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"It's The Closest Thing To Stealing A Car Yourself"

Grand Theft Auto 2 was a great game. It allowed you to gain the trust of three inner city gangs, such as the Zaibatsu, which appeared in every district, and other gangs like the Russian Mafia, the Rednecks, and the Yakuza. Your objective was to collect enough money to go through a level.

The Graphics

This game used the birds-eye view technique on the screen, which got kind of confusing. The graphics weren't the best in the world, but they were still distinguishable. This may be one of the parts the game lacks, but it's still good enough for me.

Rating: 6

The Controls

This is a seriously confusing portion of the game. Yet, it's also seriously realistic. Although it was quite a switch to use the buttons on the right side, the real difficulty was in driving the cars. You had to drive just as if the front of the car was the forward area. You used the top of the D-Pad as forward, the left and right buttons to turn, and the bottom as a reverse button, all of it aimed in the car's direction. Let's just say it took some getting used to.

Rating: 7

The Gameplay

Ah, the gameplay. This is the area that makes a game what it really is. GTA2 seemed to have conquered that area pretty well. Though there isn't much plot in the story, there's still the whole idea of the game. You have to gain the respect of a rival gang, but in doing so lose the respect of another. If your respect of a certain gang drops to the negative area, they will shoot you whenever you walk into their territory.

The city can't be complete without its cops. They work on a level of offense. You can get from 1 to 4 cops after you. When you get 4 cops after you, there's the chance that you also get a SWAT van after you, which contains about 6 different cops, all determined to get you caught. The cop chases are the most interesting parts of the game, but should be avoided whenever possible.

But, the best part of the game is the cars. Oh, and there are so many cars. You got slow cars like the bank van and the ice cream van, you've got pickup trucks in the mix, which can be made into 18-wheelers, and you have fast sports cars, including the Zaibatsu car, the Miara, the Michelli Roadster, the Furore GT, the Meteor, and the Rambler. You even have limos thrown into the mix, often used to pick up a large group of gang members. My favorite of all are taxis, which can be used to drive people around, and earn lots of money on the side.

The downside? It's short. There are only three levels, the Downtown District, the Residential District, and the Industrial District, plus a few bonus levels. However, these levels are pretty tough to beat, especially the Industrial District. I spent a week going through there!

Rating: 9

The Music

This game has an interesting feature involved in the music. There's a radio there whenever you get into a car, which has different stations and is overall pretty interesting to hear. You hear catchy tunes, or just hear the DJ blabbing about something, but it's a fun thing to take your mind off the fact that you've got three cops on your tail and your car's on fire. Music is definitely where this game gets a perfect score.

Rating: 10

The Sounds

There seems to be a sound everywhere. The gunshots, the horn, the skidding car, all sounding so clear and vivid. There's also the sound of the unsuspecting driver who's about to get his car stolen by you. There's not much to say in the sound category, though.

Rating: 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/02, Updated 01/02/02

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