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Reviewed: 01/13/02 | Updated: 01/13/02

Grand theft auto 2, A great game

Grand Theft Auto 2 is a good Game ,basicly your a new car jacker in the city that wants to cause trouble, So you work for gangs, if you kill gang members there ''Respect'' For you will go down but a other gang will get more respect. to compleat levels you do jobs and get more points to compleat the level.

The Graphics

The Game`s graphics arn`t the best the playstation has seen and the overhead camera can get annoying but at least you can still see things properly.

Rating :5


When you first start to play GTA2 The controls are a little bit hard to use, like when I started when i was backing up I forget which direction is which. It will take you a while to get use to controls but when you get them you be really be able to beat the game easily


The Gameplay

This is what makes the game really what is is.There isn`t really a story/plot there is a good idea what your doing.
To complete the game is hard , Getting every single kill frenzie, GTA2 icon ect. Trust me you won`t get everything
When you first play.

The City is filled with annoying cops, more cop heads you get at the top the more your wanted dead, the first 3 cop heads are just cops after you, 4 a swat team, 5 Secret service and last but not least 6 cop heads give you the army, with out cheats you`ll have a hard time with these guys.

The best part is the variety of the cars, there all fun to use like a Z-type, Trans-am, Truck, Taxi, Bug ect. My favorite are the army tanks
But what sucks is there are only 3 main levels and about 10 bonus missons, the game is a bit short.



There isn`t really music, only when your in a car listning to the radio, but the things they say are funny but not for anyone under 14-15 my mom got angry when she herd a guy in the game call me a a-hole but the effects are well done but sometimes its hard understand them unless your t.v`s volume is at the max.

But over all the Music/effects are well done.


Replay Value

I`ve ben playing GTA2 ever since it came out, and I never get board of it, its always fun to play, there`s like an erge to play it sometime but anyway its always fun to shoot people or watch the fly off the screen, I still laugh my butt off when this happens.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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