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"Addictive gameplay and great new elements make this a great game!"

Ever wanted to run a few pedestrians over?Work for gangs?Now you can do all that but without the jail time!When Grand Theft Auto was first released it shocked people with its violent content and disturibng language...But now it's back and better then ever!

Although the developers improved on most matter there still remains a few problems here and there.For instance,the control can get annyoying at times...You have to hold down a button to run and you can never tell what direction your in.And,when you're being pursued by a cop it is fairly hard to watch where you're going,look at which weapon you want and look for the oncoming vehicles.That is one area where the developers should have touched but didn't.

The graphics are also as horrible as ever.Even though it qas improved with better detail and surrounding backgrounds it still needs some work.Don't get this game is you're looking for eye-candy.

Now you may be thinking,bad graphics,bad control,this game has got to suck..But that's where gameplay comes in...GTA2 has addictive gameplay.The missions are fun and even running down pedestrians is fun.Gameplay is top-notch here...Believe me.

AT first GTA2 difficulty may seem a little hard but when you master the control and get to know your surroundings that is when you know what you're doing.So I would have to say the difficulty is medium.

The sound in GTA2 is absolutely hilarious!For instance...When you're in a car you can change the radio to a LOT of different tunes which is a great option.You can see that there was a lot of effort put into this area.

Should you buy it?

Well that depends...If you're into great graphics and eye candy,then I suggest you do not buy this game.But if you don't mind the bland graphics and control then I say this is a great game that is worthy to be in anyones home.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/31/99, Updated 12/31/99

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