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"Believe your parents when they tell you crime doesn't pay"

I'm sure we have all fantasized about being a criminal, a fugtive. And when the original Grand Theft Auto came out, I'm sure you all loved it. Then Grand Theft Auto 2 came out. And it was a pretty descent game, at first. Although this looks pretty impressive, the down sides are present although many people may not realize it.

The game play is quite simple. Steal cars, kill people, work for gangs. That's basically all there is. This game is quite repetitive. But a nice touch to the game is the tutorial at the beginning of the game, which will teach the player the basics of the game such as respect and basic driving skills. Another good point is that there are many more cars then the original. But other then that, the game play is quite iffy. The controlls, although not terribly bad, are somewhat bad. Players have to press a button to go foward, and a seperate button to go backwards. Quite hard to controll. A bright side to the controlls is that there are many differnent configurations. The view is quite easy to look at. The game's camara is from straight above, so you're looking straight down onto the city. The challenge in this game is really high.

The graphics are fairly well done in this game. You do not have to strain your eyes to see the type of cars available. However, the downside to the graphics come when you get out of your car. It is hard to tell which direction your character is facing, and that can proove to be fatal and piviotal points of the game. The audio is the high point in the game. Each car has it's own sound to it in terms of engine and stuff. In addition to that, everytime you steal a car, it'll be tuned to a radio station. Each type of car has a different radio station. The radio is a nice and comical touch to the game.

The fun factor is not really that high. It really is the same thing over and over again. Steal cars, kill people. The replay value is average.

Overall, this game is slightly below average. Definatley rent this game first. But if you really enjoyed the original Grand Theft Auto, go ahead and buy this game.

Fun Factor:6
Replay Value:6

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/09/00, Updated 07/09/00

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