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"This is suposed to be easier?!"

GAMEPLAY:9/10. The feel of the game is a lot like the others, but a major difference is there are no 'levels'. When you beat a level on the past Tomb Raiders, it tells you how long it took you, how many secrets you found, and so on. Not on this one. It groups all of the secrets together. It is hard to tell when you beat a 'level'. Another difference is the menu ring is gone, replaced by a more user-friendly system. Also, you have the option to have manual targeting with her guns. The game is VERY HARD. On the previews that I read, it said that the gamer will know where to go at what to do. I beg to differ.

STORY:8/10. Eidos decided to try to make this game more like TR1, where it takes place in actual tombs. The story is original: while in a tomb, Lara finds this artifact on a coffin. She takes it, of course, and light comes out of the place where it sat. If it were me, I would put it back after that. I don't want to reveal too much of the story, so I will just say she does something to unleash Set. It reminded me of the Mummy. For those of you have seen it, remember when the lady reads the Book of the Dead out loud? Same thing, only instead of a book it is the relic.

GRAPHICS:9/10. Thanks to new skin smoothing techniques, Lara is more...rounded. The FMVs are like the ones in TR3, but I think these are better.

SOUND:7/10. The music fits the settings, for the most part. The mummies sound like they are barfing, which makes you wonder about a few things. The guns sound like they did in the other TR games.

REPLAY:6/10. After you beat it, you might want to do it again and try to find more secrets. But, then again, after the you see the ending, you might not.

OVERALL:8. If you like challenging games, you will like this. I would recommend playing' TR1 first. That is the best TR game, because it broke new ground when it came out. This one just kinda expands on it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/07/00, Updated 07/07/00

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