Blades of Heaven is a game full of secrets, action, mysteries and twists. Embark on Laura's journey, and face events that will lead to threaten the world. 40 hours, 8 characters, more than 100 monsters, if you like old school RPGs, you shouldn't be disappointed by this game.

Blades of Heaven is the story of Laura, a young mercenary, who is sent on her first major mission and discovers that things are not really what they look like.

What is ahead of her? Who will be faithful and who will betray her? Play the game and find out!

Laura: our heroine! she is on her first quest and realises soon something is not wrong. fast and deadly, laura is a perfect killing machine.
Karol: he is a shark-man, which means he can take a lot more damages than most other characters. despite his beastlike appearance, he is not stupid at all
Frankie: a berserker, he relies on brute strength and his bastard sword to do big damages.
Bellenue: she is a powerful magician from the society of the Beacon. as a result of her learning, she is able to cast a huge variety of spells.

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