1. I've encountered a couple of experience based glitches, unless there's another explanation for them. According to faqs the Wizard characters should get 3 mana points for every 2 Magic stat points. Playing the game again, I've got a wizard with a Magic stat in the 90's, but my mana level is only in the 60's.

    I've also had a higher level Wizard who just stopped gaining experience. No matter how much grinding I did the experience bar would not budge any further. It started about the time I got the Fire Golem spell. I don't know if the glitch is related to that, or if there is a work around, because I would still like to use the Fire Golem.

    User Info: dead_jawa

    dead_jawa - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I know many years has passed since you've asked this question, and you probably have figured out what's wrong, but since this question remained unanswered, I will answer your question giving you exact reason why hasn't your experience bar budged any further.

    Experience which you make by magic is 70% that of melee attacks. Experience points are mitigated in damage you directly make. E.g. your melee attack dealt 210 damage points - you will recieve 210 experience points (+ 1% for every point in Learning skill and -1% for every year you age after the age of 20). Using magic will only get you 70% of that number - 147 experience points for 210 points of damage caused by let's say a Fire Ball.

    Notice how I said directly. You will not recieve any experience points made by any indirect source. By that I mean summoning a Fire Golem to fight for you (since it's an entity of its own, a non playable character that is, who is just like you), and casting Confusion on your enemies (since they cannot make experience for you. You have to inflict damage directly).

    I hope this little hint helped. I've been playing DarkStone for nine years and I'm still playing it just because the dungeons are never the same due to the seed it has on a PlayStation One version.

    Contact me if you're interested in opening any servers in the future of that game. I pretty much mastered everything you can, and know every little glitch.

    User Info: DarkStoneMaster

    DarkStoneMaster - 1 year ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. My characters max out at the cap for the difficulty level. If yours has not, I cannot imagine it would be any different from the other glitches in the game. Sorry.

    User Info: darthsekse

    darthsekse - 3 years ago 0 0

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