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"2D Violence At It's Best"

Respect Is Everything
Violence, crime, money, cars, guns, cursing, farting, burping, and drugs. What more could you want in a crime simulator?! This game is pretty gorey. You can run over people, shoot people, and steal their cars. Pretty violent although it is great fun if you can handle the violence. This game shouldn't be played by anyone under 13 in my opinion. I'm not sure how Grand Theft Auto 2 got it's Teen Rating with this content.

Grand Theft Auto 2 is a 2 dimensional crime simulator. The gameplay is the best. You can do anything you please. If you want, you can just travel around the whole city and kill people. There are things called killing frenzies and they give you a limited amount of time to kill a certain number of people or objects like cars and etc. There are 15 weapons all together and they are a hand gun, uzi, silenced uzi, shotgun, molotov cocktails, grenades, electrogun, rocket launcher, flame thrower, water cannon (used with fire truck), oil slicks (vehicle upgrade), mounted machine guns (vehicle upgrade), land mines (vehicle upgrade), and a car bomb (vehicle upgrade). When there are police heads on your screen, that means you are wanted by the police. The more the heads, the better the force of police. The forces are regular police, SWAT teams, Coast Guard (Army), and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Well, there really is no story except for doing jobs for the gangs. There are 7 gangs. There are three gangs on each island. On the first island there's the Yazuza, the Loonies, and Zaibatsu. Then on the third island, there's the Rednecks, the Scientists, and the Zaibatsu. On the final island, theres the Russian's, the Hare Krishna, and one again, the Zaibatsu. And the rest of the story is killing frenzies and killing people.

Audio And Video
The graphics are in 2d and pretty good 2d at that. You view everything from an birds eye view, like you are looking straight down at the chaos you are causing. The explosions look great for a 2d game. The sound is great. Most cars have different engine noises and the guns have different sounds also. The explosions sound great too.

Grand Theft Auto 2 has great replayability. How can you get tired of causing havoc with guns or just driving around the different cities?! This game is huge so you could just go around exploring things and jacking cars, until you die or get caught by the police department that is.

To Buy Or To Rent?
I would say buy this game. It is a great game to let stress out on and just to have fun. I think you can get this game for like $20 now since it has been out for a few years. If you liked Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto 1, then you will definetely like this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/12/02, Updated 10/12/02

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