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"Improvement or failure?"

Grand Theft Auto for the PlayStation was one of the most enjoyable games i have played on the system, and i purchased Grand Theft Auto 2 thinking that there would be many improvements and it would be better. What do i think? Here's my review.

Basically the same as Grand Theft Auto's graphics, with no improvements. The same old birdseye view with the little and small people walking around the streets. The cars are quite okay, i'm not complaining about the vehicles. The buildings are okay too, with no complaints. The only complaint i have is that there is no improvement from Grand Theft Auto. When a sequel is produced on the same console, you expect improved graphics at least. But no sign of this. Although graphics don't seem to make a game in the GTA series, and this is correct, as the Gameplay is tremendous.

As in my previous review for Grand Theft Auto, the audio is fantastic. With pedestrians shouting stuff at you if you nearly kill them or are battering them, or if they don't like you in any way. I can't repeat what they call you on this review, but it's really funny, and quite insulting, actually. The radio stations yet again, fantastic. I love listening to the music on the stations while speeding down the main road on GTA2, it's superb. No major complaints about the audio in GTA2.

Tremendous. Exactly the same as Grand Theft Auto, with no improvements but the Gameplay is what makes a GTA game, and Rockstar Games have made this proof, that graphics do not make a game. Extremely fun, and outstanding. As i have said before, if you've just had a hard work at day or school, all you have to do is go home and put GTA2 in your system, and sit back and relax. You will finally feel a brighter side to yourself. Controls, just the same, with the Birdseye view still remaining in the GTA series. Which makes it really hard to see what upcoming traffic is coming towards you, and you can easily crash, which is annoying and irritating. As in Grand Theft Auto, the D-Pad controls are quite akward to get used to if this is your first time on a Grand Theft Auto game, as it's pretty odd. For example, left on the D-Pad makes you move right and so on, it's the opposite. No major complaints as always, the Gameplay is still amazing. I love Grand Theft Auto.

As in all the GTA games, you start out really low and have to make your way to the top. You go from a poor thug to an extremely rich and powerful man, as always. Same old same old, but still extremely fun and it will take long to make your way to the top as most missions are really tough. And certain gangs are really hard to demolish on your road to success.

Outstanding. Grand Theft Auto games will have you playing for about a year, it never gets boring. The only time it gets boring is if you have completed everything in the game and you have just had a two-hour mess-about, then you'll think ''this is getting boring..'' and switch your system off. But it will have you playing for months to come.

Buy or Rent?
This is quite a tough one, i would say buy GTA2 if you was a huge, huge fan of Grand Theft Auto. If you got bored of Grand Theft Auto fast, then you may want to consider renting GTA2 out, as you may be really disappointed and wished you never purchased it. It's your tough decision.


Overall, Grand Theft Auto 2 has no improvements from Grand Theft Auto, but i'm delighted to add this one to my collection and it will stay there for a while to come. It's truly enjoyable and entertaining, and with the music you can listen to while you're mowing down pedestrians, there is nothing more you can ask for.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/24/02, Updated 11/24/02

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