Review by WesleyCarnicom

"This car stealing game stole my time for WEEKS!!!"

Gameplay - This is the funnest game I have played in a long time. You can go do insane missions and get paid very well for them, or just run around and shoot people to get money. They even have bonuses for doing insane stunts!! You might be thinking, ''theres probably not even weapons'', well you couldn't be more wrong. Theres bazookas, machine guns, and even a shotgun. All in all theres around twenty different guns. Some of the missions are pretty hard, like stopping a tank, or fighting like 20 people at the same time, but the rewards are so great you keep trying till you do stop the tank or kill the people
The controls are pretty simple, X and any way on the directional pad makes you go forward and the way you chose,Square and any way on the directional pad makes you go backward and the way you chose. L1 and R1 make you change guns and R2 is to shoot.
Triangle is to pull someone out of their car and get in or just to get in, and driving is just as simple!!

Story - The story is about you trying to do gang jobs for lots a money. The gangs don't like each other, so if you do a Loony job, the Z's may start hating you, but the Loonies will like you more, and if you get a gang to like you completely then they will protect you from cops and robbers, but if you make them hate you completely then the may shoot you with grenade launchers.

Video/Audio - The graphics are not very good for a Playstation game. Its a helicopter view ( looking down on the cars ) but the total game experience is so good it makes you totally forget about the bad graphics. The audio is lot better than the graphics. you can push up to change the radio station in the car and out of the car, the music is pretty good too.

Replayability - Once you beat the game its pretty fun to beat it again. You know what the missions are. You know where the kill frenzies and extra lives are. I would say this game is still going to be fun even after the 3rd time you beat it.

To buy or to rent? - I would, without a shadow of a doubt, say buy this game. Its only twenty dollars new, and like ten dollars used. If games were sold on their entertainment, this game would be around fifty big ones.

Overall rating: 9
This is the funnest game I've played in a long time. Everything is perfect on it besides graphics. It has bonuses, kill frenzies, missions, and excitement. So I don't care what you are doing, if you don't have this game I want you to go out and buy it right now!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/06/02, Updated 08/06/02

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