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"I would say the game is worse then 1, better then 2, better then 3."

Well, Tomb Raider 4 is a so-so game. There are over 40 levels now(about 4 times as many as in the first Tomb Raider).Lara has some new moves, new weapons,new veicles, but not as many new weapons as tr3 and notas many veicles thoe. Well, lets get down to the real review.

The puzzels are much harder this time around.I am pretty sure that you will have to look at a walk through forthis game at least once for the answer to the puzzels.

Nope, Lara doesn't have any new costumes for different places. She will just ware the same old green shorts and broun shorts for the whole game.

Now, Laras weapons. Some of her weapons include: Her normal Pistols with infinite ammo, a crossbow, and a revolver.And now, her shotgun,grenade lancher and crossbow have different types of ammo. It's just that Lara doesn't have a harpoon gun forunder water fights and that sucks.

Some of Laras new moves include rope swinging. Lara can jump to a rope and swing to a ledge to get to a new area, or climb a rope in order to also get to new areas.

Laras new adventure will take place in Egypt. Thoe there isn't any laras home,(that sucks since it was fun to see all the secret areasin her home), the first two level are traning levels and takes place a couple of years ago when she was a teenager. There is a man who is hermentor, and his name is VonCroy. It is rumored that he may become your worst enemy in the game...

There are only 2 veicles in this game, a jeep and a motorcycle.

There aren't as many human baddys in this game, but alot of animals,reptiles, etc. Some of the baddies are: scorpions, ninjas, and crocodiles.

Overall, this game is okay, but the only way to beat it is to peek at a walkthrough for most of the puzzels since they are so hard, and there aren't as many veicles or weapons inthis game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/27/99, Updated 12/27/99

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