List of All Polls

06/07/2008 Do you ever give to charity?
06/06/2008 Got a gaming-quality PC?
06/05/2008 Got PSP?
06/04/2008 Got DS?
06/03/2008 Got Xbox 360?
06/02/2008 Got Wii?
06/01/2008 Got PS3?
05/31/2008 Would you be interested in buying GameFAQs merchandise?
05/30/2008 Which long-running game franchise do you most think needs to be retired?
05/29/2008 Which scheduled June release are you most looking forward to?
05/28/2008 Why?
05/27/2008 What's your favorite style of racing game?
05/26/2008 Which system's backwards compatibility do you most enjoy?
05/25/2008 What do you do when you reach a part in a game you just can't beat?
05/24/2008 Do you subscribe to any video game magazines?
05/23/2008 Where did you buy your last video game?
05/22/2008 Why do you play video games?
05/21/2008 How many hours out of the last 24 have you spent online?
05/20/2008 How long has it been since you've played a video game?
05/19/2008 How fast can you run a mile (1.61 km)?
05/18/2008 How do you feel about having a silent protagonist in video games?
05/17/2008 Do you think the world is a safer or more dangerous place than it was 10 years ago?
05/16/2008 Which stalled series would you most like to see a next-generation follow-up to?
05/15/2008 Do you plan to buy Wii Fit?
05/14/2008 Do you plan to buy Metal Gear Solid 4?
05/13/2008 Which classic Atari 2600 game would you most like to see re-made on a modern system?
05/12/2008 Do you ever regret playing video games as much as you have?
05/11/2008 What's your ideal vacation?
05/10/2008 Do you donate blood?
05/09/2008 How important is the ability to save anywhere at any time in a game to you?
05/08/2008 How do you eat your Oreos?
05/07/2008 Which of the seven deadly sins most epitomizes you?
05/06/2008 Which web browser do you most often use?
05/05/2008 Where do you keep your wallet?
05/04/2008 Which super-power would you most like to have?
05/03/2008 If you found a wallet on the street with cash, credit cards, and ID in it, what would you do?
05/02/2008 Which big-name sequel are you most looking forward to?
05/01/2008 What are you browsing GameFAQs with right now?
04/30/2008 Which scheduled May release are you most looking forward to?
04/29/2008 Got GTA IV?
04/28/2008 Are you addicted to the Internet?
04/27/2008 Got Mario Kart Wii?
04/26/2008 How quickly do you resort to using a walkthrough to get through a tough situation in a game?
04/25/2008 When confronted by a seemingly impossible to defeat situation in a game, what do you do?
04/24/2008 It is dark. What do you want to do?
04/23/2008 Would you like to see the Character Battle return again this year?
04/22/2008 How punctual are you?
04/21/2008 What's your favorite day of the week?
04/20/2008 Do you think that you will still be playing videogames in ten years?
04/19/2008 How many video games in all do you have in your collection?