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    FAQ/Walkthrough by redapocalypse04

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    |                            Driver: San Francisco                            |
    |                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
    |                       Contact: pbreedlove89@yahoo.com                       |
    |                                Version: 1.00                                |
                               ||                     ||
                               ||  Table of Contents  ||
                               ||                     ||
    I. Important Information__________________________________________________[II0]
    II. Walkthrough___________________________________________________________[W00]
        Chapter 1_____________________________________________________________[W02]
        Chapter 2_____________________________________________________________[W03]
        Chapter 3_____________________________________________________________[W04]
        Chapter 4_____________________________________________________________[W05]
        Chapter 5_____________________________________________________________[W06]
        Chapter 6_____________________________________________________________[W07]
        Chapter 7_____________________________________________________________[W08]
        Chapter 8_____________________________________________________________[W09]
    III. Technical___________________________________________________________[TEC1]
                             ||                         ||
                             ||  Important Information  ||                    [II0]
                             ||                         ||
    A more comprehensive version of this guide can be found on the CheatMasters
    blog at: http://tiny.cc/11d4r
    Included is an Extras section, which contains lists of all the Challenges, 
    Activities, Dares, Cars, and Garages in the game: http://tiny.cc/9wqn4
    There is also a list of achievements and trophies: http://tiny.cc/9dcf7
                                  ||               ||
                                  ||  Walkthrough  ||                         [W00]
                                  ||               ||
                                     | ======== |
                                     |          |
                                     | Prologue |                             [W01]
                                     |          |
                                     | ======== |
    When you gain control of the Challenger, use the Right Trigger/R2 to 
    accelerate, and use the Left Trigger/L2 to brake. Drive to the waypoints.
    After the next cutscene, you'll have to follow Jericho. Just stay on him and 
    don't try to go too fast. Not only can you not catch him, but you'll probably
    overshoot when he turns. After a bit, you reach an alley, and Jericho comes 
    out behind you. Drive straight for several seconds to initiate the next 
    Head to the waypoint. After the cutscene, you will have "shifted" into an 
    ambulance. You need to make it to the hospital before the patient's heart rate
    drops below 20. This is fairly simple as long as you don't mess up too much.
    Once this is done, head to the next waypoint and you'll shift into another 
    car. You are now tasked with shifting on your own. After jumping into a couple
    of different cars, jump into a taxi. They are the yellow dots on your mini-map.
    {Stunt: Go For a Spin}
    Jump into the Ford GT. You will have to overtake 10 vehicles to start with. 
    To count as an overtake, you must be going at a decent speed and you must be 
    near the vehicle when you pass it. After this, head for the waypoint and 
    enter the blue zone. Inside, you'll need to do a 10 meter jump, which is 
    very easy to do. After this, you'll enter a checkpoint race. Once you 
    complete that, this mission is complete. After you're done, move towards the 
    big T on your mini-map. This is Tanner's Challenger. Trying to shift into it 
    triggers a cutscene. You will have to complete another city mission if you 
    want to progress in the story.
    {Chase: Takedown}
    Hop into the police Charger. You will need to chase down the getaway car and 
    ram it until it goes down. On your mini-map you can see a red circle around 
    the car. If you leave this circle for 10 seconds, you will lose the car, so 
    stay on him. This is easy, just don't get too greedy. If he starts to slow, 
    he's probably going to try and turn, and you could easily overshoot him and 
    the corner. Once he's down, head back to the Challenger and jump in. Drive to
    the police station to finish the Prologue.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 1 |                            [W02]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    Use the Right Thumbstick to zoom in and out while in shift mode. Zoom out and
    enlarge your mini-map, then find the Dare. Dares are small challenges that 
    give you a little bit of Willpower, which is the currency in the game. All you
    have to do here is go right down the road without hitting anything for a bit.
    After doing this, head to the nearby garage and buy your first car. Only a 
    few are unlocked, and some of them are too expensive right now, so your 
    choices are limited. However, once you leave the garage, you will start 
    accumulating Willpower. Every 20 minutes you get a chunk of Willpower. The 
    size of the chunk depends on how many cars and garages you own. You'll also 
    start getting Willpower for doing stuff while driving around, like overtaking,
    drifting, nearly missing other cars, and hitting jumps, among other things.
    Now head for the newly unlocked Activity. You'll have to navigate a checkpoint
    route here. There's no timer, but the faster you move through each checkpoint,
    the more Willpower you get. Once you've completed that, a bunch of Missions, 
    Activities, and Dares open up for you to examine. You can also explore the 
    garage and buy another car or look at your newly unlocked upgrades (which you
    probably won't be able to afford right now). There's even another garage to 
    {Stunt: Learn to Scream}
    This is a simple mission. All you have to do is get the driving instructor's 
    heart rate above 180bpm. Just drift a lot around the corners and hit Car 
    Transporters (Ramp Trucks) when you see them. Also, aim for overtakes and near
    {Stunt: Breaking News}
    Head to the waypoint and park the van there. Shift into a car well outside of
    the blue zone. You have to go 100mph while inside of the blue zone, so get some
    distance between you and the zone and start driving towards it. After that, 
    you need to do a 20m drift while inside the zone, which is incredibly easy with
    the proper amount of speed. After that, run head-on into another car. You can
    now shift back into the news van.
    You need to film more stunts, however, so head to the next waypoint. Shift 
    into a car and look for a cop. They appear on your mini-map as red dots. Hit 
    a cop car to initiate the chase, then head into the marked alley and jump off
    the end of it to complete this mission.
    {Race: College Fund}
    Simple 20 checkpoint race against three other drivers. Once you complete this
    mission you unlock the Boost ability.
    {Chase: Meet the Heat}
    You'll need to outrun the cops, then head for the waypoint. This is definitely
    made easier if you've acquired the Boost ability. Try to trip the cops up 
    going around a corner, then blast off on a straight. Also, you only have three
    and a half minutes to do this. When you complete this mission, you unlock the
    Ram ability.
    {Story: Prove It}
    Hop into the Jackass' Solstice and jump off a Car Transporter. These ramp 
    trucks show up as yellow dots on your mini-map. After doing this, shift back
    into the Solstice and tag a cop. You'll now have to lose the cops. After 
    doing that, shift into the Solstice one last time and ram into the back of a 
    Tow Truck. You'll automatically hook yourself up to it. You can do this with
    any Tow Truck at any time, by the way. Doing that ends the mission.
    {Story: Kidnapped}
    The first part of this mission has you going from waypoint to waypoint. 
    Eventually, you shift into the kidnapped woman. Mash on A to open the trunk.
    Now you'll have 24 seconds to get to the each of the next three waypoints.
    After the cutscene, shift into the vehicle that's been marked. You must now 
    drive head-on into the escaping car. Keep shifting into other cars and running
    into the front of the bad guy's car until he goes down. This completes the 
    mission and the first chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 2 |                            [W03]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    You'll immediately acquire the ability to Rapid Shift. Hop into the police car
    and then shift out of it. Now use rapid shift to get back in. You and another
    police car will be tasked with taking down a fleeing suspect. You can use 
    rapid shift to immediately bounce from one police car to the other.
    {Stunt: The Big Break}
    This is an interesting type of stunt. You have 50 seconds to drive the woman
    to the waypoint. Unfortunately, you will not make it in 50 seconds. You have to
    smash obviously-marked signs along the way to add a few seconds to your timer.
    Keep doing this until you reach the destination. This is a pretty simple task.
    {Race: Double or Quits}
    You control the same guy you did in the last race. You'll be up against three
    other drivers while going through 28 checkpoints.
    {Chase: Street Race Takedown}
    You're in a cop car, and you're tasked with taking down four street racers.
    However, you have to do it before they finish their 24 checkpoint race. The 
    best strategy here is to constantly shift into oncoming traffic and just ram
    them head-on.
    {Chase: Mission From God}
    You'll have to take down another fleeing criminal, but he's in a truck, and 
    it can take more damage than a car. Luckily, you have two Escalades at your 
    disposal, which do a lot more damage than a car.
    {Story: Real Police Work}
    Head for the waypoint. Once there, you'll have to tail the white car. If you
    get too far away, outside of the blue circle on your mini-map, you'll lose it.
    If you get too close, however, the suspicion bar will start to fill up, so find
    the right distance and stick to it. It's better to stay near the edge of the 
    circle. If you start to lose her, just boost back into the circle again. 
    Follow her onto the Golden Gate Bridge to end this mission.
    {Story: Eyes on the City}
    You'll be in a helicopter for the first part of this mission (you don't get to
    fly it). After the pilot flies around for a while, you'll see a red SUV that's
    marked. Scan it and you'll shift into it. You now have 55 seconds to drive it 
    into a parked semi. Once you hop into the semi, you'll have to drive from 
    waypoint to waypoint until you get to the police. Each waypoint adds more time
    to clock. On your way, enemy cars will try to slam into you to damage you. 
    They usually blow up in the process, but this can take a chunk of health off.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 3 |                            [W04]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    {Stunt: Paranoia}
    You'll need to get to the waypoint, but you must try to avoid main roads. 
    Driving on a main road increases your client's paranoia. Driving in alleys 
    decrease his paranoia, so look around for the thin gray lines on your mini-map
    and use them. After the cutscene, you'll need to get to the next waypoint, 
    and the paranoia meter is still active. However, this time you only have two
    minutes to get there. Once you're close to the waypoint, there's no harm in 
    using the main roads, as long as you actually get there on time.
    {Race: Team Colors}
    This is a 2v2 race. You need to get both of your cars into 1st and 2nd, so 
    there'll be a lot of rapid shifting and trying to disable the enemy cars. If
    you just enjoy the challenge you can simply shift between your two cars, but
    the easier way is to let the two cars handle themselves and constantly bombard
    your rivals with oncoming traffic.
    {Chase: Nick of Time}
    For the first part of this mission you control an SUV. All you have to do is 
    follow your police escort to the bomb site. Once there, you take control of 
    two police cars. Wreck the suspect's vehicle to end this mission.
    {Chase: Wrecked Evidence}
    Hook the prison van up to the Tow Truck at the gas station, then drive away.
    Some enemy vehicles will ram into you and the van to try to disable you. They
    shouldn't pose too much of a problem, since the waypoint isn't very far. Once 
    you get to the waypoint, however, you'll have to defend the prison van while it
    sits stationary in front of the building. Enemies will be marked as soon as 
    they spawn, so start shifting and hitting the enemies head-on. They'll start
    coming from all over, but they spawn far enough away that it shouldn't be a 
    {Story: Shakedown}
    Head to the waypoint. You'll commandeer Haines' Shelby when you get there. 
    Drive it around, doing stunts to get his heartrate up to 180bpm. After you do
    this, you'll have to outrun a few enemies on your tail.
    {Story: Freeway Inferno}
    Head to the waypoint and you'll come across a tanker. Shift into oncoming 
    traffic and ram it until it's down. The next waypoint leads you onto the 
    freeway, where you'll have to deal with two tankers. Still, this is incredibly
    simple, and completing it ends Chapter 3.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 4 |                            [W05]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    {Race: Bay Area Baja}
    This is a simple checkpoint race against some other drivers. However, you'll
    be in a buggy for this one, and the entire thing is off road. Dirt is slippery,
    so you might have to fight to keep control of your vehicle if you're not used
    to it. There's also plenty of drifting to be had, but remember that it's 
    usually easier and faster to simply go around a corner than to drift around 
    it. You won't be able to stop from drifting most of the time though.
    {Stunt: Handle With Care}
    You'll be deposited into a semi carrying a bomb. If you hit something, the 
    instability bar will start to fill up. If you go under 60mph, the instability
    bar will fill up. If you drive carefully, it will empty. You need to get the
    rig to the waypoint. There will be times during the journey when you have to
    make a sharp turn, which usually involves hitting a lot of stuff AND going 
    under 60. Just try to recover as quickly as possible and you'll be fine. Once
    you actually get to the waypoint, shift out of the semi and into one of the 
    marked cars on the road. Drive the car under the semi and sit there until the
    mission ends.
    {Stunt: Paper Money}
    Head to the waypoint. Once you're there, you'll have two and a half minutes to
    get to the next waypoint. However, travelling on the main roads will fill up 
    the bar in the upper left corner, which is bad. Driving through alleys, 
    however, will lower the bar, so stick to them as much as possible. Once you 
    reach the next waypoint, you'll have three minutes to get to the final 
    destination. On your way, you'll need to hit a police car. Once you've done 
    this, more cops should close in on you. Make sure you've got three coming for
    you, then hit the waypoint to finish the mission.
    {Chase: The Getaway}
    You'll need to move from waypoint to waypoint while keeping the cops off your
    tail. You can't outrun them until you're prompted to, at which point you'll
    have three minutes to lose them. Once you do that, head to the final waypoint
    to finish this mission.
    {Story: The Conversation}
    You'll need to tail Krug for the first part of this mission. Don't get too 
    close and don't fall too far behind. After a while of listening to him make 
    desperate phone calls, you'll have to protect him from enemy cars. Use 
    oncoming traffic to bust them up. If they're too close to Krug and you can't
    get a clear shot, use same way traffic or your own Challenger to shove them 
    away. After taking down a few cars, you go back to tailing Krug for a bit.
    {Story: Collateral Damage}
    Chase Jericho down and smash his car up using oncoming traffic. Switch back to 
    your own car if you start to fall out of the red circle. Once he's down, you
    find out that it's not actually Jericho. However, Jericho does have your 
    shifting powers. You'll now have to make it to the checkpoint while Jericho
    shifts into cars along the way and tries his best to take you down. If you 
    see him enter a car, simply boost away and he'll ditch it. Make it to the 
    waypoint to finish the mission and the chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 5 |                            [W06]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    {Race: Racing Hearts}
    This is a simple checkpoint race, until you get around the ninth checkpoint, 
    at which time cops start showering the area. You'll now have to outrun the 
    other racers and the cops on your way to the finish line.
    {Stunt: Ticking Clock}
    Start by moving your car under the two semi trailers. You'll need to hold 
    under the trailers until the bombs are defused. After this, enter shift mode.
    You'll now have three minutes to defuse bombs from 10 trucks throughout the 
    city. Shift into the lowest car near the truck and head under it. Two of the
    trucks are stationary.
    {Stunt: Drive to Survive}
    This is an open checkpoint race, but you'll also have to keep your passenger's
    heart rate above 30bpm. This means checking your map to make sure you're going
    the right way and drifting around corners whenever possible. Drifting and
    overtaking cars are going to be the two best methods of keeping the guy's 
    heart rate up.
    {Chase: Bad Medicine}
    Get to the waypoint and start driving through the crates of bad medicine. Each
    smashed crate adds time to the clock. At the end of this, you'll have to 
    destroy the three semi trucks hauling the bad medicine. Just shift into 
    oncoming traffic and let 'em have it.
    {Story: Test Drive}
    Get to the waypoint and you'll have to move through a solo checkpoint 
    route. That's all there is to this simple mission. Time isn't on your side, 
    though, so don't mess up too much.
    {Story: Frozen}
    After you freeze the city, drive forward to trigger another cutscene. You'll
    soon see an ambulance fly by. There are two trails coming from its taillights.
    You need to follow it and have at least one of those trails touching your 
    car. This will lower your heart rate. At one point, the ambulance disappears
    and then reappears. After he does this, you can drive right through traffic.
    Touching any vehicle will simply make it disappear. If you touch the ambulance,
    it'll disappear and reappear ahead of you, which doesn't really help much.
    Stay in the trails until your heart rate has been lowered to 85bpm to end 
    this mission and the chapter. A side note: When I was playing the mission, my
    game glitched and I was unable to lower my heart rate after reaching the 
    point where you can drive through traffic. If this happens, simply lose the 
    ambulance and restart the mission. It'll put you right at the spot where you 
    can drive through traffic, and this fixed the problem for me.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 6 |                            [W07]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    {Stunt: It's For Charity}
    You'll need to shift out as soon as possible. Enter the four different cars 
    and deliver them to their respective semi trucks. One of the cars has you 
    outrunning some enemies, and another car is severely damaged when you shift 
    into it.
    {Race: Group 8 Classic}
    A simple checkpoint race against other drivers, except most of it is off road.
    Luckily you're equipped with a car that does well on the dirt roads here, so 
    let the drifting commence.
    {Chase: Triple Cross}
    You'll be in a semi and you need to make your way to the waypoint. There will
    be a ton of cops coming after you, mainly from the front. Try to avoid them 
    as much as possible. You can take a lot of damage, but there are just too 
    many cop cars to destroy. Once you reach the waypoint, you'll have to take 
    down Foghorn's semi, so shift into cars ahead and drive into him.
    {Chase: The Best Defense}
    Drive the armored van to the waypoint and don't take any damage. Once there, 
    you'll have to protect the stationary van from an onslaught of enemy vehicles.
    Shift into oncoming traffic in front of the vehicles and slam into them head
    {Story: Escapist}
    Get to the waypoint and you'll shift into Ordell. Outrun the cops and then get
    to the next waypoint. Outrun the cops again and get to the final waypoint to 
    end this mission. The second time you have to outrun the cops, there will be a
    lot of them, especially on the large roads, so try to lose them on smaller 
    streets if you can.
    {Story: The Target}
    When you shift into the Hummer, drive to the target. The target is you, it 
    seems. You're stuck in the Hummer, but you can remotely drive your Challenger 
    as well, and it's always in front of you. Each waypoint you hit gives you 
    more time. This really isn't that difficult, and after a while the mission
    automatically ends, along with the chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 7 |                            [W08]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    {Stunt: Special Edition}
    You'll be doing stunts for the TV crew again, but this time the van is moving,
    so you'll have to do the stunts inside the mobile blue zone. The first one is
    a simple 30m drift. Next, you have to have a head-on collision with another 
    car. After that, you need to be going 150mph inside the blue zone, so find a 
    quick car a ways behind the news van and get rolling. After that, you'll need
    to go 100mph into oncoming traffic. Finally, you need to tag a cop and get 
    two police cars chasing you inside of the blue zone.
    {Race: Checkered Flag}
    Another simple checkpoint race, except this one is one the freeway, and you
    and other racers are driving fast cars. You'll be stuck inside a Pagani 
    {Chase: Fever Pitch}
    The first part of this has you smashing fake meds again to put time on the 
    clock. Eventually you reach a pick-up truck with fake meds in it, so take it 
    down. Every time you hit the truck, you get time on the clock. After taking
    him down, head to the next waypoint. You'll go along another smash route, then
    you'll have to take down another truck. After that, the mission ends.
    {Chase: Undercover}
    Lose the cops and then head to the waypoint. Now you need to get to the next
    waypoint, which leads you onto the freeway. Don't worry about losing the 
    cops, just keep driving until you see the marked semi. Drive into the trailer
    to end this mission.
    {Story: Entrapment}
    Head to the waypoint. Once there, you move onto the freeway. Each waypoint 
    adds time to the clock. You'll have to evade the enemies while you drive. Once
    you get near the Golden Gate Bridge, you can start to lose the bad guys. 
    Leila's vehicle is just ahead. Shift into other cars and take her out head-on
    to finish this mission.
    {Story: Deja Vu}
    Once the city is frozen and empty, just drive around. If you take a wrong 
    turn, you'll have to repeat the previous stretch of road. You'll know you're 
    going the right way when you drive through a flock of crows. They always 
    gather on the road that you need to take. After a bit of this maze-like 
    driving, multiple black trucks show up, each driven by Jericho, and each one
    gunning for you. When you finally get to the waypoint, drive down the alleyway
    for a bit. This ends the mission and the chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 8 |                            [W09]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    You are immediately thrown into a fight with Jericho. You need to destroy 
    his truck. You can shift into other vehicles to do this, but remember that he
    has the same ability, except amplified. He can and will shift into multiple
    cars simulatenously, so don't leave your Challenger unattended for too long.
    After this phase is over, you'll be chasing Jericho on a freeway. You can't
    shift, and you can't damage Jericho. He won't shift either. Instead, he'll 
    hit cars with the lightning and send them flying towards you. All you can do 
    for a while is follow him and avoid the barrage of cars. Jericho eventually
    disappears. After the cutscene, you'll be chasing Jericho on the freeway 
    again. This time, however, you can damage him. You can also throw cars. Shift
    into a car and it'll automatically fly at Jericho. He can do the same, but 
    if you just keep throwing stuff his way, he'll go down first.
    In real life, once you're in the Camaro, head for the waypoint. You now have 
    to deal with Jericho the old fashioned way. You don't actually have to take 
    him down. This lengthy chase sequence ends at a predetermined location. That
    ends the game, too. Once you finish the game, you are sent back to dream land
    to continue cruising around, if you wish.
                                   ||             ||
                                   ||  Technical  ||                         [TEC1]
                                   ||             ||
    A more comprehensive version of this guide can be found on the CheatMasters
    blog at: http://tiny.cc/2fung
    Do not use this guide without permission from the author. If you have any 
    questions about this guide or the game, contact me at:

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