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Reviewed: 03/02/03 | Updated: 03/02/03

Cheesy graphics at their best...

The first thing on everyone's mind when they hear ''Grand Theft Auto'' is being able to steal cars. Well, thanks to the makers at Rockstar its possible and boy does it ever feel good. Now, instead of me ranting on and on about how crappy the graphics are and how it doesn't compare to the new Grand Theft Autos, I have decided to tell you from the point of view before they existed.

When Grand Theft Auto released there was major controversy around it. People criticizing it for its inappropriate actions, but not really making a super big deal like they have been lately. You see, GTA2, like its predecessor GTA, are shot in a top down mode instead of 3rd person 3d. The game is neither highly detailed nor elaborate in detail, but it really doesn't matter. Its the option to what every you want, not to be forced to a specific route like in normal games. If you get tired with the missions in GTA2, then drive around town and cause mayhem, it's a great stress reliever. The series of GTA is all based on stealing things, killing people, making money, and becoming the best known criminal of the city. It's kind of like a Mafia game only new age, sometimes you work as a cabby man, and others you work and a bounty hunter. There's variety in each mission.

Now, before you go crazy on me and say, ''Why should I waste my money on an old PSX game?'' then listen to this. Before the 3d world of gaming we know today, it had to originate from somewhere. All of those ''cheesy'' side scrolling games from the 90's stared it off, people started noticing that as time went on games started getting better. The thing about GTA2 is the fact that it was one of the first games to really stand up and say, ''look, I did something bad, what are you going to do about it?'' Almost no other games up until that time had done that. Given you the freedom to steal someone's car or shoot anyone you wanted, even the police. Yes, as sad and cruel as it is, you can kill the police, but lets not stay on that topic, shall we?

The whole topic of GTA2 is inappropriate for children so respectively, it earned its M rating (some were rated M, some were rated T). People argue that because of its far angle that there was nothing to get it to a M rating, but the bad stuffs still there, even if its only a half an inch tall, its there. Running over someone in a car or shooting a person can and will cause blood to come out from the dead body, but it really isn't that much to get excited about.

Here's my take on the game:

Story = 10/10 Your starting out in a city and have to make a name for yourself by completing tons of missions, some serious and some not, and have to climb your way up the crime later..... Completely Genius!

Graphics = 7/10 To some people, this would disserve a lower rating, but to a sensible guy like be, a 7 is probably the best way to go. May argue that the game should have been done in 3rd person in 3d, but frankly, I think the graphics would have been even worse and choppier and would have caused lag in the game. Things are blocky but this is only the PSX, remember that.

Gameplay = 10/10 The most fun you will ever get out of a top down game in your life, seriously. No rules at all.

Controls = 7/10 The controls really take away from this game in my opinion. If they had just spent a little longer thinking them over, I bet it would have come out better.

Replay Value = Very High If you ever get bored with one of your new games, just plug this in and go on a rampage. There are tons of things to do without doing the missions. Make up stupid games to play, it's just fun no matter how old it is.

Buy or Rent = 0_o Buy I don't know of any place that even rents PSX games anymore. This game's only $10 or so, so I highly recommend you pick it up.

Well, there is GTA2 in a nutshell for you. Just be sure to keep it away from the small children (lots of language ^_-).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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