always backtrack and let the enemies return to their spawn
       locations. Chipped away on their retreat and repeat. I consider this a
       cheat myself.
    6. Time your attack intervals so you have the chance to avoid projectiles!
    7. Always try to fight with the enemy at one corner and your character on
       the opposite. This maximizes the distance between you and the enemy as
       well as allowing you to see more.
    8. Run and shoot is a cheap way to beat anything in this game.
    9. Depending on your character build, use the Focus and Power Orbs as much
       as possible. Characters like Katarina excel in killing fast with the
       use of both.
    [xx] Possible Bugs in Game
    1. Choosing NOT to destroy the "Heart of Nagog" will not allow completion
       of the quest "A Wayward Soul." After the choice is made, I have not
       found a way to be able to even hit the Heart. Quest remains open.
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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