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Reviewed: 03/13/03 | Updated: 03/13/03

Better Than TR3 ..... YES!!

The series now shifts to Egypt. As I said in my Tomb Raider 3 Review, the series has been great to date.. This game is no different. The Last Revelation looked great on commercials, and the way the series was going, everyone seemed like they wanted it. It did not disappoint me, nor should It have disappointed anyone. The Last Revelation takes the extremely popular Lara to Egypt for a big adventure. Nobody really paid any respect to the two sequels to the original.. and I feel like some may bash this game as well. This game is loaded with action, challenges, puzzles, adventure, surprises, suspense, and shock. Lara takes us on a whole new adventure.

Well, Well, Well. Tomb Raider is no more level to level! The game is one giant puzzle, and once you pass a level, you may now have to go back there! So as another reviewer said, It's like a big marathon. This could be confusing, but I believe it has a much better concept, and of course, the control is perfect to the playstation controller. What else can I say... The feel of this game is nothing short of brilliant, with Pyramids, Sand Dunes, the Egyptian feel of things, Coasts, Mountains, Volcanoes.. This game has a LOT of puzzles, too! You now have a companion, Werner Van Croy, who teaches you to become an explorer. There are a few new things added, such as a laser sight feature, and some cool new techniques, as well as weapons.. Great.

Quite funny how the music hasn't changed too much. It's fitting and again sometimes calming and relaxing and sometimes action packed and adventurous. Not much to say, same music as always.. Pretty Fitting.

Again, the best the Playstation can handle. They actually fixed a few flaws from the previous installment, and the graphics and nice, sharp, and down to the wire perfect here. Can't get much better with the Graphics. Everything Tomb Raider has built up Graphic Wise has been lived up to, no doubt.

Again, not going to rate the story... There isn't level to level gaming anymore. A ton of puzzles are in this game, so if you don't like them, you may not like this game. Also, obviously, it is set in Egypt. You start in Cambodia. Cool Egypt concept, figure out the puzzles to beat the game as usual... Also the game is like 1 huge maze... Really cool.

Final Recommendation:BUY. Buy this one IF you like the puzzles. If you absolutely despise the puzzles then RENT this one, otherwise, buy it. Great overall game... and another plus in the series... GREAT Series.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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