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"Lets see how many laws we can break"

Grand Theft auto 2

Gameplay 9/10

The game play is quite easy when you get used to it. The whole point of the game is to break the law by doing stuff like stealing cars or killing people and then you get money for that. On the different levels you need to get different totals to complete the levels. There are three gangs in a level if you kill some one from a gang you will lose respect from that gang and they will start shooting at you but you gain respect from another gang. Another way to gain respect from a gang is to do a mission for them also when you do a job for a gang you get quite a lot of money. Also there are places in a level where you can change a car into items you can put them in a spot and the crane will pick it up and crush it then it will go on a conveyer belt then go through a machine and turn into a weapon or armour or something like that. The different cars are different items. Also there are places where you can go trough a shed kind of thing and get your car rigged with a bomb or get guns or even get the police of you by changing the colour of you car but all of them cost money. When you are playing at the top of the screen there will be police men heads if you have killed lots of people you start of with one and then a police car might come after you but only one then two and three police heads is three or four police cars go after you then four police heads is the SWAT teams five police heads is the secret service people then six is the highest with the army in tanks after you. Basically the point in this game is to break the law to get money. Also there are mini games like blow up as many ice cream cars as you can and stuff like that the mini games have there own hi-score as well but you need to open the mini games.

Controls 6/10

The controls are quite hard first time but easy when you get used to them. You need to press x to go forward in cars and walking. Shoot is R2 and change weapon is L1. In a car Reveres is triangle, circle is horn and press select to change the radio station. Square is to get in and out of cars.

Sound 7/10

The sound in this game is quite good. The best bit of it is in a car you can change the radio station but they do repeat. Also if you walk down the street and punch someone they will probably swear at you. Also if you try and shoot someone they will scream.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics in this game are not very good because they are 2D but it is clear to see though but it would be better if it were in 3D like GTA3.

Replay ability 9/10

This game has got great replay ability you can play it over and over again and not get bored because there are all the different missions you can do. Also when you have game over you have a screen that says how many policemen you killed and how many pedestrians you ran over and stuff like that. So you can try and beat those hi-scores and also the overall hi-score and also there are all the mini games you can do and the 3 main levels.

Overall 8/10

Overall this game is a very good game. You will spend hours enjoying stealing cars and killing cops. Brilliant game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/16/02, Updated 06/16/02

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