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"Where do I go now? What!? again!?"

You thirst for adventure, you seek death traps, monsters, challenges. And, you're looking for a game. This one is an average pick. You'll see the infamous Lara Croft once more in here amazing escapades through different parts of the globe searching for lost artifacts, treasures, and sometimes, the thrill for adventure. Here's my criteria where I based my judgement for this game.

Gameplay/Controls (7 pts): Lara's back with a few more moves up her sleeve. Get to feel the adventure as you travel along around the globe. In the contrary to the previous games where you just jump, climb, then fire at enemies, this one has a lot more challenge into it. You'll really think where you should jump, what to do next and most especially, where to go next. Although this game is great, one annoying factor that this game is very very hard to finish. There will be times that you have to get back to the previous level or levels to get a new item. What annoys me most is that there's almost no clue as to where a level starts. You'll really get confused and you might even stop playing the game when you reach the end because of its insane difficulty. For the controls, there are various moves that Lara can do, the good thing here is that the Controller is well mapped to the movements. You can easily go here and then, grab this and that. You won't have any problems at all. But, it is imperative that you master the controls to be able to finish the game.

Storyline (8): This one has a good storyline than the previous Tomb Raiders. You get to see how Lara started out to be the greatest adventurer of all time. You see amazing facts about her, especially her life history. Also, the background about the great Egyptians are a plus as this topic is most well-known in the adventure world. Examples are Indiana Jones series. These kinds of story are really enticing to the adventure-minded person.

Graphics/Sounds (9 pts): Tomb Raider has never been so good! The backgrounds and very realistic and are very lush and beautifully rendered. The enemies and the actions are well presented too. For the sounds, it's very life-like and the sound effects are not cracked and very well matches the event or action depicted or shown.

Replay Value (5 pts): Believe me, you won't try this once more as you just come through the same events again. there will be nothing new and you'll just get bored and probably more frustrated than your first game. So, it is not recommended for re-playing purposes.

So, if you want an adventure game that will really put your minds to work and the one that can make you play it for a long time, then buy this great adventure game of the ever famous Lara Croft. If you enjoyed the challenge in the previous games, you'll drool over the difficulty of this one. Enjoy the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/27/00, Updated 12/27/00

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