"Crime does pay!"

I love crime movies. Godfather and Mobsters were my favorite. But I was disappointed by the fact that a lot of the crime games were very...bad. Then I came upon Grand Theft Auto. I instantly fell in love with the game. I played it for almost two years. Then I was surprised to know that a Grand Theft Auto 2 had been out for a month without me knowing about it. I dished out $25 bucks and went to my local video store and bought the awesome game of crime. This game is one of my favorites!

Gameplay - The gameplay of GTA 2 is awesome. The controls are a struggle at first, sense they are a bit different from GTA. But after a couple minutes, you will be jumping over cars from the cops! In the game you do ''jobs'' for gangs by walking over to phones and receiving your orders. But what I really love is the fact that you can just sit around and have fun! The game has really easy missions, like steal a cop car, or they can be extremely hard, like stopping a tank! But the missions are never boring! I give the Gameplay a 10.

Story - GTA 2 is about a big company called Zaibotzu and all these gangs. You want to work for either of these gangs and get money. As you complete jobs you earn their respect and they will protect you from the cops and other gangs. But if you piss a gang off, they are gonna bust a cap in your @$$! I give the Story a 7.

Audio/Video - The intro movie to GTA 2 is incredible. It's almost like watching a real gangster movie! There is no music when you walk around in the game until you jump in a car! What's that you hear? It's a radio! It is so cool! The music is pretty good also! Sometimes newscastors talk and sometimes a outrageous DJ blabs about the police! ''Cops everywhere! But are they there when you need them? No!'' is my favorite line! :). I give Audio/Video a 10.

Replayability - Now your question is ''Is it worth playing over and over?''. Of course! There is almost unlimited things you can do in this game! I don't see how anyone can possibly be unpleased in GTA 2 (Except the cops :) ). I have been playing this game for six months and I still haven't beaten it! And when I do beat it...I'm gonna play it again! I give Replayability a 10.

To buy or to rent? - This game is a definite buy. Add this to your collection and see why this game is one of the greatest! You should never rent this game because you will never want to return it!

Overall - This game is a very good and original game. I would like to see more games that are this fun! I hope you will buy this game and see why I love it some much and play it to this day.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/02/02, Updated 08/02/02

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