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Reviewed: 11/01/01 | Updated: 10/16/02

Grand enough sure but...

I played the Gameboy version first and thought it was a swell game. It had all the fun elements: illegal activities made legal via a video game, the fantastic graphics (for a gameboy it ain't shoddy work) and of course, the carjacking and the bit of violence. Actually, it was weird how I managed to get this game.. I was out in the store and the 'keeper says it's out of stock and only part 1 is available. I bought it all the same and when I came home, I realised that it was GTA2 packed in the case of GTA1. Cool huh?
Ok, here's the deal of the PS version: It looks ugly. The sound ain't too great either. But to redeem the bad sound is the mock radio stations you can tune into when you're in the cars. It's an interesting twist and definitely makes the game more realistic.
Another thing I didn't like was how hard it is to identify buildings. Call me stupid if you wish but I'm a novice at the game and I've no idea where all the buildings are and what is meant for what. With the top down perspective, I can't even see the entrances to buildings! The camera would work better if it were tilted a tat. Just so that I can see what the buildings are for.
The inability to customise your controls also add to the frustration. This is one major flaw of most games. The controls. What happened to the days where you can decide which buttons to use for what function? I feel that I'd play better and am more comfortable when the acceleration keys are pressed with my thumbs.
I have to compare this version with its Gameboy Color sibling because the Gameboy version impressed me. It impressed me enough to buy the Playstation version. I figured if the Gameboy Color, inferior in all its ways as compared to the more technologically superior PSX, is capable of containing such a game, the PS version would definitely be a gem, a masterpiece! Unfortunately this is not so.
I've got a whole list of complaints but it ain't because this is a lousy game. It's because the brains behind this game are obviously able to do better than this. The gameplay doesn't do justice to the scriptwriters. It's just such a pity...

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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