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Reviewed: 01/14/02 | Updated: 01/14/02

better GTA? Maybe...

Grand Theft Auto was the best gangster simulating game on the market in it's time. Now it has a sequel Grand Theft Auto 2. Though is it a killer sequel or just a better GTA? Thats for you to decide.


The gameplay for GTA2 is basically the same as the gameplay for GTA. You reak havoc in a city by doing missions and killing people any way you want. Though this is fun it is the same thing that you do in GTA. Also one big problem is that once you catch fire you die and there nothing you can do about it. Also there is not enough life in the game because for newcomers to the GTA series it is very hard to survive in the game. Though one of the best features is the car jacking factor because there are so many cars in the game you have to try them all and see what they do. For example if you jack a tank you will have ammo to use to shoot things. Another thing that makes the game good is the respect meter. This determines which gangs like you and which ones hate you. Also if you have a high respect meter for a gang you can do missions for them. But if you have little respect for a gang they won't allow you to do missions for them.


There is barely a story for GTA2 your just a gangster that works for other gangs and you get money if you do their missions correctly. This is what makes GTA a regular game though if there was a plot this game would of been much better because it would make up for the games weak handicaps.


The graphics for this game is very poor. The reason is that the game is played on a top view so that the people are tiny so that you can barely see them. The only thing that you can see good are the surrounding buildings though they don't look that good. One thing that does look good is the cars and thats about it. The major flaw in the game that there is no cut scenes in the whole game. This make the game slightly uninteresting.


One of the best thing that I like about GTA is the sounds in the game. Like I love it when you are terrorizing people they will start screaming and calling you names or alerting other people that you have a gun or something. Also the music in the game is great. There are so many radio stations have great music and many humorous ads that just make you laugh out loud.


Even though the gameplay is very hard it is still is very fun to beat the game over and over again just for fun and unlocking certain things in the game. Also there are many cheats that you can use to make the game interesting again if you do get bore of the game.

Buy Or Rent?

Though this game isn't that good it still is average and it is also a long term game. (it took me 3 months to beat the first level.) So I would say that this is definitely a game that you should buy if your that interested in buying it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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