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02/20/2017 Got Wii?
02/19/2017 Got Xbox 360?
02/18/2017 Got PlayStation 3?
02/17/2017 When playing games online, how does your skill level compare to the people you play against?
02/16/2017 How do you pronounce ''February''?
02/15/2017 How long do you wait to buy games after they come out?
02/14/2017 Have you ever been involved in a romantic relationship with someone you first met online?
02/13/2017 What's your favorite science-fiction genre for video games?
02/12/2017 How many e-mail accounts do you actively use?
02/11/2017 Do you know how to whistle?
02/10/2017 Have you ever stolen a video game from a friend?
02/09/2017 Have you ever played a game in Japanese?
02/08/2017 How do you feel about more and more games going Free-to-Play with optional purchases to expand the content?
02/07/2017 How do you most prefer to communicate with people over the Internet?
02/06/2017 Do the content ratings of a game (such as ESRB or PEGI) ever impact your decision to buy them?
02/05/2017 Do you think eSports will ever be as popular as traditional sports are today?
02/04/2017 Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?
02/03/2017 Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?
02/02/2017 Are you concerned about super-intelligent machines taking over the world someday?
02/01/2017 Which scheduled February release are you most looking forward to?
01/31/2017 20 Years Later: Got Final Fantasy VII?
01/30/2017 In Final Fantasy VII, did you ever beat both Emerald and Ruby Weapons?
01/29/2017 How many times have you played and beaten Final Fantasy VII?
01/28/2017 Can you name all nine playable Final Fantasy VII characters?
01/27/2017 Have you ever created a level or stage for a video game?
01/26/2017 Do you think today's video games are easier or harder than they used to be?
01/25/2017 Have you ever snapped a Nintendo DS or 3DS in half?
01/24/2017 Have you ever been involved in physical violence because of a video game?
01/23/2017 How many monitors do you use with your computer?
01/22/2017 Have you played a game in VR yet?
01/21/2017 Do you ever feel guilty about some of the bad things you have to do to characters in the games you play?
01/20/2017 Do you wear glasses or contacts?
01/19/2017 Of the last 10 games you've bought, how many were digital?
01/18/2017 How do you react whenever the save file for a game you've put a lot of time into is lost or corrupted?
01/17/2017 Which scheduled first-quarter game are you most looking forward to?
01/16/2017 How many generations of Nintendo game consoles have you owned?
01/15/2017 Which of Nintendo's Switch games are you most interested in?
01/14/2017 Have you pre-ordered a Switch?
01/13/2017 Now that we've all seen the presentation, how do you feel about the Nintendo Switch?
01/12/2017 BEST OF 2016: Game of the Year - Final Final Vote
01/11/2017 BEST OF 2016: Game of the Year - Final Vote
01/10/2017 BEST OF 2016: Game of the Year
01/09/2017 BEST OF 2016: System of the Year
01/08/2017 BEST OF 2016: Remakes
01/07/2017 BEST OF 2016: Mobile
01/06/2017 BEST OF 2016: Indies
01/05/2017 BEST OF 2016: Portables
01/04/2017 BEST OF 2016: PC
01/03/2017 BEST OF 2016: Wii U
01/02/2017 BEST OF 2016: Xbox One