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""Hey, that's a nice car! Let's steal it!!""

Warning: this game contains carjacking and sensless killing. DO NOT TRY ANY OF THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE ELSE!

This game is tight! Out of all the playstation games I have, I play this and Driver 2 the most because I just love stealing cars and running from the cops! GTA2 is basically just like Driver 2, but it's not in 3D. It's a top down view which is okay to me, but not to some people. Also you get to walk around and kill people! Kill too many and the cops will get you. The law is full of surprises in this game. First, the cops are after you, then if you beat them they'll send in the S.W.A.T team to take you out. If they're no match for you If your on the second city then those darned FBI agents (I hate these guys) drives up to you in a black seden. They rentlessly shoot you with a silenced machine gun. If you some how overpower them, The freakin' US millitary is after you BAD! The sidewalks are cleared of pedistrians and millitary soldiers and tanks are EVERYWHERE!! The best part is YOU CAN STEAL A TANK!!! That is the highest your felony bar could go. Oh I forgot to mention the weapons There are pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers, electroguns, dynimite, grenades, and duel pistols.

see above

Like I said before, this game is a top down view. the pedistrians are too small, but at least they are still noticable. Sometimes it's hard to tell which direction your character is facing.

SOUND 9/10
Guns firing, cars driving by, cops shouting, people swearing, It all sounds great AND I LOVE THE RADIO!! They sounds just like real radio stations!

REPLAY 10/10

RENT or BUY? Buy it!
Sadly, this game was badly beaten by Grand Theft Auto 3, which is THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD, but if you don't have a PS2 but want some games similar to GTA3, Buy GTA2 and Driver 2 because that's the closest you can get to it!

You can also drive your car to the shop and arm it with a machine gun! SWEET!


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/16/02, Updated 03/16/02

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