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"All I can say is... Violence!"

13 years ago, Grand Theft Auto was released. 11 years ago, Grand Theft Auto 2 was released. This game basically started the whole Grand Theft Auto craze, and spawned many sequels. I think Grand Theft Auto 2 is a decent game. Here is why.

Let's start with the most important part of any game, the game play. It is fun and boring at the same time. Car jacking and killing random people is fun for a while, but eventually it gets stale. The overhead view is pretty uninteresting, but it is unique, and it's not the worst I have seen. Cars are very fast and fun to drive. The weapons are alright but they don't look that great. There are many different side missions to do, like being a truck driver or being a taxi driver. This adds replay value to the game. Overall it's pretty fun, but eventually it can get stale.

The graphics in Grand theft Auto 2 were pretty good for its time. The cars looked pretty cool and the environment looked stellar. The people don't look that great though. Your character runs way too fast and he goes almost as fast as cars!
In the end the graphics are pleasing to the eye and they don't get tiring to look at.

Onto the story. It is pretty interesting for the most part. You basically are this mobster who is going around town doing various jobs for different gangs. If you do jobs for one gang, the other gangs will hate you. You build up respect with gangs. The higher respect you have with them, the more they like you. If you gain a lot of respect with one gang, but do jobs for a rival, your respect will go down with said gang. The jobs they make you do are pretty intriguing. They range from bombing a pizza place for giving one of your gang members a bad pizza, to killing multiple enemy gang members. There are about 60 or so jobs for you to do and once you complete a certain amount of jobs in one area, you can move onto another area of the game map. In the end this makes for a pretty good story.

The many sights and sounds of Grand Theft Auto 2 are good and bad at the same time. The sound the narrator makes when something happens is very annoying. Every time you get busted by the cops you hear the same thing over and over again. There are also radio stations for you to listen to while in a car. There is a radio station for pretty much every genre you can think of. The sounds the guns make are pretty awesome too.

The controls are confusing and clunky. The way your guy runs does not look right and it will take you a while to figure out all of the controls. When you finally figure them out, they aren't that fantastic and can be hard to use.

Overall I would say Grand Theft Auto 2 is worth a purchase if you are old enough to buy it. The game play is too much to miss out on and it is a game you should at least try out.

-Fun game play
-Decent graphics
-Interesting story
-The game sounds pretty good

-Bad camera angles
-Awkward controls

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/19/10

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto 2 (US, 10/25/99)

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