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    Rule Sheet by STiesma

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                    Rulesheet for BATMAN FOREVER - Sega 1995
                           Compiled by Scott R. Tiesma
                    Version: gamma... still needs much work.
                               Date:  July 26, 1995
    Send all corrections and updates to me at: tiesmasc@student.msu.edu
    The latest version of this rulesheet can be obtained via anonymous FTP
    at pinball.cc.cmu.edu in the directory /pinball/Rules/forever or via HTTP
    at http://pinball.cc.cmu.edu/Rules/forever.  Thanks to Kevin Martin
    (maintainer of the Pinball Archive) for this service.
    Batman Forever (the Pinball Machine) is most likely copyrighted and/or
    trademarked by Sega, DC Comics, and/or Warner Brothers.
    This sheet can be distributed and copied in any manner provided it is done
    so freely and both the special thanks section and my name are not removed or
    Special Thanks:
    Michelle Tiesma	- (oyenmich@student.msu.edu)
    New to this Version:
    Roms upgraded to A2.00 --> this created a new section called Bat Gadgets
    Wizard Award updated...
    Circus Countdown updated
    Special Thanks
    New to this Version
    Designer Names
         Prototype Specific
    Things to Fix
    Playfield Layout
         Bat Signal Shots
         Jackpot Shots
         Batwing Shots
         The Cabinet
    Skill Shot
         Gotham Scenes
              Rooftop Chase
              Face Two-Face
              Crime Spree
              Safe Trap
              Lite Extra Ball
              Brain Drain
         Coin Matching
         Mr. E Award
         Bat Gadgets
         Circus Coundown
         Extra Balls
    High Scores
    Easter Eggs
    BF - Batman Forever (this game)
    CFTBL - Creature From The Black Lagoon
    DMD - Dot Matrix Display
    IJ - Indiana Jones
    JP - Jurassic Park
    STTNG - Star Trek: The Next Generation
    VUK - Vertical Up Kicker
    Designer Names:
    Playfield:  Paul Lesley
    Software:   Brian Rudolph
    Display:    John Carpenter
    Graphics:   Kurt Anderson
                Jack Liddon
                Mark Raneses
    Artwork:    Morgan Wiestling(?)
    These rules and comments were based on A0.50 roms initially.  Now they are
    based on A2.00 roms.
    BF seems to be a very well rounded game and is exciting to play.  Ball
    movement is fast, but not uncontrollable.  There are lots of shots, none
    of which are impossible to make, but some that are rather hard.
    Furthermore, the shots smoothly blend into one another.  Overall, I think
    this game is one of the better Sega's (Data East's) to come out in a while.
    The replay reflex isn't too bad (200 Million, until it reflexes by a
    Billion!  I'm serious... after many replays (or getting the GC) it
    seemed to increment by 1 Billion on me!)
    The graphics are excellent and the soundtrack is fabulous.
    The only problem I've had with the game is that it was hard to know what to
    aim for in modes because the DMD is the only thing which tells you what to
    do (and I tended to be too busy to read the DMD while playing).  Granted,
    things flash, but the playfield is so busy it is sometimes hard to know what
    to shoot for (this will especially be so when the lights burn out!).
    Furthermore, as in most recent Sega's the Extra Ball Buy-in must be
    enabled.  This is done by pressing the league play button after starting
    a game.
    Lastly, deathsaves are pretty easy.  I can regularly do them with just my
    forearm strength.  Yes, I do tilt often... but they are not hard to do.
    In fact, this is probably the easiest machine to death save on that
    I've ever encountered. (Just don't do it when you have 20X Bonus! - Tilt
    that is)
         Prototype Irregulatities:
    The autoplunger is in the shape of a gun handle.  On this prototype it is a
    JP handle.  It even has the "JP" written on the handle!  Because of this,
    there is an extra button on the handle (Smart Bomb from JP) which isn't
    utilized and won't be on the final product.
    Since my last writing, Sega must have sent the real handle to this
    arcade as it is now on the machine.  Very slick looking.  However, it
    seems to be made of a rather weak plastic... I would assume it could
    break rather easily!!! (Soft, not brittle)
    Also, with A0.50 roms when you cancel the buy-in the DMD displays "DC
    EFFECT".  I'm assuming this rom is missing a graphic which would be put
    there.  Furthermore, collecting the bat gadgets doesn't exist in A0.50 roms.
    Things to Fix:
    First, as with many Sega/DE products (,that I've encountered anyway,) the
    kickback doesn't work reliably.  (SEGA... LOOK AT A NEW DESIGN OR SOMETHING.
    Second, I've heard that the mode start saucer is supposed to eject the ball
    with enough force to send it out the right orbit entrance and past the
    middle flipper.  On the prototype machine the ball is only ejected with
    enough force for it to reach the lane change area.  Regardless, the flow of
    the game is not interupted.  Note: This was roughly fixed with A2.00 roms.
    Now the ball never dribbles out the left orbit entrance and half the time
    makes it back out the right orbit entrance (The other half it ends up in
    the B-A-T Lanes).
    Third, occasionaly the ball seems to fall out of the left habitrail (the
    one leading to the left flipper) just above the slingshot.  This occurs
    both when the ball is headed toward the inlane, or the batwing.  The reason
    it happens is because the habit trail becomes just two wires near the
    slingshot.  Thus, any unstable movement of the ball (like if it's moving
    very fast) causes it to fall off!  This could be fixed by adding siderails
    to the habit trails in that area or widening the gap between the two rails
    such that the pinball rests lower in the habit trail.
    Fourth, (and I believe this shouldn't occur. At least I can't tell why
    it does occur and I've looked for mechanical parts that would cause it)
    sometimes a right orbit shot gets stopped about 3-5 inches up past the
    middle flipper.  I can't figure out why... but it does.
    Fifth, the software (maybe the hardware causes it) seems to lose track of
    the number of balls occasionally.  (Normally when a ball enters the VUK
    and gets kicked up but not with enough force such that it lands back in the
    VUK.)  This can result in something favorable such as an unearned multiball
    (without jackpots available) or something undesirable such as more than one
    ball in play and when one drains the bonus starts.
    Sixth, occasionally the mini-ramp doesn't register a completed shot.  This
    is quite annoying (especially when an extra ball is lit).
    Playfield Layout:
    As per usual this starts at the bottom middle and proceeds clockwise around
    the game.
    Two flippers in the usual location.
    Left Outlane - has a kickback called "Laser Kick".  Their is a great still
    graphic on the DMD of Robin doing a karate kick and saying "Hey, I just
    saved your life!  You owe me one."
    Left Inlane - marked as "X2" on the playfield (in paint, not a light)
    Left Slingshot - another strange trapezoidal shape ala STTNG.
    Batwing - a gun-type thing resembling the left STTNG cannon in function,
    and amazingly looking like the batwing.
    Bat Drop Targets - Just above the left slingshot and almost parallel to the
    cabinet.  There are 4 of these.  From the bottom one up they spell C-A-V-E.
    Swooping Habit Trail - This starts just above the bat drop targets and goes
    toward the player, below and around the flippers, and spits the ball out
    towards the mini ramp.  The ball is propelled by a solenoid. (Like a slanted
    Left Orbit - Swoops around to the entrance to the right orbit.
    The Bat Cave - a plastic decoration which has a habit trail leading into and
    out of it.  It badly obscures much of the upper left playfield.
    Left Ramp - used to feed the ball to the batwing (when armed (i.e.
    "enabled")) or the left flipper.  Its orientation on the playfied reminds
    me of the left ramp on IJ.
    Middle Ramp (labeled Arkham Asylum)- necessary to arm the batwing, this ramp
    can only be made from the 3rd flipper.  It is located directly above the
    left ramp and positioned on the playfield similar to the middle ramp in
    Two-Face Targets - a pair of targets located above the middle ramp
    entrance facing diagonally down right. One target is Two-Face's good
    side, the other his bad side.
    Pop Bumpers - 3 of them located in the left middle upper quadrant of the
    B-A-T Lanes - Located above the bumpers.  Advances multiplier and relights
    Laser Kick (possibly more?)
    Mode Start Saucer - Located in the back left corner of the cabinet it is
    only accessible from a right orbit shot.  It should eject such that
    the ball falls down the right orbit or into the B-A-T lanes.
    U-Turn Loop (aka Mini-Ramp) - located to the right of the bumpers this is a
    slight ramps (1") which then sends the ball in a U-turn around the VUK and
    Right ramp to the right orbit and down to the 3rd flipper.  This shot is
    necessary to arm the batwing.  Also used as a counter to light the Mr. E
    VUK - Locks balls, awards Mr. E (when lit), and is a bat signal shot.
    Sends the ball via a habit trail to the bat cave.
    Right Ramp - just to the right of the VUK it returns the ball to the right
    flipper.  This shot is necessary to arm the batwing.
    Right Orbit - swoops around toward the left orbit... usually enters the
    B-A-T Lanes or the upper left saucer.  (Only on the prototype have I ever
    had the ball exit via the left orbit, ie. a full loop.)
    Middle Flipper (3rd) - Located along the edge of the right orbit similar in
    position to the 3rd flipper on STTNG.
    Two-Face Targets - a pair of targets located below the middle flipper and
    above the right slingshot.
    Right Outlane - nothing special... but has a special light.
    Rightmost Right Inlane - Scores Double Batwing when lit
    Leftmost Right Inlane - awards 2 batarangs when lit
    Left Slingshot - the normal triangular shape.
    Question Mark Targets - there are 5 of these located on the playfield.  One
    on each side of the entrance to the Left and Right Ramps (i.e. 4) and 1 on
    the left side of the entrance to the U-Turn loop.  These targets are used
    to enable modes.
         Bat Signal Shots:
    These shots when completed will start Circus Countdown.  The 7 Shots are:
         Left Orbit
         Left Ramp
         U-Turn Loop
         Right Ramp
         Middle Ramp
         Right Orbit
    It should also be noted that these shots must be completed when the
    batsignal is blinking for it to become lit.  The first completed shot
    score 5 Million.  Each subsequent shot scores 10, then 15, etc Million.
    The batsignals remain lit from ball to ball until all have been collected.
         Jackpot Shots:
    During Multiball the Left Ramp saves Chase and the Right Ramp saves Robin.
    Once completed the middle ramp is lit for Double Jackpot.  Then, the batwing
    must be loaded (it is automatically enabled) and the ball must be shot up
    the mini-ramp for a Super Jackpot.
    The special is lit after collecting the Double Jackpot (I believe).
         Batwing Shots:
    The shots that are lit for targeting from the batwing are:
         Mini-ramp    \
         VUK          |-->  all pictured as a bat symbol on the DMD
         Right Ramp   |
         Right Orbit  /
         Three Question Mark targets: left of VUK and on both sides of right
              ramp entrance.  --> These are pictured as "?" on the DMD
    These shots are worth 10 Million each (unless doubled)
    I haven't noticed anything special occuring upon getting all the shots
    from the batwing even though once a shot is completed from the batwing
    it doesn't show up on the DMD anymore.  Hmmm?
         The Cabinet
    It is a widebody.  The artwork is fantastic.  Very realistic and keeping
    with the dark "batman mood".
    Skill Shot:
    Pull the trigger and collect what is displayed on the DMD.  Awards I've seen
         25 Million
         Start Gotham Scene
         Mr. E Award
         2X Bonus
         Two-Face Pops (2 Million a pop)
    To start a Gotham Scene (mode) you must either select it from the skill shot
    (the easiest) or hit all the Question Mark targets scattered around the
    playfield (to enable the mode) and then the right orbit (to start the mode).
    Also, you can lock the lit scene (or unlock it) by firing the gun (plunger).
    This proves to be a very lucrative feature as you can lock in the Lite Extra
    Ball mode! (Just like in Guns 'n Roses)
    A new name for the Picard Manuever from STTNG.  Shoot the left orbit and
    then the middle ramp.  There is an ego award for the most batarangs (in a
    row? on one ball.) i.e. you get to put in your initials.  However, rarely
    have I seen this show during attract mode... and never during instant info.
         Gotham Scenes:
    The Gotham Scenes are the modes for this game.  They are changed via bumper
    hits. (Is their any other way?)  However, during a mode you can't start
    another mode.  Nor can you see what mode is lit to become next (by bumper
    hits).  It may not even change during a mode.  I haven't been able to tell
    The Gotham Scenes are:
    Rooftop Chase - a video mode where you steer the batmobile around obstacles.
    (first on a rooftop), then you must steer it into points (up the side of a
    building) then across another roof avoiding obstacles.  (kind of a strange
    one to steer... you'll know what I mean when you play it)  >100 Million if
    completed.  Also, the obstacles do not come randomly.  Just like STTNG
    the paths never change.  However, unlike STTNG their are no diverging paths.
    Face Two-Face - Hit the lit Two-Face targets 2 times each (usually the pair
    on the right side of the machine, maybe always?) (though I believe any
    two-face target will work??? maybe the software just doesn't light the
    other targets?)
    Crime Spree - build up a jackpot with switch closures and collect at right
    ramp.  The jackpot can be collected multiple times while the timer is
    ??? - yes it is actually called "???" Anyway, this is a timed mode where all
    one must do is hit the Question Mark targets to collect points.  Any
    Question Mark target will do, and they can be hit repeatedly.
    Safe Trap - hit all four ramps.
    Lite Extra Ball - duh...
    Brain Drain - Spell C-A-V-E in sequence.  Very hard to do but worth it as
    a hurry-up extra ball can be collected at the mini-ramp.
         Coin Matching:
    Done by hitting both good faces or bad faces in a row.  Once matched the
    playfield light representing coin matches stays lit for the game or the
    software remembers that you've matched.
    Awards are (Based on hits in a row):
    Good then Bad (or Bad then Good) relights laser kick and awards 10 Million.
    Both good faces awards hold bonus.
    Both bad faces awards 22 Million.
    After the second hit, the 3rd hit counts as a first hit (i.e. you can't
    collect both good faces and one bad face to get Hold Bonus, 10 Million,
    and a relit laser kick!)
         Mr. E Awards:
    (Notice the pun ---> "mystery")
    Lit by hitting the mini-ramp twice, then 3 more times, then ... (may be
    flexible, the DMD will tell you how many mini ramp shots till next lit).
    Awarded by entering the lit VUK or as a skill shot.
    The possible awards are:
         20 X Bonus (Very lucrative.. I got 860 Million once)
         Mega Pops (3 Million a pop)
         Super Laser Kick (unlimited kick back)
         Light Extra Ball
         Extra Ball
         Start Gotham Scene
         10 Million
         20 Million
         50 Million
         ??? Light Special ???
         ??? possibly more ???
         Bat Gadgets:
    When the right orbit is not lit to start a Gotham Scene a strong shot which
    ends up in the saucer will cause a DMD display similar to the Snack Bar in
    CFTBL which will award various Bat Gadgets.  Once all (or is it just 4?) are
    collected Super Laser Kick is awarded.
         Circus Coundown:
    Upon lighting all batsignals a countdown starts at 99 Million.  Shoot
    the right orbit to collect.
    During this mode, there is a great graphic of Two-Face and Robin.  The
    countdown represents the bomb seen at the circus where Robin's parents died.
    A four ball Multiball; shoot the left and right ramp to collect jackpots
    then the middle ramp for a Double jackpot (& Light Special ??).  Then load
    the batwing (it is enabled) and shoot the mini-ramp for a Super Jackpot.
    (This is an extremely hard shot.  I've only made it once, and that was by
    sheer luck.  I was holding a trapped ball on my left flipper (planning on
    shooting that up the mini-ramp while I fired the batwing to try and trick
    the software) and when I fired I made my left flipper shot and I made the
    batwing shot!!!  (Let this forevermore be known as the Tiesma manuever???
    right.. :P  ))
    The Wizard Award....
    It is started by matching both the good and bad heads... sighting all bat
    signals and having completed all gotham events.  After doing so, "FOREVER"
    is lit to be collected via the regular Mode Start routes.  The beginning is
    a great graphic of the riddler which I didn't get to watch very long as
    all the balls just started spewing out.  Thus, also, I was not aware if
    anything else was occuring (such as Mega Pops, lit special, etc).
    This is a 4 ball multiball mode with a ? second ballsaver.  The object is
    to load the batwing to collect jackpots.  The problem is that the batwing
    is moving.  Thus, you may hit the left ramp but if the batwing isn't in the
    right position - No jackpot.  Really it's quite ingenious, and very fun!
    The mode ends when less than two balls are in play.
    The bonus maxes out at 20X after which a score of 20 Million is added for
    each additional completion of the B-A-T Lanes.
    At 2X bonus the Laser Kick is relit (and possibly each additional increase?)
    It is tallied this way - ????
    Also, there is a great graphic of Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) during
    the bonus count.
         Extra Balls:
    Can be lit via:
         the Gotham Scene (Light Extra Ball),
         a Mr. E Award, or
         ? some number of shots to some ramp or orbit - but I haven't solved
              which yet.
    When lit it is collected at the mini-ramp and Two-Face says "Live from the
    ???;  Here's your extra ball."
    Also, an extra ball can be awarded from the Mr. E award (and possibly the
    video mode, though I haven't seen it there).
    High Scores:
    2.4 Billion is the default Grand Champion score.  My high so far (1 Buy-in)
    is @ 4.91 Billion for which I recieved 2 Credits.  Previously I had set the
    GC with 2.8 Billion (no buy-ins) and received _3_ Credits (possibly I could
    have imagined this... but I don't think so)!  I also scored 2.7 Billion
    for 3rd place and 1.8 Billion for 4th place (the high score list goes to 6)
    but didn't get any credits. (Maybe only 1st and 2nd get credits?)
    ??? Send me your favorite ???
    First, their is a diverter on the habitrail leading from the left ramp to
    the left flipper which places the ball in the batwing.  This didn't work
    when BF first arrived, but now does.  The operator played with it, but
    I don't know what he did.  (It wasn't opening wide enough.)
    There is a ? loop or something champion displayed on the DMD occasionally
    but this can't be seen in instant info - WHY!
    Also, it would be nice to be able to see what Bat Gadgets have been
    collected (or need to be collected) before getting the Super Laser Kick.
    This could be done via instant info also.
    Easter Eggs:
    6 player play is allowed (league type, just as in Baywatch).
    Pressing both flipper buttons simultaneously will launch the ball (if it is
    in the plunger lane).
    No cows so far :(
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