Review by MCahill

"300 pounds of suck."

I lived next to an arcade where they have the best from the Williams/Bally company. Cyclone, Addams Family, Twilight Zone, and Attack from Mars all became instant classics there. Then I see this game which has to be placed in the hall of shame. It is called "Star Wars: Episode 1". This game is an insult to all pinball fans. It is the only game that I know that punishes people on the skill shot. In most games if one accomplishes the skill shot, they get a reward as well as the ball in play. Here if you get the skill shot, the ball rolls down the side and off at an angle and ends up STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. You'd think the game would give you a "pity ball" (If the ball goes down the drain in 15 seconds, they give you another ball.) like in many other new games but the game does not. This may only hold true for the 3 that I have played, (Chinatown fair on Mott Street, XS in Times square, Broadway City on 42nd street.) but it is completly unfair for people that want to try for the shot. This is just one of the few things that just makes me want to smash that telvision screen. One problem is this "power of the force" thing. This thing occurs once in a while, only when the three targets are hit, changes the momentum of a ball when nearby and directs it back either to one of the outlanes or straight down the middle.

Is this supposed to be a good thing? At least in the Addams Family when "The Power" was on it would try to throw the ball upward. One other peeve is Jake Lloyd Talking. "Welcome Young Jedi"? I don't feel welcomed. I am not the only person who gets annoyed when a 10 year old cheers while playing. They did not need that to be mandatory in the game. Another part is trying to get the extra ball. Building C3PO is fun, but it is very taxing to get the ball down that side slot to get the extra ball. It usually happens by accident, and when it does guess where it ends up anyway. (Hint: its where the skill shot ends, not a pretty sight.) With a possible exception of the Musical Chairs and the target practice, it seems that all the missions are alike. If it isn't hitting a robot, it's hitting a spaceship or big fish. I know that some of the missions in "Revenge From Mars in 3D" are similar (Paris and Pisa), but they are funny and spread out. The outlanes are as attracting as the ones in "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Did they put magnets there so that they would Always go down them? I barely see a ball go down the return lane. Why are there no instructions for the Pinball 2000 Games? It's usually located on the bottom left hand corner. This confuses myself on how to get a high score. It took me weeks to figure out how to get the bonus. Finally sometimes when the game goes tilt, yoda says that famous line "Anger leads to hate, suffering" The only thing that is going to be suffering is the future of that game. That phrase has got to go! I feel that I have been cheated out of money playing that unfair game. I demand for a refund. It is 300 pounds of suck and I get disgusted when I see people spend money on that game. I'm sorry that they couldn't have spent more time on the design and fixed these minor flaws with a little bit of testing. If anyone wants to know how a Pinball 2000 game is like, try "Revenge From Mars in 3D" It is a far superior game to this "pinball machine." Sadly though this is the last pinball game Williams/Bally is going to make. Hopefully Sega can fill their shoes well. Their latest two games: South Park & Harley Davidson, are awesome.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/15/99, Updated 11/15/99

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