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07/22/2017 Does the amount and type of DLC available for a game ever negatively influence your decision to buy it?
07/21/2017 Do you ever dream about playing video games?
07/20/2017 Do you miss games having large instruction manuals with the story and tons of detailed information?
07/19/2017 Just how ''bad'' do you like the main ''bad guy'' to be in a video game?
07/18/2017 Who do you usually play games with?
07/17/2017 Do you consider yourself lucky?
07/16/2017 How do you hang the toilet paper in your home?
07/15/2017 Is a hot dog a sandwich?
07/14/2017 Should pineapple be a pizza topping?
07/13/2017 Do you sleep next to your cell phone?
07/12/2017 Got Wii U?
07/11/2017 Got Xbox 360?
07/10/2017 Got PlayStation 3?
07/09/2017 Got Smartphone?
07/08/2017 Got Tablet?
07/07/2017 Got a gaming-quality PC?
07/06/2017 Got Switch?
07/05/2017 Got Xbox One?
07/04/2017 Got PlayStation 4?
07/03/2017 Got Vita?
07/02/2017 Got 3DS?
07/01/2017 What do you call the ''#'' symbol?
06/30/2017 Which scheduled summer release are you most looking forward to?
06/29/2017 What do you think of the fidget spinner craze?
06/28/2017 Do you think Nintendo will be to satisfy the demand for the Super NES Classic?
06/27/2017 Which game do you think is the biggest omission from the Super NES Classic?
06/26/2017 What is your name for those popular sugary carbonated beverages that you usually buy in a can or bottle?
06/25/2017 What time do you normally go to bed at night?
06/24/2017 What time do you normally wake up in the morning?
06/23/2017 Do you take a portable game system with you when you travel?
06/22/2017 Have you ever bought a game through Steam?
06/21/2017 If you have to pick a number between 1 and 10, which do you pick?
06/20/2017 20 years later: Got Final Fantasy Tactics?
06/19/2017 After seeing E3 this year, how excited are you for all of the upcoming games?
06/18/2017 With all of the games showcased at E3 this year, have you been convinced to buy a new console?
06/17/2017 Who won E3 this year?
06/16/2017 Which showcased game from E3 this year are you most looking forward to?
06/15/2017 Which newly announced game from E3 this year are you most looking forward to?
06/14/2017 Based on what you saw at E3 this year, which system do you think has the best lineup for the rest of this year?
06/13/2017 How would you grade Nintendo's E3 Digital Event?
06/13/2017 How would you grade Sony's E3 Press Conference?
06/12/2017 How would you grade Microsoft's E3 Press Conference?
06/11/2017 Do you think any of the E3 presentations this year will convince you to buy a new console?
06/10/2017 Starting with the first press conference today, how many hours of live E3 video do you plan to watch over the next week?
06/09/2017 How do you feel about the trend of games introduced at E3 taking years to actually be released?
06/08/2017 If a game you want to buy is coming out on every single current system at the same time and price, which one would you buy it for?
06/07/2017 Which of the three current consoles do you now own?
06/06/2017 Have you ever been to a video game conference?
06/05/2017 How closely are you following E3 this year?
06/04/2017 Which E3 press conference are you most excited about?