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"Not for TR Newbies!"

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation takes Lara to Egypt on an adventure the series has never seen before. The whole game is in one area of the world so you will not see any very dramatic change of scenery. For the past 2 sequels critics have been not very kind to Tomb Raider. Infact a lot of them still won't like this game. But this game is not for everybody and I'm sure those critics only had a day to play the game and see what they think. TRL (The Last Revelation) is a pretty fine game, it has all the action, suspense, and thrills that a Tomb Raider game should have. It has a beautiful leading lady and an adventure that truly defies the word adventure.

A strong 8 for this game, TRL is one big marathon. Perhaps the biggest change is that TRL no longer is a level-to-level game where when you beat one level you no longer have to go there again. The whole game now may require you to go back to certain levels to solve a puzzle. Think of it as a Resident Evil meets Tomb Raider where you have to back track certain locations to solve the puzzles. That may cause a heck of a lot of frustration because you may not be sure if you have beated that level or not. But just like the other TRs, the levels are divided by theme. The themes represent the different areas of Egypt, from the Pyramids of Cairo, Tombs in the interior and sand dunes of Sahara, the ruins of ancient Roman Empire sites in the Mediterranean Coast, to an Egyptian Bazaar. Each area in the game has multiple levels to explore. Puzzle wise this game will kill you, the new back tracking system makes you explore huge huge huge levels to solve a silly puzzle. If you never liked the puzzles in any TR game, this one you will HATE. But for this reviewer, it's an amazing new feature. Control wise, it's standard TR fare, once again if you never got used to TR's simple controls, you will hate this one too. You start in Angor Wat, Cambodia as the 16 year-old Lara Croft on her first real expidition. Along with Lara is her mentor Werner Von Croy (you spell it Croy not Croix, Croix is French) who teaches Lara all the moves to become a famous archeological explorer. Call the first 2 areas the practice level because you must learn all of Lara's moves before you can start your real adventure in Egypt. One of the cool new moves in the game is the rope swing technique, now you can feel like a real adventurer swinging from rope to rope. There are now more weapons in this game. A new lasersight feature has been added to create a new experience. The stupid underwater gun has been removed in favor of a multipurpose bow gun that can handle 3 types of ammunition standard, poison, and explosive.

One of the best the PS can handle. Dynamic lighting effects and imaginative level design are found all over this game. The level design is amazing, especially now with the new free-explore system, levels can take forever to beat so it's not for everybody. The tombs look like the real tombs it tries to replicate. Lara now has more skin! New wet effects are now featured so when Lara gets out of the water, you can see drops of water coming out of her (sorry that sounded sick). Out of all the TRs, TRL is the closest TR since part one since this game has very few modern areas to explore. Overall the graphics are from TR3's high-res and is taken a bit to the next level. Also, there are less slowdown here unlike TR3.

SOUND 7/10
The music and sound effects give the game a moody feel in the game's often dark tombs. There is not much to talk about here, the music and sound effects do the game justice.

Lara's Egyptian adventure is an epic one. And for those of you who thought TR3 was way too hard this game can be considered almost impossible. Besides, who ever said an archeological expedition would be easy?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/10/02, Updated 05/10/02

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