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"Great game, at a GREAT price!"

Intro: Alien Swarm is a Free game from VALVe. It's a top down shooter where you, and 3 friends must work as a team to get to the exit. At the same time you must also complete a variety of objectives, such as hack a computer, or destroy some egg sacs.

Gameplay: This game is extremely fun to play, which is something I'm sure most of us expect from VALVe. But it's also a free game, so I'm sure some of us expect it to be not up to VALVe's standards. Luckily this game does live up to VALVe's standards and not a free games standards. The game is extremely fun and really worth the download. Although one drawback for some players might be the fact that this game is EXTREMELY hard on the hardest difficulty, especially playing in public games. I find it easier to play with friends because the game is much easier with good teamwork. The controls for this game fit very well and I see no real problems with it, and if you do, you can easily change them in the game settings.

Story: The story for this game is, OK. Your in the future of where you play as a space marine, with you and three other space marines, in a space station overrun by aliens. That's it... There are a few things you can find on the ground that do tell you a few other things about the game. But there really isn't enough time in the game to actually read them.

Graphics/Sound: The graphics in this game are excellent and so are the HUD elements, everything is smooth and good looking. Even with the first person cheat. The real problem is the sound. Well not really the sound, but the voice acting. It is very hard to understand what a teammate is saying, and they don't really sound like tough marines. Im pretty sure the voiceacting was done by the developers.

Play time/Replayability: This game is incredibly short, there is only one campaign. It really doesn't take that long at all to complete. (Provided the difficulty doesn't make you replay a few levels over and over again.) However, the game is very fun and you never get the same experience twice while playing it so it is very replayable, and choosing a higher difficulty setting surely makes it much harder and different to complete adding more replayability.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/27/10

Game Release: Alien Swarm (US, 07/19/10)

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