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03/29/2017 When playing games with a large cast of characters (like vs. fighting or MOBA), how many do you actually focus on?
03/28/2017 15 years later: Got Kingdom Hearts?
03/27/2017 Do you keep a backup of the data on your computer and/or other devices?
03/26/2017 Over the past month, which system have you spent the most time playing games on?
03/25/2017 Have you ever used Linux?
03/24/2017 How many different games have you played in the last week?
03/23/2017 How many generations of Nintendo consoles have you owned?
03/22/2017 Who is your all-time favorite Resident Evil character?
03/21/2017 16 years later: Have you ever owned a Game Boy Advance?
03/20/2017 20 years later: Got Castlevania: Symphony of the Night?
03/19/2017 Have you ever played Super Metroid?
03/18/2017 Do you still regularly play games on any cartridge-based console systems?
03/17/2017 Are you wearing green today?
03/16/2017 How many different devices do you browse GameFAQs with?
03/15/2017 In games where there are destructible elements (boxes, rocks, bushes), do you clear the area of them before moving on?
03/14/2017 Are there any publishers whose games you refuse to ever buy, no matter how well-reviewed they are?
03/13/2017 How do you feel about retailer-exclusive bonuses when you buy games at a certain store?
03/12/2017 Have you made any long-lasting relationships with people you've met playing games online?
03/11/2017 Do you currently pay a monthly fee to play any online games?
03/10/2017 Which system do you plan to buy the most games for in the next year?
03/09/2017 How would you grade the Switch launch?
03/08/2017 Do you download all of the free games offered each month with Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus?
03/07/2017 Have you ever punched your television or monitor in anger over a video game?
03/06/2017 By the end of this year, which of the three current consoles do you plan to own?
03/05/2017 Which of the three current consoles do you now own?
03/04/2017 Got Breath of the Wild?
03/03/2017 Got Switch?
03/02/2017 Have you ever gone to the midnight release event for a new console?
03/01/2017 Do you plan to buy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?
02/28/2017 Which scheduled March release are you most looking forward to?
02/27/2017 With the Switch launch just days away, how successful do you think it will eventually be?
02/26/2017 Have you ever played a video game with your parents?
02/25/2017 Do you play your console games in high definition?
02/24/2017 Have you ever been banned from an online gaming service or server?
02/23/2017 What kind of Internet connection do you have?
02/22/2017 Got PSP?
02/21/2017 Got DS?
02/20/2017 Got Wii?
02/19/2017 Got Xbox 360?
02/18/2017 Got PlayStation 3?
02/17/2017 When playing games online, how does your skill level compare to the people you play against?
02/16/2017 How do you pronounce ''February''?
02/15/2017 How long do you wait to buy games after they come out?
02/14/2017 Have you ever been involved in a romantic relationship with someone you first met online?
02/13/2017 What's your favorite science-fiction genre for video games?
02/12/2017 How many e-mail accounts do you actively use?
02/11/2017 Do you know how to whistle?
02/10/2017 Have you ever stolen a video game from a friend?
02/09/2017 Have you ever played a game in Japanese?
02/08/2017 How do you feel about more and more games going Free-to-Play with optional purchases to expand the content?