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Reviewed: 03/07/01 | Updated: 03/07/01

Get this game if you are a sadistic maniac. Get it even if you aren't one.

Okay, GTA was good. GTA2 is even better. The gameplay is great, the system is fun, and the whole concept is just hilarious. This has got to be one of the best action games ever on the PSX.

Controls: 10/10
The controls at first are hard to do. You have to press separate buttons to move, and it can get kind of distracting. However, as you go on, you see that the controls work very well when you are making a quick getaway in a car and so on. It's oddly funny when you die from bad controls, since it's funny in all. The controls work really well once you get used to them, and it's for that that the controls get a perfect score.

Gameplay: 10/10
There is no end to the crazy stuff you can do. You can steal cars, make barricades, attract cops, hijack SWAT vehicles, police cars, and firetrucks, shoot weapons, run over stuff with the tank, and many more. Earn respect from gangs, perform jobs for them, get money, and avoid the cops. Turn the gangs against each other, blow up stuff, and kill some Elvis impersonators. w00! That's a whole lot of stuff there to do. Innovative stuff rules! ^_^

Story: 1/10
Ummm.....there really is no story.....

Replay Value: 10/10
w00t! There is so much stuff to do, and so many jobs to perform that you can't really do them all in one shtick. You need to restart many games, and perform jobs for them all.

Sound: 10/10
There is no really sound besides the music. The music is good, and the sounds there are were done correctly in how they would sound in real life. The car skidding, the telephone, and the gunshots all sound like they do in real life.

Graphics: 6/10
The graphics are far from perfect. They are all shoddy and full of pixels, and it's hard to distinguish colorz from one or another. I ended up thinking a gang I was working for was another gang thanks to the bad colors, shot them up, and they hated me. The grey looks like the blue for god's sakes. And the blue looks like purple. Not very good....

Overall: 9/10
Whether you like it or not, GTA2 is still a great game. It is innovative, challenging, and exciting enough to have you try over and over again for all the secrets and respect. One of the best games for the Action genre in my opinion on the PSX.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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