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"Not as good as 3.. But still worth every penny!"

Wow, what can I say? Grand Theft Auto 2 rocks! There are so many good parts to this game that it isnt funny! I wont even start to recall all of the whacky memories I've had while playing this game. I should stick to the game and its review for now.


Once upon a time, a wild little company called Take 2 entertainment released a low budget, seedy thug simulator called Grand Theft Auto, knowing none of the potential success that lay ahead. Grand Theft Auto was a huge success. there were some people who didnt enjoy it simply because of the camera and the graphics. But they obviously didnt look any farther then that. Because if they had, they would have found that this was much more then many other games could achieve. It combined a free roaming story with great music and hilarious and sometimes sadistic things to do. The game to follow in the huge wake of GTA was GTA London 1969. A game that wasnt nearly as good. Basically, it was GTA with one city and a bunch of different cars. Fans of GTA were sorely disappointed with London 1969. But Take 2 started a new division. Rockstar, which created GTA2 that saved the day. Find out how.


This game has the PERFECT atmosphere. The game takes place ''3 weeks in the future''(according to rockstar) in 3 grungy cities. All of which come with 3 gangs per city. You start off with the Loonies, The Zaibatsu Corp. and the Yakuza(Japanese Mafia). What ever you choose to do, whether it be missions or not. Gangs are affected by it. At the start, you are even with all gangs. But as the game progresses and you do missions for gangs, their enemies will despise you for working for them. You can also do it the Rambo way by killing loads of one gang. It will get one gang to like you, and one gang to absolutely hate you. The cities alone, without gangs, are also a wonder. For example, there are a line of Elvis presley impersonators. and when you walk by them, they say stuff like ''Uh huh huh!'' and ''Yeaaaaaah''. And a special little bonus. When you run them over, you get a hilarious message saying ''Elvis has left the building!!''. I laughed for hours at that. But even with the normal pedestrians, if you punch someone, they might run, or the might just give you a run for your money. And one thing that is a GTA2 trademark is the guy who yells ''GIMME YOUR WALLET'' as he mugs you. I swear, if that doesnt crack you up, then I dont know what will. There are also so many little things in the game that make it feel like a real city. Like if you steal a taxi, people will hop in your cab, and let you drive them around for money, as long as you dont get too crazed and crash into everything in sight. There are also guys like you out there! they steal your car if your stopped and punch you on the sidewalk. It gave off an amazing sense of realism.



The controls in this game are much better than the first. cars now not only handle better, but they are much more fun to drive now. in car, there are a few different things you can do. get in and out of the car, drive the car, and tune the radio station(find out more in sound). On foot, the controls are MUCH better then the original. You now can roam the city without having to press X to walk. You can also jump. and do all sorts of other things.



This is one part where the GTA serious has always dominated and always will dominate. First of all, GTA2 doesnt have background music, they have something much better. Radio stations! There are about 5 radio stations and you get to listen to, and every driver has a different taste in music. One of my favorite memories was when I stole a taxi and the driver was previously listening to the punk rock song ''Taxi drivers must die'', I found it quite ironic. There are also others like ''Tsunami FM'' that play lighter music and some are just plain old crazy! Anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy the radio stations. Oh, I almost forgot the cars and pedestrians. Cars in GTA2 vary by make, for example, the ''Trance Am'' sounds different then the ''Shark''. Its hard to tell with the engine noises since none of the cars are actually real, just mish mashes of other cars put together to keep from expensive licensing costs. The pedestrians are pretty interesting, and can say some hilarious things, depending what you do to them. For example, one pedestrian might scream and run if you punch him, but maybe only grunt or say ''whats the big deal'' if you bump into them.



Well, I cant really say this is one main buying point. The same old Top-down camera angle is used and the cars, fire and other effects are much better then either of the predecessors. The buildings look much more ''finished'' then the last game. My guess is because computers have improved and they've been able to create something that works. If you were looking for a graphics only game, then I would certainly not recommend this one. If you have the money, get a PS2 and a copy of the best game ever, Grand Theft Auto 3(GTA2 in 3D, thats what its like)



You'd be nuts NOT to want to play it at least one more time. there is just so much to do, so many different paths to take. This is one experience you dont want to miss



This game is a sure keeper. Much better then the first, it blends oldschool camera with extremely well thought out ideas that helped form Grand Theft Auto 3. The jewel of the bunch. I dont understand it when people say that GTA2 was just another GTA. It was completely different in every aspect. and if it wasnt different, it was improved. Now, the question that you've been asking me mentally ''Is this game worth buying, or is it only a rental?''. Well, the answer to that is a simple Buy it!. Its dead cheap now, and you'll probably enjoy it for months. I would call it a great game to hang on to until you get a playstation 2 and your able to play GTA3.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/15/02, Updated 04/15/02

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