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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kobra299

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    Back to the Future: Episode 1 Walk-through Its About Time
    By Kobra299
    ok as far as I can see this should get you through the game with little 
    or no trouble if I have missed something please let me known 
    how can you let me known you ask well hopefully you got this from 
    and so you will find I posted in the Forums there RE my FAQ which will Go 
    up once and if this FAQ is Approved
    This is my First FAQ so please do have a go if there are Errors I tired to 
    make it  as simple and easy as I could Please NOTE This is impossible to do 
    as Spoiler free 
    Car Park/ Parking Lot
    No real wrong answers here but you can stick to the Movie questions if 
    you want to relive the film to a degree
    Doc's Lab
    First I would suggest talking to George go through as many of his as 
    you can before you repeat then head on over to the Town Sq Model and 
    find the notebook from Marty's Dream stuck in the Court House model
    Biff will snatch it from you so its time to get even head back to George 
    and find your Guitar up for sale talk to George and he sort it out with 
    the bank later now lets play some tunes select the guitar for your 
    inventory and use it with the amp to set it up now play it and Biff will 
    try to mussel you out but dad being dad will step in and tell Biff to 
    wait and let Marty play after you have play the guitar its time to have 
    a talk with George tell him you can fight your one battles and he will
    not stop Biff any more now before you pick you the guitar again its 
    time to crack up the amp by clicking on the amp controls now play it 
    again and once more Biff with take it from you this time let him play 
    after he has KO himself you get the Notebook and you hear something 
    out front
    Front of Doc's Lab
    Its the DeLorean click on the door, Its time to find out whats happened
    to Doc since the 3rd Movie, As you gather he rebuilt the DeLorean 
    click on the shoe that in the passengers seat foot well then click the 
    tape machine to find out his in Trouble and needs your help.
    Now this shoe is too wrong for doc to wear so Einstein must have 
    got it some how so use the shoe from your inventory on Einstein and 
    away we go
    Front of a Block of Flats
    Einstein has lead you here because the shoe belongs to a resident 
    press the buzzer and after talking with the Lady select you have something
    for her her old shoe she will let Only you up (you find out why later) 
    after the cut scene start asking Edna about the shoe to find out that she 
    lost it when some Speak easy brunt down keep asking about the speak easy 
    and you will get all the info you can, now its time to look at the video 
    store click on the binoculars and you will get the year the place was 
    rebuilt which gives you a start. 
    Now its time to get the newspaper first click on the radiator to make 
    it whistle like a Kettle and Edna will disappear for a few moments now 
    while she is gone click on the newspapers on her couch and find out 
    what could happen to Doc its time fore Marty to Rescue him
    Front of Doc's Lab
    First choice and thing when your dad asks why you are dress like that
    once his out of the way its time to use the DeLorean click on the 
    time circuit keypad and you will automatically enter the date and 
    just sit back and watch the next cut scene
    Courthouse Square, 1931
    Time to find where Einstein went to and you will met a young Edna answer 
    her questions and you will get to choose your name pick which every one you 
    want now its time to find Doc head on over to the Police station and you 
    will get kicked out if you use the front door click on the Jail windows
    and you speak with Doc ask him all you can once he gives you his home 
    number for his young self head on in to the soup kitchen and watch the 
    scene there go to the back and use the phone to get Young Doc (Emmett)
    ((from now on Young Doc is refereed to as Emmett))location so head there now;
    try to talk with him and you'll have no luck getting him to admit he love 
    science but if you use the tape recorder with him to record his mumbling rants
    I am sure Doc can help you get on his good side.
    Head back to doc and use the recorder with him to get the answer to what 
    Emmett was mumbling about and he will trust you now its time to help him 
    serve a subpoena to Arthur McFly if only you knew where he was hiding
    Finding Arthur McFly
    Ok first lets get something to help you later Talk with Edna again and learn 
    all you can from her about the soup kitchen and the Stay Sober Society
    now thats out of the way you can head over to Kid Tanner sitting at the 
    shoe shine spot ask him about the hat then ask if you can have some peanuts
    use the whats that over there line after asking for some peanuts and a cut 
    scene begins once thats over head in to the soup Kitchen to watch another 
    cut scene once this is over ask for a bowl of soup and try it.
    That should of given Kid Tanner enough time to cool down HA HA; its time to 
    find him again head toward where he is but before you get there use the Tape 
    Recorder on him and he will chase you up on to the gazebo use the Tape 
    Recorder again and record what he is saying you'll need it in a bit next 
    click on Einstein and he will bother Kid Tanner allowing you to escape 
    in a small cut scene now use the Hat you got from when you where shining Kid's
    Shoes with Einstein and its another cut scene following Einstein.
    You may recognise this block of flats from earlier in the game so here is 
    what you need to do first use the buzzer to get Arther to the Window then 
    use the Tape Recording on Arther and he will come down now serve a subpoena
    by using it with him now Emmett will be able to get off work easily.
    Booze Time
    You may or may not have seen this scene but head on over to the Soup Kitchen 
    and you will see they are getting a delivery head on to the Phone in the soup
    kitchen and you should find Emmett there try using the door to the kitchen and
    the tables block your path hmmm no way to get in there now ask Emmett about 
    making a Wedge to hold the door open now its time to spice up the soup;
    Go back around to the guy behind the counter and say about adding some spice 
    to the soup choose what ever you want while this is happening Emmett should 
    have said Eureka which means the wedge is done so move to wards him and 
    hopefully another cut scene should happen with the bakers rack going down to 
    the basement, after a new load of the booze and soup has be delivered 
    (easiest way I found was to leave and come back in) ask the guy behind the 
    counter to add some more spice then hit the pipe near the exit and you get 
    all the soups in one place now if Edna should come in and say she need to 
    make a soup delivery its time to move out of here and speak with her some 
    Head on Over to her in the Square and talk with her some more and suggest 
    The Browns Place for holding the Stay Sober Society Meeting if you have not 
    already then say you known a place that will need a soup delivery and its 
    the Stay Sober Society and she will agree  they have not got any thing for 
    them to have while at the meeting; Emmett will come over and say he does 
    not think this is a good Idea I went with the First choice here but feel 
    free to try them all he should cave in and thus allow it to happen, ask him 
    about his Lab and you should go there
    Mixing Fuel
    Congratulations you have made it to Emmett Browns Lab Circa 1930 after a cut 
    scene Emmet tells you to listen to that he saying to his Father. (this part 
    you repeat a few times until the jar is full)
    Depending what he Says you need to do one of the following:
    If he says Feeding or Bactria then click on the Fish Tank.
    If he says Fire or Burning Click on the Fire.
    If he says Shocking or Crank Click on Electric Generator.
    If he says Pressure or Vent Click on the Vent.
    After that Rather fun and trying part you should get the Rocket Drill and a 
    short cut scene follows
    Time to break Doc out
    After the Cut scene your drill is in Pieces its time to Borrow Edna Bike
    click on the rockets and you should pick them up then click on Edna's Bike
    and you should use the rockets on the Bike Woo Hoo a Rocket Powered Bike.
    Busting Doc Free
    After another cut scene head to the Right Side of the Truck and head on up to 
    the tool Box to get a tire iron while your here go up to the window and see 
    who is driving the truck and the keys move back to the side of the truck and 
    grab the Antenna on the roof head back to the back and around to the Left use 
    the Tire Iron on the Spare Wheel and get the hub cap from it now go up to the 
    window and talk with Doc Tell him all you can and see if he can distract Kid
    Tanner while you move up and use the Antenna on the Keys to get them.
    Freedom Awaits
    Head Back to the rear of the Truck and open the Lock with the Keys once 
    another cut scene has played use the Hub cap on Kid's Gun now click on 
    the gun to pick it up and click on chains holding doc in and you will have 
    set him free; as the cut scene finishes talk to doc and tell him to hit the 
    throttle, Congratulations you Just finished the Last part of this Episode
    Sit back and watch the End

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