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01/02/2008 BEST OF 2007: Best PC Game
01/01/2008 BEST OF 2007: Best DS Game
12/31/2007 Got a gaming-quality PC?
12/30/2007 Got PSP?
12/29/2007 Got DS?
12/28/2007 Got Xbox 360?
12/27/2007 Got Wii?
12/26/2007 Got PS3?
12/25/2007 What did you get for Christmas?
12/24/2007 'Twas the night before Christmas, and what are you doing?
12/23/2007 Got snow?
12/22/2007 Do you wear a watch?
12/21/2007 Has a video game ever made you cry?
12/20/2007 Now that there's a teaser trailer, when do you think Duke Nukem Forever will be released?
12/19/2007 Are you giving any games for Christmas this year?
12/18/2007 Do you have Christmas lights on your home?
12/17/2007 How many of the games you buy have lived up to your expectations?
12/16/2007 Got Wii?
12/15/2007 How much sleep did you get last night?
12/14/2007 Do you smoke?
12/13/2007 What's the worst part of holiday shopping?
12/12/2007 Do you think Nintendo is artificially creating Wii shortages to drive up demand?
12/11/2007 What do you think about polls with silly or nonsensical options?
12/10/2007 Which ''failed'' game system do you have the fondest memories of?
12/09/2007 Do you own a high-definition DVD player?
12/08/2007 How many games do you own for your current favorite console?
12/07/2007 What do you think of the new 3D graphics/2D gameplay style for Street Fighter IV?
12/06/2007 What do you think of the Activision/Blizzard (Vivendi) merger?
12/05/2007 Are you introverted or extroverted?
12/04/2007 Have your religious beliefs ever conflicted with your gaming?
12/03/2007 Are video games too expensive these days?
12/02/2007 Do you want more old-generation video games to be remade on newer consoles?
12/01/2007 What type/genre of movies do you enjoy the most?
11/30/2007 Do you think you'll get a new game system for Christmas?
11/29/2007 Why do you think there are so few females on GameFAQs?
11/28/2007 Are you male or female?
11/27/2007 Have rising gas prices affected your game purchases?
11/26/2007 How did you get your first video game system?
11/25/2007 Has a video game ever cost you a relationship?
11/24/2007 How often do you eat or drink while playing video games?
11/23/2007 Do you watch The Simpsons?
11/22/2007 What are you most thankful for?
11/21/2007 Do you ever buy classic games, either for download or in a compilation?
11/20/2007 Do you ever drink energy drinks?
11/19/2007 One year later: Got Wii?
11/18/2007 Are you one of the 9.3 million World of Warcraft players?
11/17/2007 One year later: Got PlayStation 3?
11/16/2007 How much money have you spent on video games in the past month?
11/15/2007 With a recent poll saying that liberals game more than conservatives, how do you lean politically?
11/14/2007 With so many big-name games being released this week, how many are you buying?