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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bolt237

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    [SEC2]-Basic Information
    [SEC3]-General Tips/Strategy
    [SEC7]-The Campaign
    Alien Swarm is a free game for PC, available on Steam, based on an Unreal
    Tournament mod. This FAQ will be about the PC game. It is a teamwork-based
    top-down shooter where up to four players fight various aliens and complete
    missions. As of now, there is only one official campaign, Jacob's Rest, with
    seven missions. There are also a variety of unofficial community maps that you
    can play on.
    I am a level 27 at my sixth promotion (the maximum level in the game) and have
    significant experience playing, which I hope to share with readers of this FAQ.
    However, my knowledge for Insane and Brutal Difficulty is a bit lacking.
    This guide will not go into specific statistics such as weapon damage and alien
    health; they can be found at other resources such as the Alien Swarm
    Wiki (found at http://alienswarm.wikia.com).
    The information in this FAQ may not be presented in an order that lends itself
    well to a straight read-through, unless you have some knowledge of the game.
    Information may be repeated in multiple sections if it is relevant.
    If someone wants to use content from this FAQ, please provide credit where it
    is due.
    [SEC2]-Basic Information
    There are 8 characters in the game and four classes, making two marines of each
    -Officer (Sarge and Jaeger)
    -Special Weapons (Wildcat and Wolfe)
    -Medic (Faith and Bastille)
    -Technical Specialist (Crash and Vegas)
    The special weapons class is also known as heavy weapons, or the heavy, and
    technical specialists are commonly called techs. Each character has different
    passive skills that define their role on the team, as well as some class-
    exclusive weapons and equipment. More information is in section 5.
    Friendly fire is when one player accidentally damages a teammate with his
    weapons (hopefully it was accidental). Friendly fire should be avoided in all
    circumstances. Not only does it inflict damage, making it easier for a
    teammate to die and requiring healing supplies, but it also wastes damage and
    ammo that could have been used to fight the swarm. Normally, a marine has
    a"shield" that prevents damage from occasional friendly fire incidents. If a
    marine takes prolonged friendly fire, he or she will begin to take heavy
    damage. The "shield" regenerates after a short period of not taking friendly
    fire. The "hardcore" option disables this shield, making friendly fire very
    There is currently one official campaign, Jacob's Rest, consisting of seven
    missions. They are, in order: Landing Bay, Cargo Elevator, Deima Surface
    Bridge, Rydberg Reactor, Syntek Residential, Sewer Junction B5, and Timor
    Each mission has different objectives, which contribute to it being played more
    mobile "run-and-gun"-style, or more static and defensively.
    Of these, a marine playing the tech class is required for Landing Bay, Deima
    Surface Bridge, Rydberg Reactor, and Timor Station.
    Alien Swarm has five difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, and Brutal.
    The difficulty level affects the speed, damage, health, and number of enemies
    in each level. On Insane and Brutal, there are some new spawns of enemy types
    not found in lower difficulties.
    In addition, there are three other factors that affect difficulty. Hardcore
    friendly fire makes teammates more vulnerable to friendly fire. Onslaught mode
    enables an AI Director, similar to the one in Left for Dead, that places new
    enemies to combat the team, in more or less of a random fashion. These include
    parasites, shieldbugs, and packs of drones. Difficulty decreases slightly if
    there are less than 4 marines in a mission.
    Reloading in Alien Swarm is based on clips. If you reload a clip with ammo
    still in it, the extra ammo will be lost and replaced by a completely fresh
    clip. This makes it important to conserve ammo and reload at safe times.
    While reloading, a player can decrease reload time by pressing the reload
    button with proper timing. On the arc near the cursor or above the marine's
    portrait in the bottom-left corner, there will be a bar showing the progress
    of the reload, with a small white strip. Pressing the reload button when the
    progress is in the white strip is a fast reload, while missing the strip
    results in a slower reload. Difficulty level, the marine's reload speed bonus,
    and whether or not the marine is moving affects the size of the strip.
    Adrenaline can help make fast reloads easier. Doing a roll during a reload will
    set back the reload.
    Every character can do basic melee attacks. The melee attack combo is a punch,
    kick, and double-fisted slam, which is slower but has a larger hitbox. Marines
    with a melee attack bonus attack faster and do more damage. Although melee
    attacks can help a marine kill enemies that are close, it puts them in a
    dangerous position in close range to the swarm. A melee attack can kill a drone
    in one hit on normal difficulty. Melee attacks do not damage doors, and cannot
    damage other marines. Melee attacks can also break boxes and move debris such
    as barrels and fallen weapons or equipment.
    A marine can roll to help dodge attacks and get out of dangerous situations. The
    roll gives a burst of speed in the direction they are facing, but the marine
    must stop to get up afterward. Rolling does not increase overall movement speed.
    Rolling allows marines to completely dodge ranger projectiles. It is also useful
    for getting away from explosives and for passing through firewalls created by
    incendiary mines. Rolling will increase reload time if you roll during a reload.
    Doors are commonplace in the campaign. Many are unlocked and open automatically
    when a unit comes near, but some must be opened in one of three ways: hacking
    (for certain doors), unwelding, or destroying it. When doors are destroyed,
    they will fall in the opposite direction of the source of damage that took away
    its last hit point. In other words, if a marine hits the door last, it will fall
    onto the other side, while if aliens destroy the door it will fall towards the
    squad. Doors do massive damage when falling and will kill a marine instantly
    on higher difficulties.
    Experience is gained at the end of a mission. 1000 is received for completing
    all objectives in the mission, and some hundreds more can be received for
    things such as kills, avoiding dealing friendly fire, not taking damage, 
    doing the mission in a short time, etc. Achievements will also grant 50
    experience each. Failing a mission will still grant some experience. Each
    difficulty level will add a multiplier to the experience gained from the
    After gaining enough experience, you will level up, gaining a new weapon or
    piece of equipment. This allows you to expand your loadout options, although
    even at level 1 a player can be effective. At level 27, the maximum level,
    you have the option of "promoting", which resets your level back to 1 and gives
    you a symbol to mark the achievement. There are six promotions, which require
    more and more experience to earn. Promotions do not directly affect gameplay,
    but represent the amount of experience someone has playing the game.
    [SEC3]-General Tips/Strategy
    This section contains miscellaneous tips for playing; if you haven't played the
    game much yet or know about the game, the tips in this section may not make
    complete sense yet. I encourage you to come back and reread this section as
    it becomes relevant. The information will be presented roughly from basic to
    -If you are completely new to the game, please find some information about the
    game and how play before playing. The offline practice is an excellent way to
    get some experience and a feel for how the game plays. Do not immediately jump
    into a game, especially on hard difficulty or above, as you will most likely
    die quickly and not be able to contribute much to the team yet.
    -Avoid hosting/creating a game until you know what you are doing. This goes
    doubly for those with low upload speed, as it will cause a lot of lag for other
    players. Instead, use an existing server.
    -New players should choose either the officer class or heavy weapons; the medic
    and tech classes require more in-depth knowledge and experience with the game
    to play effectively.
    -Although a team with all four classes is well-rounded, a team does not
    necessarily have to have all four classes. Although only the tech is required,
    there should always be a medic on the team (except for very advanced ones) to
    prevent death and infestation.
    -Think better safe than sorry, and err on the side of caution. If you see a
    teammate in danger, release your hornet barrage or throw a stun/freeze grenade.
    It is better to have one less grenade later in the mission than one less
    marine. Be wary of friendly fire, however.
    -Consider your own loadout and coordinate with the other members of your team.
    Try to make it so that your loadouts are as effective and balanced as possible.
    More information is in section 4. Keep in mind the skills your marine has. For
    example, if a Crash and a Vegas want to take tesla coils and tripmines on a
    mission, Vegas should take the tesla and Crash should take the mines. Due
    to Crash's explosives bonus, he will get twice as many mines to use.
    -When choosing your loadout, also consider the mission you are playing on. On
    maps where you are likely to be defending a position, choose defensively-
    oriented weapons such as the sentry gun, mines, and healing beacon. Maps that
    lend toward static, defensivenplay are: Landing Bay (end), Cargo Elevator
    (second half), Deima Surface Bridge (without adrenaline), and Rydberg Reactor.
    -Always attempt to get the last hit on a door to both kill aliens on the other
    side and to prevent damage to marines. If a door is being attacked from both
    sides, the best place to stand is far away from it, since you never know for
    certain which sideit will land on. Remember that bullets from a special weapons
    marine and piercing weapons can kill swarm through a door, and that the tesla
    cannon or coil can stun swarm through the door, preventing them from attacking
    -Communication, both before and during the mission, is key. Talk with your
    lobby to figure out a general plan for the mission, especially missions such as
    Deima Surface Bridge or Syntek Residential. Voice chat can help save time
    during the mission, when typing would make you temporarily lose control of
    your marine.
    -Coming off the previous point, be respectful. Avoid being annoying or griefing
     the other players on your team. Do not spam communication channels, as it is
    important that someone can get information to the rest of the team when he or
    she needs to.
    -Avoid "whoring" for achievements, especially on higher difficulties. They
    can all be easily gotten in time, especially with a more experienced and
    organized team. Taking two Tesla Cannons because you need the achivement will
    only annoy your team as you will contribute little and probably just
    die uselessly.
    -Know about the game. Knowing details about how a weapon or equipment works
    will improve loadout decisions and greatly increase how well you play.
    Eventually, you will also want to become familiar with the maps: objective
    locations, important enemy spawns, items and ammo stashes, etc.
    -An important but commonly unknown fact is that the medic's healing beacon
    splits healing among marines in the beacon. Knowing this can be the difference
    between a dead and a living marine, especially during infestations.
    -Fire in short controlled bursts and aim before you shoot. This is extremely
    important for minimizing friendly fire, saving medical resources, maxmimizing
    damage dealt to the swarm, and saving ammo.
    -A common problem new players have is not being able to tell whether an alien
    is dead or not, wasting ammo and possibly causing friendly fire. If your
    bullets are going through the enemy, and it has stopped running toward you or 
    atttacking, then it is dead. Read section 6 for more information.
    -Stay together as a team. It allows marines to cover each other, the medic to
    be in easy healing range, and the officer to extend his leadership bonuses
    to the entire team. However, remember the points above to minimize friendly
    -When advancing down a corridor, stay to the sides of it. This lets your team
    fire at aliens through the middle instead of firing at marines who are standing
    in the way.
    -If you are aiming at an alien at a different elevation, move your cursor over
    it and wait for your marine to lock onto the elevation of the target. Look at
    your marine's gun--he or she will point it at the enemy when the target has
    been acquired.
    -Experienced players will want to complete a mission in as little time as
    possible. Remember your mission objectives; the mission is complete when the
    objectives are complete, not when aliens die.
    -Remember that firing your weapon slows you down. If you want to complete a
    mission quickly, or are falling behind your team, fire in short bursts, and
    consider using a weapon that is effective without having to hold down the fire
    -If you want to maximize experience, a good way to do it is to grab some easy
    repeatable achievements during each mission. As mentioned above, however, avoid
    going out of your way for them. "Under the Gun" (roll under a ranger
    projectile) and "Stay Frosty" (freeze 6 swarm with a freeze grenade) are
    examples of easy achievements with minimal danger to your team.
    -Have fun. It's a game, after all. Don't abandon less experienced players and
    don't whine at more experienced ones, and don't annoy other people or try to
    kill them.
    A marine can take two primary weapons and a secondary piece of equipment into
    each mission. Statistics of each weapon can be found on the Alien Swarm Wiki.
    Note that you can take two of the same weapon, to increase total ammo for both.
    This section will use the following format:
    NAME OF WEAPON (shortened name)
    Damage   : A qualitative rating of how much damage each shot of this weapon
    Fire Rate: A qualitative rating of how fast this weapon fires.
    Capacity : How much ammo this weapon holds. Number of rounds x Number of clips.
    Alt Fire : If applicable, what the alternate fire of this weapon does.
    Level    : If applicable, the level at which this weapon is unlocked.
    Notes    : Things to note about this weapon, in addition to the in-game notes.
               All weapons require 20% of an ammo box unless otherwise noted here.
    A description of the weapon and its use.
    Damage   : Low
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 98 x 6
    Alt Fire : 5 Frag grenades
    Notes    : Shares ammo with P-rifle
    The assault rifle is a good all-around weapon. Although its damage per shot is
    low, it shoots fairly fast. Only several bullets are required to kill a drone
    on normal difficulty. Fire in short bursts and avoid simply holding the fire
    button. The alt-fire grenades will travel in a straight line until it reaches
    your cursor or a body. Be wary of friendly fire with the grenades.
    Damage   : Low
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 98 x 6
    Alt Fire : 5 Stun grenades
    Notes    : Tech only, auto-aims, shares ammo with Rifle
    At first it seems that this weapon has little to distinguish it from the normal
    rifle. However, the auto-aim serves to reduce friendly fire and save ammo, and
    also can target hard-to-hit swarm and enemies in the dark. Although stun
    grenades do minimal damage to swarm, this means it also does minimal friendly
    fire, making it a safe way to rescue a teammate surrounded by drones. The stun
    is also effective on shieldbugs.
    Damage   : Moderate
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 250 x 2
    Notes    : Special weapons only, auto-aim, slows movement, uses 100% ammo box,
              shares ammo with Minigun
    The autogun is an excellent weapon, and it can take out a drone with only a few
    bullets. Its auto-aim is helpful for the reasons above, and even allows for more
    reckless spraying of bullets down hallways. Be careful of the slow movement,
    especially when using Wolfe, and switch to your other weapon if you need to
    catch up to your squad.
    Because of its large but few clips, make sure you know where autogun ammo boxes
    are, to avoid taking an entire box from your teammates. Time your reloads
    carefully to get as much as possible from each clip. If you are unsure, have
    a teammate bring an ammo satchel, or bring one yourself.
    Damage   : High
    Fire Rate: Moderate
    Capacity : 14 x 6
    Alt Fire : 5 incendiary grenades
    Notes    : Officer only, spread shot, damages shieldbugs
    The vindicator is an excellent officer-only weapon. Its high damage output and
    spread shot allows the officer to get multiple kills with a single shot, and is
    useful for swarm with high HP, even being able to damage shieldbugs from the
    front. However, it is mostly ineffective at moderate range, and the high damage
    results in high friendly fire. Even though the Vindicator can shoot quite
    quickly, aim carefully before each shot. Be careful that a squadmate does not
    run past your line of fire.
    The alt-fire grenades will land at the cursor unless it hits a body. After
    impact or a short time delay, it will create a large fiery explosion, igniting
    all swarm in the radius. On normal friendly fire, the explosion usually does not
    ignite teammates.
    TWIN PISTOLS (Pistols)
    Damage   : Moderate
    Fire Rate: Moderate
    Capacity : 24 x 11
    Notes    : Ammo efficient, short reload
    The pistols are a good weapon to use at low levels because of its good damage,
    ammo efficiency, and effectiveness at all ranges. The fire rate is controlled
    by how quickly the player presses the fire button, so it avoids the common
    mistake of firing full automatic.
    Damage   : Moderate
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 450
    Notes    : Deploy, no friendly fire
    The first sentry you have access to is also the most well-rounded. When
    deployed, it will immediately aim at and shoot aliens in its arc. Damage bonus
    from the marine applies to the sentry. Although it appears to be doing friendly
    fire, with hardcore disabled it will not do any damage to marines.
    For sentries in general, a nearby tech will increase set-up time but not take-
    down time. The marine must face the sentry as it is setting up and can shoot or
    use melee attacks. If set-up is interrupted, tap the action button to resume; if
    the action button is held, the unfinished sentry will instead be taken down. Tap
    the action button to change the direction the sentry is facing. A sentry can
    not normally be destroyed, but if it receives too much damage from explosions,
    it will explode. An interesting property is that marines can run through the
    sentry, but aliens cannot. Advanced players may take advantage of this to use
    sentries to block narrow passages and doorways.
    Capacity : 8/9
    Notes    : Medic only, deploy
    The heal beacon is the first healing item that medics have access to. They
    provide substantial but static healing, forcing the squad to stay still to be
    healed. This means that they are most effective in defensive situations. Healing
    beacons can be overlapped to increase rate and amount of healing. An important
    note is that healing is split among each marine in the beacon, so a marine at
    full or close to full health would do well to stay out of the beacon for a low-
    health or infested teammate. The beacons also heal faster the lower the marine's
    health is.
    AMMO SATCHEL (Ammo box/crate)
    Capacity : 3
    Notes    : Deploy
    Ammo satchels are useful for both inexperienced teams that are ammo inefficient
    and advanced teams playing on high difficulties.
    The marine carrying the ammo satchel should periodically check the squad's ammo
    amounts in the bottom-left corner and deploy an ammo box when the squad stops or
    when a marine needs ammo. Look for the bullet icon above the marine's head
    signifying that he or she wants ammo. Ammo satchels are particularly useful for
    special weapons so that they never run out of bullets. An ammo satchel provides
    more ammo than carrying two of the same weapon.
    Damage   : High
    Fire Rate: Low
    Capacity : 4 x 9
    Level    : 3
    Notes    : Spread shot, uses 10% ammo box
    The shotgun does a lot of damage and fires slowly, making it an impractical
    option for a primary weapon. Like the Vindicator, it can kill multiple targets
    and is effective against larger swarm, but officers should prefer the
    Vindicator. On higher difficulties, the high damage output of the shotgun
    becomes more and more useful.
    TESLA CANNON (Tesla)
    Damage   : Very low
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 20 x 14
    Level    : 5
    Notes    : Lock-on, multiple targets, stuns, ammo inefficient, fire delay,
               no friendly fire
    The tesla cannon is a good support weapon. It can stun multiple targets with its
    arcing electricity, leaving them open to melee attacks or another weapon.
    However, fire it in very short bursts and switch targets often to take advantage
    of its stunning effect while conserving ammo. Holding the fire button does
    little damage and wastes ammo quickly. The tesla cannon is especially useful
    against shieldbugs to stun them. It is best used in the hands of a marine
    with no or a low damage bonus, since its effectiveness does not increase much
    with the damage bonus.
    RAIL RIFLE (Railgun)
    Damage   : High
    Fire Rate: Low
    Capacity : 1 x 73
    Level    : 7
    Notes    : Piercing, 5 clips for 10% ammo box
    The rail rifle is one of two "sniper" weapons, being able to inflict high damage
    to multiple targets in a line at long range. This weapon is best used by marines
    with high reload bonuses and players with good fast reloads, because the clip
    consists of a single shot. The rail rifle is good as a secondary but not as a
    primary weapon.
    The rail rifle is the easiest weapon to achieve the "gunslinger" achievement
    with (5 fast reloads in a row).
    MEDICAL GUN (Medigun)
    Capacity : 80/90
    Alt Fire : Self heal
    Level    : 9
    Notes    : Mobile healing, single target
    The medigun is the medic's other healing option and is generally considered
    superior to heal beacons. Aim at the marine you want to heal, including
    yourself, and hold the fire button to heal him or her. Note that your movement
    is slowed while healing. The medigun is effective for combating infestation from
    parasites. Do not heal yourself while being attacked if you have no support; the
    swarm will kill you faster than you can heal yourself.
    Damage   : Moderate
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 80 x 12
    Level    : 11
    Notes    : Rapid fire, uses two clips
    The PDW can output a large amount of damage, roughly double that of the assault
    rifle, at the cost of going through its clip in a matter of seconds. It uses two
    clips to reload, so the number of clips you are carrying may be deceiving. For
    this weapon especially it is important to control your fire.
    FLAMER UNIT (Flamer, Flamethrower)
    Damage   : Very Low
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 40 x 6
    Alt Fire : Fire extinguisher
    Level    : 13
    Notes    : Ignites, splash damage
    The flamethrower is one of the most unique weapons in Alien Swarm. When used
    correctly, it is one of the most ammo efficient weapons in the game and can
    easily take a single marine through an entire mission; when used incorrectly,
    it is ammo inefficient and can cause huge friendly fire to a whole squad. 
    Although its damage output seems low, the flamer will set most swarm on fire
    from the slightest contact with its flame. Most of its damage output comes
    from the burning effect which does damage over time. The burn is enough to
    kill a drone on normal. The burn also slows swarm movement and attacks from
    flinching from the damage over time, but can also make them flail around and
    do heavy damage. The flamer should be fired in very short bursts to let its
    burn take effect and to avoid setting teammates on fire. The alt-fire
    extinguisher only needs a short burst to put out a fire, whether it be on a
    teammate, yourself, an enemy, or on the ground. The flamethrower is the most
    effective weapon against low-health swarm, such as parasites, buzzers, and
    harvester spawn, and ensures the death of biomass and eggs.
    Damage   : 0
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 800
    Level    : 15
    Notes    : Deploy, freezes, no friendly fire, fast targeting
    The second sentry gun you unlock does no damage but instead instantly freezes
    swarm in place to be killed by marines. Its range is fairly short. Make sure
    the squad clears frozen swarm to prevent the sentry from wasting ammo constantly
    re-freezing enemies.
    Damage   : Moderate
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 250 x 2
    Alt Fire : Barrel spin (Prepare to fire, slows movement)
    Level    : 17
    Notes    : Special weapons only, spread, rapid fire, slow movement, fire delay,
               uses 100% ammo, shares ammo with autogun
    The minigun is the alternate option for special weapons. It boasts a high firing
    rate and spread to kill swarm as fast as possible. It is more suited for
    defensive situations given how much it impairs movement. Be careful of friendly
    fire from the minigun's high damage output. Use the alt-fire to spin the barrel
    to be able to fire immediately. You can also fire in bursts to keep the barrel
    Damage   : High
    Fire Rate: Low
    Capacity : 12 x 6
    Alt Fire : Enhanced target imaging (Scope, slows movement)
    Level    : 19
    Notes    : Piercing
    The marksman rifle is the alternative "sniper" to the rail rifle. It allows for
    shooting multiple times without reloading, but has a fairly long reload time
    and does slightly less damage. The alt-fire is useful in defensive situations,
    but is not recommended on the move because it slows movement and restricts
    your vision range.
    INCENDIARY SENTRY GUN (Flame sentry)
    Damage   : 35
    Fire Rate: Moderate
    Capacity : 800
    Level    : 21
    Notes    : Deploy, ignites, fast targeting
    The flame sentry will spew a short-ranged stream of fire to burn swarm in its
    targeting arc. Unlike other sentries, the flame sentry can potentially do
    substantial friendly fire damage, so is usually not recommended over other,
    safer sentry guns. Place it carefully and always stay behind it to avoid getting
    Damage   : High
    Fire Rate: Moderate
    Capacity : Infinite
    Level    : 23
    Notes    : Melee, infinite ammo
    The chainsaw, especially in the hands of Jaeger or Vegas, can output a lot of
    damage. Its high damage and infinite ammo makes it useful for destroying doors
    without wasting ammo or using a welder. The chainsaw can also destroy rocks.
    When using the chainsaw, be careful of its high potential for friendly fire and
    remember that it slows your marine when he or she is using it. The chainsaw is
    great for killing swarm quickly, but it requires the marine to get into close
    range, which may be dangerous. The best way to use the chainsaw is to move into
    the enemy, since drones have a slightly longer maximum attack range than the
    chainsaw. Since the chainsaw counts as a melee attack, it will knock around
    debris and will not detonate barrels.
    Damage   : High
    Fire Rate: Low
    Capacity : 25
    Level    : 25
    Notes    : Deploy, splash damage
    The cannon sentry fire explosive projectiles that do well against large enemies
    and groups of swarm. However, its ammo is often wasted against individual weak
    enemies. Combined with its low rate of fire and ammo supply, the cannon sentry
    is generally inefficient compared to other sentry guns.
    Damage   : High
    Fire Rate: Moderate
    Capacity : 6 x 4
    Level    : 27
    Notes    : Explosive, splash damage, full clips with 20% ammo
    The last weapon unlocked is rightfully so--the grenade launcher is both very
    powerful and hard to use. It can be fired quite rapidly to clear a hallway
    or take down a high-health target, but beware of high amounts of friendly fire
    both on teammates and yourself. Be careful of where you aim grenades; they will
    arc toward a distant target but will explode onto a close one. It will often
    detonate if an enemy, ally, or obstacle such as a railing is close to you when
    you fire a grenade. The arc of the grenade launcher makes it ideal for taking
    out shieldbugs, being able to arc over its armored front legs to its vulnerable
    backside. Marines with an explosives bonus will gain bonus damage.
    Fire Rate: High
    Capacity : 200 x 1
    Notes    : Found in mission, does no damage
    The fire extinguisher is found in certain levels and is used to put out fires.
    Using the fire extinguisher saves on flamethrower ammo, but requires the marine
    to temporarily drop his or her weapon. Also beware of enemies approaching
    either from behind or through the fire, as you will likely put burning aliens
    Damage   : High
    Fire Rate: Moderate
    Capacity : 50 x 1
    Notes    : Found in mission, does not use ammo without target
    The mining laser is found in certain levels (in Jacob's Rest, it is found on
    Timor Station) to blast through rocks, unless someone brought a chainsaw. It
    can also function as an emergency weapon due to its high damage, but it has a
    high tendency for friendly fire, has little ammo, and has a fairly long start-
    up time. Also, you can hold the fire button to prepare the laser without using
    ammo, and the laser will activate when an alien or marine passes in front of
    it. The mining laser is best used in tight passages where aliens come from only
    one direction. The laser also destroys biomass instantly.
    Effect   : Moderate self-healing, single use
    Capacity : 1
    Heal packs are fairly useful for healing if the medic is not around or if he/she
    is inexperienced. Heal packs can also delay death by infestation. However, with
    a competent medic, heal packs should be unnecessary. Note that medics' healing
    bonus applies to healing kits also, so they should use healing kits for the most
    efficiency of healing resources.
    HAND WELDER (Welder)
    Effect   : Seals and unseals doors
    Welders are useful on certain missions for opening doors, and more often for
    sealing swarm on the other side. The presence of a tech will speed up welding.
    Multiple marines can weld the same door at the same time. A door does not need
    to be fully welded to prevent entry. See section 7 for information about where
    welders are most useful.
    COMBAT FLARES (Flares)
    Effect   : Illuminates an area and provides auto-aim bonus for 30 seconds
    Capacity : 15
    In general, flares have limited usefulness because good aim and map knowledge
    make their benefits redundant. They can be useful for illuminating dark areas
    and for defensive situations to improve accuracy, but are generally less useful
    than other equipment.
    LASER TRIP MINE (Mines, Tripmines)
    Effect   : Throws a landmine that will explode in proximity of swarm
    Capacity : 12
    Tripmines are great for holding defensive positions and covering the back of the
    squad. The mines can be thrown onto walls. The explosives bonus increases the
    number of mines thrown (Crash and Sarge get two each, Jaeger gets three), so in
    general, those marines are the only ones who should use tripmines to take
    advantage of the greatly increased effectiveness.
    Effect   : Passively reduces damage taken by 20%
    Level    : 2
    Since heavy armor gives a passive benefit, it is useful for beginners so that
    they have less to keep track of. However, in general, other equipment is more
    DAMAGE AMPLIFIER (Damage amp)
    Effect   : Creates a small aura for 30 seconds that doubles bullet damage
    Capacity : 5
    Level    : 4
    Damage amps are useful in a holdout position, to increase damage output and
    conserve ammo. However, the squad must remain stationary to benefit from the
    effect. Note that only weapons that shoot bullets will be affected by the damage
    HORNET BARRAGE (Hornets)
    Effect   : Launches 8 seeker missiles
    Capacity : 3
    Level    : 6
    Hornets are great for killing packs of drones and dealing heavy damage to larger
    swarm such as shieldbugs. Their seeking system efficiently targets only aliens,
    so they do minimal friendly fire and are generally safe to use whenever the
    squad is in a dangerous situation. The explosives bonus only minimally benefits
    the hornet barrage (slight damage increase per rocket, no increase in quantity),
    hornets are a good choice on any marine.
    Effect   : Freezes aliens in a large radius
    Capacity : 5
    Level    : 8
    Freeze grenades are excellent for temporarily neutralizing enemies in an area.
    Frozen swarm are completely unable to move or attack, allowing your team to
    quickly and easily kill them. The grenades does no friendly fire. Explosives
    bonus increases freeze duration. Freeze grenades are the most effective counter
    to shieldbugs.
    ADRENALINE (Adren)
    Effect   : Slows time for all marines for 10 seconds
    Capacity : 3
    Level    : 10
    Adrenaline is extremely useful in any dangerous situation to give the squad some
    breathing room, and is also great on higher difficulties. Slowing time improves
    accuracy, reload time, evasion. It allows techs more time to hack, making it
    essential for fast hacking. Having Bastille in the squad substantially increases
    the duration (to 16 seconds), regardless of who uses it.
    If you have custom music, it will play during adrenaline.
    TESLA SENTRY COIL (Teslas, coils)
    Effect   : Places an electric sentry coil to stun and damage enmies
    Capacity : 3 (each has 30 ammo)
    Level    : 12
    After taking a second to deploy, the tesla coil electrocutes nearby swarm. After
    depleting its ammo, it will self-destruct to do further damage to nearby
    enemies. The tesla coil is most useful in defensive positions, such as covering
    a tech during a hack, and can also serve to cover the back of a squad. It will
    run out of ammo quickly when facing a large swarm. Against shieldbugs, it can
    keep the bug stunned for quite a long time.
    ELECTRIC CHARGED ARMOR (Electric armor)
    Effect   : Stuns nearby enemies, damages attached parasites, reduces melee
               damage taken, lasts 12 seconds
    Capacity : 3
    Level    : 14
    Electric armor is most commonly used to prevent infestation withot the help of
    a medic. It is recommended on missions where there is a high danger of
    infestation. If possible, activate it before entering an area with parasites.
    Although it is more commonly used against parasites, it is also very effective
    at repelling attacks from any melee enemies, such as drones and shieldbugs.
    INCENDIARY MINES (Firewalls)
    Effect   : Officer only. Creates a wall of fire for 20/30 seconds
    Capacity : 5
    Level    : 16
    Incendiary mines are great for defensive positions. The firewall extends in both
    directions perpendicular to the officer and ignites and heavily damages swarm
    passing through the flames. Jaeger's firewalls are longer and last longer than
    Sarge's. Marines should roll through the firewall to avoid getting set on fire.
    Effect   : Passively illuminates the area in front of the marine
    Level    : 18
    Like combat flares, the vision benefit of the flashlight is good to see threats
    in dark areas, but becomes unnecessary with sufficient knowledge of the map.
    Effect   : Passively doubles damage of the marine's basic melee attacks
    Level    : 20
    On normal and easy difficulty, drones are killed by a single melee attack from
    any marine, making the power fist only useful for killing larger swarm faster
    with melee attacks (not recommended). However, on higher difficulties, it is
    more useful because it allows one-hit-kills on drones, but necessarily puts the
    marine in danger of attack. A peace medic may consider using the power fist to
    help get out of melee situations. Marines with the melee bonus (Jaeger and
    Vegas) are more effective with the power fist. It does not increase chainsaw
    HAND GRENADES (Grenades)
    Effect   : Throws an explosive grenade
    Capacity : 5
    Level    : 22
    When thrown, the grenade will arc toward the cursor and explode either after a
    time delay or when it hits a solid object. Beware of friendly fire, including
    on yourself. The explosives bonus increases damage, blast radius, and creates
    extra explosions. Because hand grenades are relatively weak without the extra
    explosions, this equipment is generally not recommended to marines without the
    explosives bonus.
    Effect   : Gives the player night vision for 20 seconds, recharges in 15 seconds
    Level    : 24
    Nightvision goggles allow a marine to easily see any swarm onscreen, even in the
    dark. However, it only gives a direct benefit to one player. It has unlimited
    uses but must recharge after each use. Like combat flares and the flashlight,
    it becomes unnecessary with knowledge of the mission.
    Effect   : Launches a storm of 32 seeker missiles
    Capacity : 1
    Level    : 26
    The smart bomb is essentially one charge of four hornet barrages in a row. The
    missiles do massive damage to all nearby enemies and are great for clearing out
    large areas. Move foward while using it to hit as many aliens as you can and
    maximize damage.
    Effect   : Jump a short distance
    Capacity : 5
    Found in certain missions.
    The assault jets provide more mobility to a marine and escape when surrounded.
    Using them can allow a player to reach places faster or reach places he could
    not access on foot. The marine will jump to the mouse cursor. Upon landing, the
    marine will crush or knock back nearby swarm.
    See section 7 for map-specific uses.
    Effect   : Teleport a short distance and stuns, 20 second recharge
    Found in certain missions.
    Like the assult jets, the blink pack allows a marine to move faster, access new
    areas, and escape surrounds. After a brief delay, the marine will teleport to
    the mouse cursor, stunning nearby swarm both at the marine's original and new
    locations. The marine will be unable to move for a short time afterwards.
    See section 7 for map-specific uses.
                 Sarge        Jaeger
    Leadership    5/5           3/5
    Vindicator    2/5           5/5
    Explosives    2/5           4/5
    Health        4/5           3/5
    Damage        3/5
    Melee                       2/5
    Leadership: Officer exclusive. Provides a chance for nearby marines (roughly
         within the same screen) to have a chance of doing double damage or
         to receive half damage from an attack. Does not stack.
    Vindicator: Officer exclusive. Increases damage of the Vindicator shotgun.
    Explosives: Increases effectiveness of explosives (tripmines, incendiary mines,
         hornet barrage, freeze grenades, hand grenades, grenade launcher).
    Health: Increases health of the marine.
    Damage: Increases damage of standard weapons (exceptions are Vindicator,
         autogun, chainsaw, and grenade launcher).
    Melee: Increases damage and speed of basic melee attack, and increases damage
         dealt by melee weapons (chainsaw).
    Both officers have a health bonus, which when combined with their leadership
    aura, gives them the ability to take damage better than most other marines.
    They have a class-exclusive weapon, the powerful Vindicator shotgun, and a
    piece of class-exclusive equipment, incendiary mines (more information in
    section 4). They also have explosives bonuses. Note that officers do not
    receive reload speed bonuses.
    An officer should stay close to the rest of the team to make the best use of
    his leadership aura. Because of their health bonuses, officers should try to
    absorb damage in place of his more fragile teammates, which means covering
    either the front or back of the squad.
    Sarge is more balanced and is a good choice for beginners. He has slightly more
    health than Jaeger, and a stronger leadership aura, which means he benefits his
    team significantly even when he is not fighting. His damage bonus makes him
    proficient with almost all weapons.
    Jaeger is more specialized and suited for more advanced players. He does more
    damage with the Vindicator and has the highest explosives bonus in the game,
    which means that although he can likely output more damage than Sarge, he has
    more of a chance of causing significant friendly fire. Jaeger's melee bonus
    lets him get out of some close situations better, and is one of the only two
    marines that gets bonus damage with the chainsaw (the other being Vegas). Note
    that Jaeger does not get a damage bonus for general weapons.
                Wildcat        Wolfe
    Autogun       4/5           5/5
    Piercing      2/5           3/5
    Reloading     3/5           2/5
    Damage        4/5           2/5
    Speed         4/5
    Health                      3/5
    Autogun: Special Weapons exclusive. Increases damage dealt by the autogun and
    Piercing Bullets: Special Weapons exclusive. Increases chance of a bullet
         piercing through the first target into a second one.
    Reloading: Increases reload speed and size of fast-reload window.
    Damage: Increases damage of standard weapons (exceptions are Vindicator,
         autogun, chainsaw, and grenade launcher).
    Speed: Increases movement speed.
    Health: Increases health of the marine.
    Special weapons marines specialize in dealing damage to the swarm. They have
    two class-exclusive weapons: the autogun and minigun, both of which are
    effective at mowing down swarms (more information in section 4). An important
    note is that both of these weapons slows down the movement of the marine
    wielding them. Piercing bullets allow them to do even more damage by
    effectively  doubling the damage output of the piercing bullet. This also lets
    them kill enemies through doors. Reload and damage bonuses give them
    proficiency with standard weapons.
    The autogun is more versatile than the minigun and is more suited for missions
    where the squad will be in constant motion. The minigun is more defensively
    oriented, and harder to use, but its higher damage output can be essential on
    higher difficulty levels. A special weapons marine has the option of carrying
    both, but it is generally not recommended because it limits movement (less so
    with Wildcat).
    Wildcat is more fragile and less proficient with the autogun than Wolfe, but
    compensates with movement speed (in fact, she is the fastest marine in the
    game) and  effectiveness with non-autogun weapons. However, she is still good
    with the autogun. Her speed bonus makes her a primier speedrunner and also
    offsets the slowing property of the autogun.
    Wolfe is slower, but is more effective with the autogun and minigun than
    Wildcat. He also can take more of a beating with his higher health. When using
    Wolfe, be careful not to fall too far behind your team, although he is an
    excellent guard for the back of a squad. If you begin falling behind, switch
    from your  auto/minigun to your other weapon for a while to catch up.
                 Faith        Bastille
    Healing       5/5           4/5
    Infest. Cure  3/3           1/3
    Reloading     2/5           3/5
    Damage        1/5           3/5
    Speed         3/5
    Combat Drugs                3/5
    Healing: Medic exclusive. Increases effectiveness and amount of healing
    Infestation Curing: Medic exclusive. Decreases infestation time when healing a
         marine infeseted by a parasite.
    Reloading: Increases reload speed and size of fast-reload window.
    Damage: Increases damage of standard weapons (exceptions are Vindicator,
         autogun, chainsaw, and grenade launcher).
    Speed: Increases movement speed.
    Combat Drugs: Bastille exclusive. Increases duration of adrenaline used by any
    Although medics are not required for missions, they might as well be. They are
    essential for keeping the team alive, and are the only ones who can prevent
    death by infestation, barring the use of electric armor (see section 6 for more
    information. They have two class- exclusive weapons, the healing beacon and
    medical gun (medigun), neither of which do damage to the swarm. Due to having
    no health  bonus, medics are relatively fragile and should stay close to
    teammates for support. Because a healing item will take up one of their weapon
    slots (it is pointless to have a medic otherwise, except for speedrunning),
    they are more limited in their loadout options. When playing a medic, it is
    essential to keep an eye on your team's health in the bottom left corner, and to
    judge when it is appropriate to heal instead of fight the swarm.
    (Please see section 4 for information about the beacons and the medigun.)
    In almost all cases, the medigun is superior to healing beacons. Although
    healing beacons provide more overall healing, most of the time the squad will
    both be on the move and only require one marine to be healed. The medigun is
    also more effective at combating infestation. If a lot of healing is required,
    consider taking both healing weapons; remember that this gives you no weapon to
    fight the swarm with, so bring equipment such as the hornet barrage or power
    fist to help keep you alive, and stay close to teammates.
    Faith is more of a specialized medic than Bastille. Her higher healing bonus
    gives her more healing supplies at the beginning of a mission and increases the
    rate of healing. Her infestation curing is exceptional in missions with
    parasites (Syntek Residential and after). Her speed bonus makes her valuable in 
    speedruns and also gives her the ability to run quickly to teammates who need
    healing and away from swarm. When using the medigun, it also offsets the slowing
    effect of firing it. Since her damage bonus and combat ability is relatively
    low, she should take either a support weapon or a high-damage weapon, and stay
    close to her squad. 
    Bastille is a combat medic. He has less healing ability but more combat ability
    than Faith. Be careful that you do not run out of heals too quickly, since
    Bastille gets less of them than Faith, and also be careful of parasites.
    Although his combat drugs bonus does not seem that great at first glance, it is
    actually his biggest asset. Adrenaline is extremely useful for dangerous
    situations and on high difficulty levels.
                 Crash         Vegas
    Scanner       3/3           3/3
    Engineering   1/3           3/3
    Reloading     4/5           3/5
    Explosives    2/5
    Damage        3/5
    Health                      3/5
    Melee                       4/5
    Scanner: Tracks swarm movement on the minimap.
    Engineering: Increases welding and sentry set-up speed for nearby marines.
    Reloading: Increases reload speed and size of fast-reload window.
    Explosives: Increases effectiveness of explosives (tripmines, incendiary mines,
         hornet barrage, freeze grenades, hand grenades, grenade launcher).
    Damage: Increases damage of standard weapons (exceptions are Vindicator,
         autogun, chainsaw, and grenade launcher).
    Health: Increases health of the marine.
    Melee: Increases damage and speed of basic melee attack, and increases damage
         dealt by melee weapons (chainsaw).
    Techs are the only required class, required in Landing Bay, Deima Surface
    Bridge, Rydberg Reactor, and Timor Station. Death of all techs results in
    failure on those missions, so keeping the tech alive is a priority. In addition
    to their hacking skills, techs have various useful abilities to aid their squad.
    The scanner is helpful for knowing the number and direction of swarm,
    periodically tracked on the minimap around the location of the tech. Engineering
    allows any nearby marine (including the Tech himself) to weld/unweld doors and
    set up sentry guns faster. The tech has one class-specific weapon, the prototype
    rifle (P-rifle) (see section 5 for more information).
    There are two types of hacks in Alien Swarm: wire (panel) hacks and computer
    hacks. Wire hacking involves a minigame where the player rotates pipes to
    connect the left and right ends of the wire. It is fairly simple to perform if
    the tech follows the path of the lit wire from the left to right. Computer hacks
    are more complex. During a computer hack, the tech must horizontally line up
    columns of moving 1s. Clicking a column changes the direction it moves in.
    Fast hacking is when a tech completes the hack before the progress meter reaches
    its end. If the progress meter reaches the end, the computer will state that
    the hack has been logged. Fast hacking has no effect on gameplay other than
    being fast and is only for the sake of achievements. Note that there are only
    two computer hacks, in Landing Bay and Timor Station, and the computer hack in
    Landing Bay does not count towards the achivement, which leaves Timor Station
    as the only way to get computer fast hacks. Adrenaline makes it significantly
    easier to perform a fast wire hack and slightly easier to perform a fast
    computer hack.
    Crash, with his damage and explosives bonuses, is more geared toward damage
    output. They allow him to make great use of the P-rifle and explosives such as
    tripmines. Since he is more fragile than Vegas, take care that he has the
    support of his squad.
    Vegas has more survivability than Crash because of his health and melee bonus.
    Vegas has the highest melee bonus in the game, making him very powerful with
    the chainsaw or power fist. However, he does not get a damage bonus for any
    other weapon. His higher engineering makes him very useful in missions where
    welding or sentries are needed.
    Throughout missions, the players will encounter a variety of unique swarm
    types. Some custom alien types will be found on unofficial maps, but this
    section will only cover the ones found on Jacob's Rest, in order of
    encountering them on Hard difficulty and lower. It will use this general
    Appearance: A brief description of what the alien looks like.
    Damage    : A qualitative rating of the damage output of the alien's primary
    Health    : A qualitative rating of how much health the alien has.
    Notes     : Important notes for the enemy, described more in detail below.
    Weak to   : Effective weaponry, but not necessarily ways to kill the alien.
    A description of what the alien does and how to combat it.
    Appearance: Four large claws attached to a small body with stubby legs and tail
    Damage    : Moderate
    Health    : Low
    Notes     : Melee
    Weak to   : N/A
    The drone is the most common swarm type and can be considered the swarm's
    "grunt" unit. Their low health is compensated for by numbers, agility, and
    powerful attacks. Although drones in small numbers are only a small threat, in
    packs they can easily surround an isolated marine and take him or her down in
    moments, while preventing him or her from escaping. Drones are also able to
    leap long distances through the air to engage enemies.
    Drones are relatively easy to kill, being vulnerable to bullets, fire, and
    electricity. On Normal difficulty, a single melee attack from any marine is
    sufficient to kill a drone. One strategy is to "kite" drones by moving away
    from them while firing. The hitbox for drones is the center of the body, not
    including the claws.
    Appearance: Circle of claws attached to a small spotted body
    Damage    : Low
    Health    : Moderate
    Notes     : Ranged spread attack (dodgeable)
    Weak to   : N/A
    Rangers are the first support swarm encountered in Jacob's Rest. They fire acid
    projectiles in threes, which can be rolled under, and have no melee attacks.
    Although rangers do relatively low damage, their attacks can provide covering
    fire for other swarm and lock down a marine in trouble. Rangers will back away
    as a retreat when attacked.
    Rangers have a fair amount of health and can be killed in the same way as
    drones. Melee attacks are effective since the ranger is almost helpless, but
    be careful not to get hit by a volley at point-blank range.
    Appearance: Huge armored front legs, large pale body
    Damage    : High
    Health    : Very high
    Notes     : Melee (knockback), armored front
    Weak to   : Freeze, stun
    When attacked, the shieldbug will close its front legs to make the shield that
    gives them its name. In this stance, the shieldbug's front is almost completely
    invulnerable, and it will move slower. The shieldbug has a powerful melee
    attack that will knock a marine down and away. This makes them extremely
    dangerous near cliffs, where the marine will be knocked off and instantly
    killed, or near walls and in corners, where the marine will be continually
    slammed into the wall.
    Although the shieldbug has strong attacks and is large and intimidating, its
    slow movement combined with its melee attack range makes it easy to avoid
    damage if you keep your distance. The shieldbug is vulnerable at its pale,
    unarmored behind. Freezing or electrifying the shieldbug is extremely effective
    to prevent it from attacking and to allow marines to circle behind it to
    attack. The grenade launcher can arc grenades over its legs and hit its body.
    The shieldbug is slightly fire resistant: burns last a shorter time, and more
    fire is required to burn it from the back, although oddly not from the front
    (before it makes the shield). Since the shieldbug targets one marine at a time,
    a good strategy is to draw its attention with one marine and have another
    shoot it in the back, and repeat when the shieldbug turns around.
    Appearance: Small, flying insectoid, leaves air trails
    Damage    : Very low
    Health    : Low
    Notes     : Melee, disorienting attack
    Weak to   : Fire, auto-aim
    The buzzer's attack causes the player's screen to rattle and shake, making it
    very difficult to play for a moment. Combined with its evasive flying movement
    and hard-to-hit body, the buzzer is an annoyance of an enemy. Their attacks are
    only dangerous in the presence of other swarm which can take advantage of the
    player's temporary disorientation.
    Auto-aim weapons negate buzzers' evasion and make them easy to kill. Buzzers
    are also easily taken care of by contact with fire. Although melee attacks
    allow buzzers to easily hit you, they are also effective.
    Appearance: Bulbous sac attached to three long legs
    Damage    : High
    Health    : High
    Notes     : Release explosives on death
    Weak to   : N/A
    The boomer can do low damage at low range with its sharp legs, but its primary
    attack involves inflating and releasing yellow bomblets that explode after a
    short delay. The longer the boomer has been inflated, the more bombs it will
    drop. If it is killed before inflating, it will not drop any explosives.
    Boomers will eventually explode once inflated, but can deflate on rare
    occasions. The explosions can damage other swarm.
    Boomers have high health and are thus hard to take down. Since boomers will
    blow themselves up after inflating, the best option is often simply to run past
    them. After one dies, it is important to get out of range of the bomblets as
    soon as possible; rolling can help a marine dodge an explosion.
    Appearance: Small, pale, caterpillar-like bugs
    Damage    : N/A
    Health    : Very low
    Grubs hardly count as an enemy, since they are completely harmless. They are
    common on Syntek Residential and several can pop out of cocoons. Grubs are
    easily killed with any kind of fire or explosion, and can even be killed by
    being stepped on. The tesla cannon will lock onto them, but otherwise grubs
    have no effect on gameplay.
    Appearance: Brown sac with fluid inside
    Damage    : N/A
    Health    : Moderate
    Notes     : Produces a parasite
    Weak to   : Fire
    Eggs have no direct attack but can do some damage if a marine touches one. When
    a marine enters the area, the parasite will begin to hatch. The egg's outer sac
    will fall, revealing a fluid sac with the parasite inside. The parasite will
    pop out shortly afterward.
    The most effective way to destroy eggs is with fire: the egg will take damage
    until it dies, and the burning parasite inside will be rendered completely
    harmless, and the egg will no longer damage on contact. Explosions will also
    ignite any eggs nearby the initial blast. Marines should not enter areas with
    eggs until the squad is prepared to prevent the eggs from hatching quickly. Keep
    your distance from eggs that are about to hatch to prevent infestation from the
    Appearance: Small six-legged creature with a tail and teeth
    Damage    : High
    Health    : Low
    Notes     : Infests
    Weak to   : Fire, auto-aim, electric armor
    Parasites are one of the most dangerous enemies in Alien Swarm. They can be
    hard to see and can jump quickly onto a marine, where they will cause an
    infestation. During infestation, the parasite will continually inflict heavy
    damage on  the marine marked by the yellow part of the marine's health bar.
    If a marine dies by any source while infested, four parasites will leap out
    of his/her body, endangering the marines still alive. Once attached to a
    marine, parasites are hard to remove. Multiple parasites will increase damage
    done, almost guaranteeing death.
    Only three things can affect a parasite after it has latched onto a marine.
    Healing the marine until the yellow bar disappears will end the infestation. If
    the marine happens to have electric armor, he/she can activate it to damage the
    parasite and kill it. The tesla cannon can also hit the parasite and reduce
    infestation time, though the parasite will not die from it. Because parasites
    can be hard to see, auto-aim weapons and flamethrowers are good for killing
    them before an infestation can occur. Knowing where parasites spawn greatly
    reduces the chance of getting infested. Melee attacks are very dangerous and
    can only hit the parasite while it is on the ground, not in mid-jump.
    Appearance: Thick, plantlike/rootlike material
    Damage    : N/a
    Health    : High
    Notes     : Only vulnerable to fire, attracts swarm when burned
    Weak to   : Fire
    Biomass does not attack, although contact with it does some damage. Rather,
    biomass serves as part of the swarm's infrastructure and gets in the way of
    marines. Once biomass is set on fire, it is guaranteed to burn until destroyed,
    but additional fire will destroy it faster. When biomass set on fire or
    destroyed, swarm will be attracted to its location.
    Biomass is often a mission objective. Any inceniary weapon such as the flamer
    or the Vindicator's grenades can ignite biomass, and the mining laser will also
    instantly destroy it. Be prepared for incoming swarm attacks when attacking
    Appearance: Large, round creature with gaping mouth
    Damage    : High
    Health    : High
    Notes     : Ranged delayed explosions
    Weak to   : N/A
    The mortarbug is a long-ranged support unit that spits three sticky explosives
    in a line which detonate after a short delay. Touching the mortarbug also does
    moderate damage. The explosions can damage swarm. The mortarbug is slightly
    fire-resistant, requiring more fire to make it ignite. It is not very mobile,
    tending to shuffle around within the same area.
    The mortarbug's attack is fairly easy to dodge, but its main purpose is to
    "zone" out marines, restricting movement and splitting up the squad. The
    mortarbug is also more dangerous when movement is limited, such as on an
    elevator or during a hack. It is recommended to kill the mortarbug quickly to
    prevent it from causing problems later. Its hitbox is smaller than the body:
    near its middle, toward its back end.
    Appearance: Short brown body with pale bulbous back end
    Damage    : N/A
    Health    : Moderate
    Notes     : Create Harvester spawn, release several upon death
    Weak to   : Freeze, fire
    The harvester is another supportive unit that periodically produces a spawn.
    Although it does not have a direct attack, touching the harvester does some
    damage. When a harvester dies, it will release several spawn; freezing or
    igniting the harvester before it dies prevents this effect.
    It is recommended to kill harvesters before they can gather many spawn. Freeze
    or ignite the harvester before you shoot it down to kill the spawn it would
    have released. Melee attacks are fairy effective but not highly recommended
    because the harvester is constantly releasing spawn. The harvester's hitbox is
    an area between the pale bulb and the main body.
    Appearance: Small brown creatures, similar in appearance to parasites
    Damage    : Low
    Health    : Very low
    Notes     : Suicide attack, produced from harvester
    Weak to   : Fire, auto-aim
    Harvester spawn jump at marines, inflicting damage while leaving a streak in
    the air. Although individually they do relatively little damage, they can do
    significant damage in numbers. Harvester spawn tend to gather around the
    harvester until a marine approaches, when they rush at the marine at once.
    The flamethrower is very effective at clearing any number of harvester spawn
    at once due to their low health. Since they are small, auto-aim weapons can
    kill them easily, and explosions can take out many of them at once. Be careful
    not to mistake harvester spawn for parasites and vice-versa, but it is better
    to be safe than sorry. Electric armor is ineffective against spawn.
    *This enemy does not appear in the official campaign, but appears on many custom
    Appearance: Bulbous body (like a mortarbug) roughly the size of a parasite
    Damage    : N/A
    Health    : Low
    Notes     : Heals swarm
    Weak to   : N/A
    Shamans are a support-type swarm that do not do damage to the squad. Instead,
    they fire a reddish healing beam at other swarm (except other shamans). Since
    they are healers, shamans should be a first priority. They are especially deadly
    when combined with the high health and defenses of shieldbugs.
    [SEC7]-The Campaign
    This section covers each of the seven missions in the official campaign,
    Jacob's Rest. Each level will be covered in parts. Information about items and
    enemies will be included, but story information in readable PDAs will not.
    After each part, there may be an asterisk (*) to describe changes in Insane or
    Brutal difficulty for that part. This information may not be complete. Also note
    that the changes in Insane may vary depending on how many marines there are at
    that point.
    Objectives-Access the inner perimeter.
              -Download the flight data.
              -Get to the landing bay exit.
    The level starts off in a small cargo area. Proceed to the left and upwards.
    Use melee attacks on the boxes in the doorway to save ammo. The next room has
    two hackable doors on the left and right which lead to the same place. Have the
    tech hack the door or chainsaw it down to continue. There is also a basketball
    behind a glass pane to the left which can be moved using melee attacks. Hacking
    the door finishes the first objective.
    *Insane: There will be a few parasites before the doors.
    The paths from the left and right door will converge, and split off again, and
    again they will lead to the same area. The right path is slightly faster.
    Drones will attack from the front and climb up from the floor vents. The paths
    will converge in a small open room. Move to the right, where there is an
    explosive barrel that you can shoot, but be careful to stay away from the
    blast. Do not linger in this room, since drones can easily corner and surround
    a marine.
    *Insane: There will be some harvesters in the first room.
    Proceed to an area with two welded doors on the left side. One is closer, but
    the one further back is slightly more defensively advantageous. Each door has
    a nearby welder, or can be chainsawed down. Drones will climb up from the floor
    vent and trickle in from the previous area. Both doors lead to a catwalk area
    where drones will climb up from the railings. Hornet barrages work well here to
    keep the drones off. Make your way to the top left and regroup. You can also
    weld the door behind you to prevent drones from going through. The next room is 
    straightforward but dimly lit. The left side has a welded door that contains a
    sentry gun; for the sake of time, it should generally be ignored and skipped.
    *Insane: Two harvesters will spawn on the catwalk area.
    The last stretch of the mission is to the right. There are stairs to a raised
    area with drones on it. At the top of the platform is a computer with the
    flight data that the tech needs to hack. Before the hack, set up a defensive
    position with mines, sentries, and/or tesla coils to cover the tech. The tech
    will need to perform a computer hack and download the data while drones attack
    from the left and bottom sides. When the data is downloaded, the second
    objective is complete.
    *Insane: Rangers as well as drones will assault the squad during the hack.
    Drones will begin to attack the locked door to the right, which leads to the
    end of the mission. Either attack the door or prepare to kill the drones when
    they knock it down. A short hallway leads to the end of the mission.
    Objectives-Activate the cargo elevator and descend.
              -Activate the facility exterior.
    When the level begins, move straight northwards, fighting off drones coming up
    the railings on the right and north. There will be a hallway to the right, with
    a swarm of drones coming out of it. Kill the drones, while having one marine
    guard against drones coming from behind. The grenade launcher, smart bomb, or
    special weapons' autogun/minigun (especially combined with a damage amp) can
    quickly clear the hallway. At the other end of the hallway, move north and
    regroup on the other side of the door. Remember to cover the squad's back from
    drones attacking from the south and east.
    *Insane: A few rangers will spawn in this hallway as well.
    The next area has some drones near a pair of barrels to the north. Take
    advantage of the barrels to blow them up. The next hallway is longer and has
    more drones, which will attack mainly in two swarms, both at the beginning and
    end of this corridor. Along the hallway, the windows to either side will
    explode, allowing drones through. Enemies will also continue to pressure the
    squad from behind; tripmines or something similar can help cover the squad's
    *Insane: A pair of harvesters accompany the two swarms of drones.
    At the end of the hallway, there is a medpack to the left. To the north is a
    spiked pit full of green smoke that will instantly kill a marine that falls
    into it. Up the short stairs to the right is a pair of barrels that will create
    a bridge when destroyed. An advanced time-saving tactic is to hug the raised
    bridge on the right side of the pit and cross it, without having to blow up the
    barrels. However, this method makes a danger of falling in the pit, and if the
    barrels are destroyed, any marines crossing will be pushed into the pit and
    The next room is dimly-lit and full of floor vents where enemies will crawl
    up from. It is recommended to rush through this room and regroup on the other
    side of the door on the north side. To the right is a cache of two medkits, an
    ammo box, and an autogun ammo box. Distribute the supplies and stock up
    quickly, since drones will trickle in from behind. To the right is the
    elevator, which has a panel on its north side. The elevator can only be
    activated when all surviving marines are on it. This completes the first
    *Insane: A few rangers and a mortarbug spawn in the dark room.
    The cargo elevator comprises the bulk of this level. Activating the elevator
    will cause a short period of slow motion. The elevator slowly descends while
    while drones drop onto all four corners. Setting up a sentry is highly
    recommended to cover at least half of the elevator. Drones will also climb up
    from the ceiling and will drop onto the elevator if they reach the top. One or
    two marines with long-range weapons, especially sniping or auto-aim weapons,
    should take care of the drones on the ceiling before they become a threat. Note
    that the panel will block bullets, and be careful of friendly fire in the
    cramped space. Also be wary of drones that come up the far right side, as the
    pipe there that hides them makes enemies easy to miss. Sentry guns, tesla
    coils, mines, damage amps, and ammo satchels are recommended for the elevator.
    *Insane: Four parasites will drop onto the elevator, and again when the
    elevator reaches the bottom. Depending on the number of marines, a mortarbug
    at the bottom of the level may bombard the elevator.
    When the elevator ride is over, the path to the right will open. There will be
    several drones and a few barrels on the short path between the elevator and
    the end of the mission.
    Objectives-Gain access to the pipeline.
              -Destroy the infested pipeline.
              -Get to the Colony Reactor entrance.
    Make your way toward the pipeline by moving north. It is recommended to move
    quickly through the first stretch and regroup at the first rightward bend. This
    is because large numbers of drones will attack from all sides along the way, so
    if a marine stays to fight in one place, he or she will likely be quickly
    surrounded and die. The drones can be quickly mopped up as they gather in a
    small area at the rightward bend. There is also an alternate route to the right
    before the bend that has assault jets and two locked doors. One door contains
    a sentry gun and the other leads to the rest of the level. Using this alternate
    path spawns extra ranged swarm. This shortcut is not recommended for random
    or inexperienced teams, as it requires more communication and possibly a
    chainsaw, but the assault jets can be invaluable for speedrunning.
    *Insane: Two mortarbugs are near the first rightward bend.
    Whichever path the squad took, they will have to hack the panel inside of the
    building to the right of the next area. There will be drones and rangers
    incoming from the north of the area, as well as large numbers of drones from
    the previous section. The building itself has 5 openings: two doors on its left
    side, as well as 3 windows to the south, west, and east (the left window will
    be closed with glass until shot). The enemies previously mentioned will attack
    the left side, while one ranger will attack through the south window and drones
    and rangers will attack through the right window. There are two general ways to
    deal with this part of the mission, which I will call "slow" and "fast".
    The "slow" hacking method is simpler and more recommended for inexperienced
    squads. It involves setting up a defensive position within the building to
    allow for the tech to hack the panel. Use a welder to seal off both doors and
    set up tesla coils, mines, and/or sentries to cover the entrances. The most
    immediate threat is the right window, where enemies have easy access to the
    tech, so have a marine or sentry cover that front. The south window and left
    window are not large concerns (assuming the left window is intact). Use tesla
    coils and mines to prepare for the rush of drones when the doors are broken
    down. The tech should hack as soon as defenses are set up. After the hack,
    either shoot down the left door or let it fall to the drones and destroy them,
    then continue past the opened fence to the north.
    The "fast" method is significantly faster and recommended for experienced
    players. Have the squad except the tech stand outside the building and hold off
    the enemies while the tech goes inside to hack alone. Using adrenaline, he
    should be able to complete the hack before enemies reach him, and the squad can
    immediately move to the next area. For even more advanced players, using the
    assault jets from the alternate route from before can further speed up this
    The next section is a short run to a panel that opens a short bridge to the
    right. When a marine reaches this panel, a pack of drones will simultaneously
    climb up the railings, so the squad should be prepared to deal with them. The
    next platform has the panel to detonate the pipeline. Since drones will trickle
    in from the left, if the squad still has a sentry from before, here is a good
    place to set it up. Detonating the pipeline will cause slow motion as a piece
    of the pipe falls onto the platform, releasing the campaign's first shieldbug.
    This shieldbug has significantly more health than normal shieldbugs, and it is
    recommended to run past the shieldbug through the south side instead of
    engaging it there, stunning or freezing the bug if necessary. After a short run
    to the north past some drones, there will be a hacking panel along with an ammo
    box and an autogun ammo box. The ship Bloodhound will appear here to help cover
    the squad, so when the shieldbug from before arrives, stun or freeze it (or
    distract it, if disabling it is not possible) to allow the Bloodhound to fire
    on it. When the hack is complete, the fence to the right will open.
    *Insane: There will be a second shieldbug on the way to the hacking panel.
    The next bridge section is very dark, but fortunately the Bloodhound has lights
    that will illuminate an area as it slowly moves along the bridge. It is
    recommended to stay near the Bloodhound for fire support and lighting, but
    some squads will insist on moving ahead of it. Drones will attack in a pack
    first from the right, the left, climbing up from below, and from the right
    again along with a shieldbug. The Bloodhound can usually take care of enemies
    from the left and on top of the ridge to the south. Hornet barrages can help
    a marine from getting surrounded and to give the squad some breathing room.
    Be careful of getting surprised by enemies in the dim light, and keep the
    shieldbug stunned to prevent it from becoming too large of a threat. When the
    Bloodhound and all squad members make it to the end of the bridge, the
    Bloodhound will descend to allow the squad to run across the small gap.
    Although the next area has some rangers and drones, it is not necessary to
    fight them at all. Simply run the short distance to the exit in the north-east
    to finish the mission.
    Objectives-Bring the reactor online.
              -Reach the north exit.
    As the mission begins, move to the north, taking out one or two drones, until
    the squad reaches a fork that splits north and east, with a barrel slightly to
    the right. The north path is shorter but darker, but both paths will lead to
    the same place. Guard the squad's back against drones as they will begin to
    spawn in numbers. The paths will split again, this time one to the elevated
    catwalks at the right side and to the northern lower tiled area. The north
    path is the more commonly taken.
    *Insane: There are more rangers and boomers to deal with.
    In the north path, there are a pair of barrels which can explode to kill some
    drones, and sometimes one barrel will fly to the right and explode there. There
    is a small path split, and each has one boomer. In an alcove to the north is
    a pair of assault jets, which can be used to jump through the wall to the
    right. The two paths, as well as the path from the previous area, converge
    here. There is another barrel in front of the door to the small room, which can
    be welded shut, although welder usage is very limited in this level. It is
    recommended to move quickly through this area, ignoring the boomers, and to
    regroup at the leftward bend to the north.
    Buzzers will begin to fly in and attack the squad, as well as drones coming
    from the previous area. To the left is a side area with rifle ammo inside of a
    large pipe, and a locked door (the only other point where the welder is useful
    in this level). The locked room contains a chainsaw, sentry gun, and flamer,
    but this side area is generally skipped. The north path leads to the reactor.
    This path is divided into a lower catwalk and a higher one off to the left.
    The left side has a ranger by a barrel, and two drones with another ranger
    further up. Clear out the area in front of the large hatched door, and be sure
    to detonate all the barrels now to avoid friendly fire later.
    *Insane: A shieldbug and mortarbug will guard the path to the reactor.
    The hatched door has the hacking panel on the left and a terminal on the right.
    Prepare the squad's defenses before the hack. One marine (preferably the
    one with the last firepower to contribute) should access the right side
    terminal and select the turret. This gives the player control of a powerful
    turret above the hatch that locks on to enemies, but leaves the marine
    relatively vulnerable, so be sure to have cover for the marine on the turret.
    When thehack begins, drones will attack from the left railings, right railings,
    and right vents, so be sure to cover those areas. Rangers will also attack from
    down the left stairs and up the right stairs, but since they are on different
    elevations, they are not a large threat. When the hack is complete, the hatch
    will slowly open while multiple boomers attack from the south and west stairs,
    along with buzzers arriving in threes. Inside the reactor room is a medkit, an
    ammo box, and a panel that activates the reactor to complete the first mission
    After restocking, the squad must backtrack to the middle of the level. On the
    right side catwalks there is a panel that is now powered that will open another
    hatched door. Drones and buzzers will begin to assault the squad once the panel
    is activated. Speedrunning teams will want to split up so that the door is
    activated as soon as possible after the reactor comes online. Damage amps,
    incendiary mines, and a sentry are very effective at holding off incoming
    drones. On higher difficulties, rangers will attack from across the left gap.
    *Insane: A mortarbug and several parasites will spawn on the way back to the
    second hatched door.
    Head through the door once it opens and head north to a room. On its north wall
    is a fire extinguisher that can be used to put out the fire blocking the right
    side. However, marines can actually run through the crashed helicopter on the
    top edge of the fire; not only does this save time, but it also allows the fire
    to protect the squad from drones running through it. After moving past the
    fire, there are a few boomers waiting in the area to the north. To the left is
    a window that spawns rangers. To the right is a metal-floored area with a
    third hatched door alongside a panel that opens it. While the door is opening,
    rangers will climb up from two vents on the floor as well as from the window
    to the far left, while drones will attack from the previous area (if the fire
    is still burning, these drones are not a concern). In addition, boomers will
    spawn from the window to the right of the door. To make this part of the level
    significantly easier, place a sentry gun directly in front of the boomer window
    to block their spawn. Do not have the sentry face the ranger spawn, as it will
    waste ammo shooting at it before it climbs up. There are also two boxes of rifle
    ammo in this area.
    *Insane: There will be a pair of mortarbugs in the area in front of the door.
    Once the door opens, there will be some boomers and several drones waiting on
    the other side. Use tripmines and the sentry as well as grenades thrown through
    the doorway once it opens to rapidly clear them out. Buzzers will also begin to
    attack. Simply have the squad run through the door once it is cleared to
    complete the mission.
    Objectives-Destroy swarm eggs (26).
              -Destroy biomass (8).
              -Escape using the elevators.
    The flamethrower, normally unlocked at level 13, is available for this mission.
    This mission is particularly open-ended and so there are multiple ways of going
    through it. The following outline is one common route.
    *Insane: Harvester spawn will appear in groups from low windows throughout the
    Begin by moving north through the door and into a dark room. The only exit is
    left (the other exits are blocked), so go left while fighting off drones and
    buzzers. The first parasites are in the next room to the left, so lead with the
    flamethrower and be careful to ignite all the parasites (approximately three)
    as well as the single egg.
    There are now two paths up and one path to the right, to the middle of the
    mission. One of the northern paths will have two boomers, so slip past them or
    take the other path to continue up the left side of the level. The left side has
    three sections of biomass through the door and a staircase that leads to the
    higher catwalk. It is recommended to not ignite the biomass until later since it
    calls additional enemies. On the catwalk, there will be a small group of eggs
    immediately to the right. Slightly north is a vent that spawns rangers and
    some more eggs to the left. Even further north is another egg, totalling about
    five eggs. Head north to the top-left corner of the map. Buzzers and rangers
    will harass the squad throughout this area while drones and a boomer threaten up
    close. In the small room in the top-left corner is a locked door with three eggs
    and a parasite inside. There are three ways to deal with them: one is to hack
    the door to open it, another is to break down the door, and the third is to use
    a piercing weapon to destroy the eggs safely through the door. Dual pistols are
    nearby if they are needed to aid in breaking down the door.
    After clearing all the eggs on the left, move back down to the lower level and
    clear the biomass if you did not before. If the whole squad moves through here,
    a mortarbug will appear from the right window. Destroy it quickly, since it will
    cause problems later. Rangers, buzzers, and drones will also appear from below
    and the windows. Quickly pick up the flamer ammo tank and stock up on the ammo
    box to the right and move right through the door.
    The next room is the top-middle section of the level, and is where the elevator
    for the last objective is. To the north is the elevator, to the right is a fire
    blocking a locked door, and to the south is the middle of the level. Head south
    through a door and past a boomer to an intersection with 4 rooms, one in each
    corner of the section. Two randomly selected rooms will have two eggs each, so
    press the tab key to check which rooms they are and clear the eggs. The top-
    left room will also have a few segments of biomass. The front biomass partially
    blocks the one farther back; stand to the left side to reach the back biomass
    without having to wait for the front one to burn up.
    *Insane: There will be a shieldbug in each of the middle rooms.
    After clearing the eggs, head right through the fire to the right part of the
    mission. There is a fire extinguisher nearby if it is needed. Try to keep part
    of this fire burning, since it will ignite swarm that run through it to make the
    right side of the mission easier. The next room splits into a north path and an
    east path. The north path has a fire and a barrel blocking a doorway as well as
    some rangers spawning from a vent to the left. The right path has a small fire
    that will spread to block the way into the ventilation system. Clear the fire to
    the right to access the ventilation system. This section is dark, so be cautious
    of attacks from either direction and shoot the flamethrower in single-shot puffs
    to check for parasites. Immediately in the vents there is one egg. Above is an
    egg in an alcove to the left and some biomass, and a parasite that comes from
    the right. Farther right is a heal pack along with some more eggs. Head north
    to find an egg slightly to the right. Be prepared for a parasite coming from the
    left and north, then take out the egg to the left. Farther to the left is three
    eggs in a short stretch of vents and two eggs nearby the biomass from earlier.
    If you got too close to the biomass from before, one of these eggs may have
    hatched. The last biomass is to the north, which blocks the exit to the vents as
    well as the last three eggs, which will likely hatch before the biomass is
    cleared. Once out of the vents, the squad will end up to the right of the
    elevator room. Here there is a heal pack, flamer and autogun ammo, and in the
    lower room is an ammo crate and fire extinguisher. Head south through the fire
    to return to the path fork from before. Note that you can blow up the barrel to
    pass through the fire without having to extinguish it.
    *Insane: A mortarbug will be in this last room.
    Return to the elevator room (the top-middle of the mission) once all the eggs
    and biomass have been eradicated. Set up defenses in this area and weld the left
    and south doors if anyone brought a welder. When defenses have been set, hit the
    panel next to the elevator to call it. The lights will dim as a spotlight swings
    around and swarm will assault this room until the elevator arrives. A vent to
    the right will spawn rangers and drones, while the locked door and fire should
    protect from anything else from that area. The south will also spawn rangers and
    drones. Boomers and drones will appear from a debris pile between the south and
    west doors. About halfway through, a mortarbug will appear near the south door.
    After a certain period of time, the elevator will arrive at the north side of
    the room. Send the squad into it to complete the mission.
    Objectives-Seal the access tunnel.
              -Destroy swarm eggs (20).
    Freeze grenades are almost required in this mission because of the high number
    of shieldbugs. Chainsaws and grenade launchers are also recommended.
    Move through the large pipe northward. The squad will soon encounter some drones
    along with a some explosive barrels to the right. Further north is a small
    raised catwalk platform with more drones. Regroup after the platform where there
    is a ceiling fan.
    *Insane: There may be two shieldbugs in this area.
    The next raised catwalk has two explosive barrels and a green gas barrel, along
    with drones running around on the metal railings above. The gas will damage
    marines and swarm if the barrel is blown up. Rush through this area to avoid
    taking gas damage and getting surrounded by drones. It is recommended to stick
    to the north side, since drones tend to climb up the railings and block the
    lower path. There is a box of rifle ammo below, but it is out of the way and in
    an easily surrounded position. Move through into an area with some large pipes
    on the right and a fence to the left blocking the way. Detonate the barrels in
    the top-left to cause a metal girder to push over the large box, causing slow
    motion and creating an opening to continue rightwards.
    *Insane: If two shieldbugs did not spawn in the previous area, there will be two
    of them here.
    Move into a large open area where drones will jump down onto. In the bottom-
    right corner there is a medpack, and up a ramp to the right is a small area with
    an ammo box, a chainsaw, and a pair of PDWs. The chainsaw will prove useful in
    the next area, so try to have Jaeger or Vegas take it.
    The next part near the first objective is known as the "shieldbug rush," where
    four shieldbugs will defend the pipeline accompanied by drones and buzzers.
    Freeze grenades and tesla cannons can help lock down the shieldbugs while they
    can be either run past or dealt with using guns or chainsaws. Alternatively, use
    frag grenades and hornet barrages or smart bombs to deal heavy damage. Note that
    thrown items may fall into one of the four holes in the floor. To the right are
    some barrels; detonate them to cause slow motion and complete the objective.
    *Insane: A mortarbug here will provide support for the shieldbugs.
    After destroying the pipeline, head north up the ramp to the second half of the
    level where the eggs are. Two of the eggs are immediately north, partially
    blocked by a box. The path splits to left and right; the left leads to the end
    faster, but at least one marine must go right to clear the eggs there. Head
    right up another ramp and clear the three eggs to the south. There is also some
    autogun ammo here. Continue on north to find a few more eggs along with a
    parasite. The next area is a series of dark, raised catwalks. There is a shotgun
    at the beginning of this section. Two mortarbugs will bombard the squad from
    below--because they have high health and are hard to hit from the catwalks, the
    squad can just keep moving. Watch out for a parasite at the next bend, and
    another where the next few eggs are in an alcove to the south. Continue north
    where there is another parasite at the bend. To the north are three eggs, a
    parasite, rifle ammo, and PDW ammo. Head south to rejoin the previous left path
    and take out the three eggs there. Then go left to clear out the last three eggs
    and another parasite. Look north to see a barrel and detonate it to stop the
    spinning grinders blocking the way. There is an assault rifle nearby to help
    shoot the barrel if no one has long-range weapons, but the flamer can reach
    across the gap to the barrel.
    *Insane: A third mortarbug will be where the shotgun is.
    Move through the stopped grinders. To the right is an archway where mortarbugs
    spawn after you pass through. Since the mission is almost over and the
    mortarbugs will keep spawning, you can simply ignore them. Move up the ramp with
    a couple barrels and drones and onto the catwalks where there is a box of
    Vindicator ammo and two boxes of rifle ammo. Go through the narrow walkway to
    the left to encounter a shieldbug, and another at the mission end. It is not
    necessary to kill these shieldbugs: simply freeze, stun, or slip past them to
    the exit to finish the mission.
    *Insane: A mortarbug accompanies the two shieldbugs at the end.
    Objectives-Activate cable railway.
              -Detonate the warhead.
              -Escape via Bloodhound.
    Head through the tunnel to the first objective. Watch out for three harvester
    spawn that can put an early drain on health resources. Once the squad reaches
    the yellow catwalk, drones will climb up from the north side railings. There are
    four more harvester spawnlings near the panel that completes the first objective
    and opens the next door.
    *Insane: There will be two harvesters in this area.
    Press the button to open the door and continue around the left bend. There will
    be two rangers waiting there, so be prepared to roll under the acid barrage and
    kill them. Drones will come in from behind, and the squad will also have to deal
    with rangers, drones, buzzers, and a boomer. To the left is an alcove with three
    eggs, a pack of harvester spawn, and the campaign's only blink pack. This alcove
    can be ignored if no one wants the blink pack. Head south past a vent to a rocky
    area with a couple of harvester spawn along with a harvester. Drones will begin
    swarming in from the ledge above and from the previous area. To the left are
    some rocks which block the way. After fending off the drones, use a chainsaw or
    pick up the nearby mining laser to clear the rocks. Beyond the rocks is a small
    area with four eggs and a parasite. The parasite usually spawns on the raised
    catwalk on the right, but occasionally spawns below. Either chainsaw the next
    door or have the tech hack it while defending from drones.
    *Insane: There will be a mortarbug on the rocky area past the south vent.
    Beware of a parasite on the other side of the door; if the squad broke the door
    down, the parasite may still be alive. Also watch out for spawnlings produced by
    the nearby harvester. Immediately clear the two eggs to the north. Have one
    marine head to the top-right to activate the panel and start moving the bridge.
    Near the panel there are a pair of assault jets; the jets and the blink pack
    from earlier can be used to jump onto the moving bridge. A large number of
    drones will come up from the left as well as from the previous section, so
    defend until they are dead and wait for the bridge. There are also two
    mortarbugs in inaccessible locations, above the bridge panel and to the left.
    They can be killed, although they do not pose a significant threat since their
    attacks are easy to maneuver around. Move onto the bridge when the fence opens.
    On the bridge are two groups of parasites (3 each on normal difficulty), so lead
    with the flamethrower and keep your eyes open.
    *Insane: Rangers will spawn from a vent near the bridge panel.
    Once off the bridge, there are two paths north, each with a ranger and
    harvester. Kill both pairs to prevent them from harassing the squad later on.
    To the right is a mortarbug along with another harvester. If anyone brought a
    sentry gun, this is an excellent place to put it: it will defend the squad
    during the next area as well as during the return trip. The next area has two
    eggs and some biomass to burn. On a small raised platform is an ammo box, a
    medpack, and a mining laser that can be used to instantly destroy the biomass.
    Destroy the biomass when the squad is ready, as it will call down a large
    number of drones, buzzers, and rangers. Drones will begin to attack the door
    beyond the biomass, so try to get the last hit on the door to let it fall and
    kill them. Note that a marine with assault jets or a blink pack can jump past
    the biomass to access the door before the biomass has been cleared.
    The next area is a catwalk with a total of about four shieldbugs and six
    harvesters. One of each will be immediately ahead and another harvester will be
    to the left. Also to the north is a box of Vindicator ammo and autogun ammo.
    Try to stun, freeze, or slip past the shieldbugs to kill the harvesters first,
    since they will build up a damaging force of spawn while you try to deal with
    the shieldbugs. Alternatively, ignore the shieldbugs and harvesters entirely and
    break down the rocks to the north with a chainsaw or the nearby mining laser.
    Past the rocks is an area with a raised catwalk on the north side and a lower
    rocky area. Take out the egg under the catwalk and the two above it before they
    can hatch. Stick to the catwalk and clear the four eggs on the high ground from
    there. To the right is a panel that slowly brings down a bridge. Across the
    bridge are three eggs, PDW ammo, and rifle ammo. It is recommended for newer
    players to wait for the bridge and stay on the high ground to avoid parasites
    below. To the right are about a dozen eggs. Take them out before they can hatch,
    or if they hatch, be extremely careful to clear parasites first. On a small
    platform is the final hacking computer, as well as two boxes of ammo and four
    heal packs. Heal, stock up, and defend the tech as he hacks the computer. Once
    the hack is complete, the countdown for the detonation of the warhead will
    begin. Since there is plenty of time, it is important to not panic and to
    maintain a proper squad formation on the return trip to the Bloodhound.
    There is an alternate path out of this room: run or use a blink pack or assault
    jets to jump up to the south side of the raised bridge. From there, roll
    downward and drop down the left. This alternate route is only faster with the
    blink pack or jets, but also allows the squad to avoid most of the harvesters
    and shieldbugs in the previous area, if they were not killed before.
    Move back through the shieldbug/harvester area and through the door. Use short
    bursts to maintain speed while still being able to fight off swarm during the
    return to the Bloodhound. Once past where the mortarbug used to be, drones and
    rangers will appear; mines and a sentry gun from before can help fight them off.
    On the bridge, one group of parasites will have respawned. Be careful that they
    do not jump from the bridge upwards onto unsuspecting marines. Once off the
    bridge, go right to a path that has now been cleared and through a door. There
    will be a shielbug to the north, and a mortarbug with a shieldbug in the middle
    of the path to the raised platform at the end of the mission. The Bloodhound
    will contribute firepower which is invaluable for taking out the shieldbugs.
    The ship will only begin to descend once all surviving marines are present.
    Fight off waves of drones and rangers until the Bloodhound reaches the platform.
    This will stop the countdown as well as the Bloodhound's machine guns. Masses of
    drones will continue to flow in until everyone is on the ship.
    Congratulations! You have completed the Jacob's Rest campaign.
    I hope you enjoyed this FAQ.
    Please direct any questions, comments, concerns, or corrections to
    feral.orca@gmail.com. Thank you for reading.

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